How much does the paper weigh? Reference resource “How much does… weigh?”

What paper grades mean

S/S – economy class paper in terms of performance and the most common due to its price. All the characteristics here are brought to the level of “in principle, you can print on it.” Not recommended for inkjet, color laser and duplex printing. Normal for primary and internal documentation, drafts or one-time consumable documents, such as an invoice from a pizzeria.

V/V – average in all respects and price. This is the kind of paper I recommend using in offices. With a small difference in price with the previous class, all technical characteristics are much better. I don’t recommend it for inkjet printing, however, the paper has a different purpose.

It tolerates duplex and high-speed printing very well and is also suitable for color laser printing. B-class paper is the choice of thrifty buyers who do not want to burn their nerves due to damaged documents, waste time due to jammed paper and spend money on repairing office equipment.

A/A – the highest class of office paper. I recommend this paper to gentlemen who know a lot about office equipment. Regardless of the ruble exchange rate overboard, it costs twice as much as C-class paper. And with good reason. I recommend it for all types of office printing: double-sided, high-speed, laser, inkjet, it’s all the same.

Almost anything can be printed on this paper. I recommend it for regular use, but the budget decides here, because the A-class is pure show-off. Documents are printed on such paper that the recipient’s eye must catch on in order to make the necessary impression. And if you also put it in a tight and smooth file, then wow. I will cover this topic a little lower.

D – no idea what it is, and why paper of this class was introduced into the new GOST. Judging by the characteristics written in it, this is stillborn paper for tenders. I feel sorry for its users and their equipment.

What don’t we know about paper?

This is an ancient and well-studied thing that may still surprise you today. For example:

  • Not long ago an exhibition was held in Moscow, at which fashion designers presented a “paper” collection of outfits made from domestic raw materials.
  • The American military, during Operation Desert Storm, camouflaged their tanks using… toilet paper.
  • The first Declaration of Independence was written on a piece of paper made from hemp fibers.
  • In the 80s of the nineteenth century, the most popular and best-selling newspaper was the Moskovsky Leaflet, despite the fact that the owner of the publication used second-rate, inexpensive paper. The reason for its popularity turned out to be simple: newspapers were bought up by poor people and the paper was used to make smoking cigarettes.
  • Paper is edible, as it consists of 85% cellulose, contains complex carbohydrates and has energy value.
  • It is impossible to fold a sheet of paper more than seven times, but recently an American schoolgirl, having carried out mathematical calculations, performed this manipulation twelve times.
  • Until the 18th century, paper caused poor vision: it was not bleached and had a brownish-yellowish color. After the discovery of chlorine, paper bleaching was used for the first time and book lovers stopped damaging their eyesight.
  • The edge of the paper sheet is no more than micromillimeters thick (no thicker than a razor blade), so it is easy to cut.

Whatever is put on a piece of paper, whatever weight and quality it has, it is one of the most sought-after things in the world. But before you toss that crumpled piece of paper into the trash, you might want to think about how many trees it would take to get a clean white sheet of paper back on your desk.

White A4 paper, an indispensable attribute of any office, and practically any private or (I’m not afraid of this word) government institution. Such establishments spend about ten to fifteen packs monthly, and some much more.

It is important to consider that A4 paper has, depending on its purpose. Accordingly, the weight of such packs will differ (and quite significantly). The number of sheets in a pack of white paper for A4 documents is standard: 500 sheets. I will make a reservation that there are also packs with fewer sheets, but as a rule, this occurs in

Acid-free paper

  • Standard: pH≥ 7,
  • Standard: pH≥ 7.

Fan fiction written on it will last 500, or even 1000 years, if you buy more expensive ones. This is what I understand as a deadline! URGENT! Such results are obtained due to the complete removal of wood pulp and, in fact, lignin from paper. This paper consists of 100% cellulose, without impurities.

Complete removal of wood pulp and lignin provides an almost 100% guarantee that the paper will retain its physical properties and chemical composition unchanged for several hundred years. And “almost” – because even this is not enough. Call right now and you will receive a juicer as a gift! No not like this.

In order for paper to last for hundreds of years, it must be treated with a weak alkaline solution, such as calcium or magnesium bicarbonate. It neutralizes the natural acids of wood pulp – they can appear when adding paper sizing.

