How to beautifully wrap a gift in paper?

как упаковать красиво подарок от деда Мороза

In the pre-holiday bustle, we always have a lot of worries: what to cook? what outfit to choose for a gala evening? what gifts to buy to please your loved ones? But very often we forget that it is important not only to present a gift, but also to wrap the gift beautifully in paper or other interesting material.

As a rule, we don’t have time for wrapping and have to leave gift wrapping until the last minute, we are forced to stand in long lines at professional packers and, in the end, give our loved ones a faceless gift in wrapping paper with Christmas trees and a lush bow . It’s even worse if we just give the gift away without the colorful packaging, so keep a close eye on the gift in a bag from your local supermarket. What kind of festive mood can we talk about in this case?

We invite you today to put aside your business for a few hours and use your imagination to make a gift with your own hands. I think that the joy and surprise of friends and family is worthy of spending very little time and creating a small masterpiece with your own hands.

Parcel from Santa Claus

Do you think that in order to wrap a gift beautifully, you have to invest a lot of money on buying wrapping paper and other holiday tinsel? Spending a lot of time and effort but the result doesn’t look the way you want? Not so! We offer you as an option a chic gift that will save your energy and budget, and in addition to everything, you can involve your children – they will be happy!

We will need the following materials
: scissors, glue, transparent tape, several sheets of colored paper, foil
, pen, scissors, several sheets of plain wrapping paper
(in which mail parcels are often packaged), sheets of white paper.

красивая упаковка подарков от деда Мороза

The first thing to do is to carefully wrap the gift box with wrapping paper, trim off the excess paper and secure the ends with small pieces of clear tape. Cut out beautiful snowflakes or several snowflakes from sheets of colored paper. Attach the snowflakes in the gift box to the top of the wrapping paper with a few drops of paper glue, leaving the edges of the snowflakes free. Next, it’s best to tie the box with twine, secure the ends of the rope, and make a small and simple bow.

: Make it more like a parcel from Santa Claus – insert a small rectangular piece of white paper on one side as a card, writing on it the name of the sender (Santa Claus) and the name of the recipient in a bright color.

Surprise Ball

You can surprise your loved ones with an unusual form of packaging by giving them a gift wrapped in . ball.

You will need: a lot of strong paper,
scissors, paper glue.

Of course, it is almost impossible to pack a large gift in a ball, but for a small gift such packaging is quite suitable and will look beautiful and unusual. Just take crepe paper
and cut it into strips approximately 4-5 centimeters wide. Then wrap the gift with corrugated ribbon, trying to achieve a ball shape in the end. Finally, secure the end with pleated tape with a little glue on the paper and gently press the package with your hands, trying to make it more like a ball.

: You can decorate the gift balloon with an artificial flower or a ribbon bow. You can also decorate the ball in the shape of a soccer ball. A little creativity – and everything will work out!

Packaging of live plants

How tired of these gift bags made of plastic and paper! It’s time to make gift wrapping from leaves and flowers.

You will need: regular wrapping paper, glue, small pine cones, fir branches, silver or gold spray paint, fake snow spray, cinnamon sticks, maple leaves, small flowers, several dried orange or lemon rounds.

придумываем упаковку подарка из сосновых веток, шишек и ленточек

Prepare cones and spruce branches in advance, which need to be generously coated with silver or gold paint.

Let them dry and then cover them with fake snow. Wrap the gift in paper and attach pine cones and twigs of your choice to the top of the package. Instead of pine cones and spruce branches, you can use lemon or orange slices, cinnamon sticks, anise fruits and dilute everything with flowers. Cinnamon sticks and anise fruits will create a festive mood and also fill the house with a pleasant spicy aroma.

: instead of spruce branches, you can even use branches of other trees covered with paint: rose hips and bunches of rowan berries. Strips of fabric or organza will also help to wrap a gift beautifully. Like we said, it takes a little creativity and imagination!

As you can see, beautifully wrapping a gift with your own hands is not only an easy and inexpensive way to spend time, but also a very fun one. Your loved ones will undoubtedly appreciate a gift that you were able to wrap beautifully, and not one that was packed at the last moment by a salesperson in a supermarket. Happy Celebration!