How to make a beautiful paper boat – 6 ideas

What you need

  • Thick colored paper;
  • white paper;
  • compass;
  • pencil;
  • ruler;
  • scissors;
  • black and red markers.

Boat folding patterns for beginners

A classic paper boat using the origami technique – the simplest option – is folded according to the following pattern:

  1. A rectangular sheet located vertically is folded in half.
  2. The resulting blank is placed with the fold point up, and both upper corners are bent to an imaginary center line vertically, so that a narrow unused strip remains at the bottom.
    Как сделать корабли из бумаги своими руками, с парусом. Пошаговая инструкция
  3. The bottom strip of the top layer of the workpiece is folded upward, then the rectangle is turned over to the other side and the second strip is folded.
  4. Using corner bends, the folded strips are fixed in one position.
  5. Then the workpiece is opened from the inside and folded into a square by placing its parts on top of each other so that the initial fold becomes the diagonal of the resulting square. After folding, the corners straighten.
  6. Now the top sheet of the resulting square piece, lying in the diamond position, is bent diagonally to match the opposite corners.
  7. The workpiece is turned over to the other side, then the same action is performed. At this stage, the square turns into an isosceles triangle.
  8. Next, the triangular blank is opened from the inside by combining opposite corners and again turns into a square.
  9. The ship unfolds from a square blank – for this, the upper corners are pulled in opposite directions at the same time.
  10. The middle straightens out, and a simple paper boat can be launched into a pond.

There is another option for folding a boat for beginners, it is the simplest, and as a result of five minutes of work you get a yacht:

  1. On a square sheet of paper of any color, you must fold it horizontally diagonally.
  2. Now a vertical valley fold is performed.
  3. An imaginary line is drawn in the lower triangle, as shown in the diagram, along which the fold occurs.
  4. The bent part of the triangle is bent, returning to its original position. Once the folding technique is mastered, steps 3 and 4 can be simplified into one by simply folding the desired part of the triangle.
  5. Now, along the marked lines, you should make “valley” bends, carefully straightening the right angle, which is located below the marking.
    Как сделать корабли из бумаги своими руками, с парусом. Пошаговая инструкция
  6. Using glue, the 2 parts of the yacht are connected to each other, then the bottom and hull are carefully straightened so that the product becomes stable.

If you complicate the previous diagram a little, you might end up with an ocean liner:

  1. On a square sheet of paper of any color, you need to make 2 folds diagonally, thus outlining 4 triangles.
  2. Then you need to bend the upper corner of the square blank, arranged in a diamond shape, towards the center.
  3. Now the same corner is bent again, only in the opposite direction.
  4. And once again the corner, only this time smaller in volume, needs to be folded back towards itself. When the technique of folding the boat is mastered, steps 2-4 are simplified into one step, folding occurs with a triple zipper.
  5. Next, the left side of the workpiece is folded so as to cover the right side.
  6. Now you need to mark an imaginary line, as shown in the diagram, for folding the lower parts of the workpiece into a “mountain”. Then very carefully straighten and bend the corner located below the line. After this, the parts of the workpiece indicated in the diagram need to be bent along the intended line “mountainwise”.
    Как сделать корабли из бумаги своими руками, с парусом. Пошаговая инструкция
  7. The bent corner is carefully smoothed out, and the workpiece is turned in the desired direction.

Boat folding patterns for beginners (pictures inside)

And now I want to offer you a photo selection. But first, practice creating the boats described above, and only then proceed to these.

Although, maybe these diagrams will be more understandable to you and you will cope much faster than I think))

  • And a couple more simple toys

Paper boat model peregrine falcon

бумажная лодка модель сапсан

Fold this paper boat with your own hands

not difficult, just do everything as shown in the step-by-step photos. The hardest part is turning the valve inside out
. Before this you should see four small triangles, two on each side. Add all four. Then draw the hypotenuse of the right triangle to its base. Do this on all four sides. Both sides will intersect and it will feel like it’s wrong but it’s right
. The piece of paper should look like the second photo in the gallery. Now fold the area where it overlaps just a little so that it forms a flat line instead. To turn it out, leave the middle flap alone. Hold each side on the outside with one hand, and do your best to push it inside out. Then you can simply lift the roof, the paper boat is ready!