In a good way, any paper for creativity should be acid-free. Of course, we are talking about professional creativity, such as fine art or writing fan fiction based on anime series for posterity. However, a survey of manufacturers showed that some of them interpret the term “acid-free paper” in their own way, and it doesn’t matter what they say in your GOST standards.

They believe that to be considered acid-free, it is enough to make paper without using acid, and use calcium carbonate as an acid buffer (alkaline reserve) – and that’s all. Unfortunately, this approach does not guarantee the safety of your masterpieces for hundreds of years to come. But you are unlikely to check this.

But there is a way out!

Call right now and you will receive a juicer as a gift!

Paper for office equipment Snegurochka (A4, grade c, 80 g/sq.m, 500 sheets) – favorable price – buy product paper for office equipment Snegurochka (A4, grade c, 80 g/sq.m, 500 sheets) in the Komus online store

wrote on September 16, 2022

It’s hard to remember when my acquaintance with Snegurochka began. Of course, what attracted me first was the design. The paper is really snow-white and pleasant to the touch. When printing, the letters and characters on it do not blur, the image is clear. The manufacturer stated that toner consumption is reduced – I confirm that I have to refill the cartridge less often. The Snow Maiden accompanies me both at work and at home. I have a son, he uses paper in his creativity. It’s easy to draw on. Everyone knows how difficult it is to color pictures with colored pencils, but here the creative process brings real pleasure. The lines lie smoothly, softly, and the results are simply masterpieces. I have been keeping children’s works for several years now. Looking at them, you might think they were made just yesterday. The paper does not yellow at all, the drawings look great. I would like to note the environmental friendliness of the products. I think it is important that the production does not harm the environment. This is very important in the modern world. It is fashionable to list the advantages of the Snow Maiden endlessly and add something new every time. The achievement received – Product of the Year – speaks of its quality.

#I choose the Snow Maiden order 44607532.

wrote on September 15, 2022

Working as a school teacher, I have to deal with “paperwork” every day.

When choosing paper, I am guided by the most necessary needs for my work: printing assignments, tests, writing something down, or giving paper to children for crafts.

Over the course of a couple of years, I have tried many different brands and types of paper, so I can confidently act as an expert)

My choice fell on paper of the “Snegurochka” brand, which satisfies all of the above.

The paper of the “Snegurochka” brand meets the standards for density and thickness, which ensures stable operation of the printer, without jamming, thereby saving my time and being able to print directly during the lesson.

Since this paper is C grade, it is a budget option for consumables.

And, of course, I am confident in its composition and environmental friendliness, which is important when choosing for children, since it is certified according to FSC and EU Ecolabel environmental standards.

Thus, I do not buy a “pig in a poke”, but choose the time-tested brand “Snegurochka” and recommend it to everyone!

wrote on September 15, 2022

I have been a fan of the Snow Maiden paper for several years now.

Mondi has taken paper production in Russia to a completely new level. Paper “Snow Maiden” A4 sheet format suits me not only for the printer, but also for creating various crafts, such as airplanes, cranes, etc.) I love to create on and from paper.

Therefore, the number of sheets in a pack is very important for me, small packs run out quickly, and in “Snegurochka” there are 500 of them.

Since I don’t strive for premium-class work, I’m quite happy with paper grade C.

Moreover, “Snegurochka” has good indicators: whiteness is 146%, and the paper brightness of 96% gives a wonderful contrast with black and gray shades. The 91% opacity of the paper allows drawings to be translated well under the influence of bright light and at the same time not to show through under normal conditions.

The international standard for office paper is provided with a density of 80 g/m2, you can safely use it on any printer anywhere in the world and be sure

that she will not get stuck at the most inopportune moment, because… its thickness is only 106 microns.

It is convenient to order “Snegurochka” in a box; in one box you will receive 5 packs of paper. And most importantly, by purchasing certified products, you receive a guarantee,

that it comes from responsibly managed forests.

