Home activities with a child in the rain

Few people like it when there is slush outside the window, the sky is overcast, and there is a light drizzle. And if such weather drags on for several days, even the most cheerful and active child will become sad. He will have to look for home activities for the child’s entertainment and development. What to do if you are tired of the usual toys and entertainment, friends don’t come to visit, and you have no desire to go outside?

Important! Some of the proposed games use small objects or components that are potentially dangerous to the child, so you should not leave him unattended while playing!

1. Help in the kitchen

For many mothers, daily cooking is a mundane and boring activity. But for kids it will be real entertainment. Even at three years old, a child can help in the kitchen, and a five-year-old can already handle a cheese grater and vegetable peeler, break eggs, help knead the dough for dumplings (kids love to do this) and cut out cookies with cookie cutters. Of course, such a helper will create a terrible mess in the kitchen, but the skills he will gain in the process are worth the extra cleaning. What can you cook with your child?

домашние занятия для развития ребенка


It is better to take a ready-made base – it will be more convenient for the baby to work with it. Even a novice chef can cover the base with sauce, arrange pieces of sausage and sprinkle with grated cheese.

кулинария отличное занятие для ребенка дома


If your child knows how to operate a mixer or food processor, you can entrust him with culinary homework: bake a cupcake or tea pie. There are many simple recipes for which all ingredients are mixed in one container. Mom needs to put the ingredients into separate cups and tell them in what order to put them in the bowl. Here is one of the recipes.

Beat 3 eggs, add 360 g of sugar and continue beating until it dissolves. Add 1 cup of kefir and 0.5 cups of vegetable oil, 260 g of sifted flour and 2 tsp. baking powder. Grease a mold (it is advisable to use a special one for muffins, with a hole in the center) and pour the dough into it. Bake for 20 minutes at 180 degrees, and then another 40-50 minutes at 160 degrees.

You can pour a little dough into a cup and bake in the microwave for 2-3 minutes at 1000 W.

Ice cream with berries

Mix 200 ml of natural yogurt with 1-2 handfuls of berries, place in freezer molds and place in the freezer for two hours.

Dried fruit candies

You will need 100 g of dried apricots, raisins and prunes, as well as coconut flakes and honey. Rinse dried fruits thoroughly with warm water and grind in a meat grinder. Add honey little by little to make a very thick mixture. Mix well and refrigerate overnight. The next day, take 1 tsp. mixture, roll it into balls and roll in coconut flakes. Store prepared candies in the refrigerator.

2. Help around the house

малыши помогают по дому и обретают полезные навыки

Yes, yes, this can also be great entertainment for a preschool child. All kids love to be treated like adults, so they will happily take on simple household chores: vacuuming the carpet, rinsing and drying dishes, brushing off dust, loading the washing machine or watering flowers. And even if they do it not very well, such work will keep them busy for quite a long time. And your mother’s sincere gratitude will be the best reward.

3. Unusual creativity

Tired of appliques, papier-mâché
and coloring books? Let your child try something new.

Painting with tennis balls

You will need a fairly large bowl with a flat bottom, plastic tennis balls and gouache. Place a clean sheet of paper at the bottom of the bowl, take a few balls and paint each one a different color. Next, before they dry, you need to throw them into a bowl and start shaking it, so that the balls roll over the paper, leaving colorful marks. All that remains is to hang the masterpiece on the wall or use it as a background for painting.

Self-portrait on the mirror

Let the child, standing in front of the mirror, try to outline his eyes, nose, and mouth using permanent markers. Perhaps the self-portrait will turn out really similar! If the job is unsuccessful, it doesn’t matter: you can always wash the mirror and try again!

Coloring Pebbles

раскрашивание красками отлично занимает детей дома

Your little one will definitely love turning dull gray pebbles into colorful bugs, animals and people. You can simply paint the pebbles in different colors and use them in building games.

Cellophane stained glass on the window

You will need multi-colored cellophane, water, dishwashing liquid, and a brush. First you need to cut the cellophane: these can be geometric shapes, hearts, leaves, etc. Coat the glass with a mixture of 2 parts water and 1 part dish soap. Place pieces of cellophane on a damp surface in random order or in the form of patterns. You can create entire compositions in autumn or winter style, for Valentine’s Day or Easter.

Important! Adults should ensure that children do not lean on the glass.

If your child is good at making up stories, you can invite him to create his own book of fairy tales. Mom will help write the text in a notebook or album, and the child will draw illustrations.

4. Box of small items

Children love to collect what adults usually consider garbage – beautiful pebbles, shells, beads, scattered buttons, nuts, pine cones, etc. From all this “wealth” you can create a wonderful box for creativity. Let mom help collect and sort such bright little things, and on a rainy day the child will try to create his own works of art from them.

поиск клада и сбор сокровищ отлично занимают детей дома

You can cut a circle out of cardboard and cover it with a layer of plasticine about 0.5-1 cm thick. You will get an excellent sticky base for a picture. If dad shares a block of foam plastic, you can try to create three-dimensional structures: cars, robots, buildings, etc. Even if the baby doesn’t want to make anything, he will be happy to sort through and rearrange his treasures again and again.

5. Games with water

All children adore such home activities. Having a bowl of water, cups, spoons and small toys at his disposal, the child will give his mother at least half an hour of free time.

Kids will enjoy carrying out “rescue operations” to retrieve small toys frozen in plastic containers. Ice can be broken with a hammer, melted in your hands or water, and holes can be made in it by pouring warm water from a syringe.

игры с водой предусматривают легкую уборку

A little soapy water in a bowl, small toys (cars, animals, etc.) and, if desired, a sponge or brush – and the toy wash is ready. Girls will love having a bath day for dolls
: bathe them, brush their teeth with a real brush, wash and hang up doll clothes.

