How to clean a laptop keyboard at home

Today I wondered: how to clean a laptop keyboard at home? The problem, in fact, had been brewing for a long time, but I didn’t have any critical reasons to do it. I write about thirty articles a month (more or less depending on needs and desires) and for quite some time now I began to notice that my “T” key was sticking a little, or rather it had to be pressed a little harder than the others.
Because of this, it was necessary to frequently correct the text while writing, since the words were missing exactly this letter. As I already said, this problem was not critical for me and I came to terms with it. The only thing she influenced was the time of writing the article. Well, as you know, time is money.

Today I decided to correct this oversight and clean the laptop keyboard at home, that is, with my own hands. By the way, this task turned out to be extremely easy and did not require much time. It took me half an hour to do everything (clean five keys), despite the fact that I also photographed the process.

All you need is a brush or toothbrush. I used the second one, because I didn’t have a regular brush at hand, and the stiffness of the brush is higher, which contributes to better cleaning. You also need to take a small screwdriver, as in my case, or a needle (or something like that).

How to remove keys on a laptop keyboard

The keys on a laptop are removed simply by prying them from below with something thin – a scalpel or a knife.

как самому снять клавишу на клавиатуре ноутбука Леново

Please note that on different laptops, the keyboard keys are removed differently (in my Lenovo version), namely, you may need to pry the keys off from the other side. Carefully try on one key, as it is done correctly on your laptop. In general, you should do everything extremely carefully and carefully so as not to uproot the buttons.

If the holders bounce off along with the button, then do not rush to get upset. The same thing happened to me the first time. Having fumbled a little, I assembled and installed them back.

Putting them on is not difficult at all, just put them in place and press until you hear a click.

How to clean a key after removing it from the laptop keyboard

So, we disconnect the problematic clogged button.

Use a brush or a brush to clean the stained areas.

If there is a lot of dirt and it is under the holders (that’s what I call them), then we remove them too.

For better results, you can blow out clogged areas with a vacuum cleaner; I used my own powerful blower, which I always carry with me – with my mouth. The main thing is not to get dizzy, I’ve had this happen a couple of times. We put the cleaned buttons back in place.

Please note: when you clean dirt from one key, residual debris may fall under other buttons. Try to avoid this.

Having figured out how to clean the keys, you can clean your laptop keyboard at home, which will take minutes and will not be difficult for anyone.

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