“Snegurochka” is certified according to environmental standards FSC and EU Ecolabel and

complies with the national standard of the Russian Federation GOST R 57641-2022. I think

that thanks to this particular standard, my airplanes fly further and longer than others)

#IchooseSnow Maiden

Order number: 44597601

wrote on September 14, 2022

Quite often I have to deal with printing information on paper, for work or school, several times a week my printer is in working mode. For good printing results, not only a good printer is important, but also paper. My choice, more than five years ago, fell on A4 paper “Snow Maiden” produced by Mondi Business Paper (the world’s largest manufacturer of paper and pulp products) in Russia, the company is represented by Mondi Syktyvkar LPK, which is where they produce “Snow Maiden” paper. The technical characteristics of the paper suit my requirements (simple printing and photocopying), the price and availability of purchase are also a factor in my loyalty to the brand. The Snow Maiden paper is bright, white and smooth, and this is not surprising, because it complies with GOST R 57641-2022. This standard applies to xerographic paper for office equipment (hereinafter referred to as paper), intended for black-and-white and color printing on dot matrix, inkjet, laser, fax machines and copying on duplicating equipment, incl. in double-sided printing mode (duplex), as well as for printing publishing products. In addition, it is certified according to the environmental standards of SC and EU Ecolabel (paper produced without the use of chlorine during the bleaching process of recycled pulp. I admit that there is an alternative paper that suits my needs, but #I choose the Snow Maiden.

Weight of 1 ream of paper | drink

How much does the paper weigh? Reference resource "How much does... weigh?"

Quick Answer: Depends on paper thickness.

A4 is a paper format defined by the ISO 216 standard. It has clearly defined dimensions: 210 × 297 mm, diagonal – 364 mm. Its area is one sixteenth of a square meter. In fact, a sheet of A4 paper is obtained by sequentially folding an A0 sheet, the area of ​​which is 1 square meter: A0:2=A1, A1:2=A2, A2:2=A3, A3:2=A4, etc. Today it is one of the most common paper formats, which is used for letters, drawings, forms, etc.

Interestingly, at the beginning of the 20th century there were no uniform paper sizes, so each factory produced paper in its own sizes. And only Walter Porstmann, a German scientist and mathematician, proposed standardizing paper sizes.

The easiest way to weigh a piece of paper is to place it on a scale. The only problem is that this requires special scales – with an accuracy of up to 0.01 g. However, you can do it differently: take a pack of paper, put the scales on and look at the weight. Then divide it by the number of sheets in the bundle and you get the weight of one sheet of paper.

The weight of one A4 sheet depends on the paper density. The most commonly used paper is 80 g per square meter. In this case, the mass of one sheet is approximately 4.9 g. Thus, a pack of paper, if it contains 1000 sheets, weighs 4.9 kg, and if it contains 500 sheets, then 2.45 kg.

The weight and cost of paper plays an important role. Speaking of weight, Svetocopy paper is quite heavy. One pallet – more than 600 kg. If you plan to purchase a large shipment, you need to think about the issue of delivery, loading, and unloading in advance. The approximate weight of one box is 12 kg. Of course, women’s hands will not take such a heavy weight very easily. But if the company does not have an elevator, and you need to bring the paper to the 3rd or 4th floor, a number of difficulties arise.

How much does the paper weigh? Reference resource "How much does... weigh?"

In modern times, all document flow is carried out on paper. Something will probably not change soon. It is best to try to use paper sparingly. For example, if you need to do double-sided printing, the savings in paper resources turn out to be very significant. It is quite possible to find a use for damaged copies for drafts.

Name Capacity Weight, kg Volume, m3
A4 sheet of paper 1 sheet 0.005
A pack of A4 paper 500 sheets 2.5 0.00383
Box of A4 paper 5 packs 12.5 0.0191
A4 paper pallet 48 boxes 600 0.92

Knowing the basic parameters of office paper, we can calculate how much it will cost to transport paper through transport companies or when ordering a car.

Delivery of paper through transport companies is carried out by delivering the paper to the transport office in the sender’s city. Next, the packs are placed on a pallet, and the spaces (boxes) are counted. The number of places must correspond to the number of boxes, otherwise delivery will be more expensive since if you place 48 packs on one pallet and put them in 1 place, an additional factor will be imposed for overloading the place.

When ordering a machine, it is optimal to calculate the maximum amount of paper that can be placed in the transport.

Gazelle capacity:

  • 600-750 packs or 120-150 boxes of A4 C-class paper: 80g/m2.

Heavy duty vehicle capacity:

  • 5 tons
    : 2000 packs or 400 boxes of A4 C-class paper: 80g/m2.
  • 10 tons
    : 4000 packs or 800 boxes of A4 C-class paper: 80g/m2.