Paper yacht

Making a yacht out of paper is as easy as shelling pears, a task within the capabilities of preschoolers of the younger age group. The craft can be used as an independent decor or as an element of appliques.

Схема яхты из бумаги
Scheme of a yacht made of paper.

To make a paper boat with your own hands, you will have to spend very little time:

  1. Bend a square piece of paper diagonally to form a triangle.
  2. Bend one edge so that it coincides with the central fold. The result will be the sails of a yacht.
  3. Fold the bottom strip of the workpiece diagonally. This will be the hull of the boat.

A simple way to make a yacht out of paper is in the video below.

Paper boat from childhood – the simplest and most popular diagram from A4 sheet

For work, take colored or office A4 paper with a density of 80-160 g/cm2. If the sheet is not double-sided, then bend it so that the colored surface is on the inside: this will make it more beautiful.

Схема бумажного кораблика
Paper boat diagram

Option for making a boat-yacht

Bend the square blank into a triangle and mark the bend lines. Then we return it to its original position and fold it into a triangle. Then we return it back.

Bend the sheet halfway, in the opposite direction, straighten it again. The result is a square shape with a horizontal section and a diagonal line.

How to make a beautiful paper boat - 6 ideas

We bend the corner towards the middle, and then carry out the same actions with the corner opposite. We fold the resulting figure so that the corners are connected, i.e. doubled. The result is a trapezoid.

Having unfolded the workpiece, we hold the upper formed triangle and assemble the left and right folds onto it, placing them on top of each other.

A sail has formed at the top; its side on the right should be opened from the inside, then directed to the left and assembled in the same way. Then a side fold is made, and then applied in a wave-like manner, resulting in a diamond shape.

How to make a paper boat not sink

If you float a paper boat along a stream, it will soon get wet and fall apart. You’ll have to make a new one. But there is a way to make a paper boat impervious to water.

Light a regular candle. When the wax begins to melt, tilt it over the craft. Let the wax drops fall onto the paper, gently smear them with your finger on the outer surface of the product. Don’t overdo it, otherwise the heavy ship will sink. It is enough to lubricate the bottom and sides with wax.

How to make a paper boat diagram

как сделать простой бумажный кораблик

The presented paper boat is classic version
, who probably know how to add everything. The most important technique you should know is “ pocket fold
“, which will be used twice. The most remarkable feature of this paper boat

is that if you use the pocket fold three times (that is, one more time), you can make a smaller boat (about 2/3) with the same shape as the original boat. Pocket fold, this is smart, that is, we bend the corners and fold the bottom, this is the “pocket”. In general, if anyone has forgotten, how to make a simple paper boat

, see step-by-step photos below.

How to make a waterproof paper boat

How to make a ship out of paper so that it does not get wet and does not sink in the water:

  1. 1st method – tape.
    It is necessary to cover the body and bottom of the paper boat with tape, both outside and inside. If during processing with tape it becomes necessary to form seams, they must be made minimally vulnerable. To do this, strips of tape should be placed a few millimeters on top of each other so that water cannot penetrate into the joints between them for as long as possible.
  2. 2nd method – several layers.
    A multi-layer boat will take much longer to get wet than a regular two-layer boat. To make it, you need to take not 1, but 2 sheets of paper, and then fold it according to the diagram. Such a boat will turn out to be denser; more layers will make it heavier, so the bottom should be made very wide.
  3. 3rd method – wax (paraffin).
    It is this product that can protect the paper well from getting wet. It is necessary to light the candle and wait a little while the wick flares up and melts the wax to a liquid state. After this, wax should be dripped onto the boat, immediately spreading it over the hull using your fingers. All areas of a homemade vessel need to be lubricated: both external and internal. Do not use too much wax – it can weigh down the product and make it unstable.
    Как сделать корабли из бумаги своими руками, с парусом. Пошаговая инструкция
  4. 4th method – Vaseline oil.
    Using a brush, this product should be applied to the bottom and lower part of the boat’s hull, then allow the product to dry a little.
  5. 5th method – glossy sheets.
    A boat made from glossy magazine sheets will last a little longer on the water without harm than one made from plain paper.
  6. 6th method – PVA glue.
    It must be poured into a jar or glass, and then applied to the bottom and body of the paper vessel using a brush, and then allowed to dry completely in a warm place.

