How to clean a frying pan from carbon deposits, without difficulty.

Over time, burnt dirt becomes so embedded in cutlery that it becomes simply impossible to wipe it off in the usual way. How to clean a frying pan from carbon deposits
, this is exactly what we will talk about.

From the article you will learn:

  • The most effective methods for cleaning frying pans from carbon deposits.
  • Deliberate misconceptions or myths, in other words, non-working methods that unscrupulous citizens spread on the Internet.
  • Video of an interesting and, most importantly, working method for cleaning old frying pans from a thick layer of burnt deposits.

Let’s look a little at the popular anti-burn cleaners in our country. Let’s decide which ones really help and which ones, to put it mildly, are useless.

First, about misconceptions. Unfortunately, it is almost impossible to get rid of carbon deposits without the help of chemicals. Provided that the soot is old.

Why, practically, you will see in the video at the end of the article, but I’ll make a reservation right away that this method is quite radical and is not suitable for absolutely all frying pans. But first things first.

Common Myth

Take grated laundry soap, office glue and other nonsense, such as citric acid, and mix with water. In the resulting solution, we boil our problematic pans. After which the carbon deposits just come off in pieces from the frying pan. Do not believe such recipes, since you will not be able to get rid of any more or less ingrained burn.

This has already been verified by more than one person, the result is zero
, so don’t waste time on this procedure.

So, how to clean soot from old frying pans?

Let’s look at popular chemicals, often or not very prominently featured in advertising. Mister Chister, Mister Muscle from the cheaper ones, and Schumanite and Cilit from the more expensive ones. All of the listed products specialize specifically in removing carbon deposits from frying pans or pots.

As a result of tests carried out by unbiased people, it was found that Shumanit (this is not strange, because it is quite expensive) and Mister Chister cope most well with carbon deposits. The second winner came as a surprise to everyone, because its price is an order of magnitude lower than Schumanite, and it copes with stubborn dirt only a little worse. To achieve a good result, you should simply carry out the cleaning procedure several times; you will need to apply the product two or three times.

как очистить сковороду от нагара

I learned one of the ways to clean a frying pan from carbon deposits from a friend. We will need: hydroperite tablets and hydrogen sulfide. We crush the hydroperite into powder and add a little hydrogen sulfide, we get a white foamy substance that looks like gruel. Apply it to the surface of the burnt frying pan and leave for half an hour. But it should be borne in mind that for complex contaminants, this method is not suitable.

To summarize: the most effective when cleaning old frying pans are chemicals such as Schumanite or Mister Chister. In case of severe carbon deposits, you will have to apply the cleaning agent several times, and then scrub with a sponge. Methods that use improvised means are more useless than effective, which has been proven in practice more than once.