Now we know how to calculate approximate transport costs for intercity delivery. Each individual delivery case is unique, because it is necessary to take into account how far away the city is and how much paper needs to be delivered.

Delivery within the city of Yekaterinburg by our company is free of charge, regardless of the amount of paper or delivery area. Our company also delivers paper to any transport company in Yekaterinburg at its own expense, then at the buyer’s expense.

To store paper, you should choose dry rooms where it will be at room temperature. The paper will quickly absorb moisture and become wet as a result. After it has been transported, it is necessary to maintain the optimal temperature.

You have to be careful, as the edges of the sheet are very strong and there is a chance of cutting your hands. This applies to the moment when a sheet gets stuck inside the printer and they try to get it out using force. It is best to use high-quality and time-tested Svetocopy paper for printing on modern printers.

For a more convenient calculation, we have created for you a special paper weight and volume calculator so that you can easily calculate the volume or weight based on the amount of paper.

Notice of the trading procedure “Seller’s PDO No. 1237668”

Organizer of the procedure: Limited Liability Company “InvestBumaga”, Russia, 141031, Moscow region, Mytishchi district, Veshki village, building 24 Contact person: Mikhail Alexandrovich Skorokhodov
General Director Subject of the agreement (OKDP): Pulp, wood pulp and paper
WRITING PAPER, consumer (in packs)
A4 format (square 65g/m2, 132% CIE). Made in Russia (Turinsk).
One pack contains 500 sheets (1 pack weighs approximately 2.0 kg), one box contains 5 packs of A4 format.
It is possible to supply consumer writing paper in packs of 250 sheets (at a negotiated price).
The paper is intended for typewritten work.
(Lot 120700)

Description file: How much does the paper weigh? Reference resource "How much does... weigh?"
2022.01.09_БК(4,100) Price LLC InvestBumaga (Paper and Cardboard).xls (182 Kb)
Current Special Price List of LLC InvestBumaga for Paper and Cardboard (with minimum prices) Quantity and units of measurement: 3,000 pcs. Unit price: RUB 97.86 Starting price of the subject of the contract: RUB 293,580.00. (including VAT) Type of currency: rub. Terms of payment: The price is inclusive of VAT (18%) subject to 100% prepayment.
If payment is deferred, the price may be increased (by approximately 1 – 10% of the original price of the Lot).
When purchasing a large batch of writing paper and subject to 100% prepayment, an additional discount
is possible
(discussed when placing an order). Delivery conditions: SELF-PICKUP (you can order ANY quantity of consumer writing paper).
Writing paper is in stock at the warehouse of InvestBumaga LLC (Veshki village, Mytishchi district, Moscow region,
approximately 2.5 km from the MKAD-North Moscow, continuation of the Altufevskoye highway into the region). Deadlines for fulfillment of the subject of the agreement: Writing paper is shipped after receipt of payment to the bank account of LLC “Invest Paper”
(or after concluding a delivery contract with deferred payment).
The shipment of writing paper and the issuance of documents are carried out directly at the warehouse in the village of Veshki, Moscow region. Publication date: 01/11/2022 23:24 Procedure completion date: 01/31/2022 19:06 Venue: The trading procedure “Seller’s PDO No. 1237668” is carried out on the Internet site at the address: Procedure for registration on the website: The procedure for registering applicants for participation in the trading procedure on the above subject of the agreement is specified in the “Connection” section on the website on the Internet at the address: Comments: Consumer writing paper is offered on an ongoing basis.
It is possible to purchase a quantity of writing paper different from that stated in the Lot (up or down).
When an Invoice is issued for prepayment, consumer writing paper is reserved in the warehouse.
ATTENTION ! When placing an order, please indicate how many sheets of writing paper should be in one pack (500 or 250 sheets).
(Lot 120700)

How much does the paper weigh? Reference resource "How much does... weigh?"
Submitting proposals (sending applications for participation) through the System guarantees their consideration by the organizer of this trading procedure.

Questions from applicants/participants – 0
How much does the paper weigh? Reference resource "How much does... weigh?"