How to fold a paper boat that doesn’t sink in water

Of course, any paper that comes into contact with water becomes soft and sinks. But there are a couple of secrets to avoid a shipwreck and our craft did not sink, but floated!!

For a finished paper boat, be sure to lubricate the outside of the bottom with special oil, such as Vaseline, thanks to which water will be repelled!!

And in order for the toy to float faster, it is better to make an additional sail.

Manufacturing process:

1. Make a square out of paper. Bend it diagonally.

2. Fold a narrow strip of the upper right side onto the surface of the triangle and iron it thoroughly.

3. Fold the same strip back and iron it thoroughly again.

4. All that remains is to unfold the square and give it a shape.

Of course, if this is your first time folding such a product, difficulties may arise, so I recommend watching another video, it shows one of the ways to make a paper ship with a sail.

What other options are there

Another easy way to create a sailing boat:

Craft from a banknote:

This option is more complicated than the previous ones, but you can decorate your apartment with it:

You will master this method in 5 minutes:

This craft will really float in a pond:

Classic model

For the boat “from childhood” you will need an A4 landscape sheet. You can also take a notebook, it has the same proportions. If the model is intended for children’s play and “swimming”, it is best to use office paper, and make decorative interior elements from craft or “kami” with a print.

Step by step instructions:

  • Place the sheet vertically, wrong side up.
  • Fold the bottom edge to the top.
  • Bend the right corner towards the left and make a small mark.
  • Open the blank.
  • Focusing on the fold from step 3, lift the right and left corners up. They should “meet” in the middle.
  • Iron the fold lines well.
  • Turn the workpiece 180°.
  • Fold the bottom edge of the near layer along the line of the base of the triangle.
  • Turn the workpiece over to the reverse side.
  • Repeat step 8.
  • Open the fold we just made and bend the right corner.
  • Repeat the same action on the left.
  • Return the lower part to its previous position.
  • Opening the boat from the inside.
  • And flatten it in the transverse direction.
  • We “tuck” the protruding corner on the left under the right valve. We do the same on the reverse side.
  • Fold the middle layer in half from bottom to top.
  • Repeat step 17 on the back.
  • Turn the model sideways towards you. Let’s open it from the inside.
  • And flatten as in step 15.
  • Take the right and left valves and pull in opposite directions.
  • When the figure takes the shape of a boat, carefully iron all the folds to fix them.
  • Bend the central parts of the sides a little so that the triangle inside is visible. It depicts a sail.
  • If you turn the boat over and open the central part, it will stand stably on a flat surface.

Origami ships assembled according to these step-by-step instructions are an excellent decor for a budget wedding in a nautical or beach style (see photo). The model can be decorated with a toothpick mast and a flag on which a wish will be written to the newlyweds or the name of the guest at the table.

Paper boat step by step: origami boat from childhood

Кораблик из бумаги

Detailed instructions with photos, a simple paper boat for children and more.

I learned to make this origami boat as a child. In early spring, with the appearance of streams, we mercilessly tore off the leaves from our notebooks to make a paper boat and compete on its speed or range. I can make it at any time, even with my eyes closed. Until now, when I am forced to wait for something, if a rectangular leaf falls into my hands, it immediately turns into a boat, to the delight of my children or those around me. I hope I have convinced you of the importance of the ability to make origami
boat? smile
Then let’s get to work.

Prepare a rectangular piece of paper. The size can be absolutely any.

Кораблик из бумаги

Fold it in half.

Кораблик из бумаги

The next step is optional, it only serves to determine the middle. But at the initial stage you can turn it on. Fold the paper again, for example, from right to left.

Кораблик из бумаги

Open the paper, fold the right and left corners down, aligning the sides with the fold in the middle.

