How to make a 3D heart with your own hands – step by step instructions

When you want to give a loved one a memorable gift, they do it with their own hands. One of these original gifts is a voluminous paper heart. You can use it to express sympathy or simply do something nice for a friend. You can also spend quality time with your kids. Origami develops creativity, imagination, perseverance and hand motor skills. In this article we will look at how to make a paper heart from scrap materials.

оригами бумажное сердце

Paper heart using origami technique

Paper hearts come in several types. Let’s figure out how to make a simple template, a bookmark, with a flower or a heart-shaped box.

оригами бумажное сердце

Simple Heart

is made as a stand-alone gift or as an addition to cards and boxes.

Take a square sheet of paper, maybe red or pink. The paper is folded in half on the opposite side. In addition, the sheet opens and rotates. It is not necessary to turn it over completely, otherwise it will be inconvenient to make a fake; half is enough and fold it in half again. You should end up with a rectangle with diagonal folds.

оригами бумажное сердечко поэтапно

Next, take the fake from the opposite corner and fold it towards the center. The bottom side is folded into an envelope. Make sure that the top does not extend beyond the top fold. We fold the left and right parts to the center, we get a heart. If the corners are sharp, they can be corrected by folding, but you should not get carried away, otherwise the paper origami will not be uniform. You can open the craft a little and put a written congratulation on paper, receive an original declaration of love or sympathy. Hearts can also be stuck on postcards, business cards, etc.

оригами сердце шаг за шагом


Heart bookmarks can also be made as a separate gift or together with a book, which is useful and very cute.

оригами закладка с сердечком

There are no restrictions on color, but considering that this is a heart, pink and red are best.

оригами бумажное сердце

We take paper 15 by 15 cm, more or less, but the size must correspond to the purpose of the gift. Assembling origami begins with a stretched heart, using a simple craft or kite technique.

We place the finished model on the table and open the inner part, the top one is folded in half to the fold. Next, the craft is closed and you get a heart, the lower part of which is elongated and the upper part is small.

как сделать сердечко из бумаги

We continue to make the craft from below, bending the right and left sides towards the center. Make two folds in the short part, smooth out the stripes so that the shape is neat.

как сделать сердечко из бумаги

The bookmark can be used, sticks to the top of the page and is fixed, so the unread chapter of your favorite book or school textbook will not be lost.

оригами закладка


Do-it-yourself origami paper heart in the shape of a flower – such a gift will not leave anyone indifferent, suitable as a congratulation on Valentine’s Day, birthday, March 8, or for a wedding.

оригами сердце

Take a rectangular shaped piece of paper, two sides can be taken from both sides and one side up according to the color. We take the paper from the horizontal side, alternately bend the upper and lower corners towards the center. After this, the paper is straightened and turned over to the front side, the right edges are folded in the opposite direction. You will get diamond-shaped folds. We do the same with the other side. We make sure that the edges of the card do not protrude; we do it carefully, because this is a gift to a loved one.

оригами сердце с цветком

Next, we completely open the origami and fold it in the center along the side folds, we get the shape of a double triangle. The craft is closed from right to left, the corners are folded from top to bottom. If the folds are positioned correctly, the part is turned over and a parallelogram is obtained. The top is made in the shape of a flower; for this you need to bend the upper and lower corners on both sides towards the center. It turns out that the petals need to be opened and folded, the rectangles smoothed out by hand, and you get a kite. After this, the flower opens and smoothes out, gently smoothing the petals. Fold the top of the piece from bottom to top. We form a heart from the base, bending the sharp corners.

оригами сердце мастер класс

Origami heart with paper flower is ready.


A heart-shaped box is another beautiful gift that you can make from paper with your own hands.

оригами коробка

For this, the edges of the paper must remain outside, this is done according to the principle of a simple origami heart. You can get creative and create wings for the box or draw “Cupid’s Arrow”, it will turn out original and beautiful.

коробка сердца

The step-by-step operating technique is visible in the video.

How to make a modular heart

Beginners make simple or moderately complex fakes, but if you have experience and want to make something voluminous and interesting, you can make a modular heart, we will analyze it step by step:

  • don’t add anything to the next two;
  • for the first two rows several pieces are taken, and in the second row there should be at least ten of them;
  • in the seventh and eighth rows, as in the sixth, we add an additional module to make an oval;
  • we make up each row, adding 8-10 modules, we get the third row with ten modules and the fourth with twenty, we get a circle;
  • in addition, in the eighth, seventh and ninth row we add four empty spaces on both sides, and on them three more and alternately, for four modules three and so on;
  • we get seven rows on the right and left sides, the ends need to be folded in the middle, creating a heart shape;
  • If there are gaps, fill them with additional gaps;
  • in the fifth row, as in the fourth, there are 20 modules, and in the sixth we insert two additional blanks along the edges;
  • we take modules from red paper, the quantity depends on the size of the heart, but not less than 100 pieces, so that the heart is large, you can take half white and half red, it all depends on your imagination;
  • insert another piece on the sides in the center;
  • modular volumetric paper heart is ready.

сердце из бумаги своими руками

Photo of origami heart crafts

To make an origami heart out of paper, you can watch video tutorials or step-by-step instructions and understand how to make a fake, it’s not difficult, the main thing is the desire.

модульное сердце оригами

Photo of paper hearts:

как сделать сердце оригами из бумаги

  • valentine with flower;
  • simple origami heart;
  • original bookmark;
  • heart box;
  • hearts with wings;

как сделать сердечко из бумаги своими руками

  • volumetric heart, entirely composed of modules;
  • hearts with confession pockets;
  • volumetric heart with an empty center;
  • red hearts with a white center.

сердце с крыльями