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System Participants who received personal invitations – 220

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A drop of theory

Light is electromagnetic waves emitted by a source. These waves are of different lengths, and people perceive them partially. We also do not see infrared and ultraviolet radiation. The human eye reads waves reflected from objects and turns them into shapes and colors. Different objects reflect waves in different ways: some well, others poorly, and others partially.

Science has proven that each color has its own wavelength. The reflection or absorption of a frequency is perceived by the brain as a corresponding color. When an object uniformly reflects all waves equally, we see white, and when completely absorbed, we see black.

Since childhood, we know: if you mix yellow with blue, you get green. All this is coloristics – the science of color, Oswald’s color wheel will help you.

It shows that opposite colors cancel each other out. So, red neutralizes green, blue neutralizes orange, and then in a circle: yellow neutralizes violet, and green neutralizes red. This circle is actively used by hairdressers to neutralize unwanted shades when dyeing hair.

The same parsley with paper: its whiteness depends on the components included in the composition. One of them is lignin, I talked about it in previous articles, its color ranges from light cream to brown. If the paper is not bleached, it will turn brown, then it will be used to make kraft paper and cardboard.

Remember when they used to use blue dye to whiten clothes? The same principle applies to paper.

For a white sheet to be perceived this way, it must simultaneously reflect the total number of electromagnetic waves across its entire plane. To do this, they use the same blue additives, including fluorescent ones, which neutralize the yellow color. They reflect a larger number of rays hitting the sheet.

Paper classification:

1. In first place is luxury class paper A
Ballet Brilliant
Key indicators reveal excellent qualities by:

Whiteness – 168% CIE (svetocopy 146%)
Thickness – 113 microns (svetocopy 104 microns)
Densities – 82 g/m2 (svetocopy 80 g/m2)
Hardness – 150 mH (svetocopy 125mH) and other indicators.

2. In second place is premium paper
A –
Ballet Premier
, which is distinguished by a high degree:
Whiteness 161% CIE
Brightness 98% ISO
Opacity 93%

3. Third place goes to paper Ballet Classic
, class B, which also has excellent characteristics:

Whiteness 153% CIE
Brightness 96% ISO
Opacity  92%

4. The fourth place is taken by the paper Ballet Universal
, grade C paper:

Whiteness 146% CIE
Brightness 95% ISO
Opacity 91%
Roughness 250 ml/min

5. Svetocopy paper has almost identical parameters and class C according to the international classification; moreover, it is ahead of Ballet Universal in the secondary roughness parameter with an indicator of 215 – 250.
Svetocopy paper whiteness 146% CIE
Brightness 95% ISO
Opacity 91%
Roughness 215 ml/min

Ballet Brilliant


















Svetocopy office paper technical specifications:
Indicator name Svetocopy   Ballet Universal Ballet Classic Ballet Premier

Weight of paper with an area of ​​1 m2, g 80 80 80 80

Thickness, microns 104 104 104 106
Hardness MD, mH 125 125 130
150 Hardness CD, mH 55 55 55

Roughness, ml/min 215 250 200

CIE whiteness % 146 146 153

Whiteness ISO D65/10% 105 105 107

Whiteness ISO C/2% 95 95 96

Opacity not less than % 91 91 92

Surface strength according to Dennison, not less than 14 14 14

Surface water absorption (Cobb g/m2) 25 25 25

Air permeability ml/min 800 800 800

Weediness, number of debris 0.1-0.4 mm2/m2 no more than 10 10 10

Humidity % 4.6 4.6 4.6

Ash mass fraction not less than % 18 18 18

Number of sheets per pack 500 500 500

A4 format size mm 210х297 210х297 210х297
210х297 Format A3 size mm 420×297 420×297 420×297 420×297 420×297
Number of packs in a box A4/A3 pcs 5/5 5/5 5/5 5/5 5/5
Number of boxes in A4/A3 pallet 48/24 48/24 48/24 48/24 48/24
Pack weight A4/A3 kg 2.5/5 2.5/5 2.5/5 2.5/5 2.5/5
Box weight A4/A3 kg 12/25



Pallet weight A4/A3 kg






Box volume A4/A3 m3






Pallet volume A4/A3 m3






How much does a box of A4 paper weigh
The office of a medium-sized trading company uses about two boxes of A4 paper per day The figure is quite impressive and many companies use the services of delivering office supplies directly to the office, stocking up for future use.