Кораблик из бумаги

There will be double paper at the bottom, take the top one and also point it up, making a fold along the underside of the corners.

Кораблик из бумаги

Do the same steps with the bottom of the paper on the reverse side.

Кораблик из бумаги

If there is excess on the sides, fold the corners into the middle on one side.

Кораблик из бумаги

On the other.

Кораблик из бумаги

Open the sides at the bottom of the resulting triangle.

Кораблик из бумаги

Carefully connect the right and left corners together.

Кораблик из бумаги

There will again be two pieces of folded paper at the bottom, fold one side up.

Кораблик из бумаги

Then the second one, connecting the lower corner with the upper one.

Кораблик из бумаги

And again we have a triangle. You also need to do the same actions with it as last time. Open its doors slightly at the bottom.

Кораблик из бумаги

Open further and connect opposite corners.

Кораблик из бумаги

Two triangles are formed on the sides. Pull them to the sides.

Кораблик из бумаги

Stretch it completely, straightening it with your fingers and bending the sides. That’s it, the origami paper boat is ready. Despite the long description, it can be done in a matter of seconds. The main thing is a little practice and remembering the sequence of actions.

Кораблик из бумаги

оригами кораблик

The flag is made from a toothpick and a rectangular piece of paper glued to it, with slits on one side.

Кораблик из бумаги

A4 paper boat

How to make a ship from A4 paper:

  1. On a sheet of paper of any color (the shape of the sheet should be square or rectangular), you need to make 2 folds: first horizontally and then vertically.
  2. Having returned the sheet to its original state, you should place it horizontally in front of you, and then bend the opposite parts – upper and lower – towards the center.
  3. Next, you need to bend all 4 corners of the workpiece into a “valley” to form a hexagon.
  4. The new corners formed need to be bent again into a “valley”, according to the diagram – you will get a rhombus elongated horizontally.
  5. Once again you need to bend the corners into a “valley”, of which there are only 2 at this stage.
  6. Then you need to fold the craft into a “mountain” along the center line formed in the process of performing the previous steps. After this, being careful, you should turn the workpiece out using a movement aimed at opening the central cleft.

    Как сделать корабли из бумаги своими руками, с парусом. Пошаговая инструкция
    How to make a ship from A4 paper.

  7. At the end, you need to straighten the boat, carefully tucking in all the folds that are located inside.

A boat made of colored paper

This most popular summer-themed craft can be created not only using the origami technique. This master class features such a bright sailboat!

Required materials:

  • colored semi-cardboard in red, yellow and blue;
  • skewer;
  • glue;
  • scissors;
  • ruler;
  • marker;
  • pencil.

Create the frame of a sailboat. To do this, take blue half-cardboard and cut out two identical strips with dimensions of 18 x 2.5 cm. How to make a beautiful paper boat - 6 ideas

Using a ruler and pencil, divide each strip into three equal parts. We bend in those places.

Glue the two parts of the boat base together along the sides.

Next we will create a small part of the ship’s deck. We use blue half-cardboard again.

Cut out a small rectangle. We measure 1.5 cm from the sides for gluing.

Bend along vertical lines and glue the part into the middle of the ship between the bases.

Now we will prepare a wooden skewer and two pieces of yellow sheet of different lengths to create sails.

Create small holes in each rectangle. We insert a skewer through them.

Cut out a small square from a red sheet. Glue it to the deck. We make a small hole along the diameter of the wide part of the skewer. We insert it.

Now we cut out a beautiful flag from a red sheet that will flutter in the wind. Use a black marker to highlight the contour lines.

Glue the flag to the highest point of the sailboat.

Using a black marker, we draw in the portholes and other important details on the paper boat.

A wonderful paper boat is ready for sea voyages! On the deck you can place small toys of pirates, sailors and the ship’s captain.

Making an applique – paper boat

Another craft option.

See a detailed master class on paper boat applique here.

Ship with pipes

Having mastered the simplest model, you can try to make a more interesting ship. Try making a three-dimensional vessel to delight your child. This will require a handful of imagination, sleight of hand, and paper.

