How much does a pack of A4 paper cost now?

It is quite difficult to give a clear answer to the question of how much a pack of A4 paper costs
. Now I will explain why. But don’t stop reading this article right away, because the average price range at the moment is definitely
I’ll give it below.

So, due to the unstable situation, both in Russia and Ukraine, there are sharp jumps in foreign currency exchange rates, and prices fluctuate accordingly. So in Ukraine, at the dawn of 2014, the price for a pack of A4 paper 80 density, middle class

, amounted to 29 UAH. And in February 2015, the price reached 105 hryvnia per piece. Moreover, the price growth continues even now, along with the growth of the dollar exchange rate
. The situation is approximately the same in Russia, only the increase in the price of a pack of A4 paper is not so great. That’s why specific answer
How much a pack of A4 paper costs is difficult to achieve.

How much does a pack of A4 paper cost now?

The catch is that most A4 paper is imported from abroad. Mainly from Slovakia, Austria and Finland. There are several enterprises operating in Russia, specifically for production of office paper

, but this is mainly economy class paper. And competition from foreign enterprises is extremely high. The situation with Ukraine is even worse; the overwhelming percentage of paper sold is produced abroad. This is why paper prices react so much to dollar and euro rates.

Let’s move on to the numbers. In Russia, a pack of A4 paper, middle class, 80-density, costs from 140 to 200 rubles. In Ukraine now (March 2015) the price per pack reaches 100 UAH. Please note that these prices are current and may vary significantly in the future.

How much does a pack of A4 paper cost now?

Therefore, before ordering office paper, I advise you to additionally check with representatives how much a pack of A4 paper costs at the moment. Now you have a general idea of ​​the price situation regarding this important material

, like printer paper.