From the manufacturing company, the paper is delivered packed in boxes and stored on pallets. One pallet holds 48 boxes (240 packs) with a volume of 0.92 m3 and a weight of 600 kg. That is, the weight of one box will be 12.5 kg. There are certain storage conditions under which paper does not deteriorate:

  • the storage room for stationery paper must be dry and ventilated to avoid the formation of mold and dampness on the material;
  • after transportation (especially in the cold season), boxes of paper must be kept at a temperature lower than the temperature of the room where it will be stored;
  • The stacking height of boxes of paper should not be more than 4-5 pieces to avoid tearing and damage to the packs.

How much does the paper weigh? Reference resource "How much does... weigh?"

The growing consumption of paper is causing irreparable damage to “green raw materials” in Russia. The Japanese, Americans and Europeans have long switched to making paper from recycled materials. Paper made from recycled content is 65, 50 and 25% respectively. While in Russia this figure barely reaches the 5% mark!

How much do sheets of paper in size A weigh –

The weight of a sheet of paper depends on the size of the sheet and the thickness of the paper, measured in grams per m 2

The table shows the weights for paper sizes 4A0, 2A0, A0, A1, A2, A3, A4, A5, A6, A7, A8, A9 and A10
. US paper formats and sizes
are given at the link.

































Format/Density 75g/m 2 80g/m 2 90g/m 2 100g/m 2 110g/m 2 120g/m 2 160g/m 2
4A0 300g 320g 360g 400g 440g 480g 640g
2A0 150g 160g 180g 200g 220g 240g 320g
A0 75g 80g 9g 100g 110g 120g 160g
A1 37.5g 40g 45g 50g 55g 60g 80g
A2 18.75g 20g 22.5g 25g 27.5g 30g 40g
A3 9.38g




A4 5g
2.34g 2.81g 1.17g




0.29g A9

0.16g A10 0.08g

This means that, for example, to find out how much an A4 sheet weighs, you need to look at the density table (basically, the density of office paper is 75 g/m

) find it and hold it until it intersects with the format cell – the weight of the A4 sheet is 4.69 grams.

If your paper weight is in North American format, use our US to International weight conversion chart

How many pixels in a4 format

It is impossible to say exactly how many pixels “fit” in the A4 format – after all, a pixel does not have its own “dimension”, and how clear and detailed the image turns out to be depends on the number of pixels per inch. Accordingly, the number of pixels in the image that can be used to completely “print” an A4 sheet without margins will depend on the resolution of the image. You can calculate it by knowing the dimensions of A4 in inches (11.75×8.25) and the dpi of the image (the number of pixels per inch).

So, with a resolution of 72 dpi, the sheet size will correspond to a picture that has 846 pixels on the long side and 594 on the short side. With a resolution of 300 dpi, which allows you to obtain a fairly clear and high-quality image when printing, you will need a photo of 3525 by 2475 pixels. In total, such an image should contain 8.7 megapixels.

There are several varieties of stationery paper format. The most common are A3 and A4. The weight of a pack of A4 paper is 2.5 kilograms. A product in A3 format is twice as heavy – the weight of the pack is 5 kg. The standard dimensions of an A4 paper sheet are 210×297 mm, and an A3 sheet is 297×420 mm.

The weight of a pack of A4 paper is 2.5 kg.

Things surrounding a person may vary in purpose, cost and frequency of their use. Paper has long and firmly belonged to the category of things “closer” to humans. Having learned to crawl, the baby reaches for pencils and a piece of paper to embody his creative abilities on a white sheet, his still inept fingers draw a yellow speck of the sun, like a dandelion, blue puddles and the kind eyes of his mother.

At a school desk, a grown-up child transfers his knowledge onto paper in notebooks or onto a landscape sheet. In adulthood, for a person, paper can become an official document, a book manuscript or a diary, storing his thoughts, experiences and joys.

Paper is one of the great inventions of mankind. The copyright is attributed to the Chinese Cai Lun, but there is no documentary evidence of this, especially since earlier historical artifacts dating back to the 2nd millennium BC were found in China.

Paper is used not only as a material for writing; Catherine the Great introduced paper banknotes into circulation, which were affectionately dubbed by the people after the Empress’s favorite “Katenka”. Before the paper ends up on the desk, it goes through a rather long and difficult processing process.