Work progress:

  1. Cut out a square from a sheet of A 4 format, fold the resulting square diagonally on both sides so that the lines meet in the center.
  2. Gently fold each corner towards the center.
  3. So, you have a square, then turn it over to the other side and fold the corners again.
  4. Turn the square over again and fold all the corners towards the center for the third time.
  5. Turn over the resulting workpiece, 4 pockets have formed on the square, open two of them. Thus, these will be the pipes of the future ship.
  6. Now carefully grab the inner corners of the unopened pockets and move them apart.

Well, the long-awaited ship is ready! This is certainly not the Titanic, but if you pick up markers and add bright colors, the inconspicuous ship will sparkle with new colors.

Boat – a simple diagram for preschoolers

Origami masters offer several ways to make a boat out of paper. A simple option that a preschooler can handle in 10 minutes is given below. For work, prepare a paper square and stationery scissors.

Схема лодки из бумаги.
Scheme of a paper boat.

How to make a paper boat step by step:

  1. Bend the square along the horizontal and vertical axes to obtain work marks. Open it up.
  2. Bring the edges to the horizontal axis on the side opposite the main fold so that it looks like an accordion of 4 parallel lines.
  3. Fold the edges over. Move all corners equally to the central horizontal axis. Then bend the corners again, focusing on the vertical axis.
  4. After folding the workpiece, open it. The result is something like a boat, but without clear lines yet.
  5. To make the boat smoother and more beautiful, bring the bow and stern to the main axis. You will get a hexagon, press all its folds with your finger.
  6. Bend the opposite corners of the hexagon equally, retreating about 5 mm.
  7. Open the workpiece. Bend the sides on both sides towards the main axis.
  8. Run your finger carefully along the inside corners on each side until they become clear, so that the bottom of the boat appears.
  9. Open the finished craft. Straighten the sides if they are wrinkled.

Origami boat with step-by-step folding photos

  1. Take a piece of paper of any size and make a square out of it by folding it diagonally and cutting off the excess paper. Your square should be folded into a triangle.

    How to make a beautiful paper boat - 6 ideas

  2. Fold one of the corners of the triangle towards the opposite side at a slight angle. This will be the top of the boat.

    How to make a beautiful paper boat - 6 ideas

  3. Open the square and reverse fold it to create the sides of the boat. At this point your boat is ready.

    How to make a beautiful paper boat - 6 ideas

  4. You can decorate it with paints, sparkles if desired, write a name, etc.


Two bills can be used to make a sampan boat, a type of flatboat with a canopy that is widespread in China. These small boats amaze with their versatility, depending on the needs of the owners, turning into housing, a mobile shop, a fishing “trawler” or a workshop.

Step by step instructions:

  • Place the bill with the long side facing you. Fold in half from bottom to top. Let’s reveal.
  • Fold the bottom and top edges towards the center.
  • Bend all corners towards the center line.
  • Repeat the action again. We make sure that all folds are precise and neat.
  • Fold the corners again. The edges should lie evenly along the center line.
  • Now fold the triangular flaps at the top and bottom towards the center.
  • We push all the folds along the horizontal axis.
  • Carefully turn the workpiece inside out until the inside becomes a convex bottom.

To make a canopy, just fold another bill in half twice. We insert its ends into the side edges of the boat.

Another traditional Chinese vessel is often assembled using the origami technique. This is a sailing ship known as a junk. Light and maneuverable ships with two or more masts first appeared in the early Middle Ages and have survived almost unchanged to the present day. They can often be found on the rivers of China, as well as neighboring Vietnam and Korea.

A Chinese boat made of paper floats no worse than its real prototype. You can easily verify this by making it yourself step by step using the video tutorial:

Origami boat from A4 sheet

Now let’s look at some more diagrams, for example, how to make a real paper steamship yourself easily and quickly.

There is such a diagram, for beginners I think it will be a little complicated, but I’ll show you anyway.

I tried to fold it myself, and this is what came out, it’s great and, in my opinion, not difficult.

The kids decorated it.

Here’s another look at the steamer we made before, only its design is a little different. We got two pipes, tu-tu.