Magnetic fishing

магнитная рыбалка надолго увлекает детей дома

If you don’t have one ready-made, it’s easy to make it yourself. Cut out silhouettes of fish from thin plastic (for example, transparent plastic document folders), attach a paper clip to each fish
. Make a fishing rod from a stick, strong thread and a small magnet and you can go for the catch.

6. Sand games

игры с песком развивают мелкую моторику

Such games always have a calming effect on children and, in addition, help improve fine motor skills. They only have two drawbacks: not every home has a large enough amount of clean sand, and not every mother has the patience to clean up the sand after the games are over.

Sensory boxes

They will be especially exciting for children 3-4 years old. Pour clean, dry sand into a large plastic bowl or box and hide small objects in it: toys, pebbles, shells, etc. Kids love to find them with a shovel, rake, sieve, or just dig them out with their hands. You can use a random set of items or a themed one (for example, everything related to the sea, zoo or space).

Magic Sand

волшебный песок помогает развиваться ребенку

It resembles the moon sand that is sold in the store. You need to mix 4 cups of sand, 2 cups of cornmeal and 1 cup of water (you can color it with paints or food coloring). The resulting mass is quite plastic and the figures from it hold their shape well after drying. If the sand dries out while playing, just add a little water.

7. Scientific entertainment

Of course, it is unlikely that you will be able to explain to your child the physical laws according to which surrounding phenomena occur, but it won’t hurt to have fun!


домашний вулкан можно сделать из соды и уксуса

The reaction of baking soda and vinegar, well known to adults, will bring a lot of fun to your baby. Pour a teaspoon of dishwashing detergent, red food coloring and 1 tablespoon of baking soda into a narrow glass depicting a volcano. All that remains is to pour in a quarter glass of vinegar and admire the “eruption”. It’s worth stocking up on all the ingredients: kids usually ask to repeat the performance many times!

Non-Newtonian fluid

It is a fluid that behaves differently depending on the pressure applied. If you sharply squeeze or hit it, it will behave like a solid; if you pour it, for example, into a strainer or funnel, it will flow like a liquid. To make such a liquid, you should mix 2-2.5 parts of corn or potato starch and 1 part of water (can be tinted). Non-Newtonian fluid is absolutely safe, and children love playing with it.

Let the baby try to quickly roll the mixture into a sausage or ball, squeeze it sharply between his fingers, and pour it from one container to another. You can place a tray with liquid on the column, turn on the music and admire the shapes appearing on the surface. If you make a lot of liquid and pour it into a large bowl, you can run and jump on it.

Static electricity

статическое электричество нравится детям

You will need a balloon and thin paper, such as wrapping paper or napkins. You need to cut out funny figures from paper, a man or an animal, rub the ball on your hair or a woolen sweater, bring it to the paper figures and watch how they rise and reach for the ball. If you bring a worn ball to a thin stream of water, it will deviate to the side.

8. Photo hunt

By the age of 5, a child is already able to master a digital camera. Children love taking photos and then looking at the photos! You can arrange a real photo hunt around the house for certain objects: red, square, shiny or edible. Also, the baby will enjoy taking pictures of mom, dad, cat, TV screen or people in the window.

9. House in the house

Children will enjoy playing in a house built from a table, chairs, blankets or sheets. There are also other home activities – making houses from huge cardboard boxes – you can decorate them to your liking.

10. Hide and seek

An adult puts various small objects in a bag and blindfolds the child. The baby tries to determine by touch what item he took out of the bag. This game develops imagination and improves fine motor skills.

11. Fashion show

дети очень любят устраивать модные показы

All girls love to dress up! All you have to do is let them rummage through your closet with clothes, and they will happily dress up as princesses and fairies and organize fashion shows. Even boys can enjoy these home activities: pretending to be pirates, superheroes or aliens, they just need a little help, unlike girls.

12. Outdoor games

подвижные игры с мыльными пузырями нравятся детям

Even if the apartment is not very large, you can come up with a sufficient number of outdoor games: launch paper airplanes, sing and dance, imitating the stars, play hide and seek. Or you can try these games:

  • badminton with inflatable ball. You will need a “racket” made from a plastic fork or stick and cardboard plates glued together, as well as an inflatable ball. Even without mom’s participation, the baby will have a great time trying to keep the ball in the air;
  • “door tennis”. You need to make a hole in the ping-pong ball and secure it to a strong thread in the doorway at approximately eye level with the baby. You can take a badminton racket or a homemade one from cardboard plates;
  • bowling. You will need 6 half-liter or liter plastic bottles and a small ball. If the bottles are unstable, you can pour a little water into each or add a few spoons of peas (children like the noisy version even more);
  • sniper training. You will need a target (drawn on a box or piece of paper, built from disposable cups, etc.) and projectiles (plastic balls, balls rolled up from old newspapers or paper). The meaning of the game is clear – to hit the target with a projectile;
  • search for treasure. The mother hides a small toy or treat, and the child, with the help of her clues, tries to find the “treasure”;
  • bubble hunt. The adult blows soap bubbles, and the child tries to catch every one of them.

13. Home hike

домашнее путешествие с палаткой для ребенка

Without leaving home, you can “go on a hike”: pack sandwiches and tea in a thermos in a children’s backpack, travel around the apartment and have a picnic break on a blanket. Thus, home activities are only a small part of the entertainment that can keep your child occupied at home in bad weather. The main thing is to show a little imagination and patience, and perhaps the child will look forward to the next rainy day.

For additional 5 tips on how to keep your child busy, watch the video.