How much raw material is required to produce A4 paper?

To produce paper, high-quality and quite expensive raw materials are used – wood. If it was a coniferous tree (spruce, pine), then the sheet of paper will feel durable and a little rough to the touch. A4 paper is made from hardwood with some softwood.

At the initial stage of harvesting, the tree trunk is carefully cleared of bark and crushed. Then, under the influence of high pressure steam and maximum temperature, the prepared mixture is converted into a liquid mass, including wood fibers. The fibers that float to the surface are called pulp.

The resulting fibers are beaten and separated from each other using special chemicals. This process determines the physical properties of the paper, its friability, transparency and rigidity. At the same stage, the grade of paper is determined. The resulting raw material has a high percentage of water content (up to 99%), so the next operation removes excess liquid from the prepared mass.

Then the paper is dried, glued and wound on special drums. To make a sheet of A4 paper, weighing 5 grams and density 80 g/m2, you will need 20 grams of wood. That is, one kilogram of wood raw material produces 60-70 sheets of A4 paper.

From a practical point of view, it would not be easy for a courier delivering office supplies to carry such a weight if it did not change downwards during the processing process.

List of goodies

  • High whiteness.
    Documents printed on high-white paper stand out among others on the desk. This is an old trick of experienced managers – print out a commercial proposal on good paper, put it in a thick glossy file and give it to the client’s management. Such a paper-file sandwich is even more tactilely pleasant, and when it falls into your hands, your fingers feel it, curiosity overcomes and makes you look at the sheet. And then the whiteness hits the eyes and incapacitates the recipient for a long time.
  • The beauty of prints.
    Fuck whiteness! Brightness makes the difference. As I talked about this characteristic above, good paper has amazing print clarity. Whatever the quality of the text itself, its execution – readability and beauty – on such paper will always be at the highest level.
  • Equipment maintenance.
    I understand how crazy this sounds. In more than 15 years of work, only in a couple of places I saw a technician who periodically came and serviced the equipment. I’ll explain it more clearly: a printer that is not monitored and only used to print documents on economy-class paper will quickly die. If you only replace paper with a higher grade, the printer will still die, but later. But if you add regular maintenance to good paper, the printer will die, but after a dozen years or more. I have examples. Depending on the class of paper, the frequency of equipment maintenance also changes: the better the paper, the less frequent it is.

Listen, I don’t worry about buying expensive paper. I provide information and encourage you to make the right choice from my point of view. But this choice must be conscious and financially justified. If you have a basic-level disposable printer, there is no point in worrying about paper: it will use up its declared resource and go to the trash.

It’s worth worrying about paper, consumption and maintenance if you have premium or at least average equipment. And, by the way, in addition to the advantages of playing for a long time, there are also momentary micro-pluses: for example, employees are mentally healthy and happy that their equipment works without failures, and the printed documents are clean and tidy.

Ultra bonus: checklist for buying paper

  • Famous store.
    We are not necessarily talking about a federal monster like Comus, Officemag or Informat at the ready with Kanzpark. It is enough for the company to be well known. As I have said more than once, reputation is more valuable than selling low-quality goods. Like that joke: but you only have to stumble once
  • Famous brand.
    Names of papers that are well known. Alas, most likely, only C/C class brands like Snegurochka and SvetoCopy Classic are known. Therefore I give the third point.
  • Well-known manufacturer.
    Here are three proven and trusted manufacturers in Russia: Mondi (Snegurochka, IQ) International Paper (SvetoCopy, Ballet) and Xerox. It’s not that I didn’t trust the others (here Gosznak peeked around the corner with hope), but it’s not clear what they are needed for if there is normal paper.
  • Characteristics.
    My article is to help with the information provided by the seller. Compare and choose.
  • Price.
    Beware of fakes. Yes, in more than 15 years of work I have only once encountered a counterfeit of a famous paper. And it was so bad that there was no doubt about what exactly I was holding in my hands. In general, it makes no sense to counterfeit paper for the sake of 15–20 rubles per pack – the risks and labor costs are too high. And yet, the low price should activate the security system in the head and make you think that something is wrong here. Here are your options: low quality of the product, the paper was imported into the country illegally, it is not certified, its technical characteristics are not suitable for local equipment, or it is outright stolen. However, your conscience is your risks.