By the way, even an ordinary boat can be decorated in an interesting way, take a look, this is like the first option.

You can build a boat with two seats. How? But how, see the step-by-step instructions and repeat. Isn’t it brilliant?

The first one was with a sailboat, and the second one was without it.

Another option caught my eye.

Well, here are all my good and beloved friends! Make a bunch of these creations, play with your children and smile more often. Good luck to everyone and see you again! Bye bye!

Original options for folding a ship – video tutorials

Ship with a sail using origami technique

Paper boat

Original sailboat

Almost all patterns for assembling paper boats are not complicated. And with a little practice, you can make them without a diagram. Today there are a great variety of different options for assembling sailboats that a child of any age can master. To do this, you will need various training materials, which today are presented in the form of diagrams, instructions and videos.

This exciting activity will bring pleasure not only to kids, but also to adults. With the onset of spring, children quickly run outside to play, setting their paper fleet afloat. Made from simple materials, they become a simple and accessible game.

Read how to make a diaper cake here.

Origami sailboat

To make a ship decorated with two sails, you will need a square sheet of single-sided colored paper. Thanks to just such a sheet, the result is a ship with sides painted the same color and snow-white sails.

The process of making a sailboat:

  1. First you need to make bends on the square workpiece vertically and then horizontally. You should end up with a large square, divided by folds into 4 small squares. Now the same action should be done diagonally.
    Как сделать корабли из бумаги своими руками, с парусом. Пошаговая инструкция
  2. Next, you need to place the workpiece in front of you in a diamond shape, the white side up, and bend the “valley” of 2 opposite corners (upper and lower) into triangles towards the center. The result is a design in the form of 2 triangles, on either side of which there are 2 rhombuses.
  3. Then a bend is formed horizontally in the resulting workpiece.
  4. When returning the structure to its original state, it is necessary to simultaneously fold the left rhombus so that its horizontal diagonal moves to a vertical position and then bends inward. Thus, the left diamond should be reshaped into a triangle, fixed by a fold between the upper and lower rectangle.
  5. Now we have a parallelogram with a triangle on the left. Its right corner must be folded with the diagonal of the former rhombus inward. You should get a blank sketched in point 6 of the diagram, which represents 2 triangles – upper and lower, with the upper one consisting of 2 small ones.
  6. The small triangle on the left is a large sail, and the right one needs to be reshaped into a small sail. To do this, it should be bent with a zipper, as shown in paragraphs 6-7 of the diagram.
    Как сделать корабли из бумаги своими руками, с парусом. Пошаговая инструкция
  7. The zipper fold needs to be hidden between the sides of the future sailboat. And below, along an imaginary line, it is necessary to make “mountainous” bends into the structure to form the bottom of the vessel. At the end, the bottom must be carefully straightened so that the sailboat floats better.

Check it out here too!

Now you need to return the workpiece to the envelope with the corners bent along the edges. Afterwards, close the top corner to the middle, bend it towards the top, leaving a fold at the base.

In the resulting workpiece, you need to raise the corner, tucking it inward. As a result, the sail on the left comes out, the right one needs to be pulled towards it.

After you need to straighten all the lines, the result is a rhombus with uneven angles and sails. Having turned the workpiece over, it is worth bending its lower corner into the middle.

Thus, a stand for the boat is formed. Using step-by-step folding, you get a boat made by yourself.

Photos of origami paper boat diagrams

Read here – Origami envelope – original and simple envelopes for both beginners and experts in the photo, see instructions on how to make an envelope with your own hands!

DIY paper yacht

как сделать яхту из бумаги

The origami technique of this paper yacht is very similar to the traditional origami catamaran in the initial folding sequence. Here is the main method collar fold
. That is, two folds of the valley of square paper. The name “Gate” is used for this folding technique because its action is similar to closing a gate. There are two different ways to bend a gate, horizontal and vertical. They are actually the same method since the difference between them is only 90°. You don’t need to have any special knowledge about origami to fold this model of a paper boat with a paper sail with your own hands

. Everything is very accessible and shown below in step-by-step photos