How to fill in the hobby line on a resume?

I’ll tell you how to fill out the hobby line on your resume and give you 50 best tips. It probably goes without saying that some resumes confuse employers. There are many things about you that are confusing and because of this you cannot get a good job. And most often people make mistakes in the simplest sections:

  • Should I include my home address in my contact information?
  • How should I organize my skills section?
  • Should I include my hobbies and interests?

Regarding the latter, you don’t have to have a lot of interests and hobbies, but it can help strengthen your position.

как вы относитесь к хобби в резюме

So, what hobbies and interests should you include on your resume to ensure they bring out your full potential? The employer, reading between the lines, must figure out that you are a good employee. Here is a list of the 50 best ideas to help you get a job and correctly fill out the hobby line on your resume!

50 hobbies to improve your resume

1. Theater Arts/Drama – You have excellent communication skills.

2. Amateur Astronomy – You are patient, determined and detailed.

3. Ham Radio – You are creative and able to work under tight deadlines.

4. Animals and Pets – If you have several pets, you can parlay your love for furry, feathered or scaly animals into a job as a pet or veterinarian.

5. Archery – You are focused and precise.

6. Backgammon, checkers – you like to think strategically.

7. Basketball – you are willing and able to multitask.

8. Blog – you have excellent planning and communication skills.

9. Bodybuilding – you are focused and disciplined.

10. Calligraphy – you strive for perfection.

11. Car Repair – You have excellent problem solving and technical skills.

12. Chess – you are smart, analytical and good at developing business strategies.

13. Babysitting – you are the responsible person.

14. Managing a car club – you love to take initiative and have excellent communication skills.

15. Programming – you have strong analytical skills and a desire to learn.

16. Cooking – you are a creative person and an excellent improviser.

17. Handicrafts – this shows your intelligence and flair. If you sell your handmade crafts, it shows that you are a person of business acumen. You are in a position to sell other products.

18. Creative – you have imagination. Use it for an editorial position or role in a media network.

хобби в резюме указывают самые необычные

19. Scanwords – you have a wide vocabulary and this can make you a great writer.

20. Cycling – you are passionate and focused.

21. Dancing – You are disciplined and artistic. Try to avoid pole dancing here, especially if you are applying for a more serious job, like a lawyer, for example.

22. Fishing – you will be patient and focused.

23. Football – you are a team player.

24. Gambling – you’re a risky person.

25. Gardening – you care about nature and the environment. This may actually give you an advantage over other candidates.

26. Golf – you are precise and strategic.

27. Hiking – goal oriented with a fresh perspective.

28. Hunting – You have strong planning skills and are patient and focused.

29. Investing – You have strong planning and risk-taking skills.

30. Puzzles – You have excellent problem-solving skills.

31. Knitting – You have strong planning skills.

32. Languages ​​– you enjoy diversity and a desire for culture.

33. Marathon running – You are determined and enjoy a big challenge. It also shows perseverance and dedication.

34. Meditation – You are calm, collected and have self-discipline.

35. Mountaineering – you are purposeful. This can help you get into the travel industry if you don’t have direct experience.

36. Mastery of Musical Instruments – You are focused, dedicated and disciplined.

37. Online courses – you are able to learn quickly.

38. Painting – you have a creative mind. This makes you more attractive to employers in industries such as marketing and advertising.

39. Kiting is a risky person.

40. Photography – you are a creative and patient person.

41. Reading – You have a thirst for knowledge, a specific passion for a subject, and can do excellent research.

42. Singing – you feel confident and comfortable in public speaking.

43. Skiing – you are physically healthy, you have perseverance and excellent spatial thinking.

44. Skydiving – You like to push boundaries and take risks.

45. Communication – you are a team player. Be careful, some employers may interpret this as gossip.

46. Swimming – you are passionate about your figure and health.

47. Tennis – you are a determined and passionate person.

48. Travel – visiting different countries and exploring the world is seen as a valuable life experience. This shows that you appreciate other cultures and will help you broaden your horizons.

49. Volunteering – you work well with other people and are an altruist.

50. Yoga
– you are calm. This makes you an attractive candidate if you are looking for a role in a busy, fast-paced environment.

General tips for filling out the hobby line

что делаешь в свободное время и как описать это в резюме

More tips that may help you fill out the hobby line on your resume:

– It is necessary not just to write a list of hobbies and interests, but to tell a little more about each of them.

– Be careful with controversial hobbies and interests – they may go against the hiring manager’s own beliefs.

– Highlight your passions for the job you are applying for.

– Try to include unusual hobbies to help you stand out more.

– Don’t prioritize your hobbies – skills and experience are much more important.

– Don’t lie, as you will quickly be caught lying!

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Try to be moderate when naming your hobbies in your resume, so that their number does not take over the entire emphasis when studying your text. When choosing interests and hobbies for your resume, keep in mind that a passion for sports shows that you can work as a team. But hobbies that require concentration indicate that you know how to analyze a situation.

What hobbies and personal interests have you included on your resume? How did they help you get a job? Can you think of any other ideas or examples to add to the list? Watch the video for more details.