Handmade lamps

Why are handmade lamps still relevant and in demand? Technological progress changed a person’s point of view about work, was able to save him from labor-intensive processes, and all the work began to be done by machines, machine tools and other equipment. It would seem that everything is fine, machines do all the hard work, but at the same time they produce the same type of goods. But what about the individuality and uniqueness of those things that a person can make with his own hands.

Factory production of goods, not so unique and exclusive. Therefore, recently, almost every person has been striving to purchase a product that is not similar to all the same types that enterprises produce.

It is not surprising that recently one can increasingly notice people’s desire to purchase handmade products. They are valued all over the world. There are more and more private craftsmen who do work from home. There are also a large number of private organizations that make some things with their own hands.

светильник балерина из бумаги

If you have talent and love to invent, then this business is for you!

What types of handmade lamps are there?

Making paper lamps could be a great idea. After all, this is not only an original decoration, this thing can change the entire interior.

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When folded, the lamp fits easily into an envelope. There is no need for significant and serious investments here; the lamp consists of thick paper, which is cut and folded in a special way. By fixing it in a corner, it will not attract special attention. If the lighting is insufficient, then it very simply unfolds, taking the shape of a square or triangle. It can turn into a stylish lampshade and your room changes before your eyes. We see how many advantages such a lamp has.

Advantages of handmade lamps

First, we can make and bring to life our own ideas when making a lamp design.

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Second, handmade paper lamps are almost invisible when folded. This quality can be appreciated by any customer who has limited indoor space.

The third is the financial side, because expensive materials are not used to operate the lamps, so it is beneficial for both the manufacturer and the customer.

Own business on lamps

Making paper lamps is ideal for young people, business people, mothers on maternity leave, and elderly people (pensioners). To make such lamps you will not need any special equipment or materials. You can actually assemble such products at home.

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Many companies abroad are professionally engaged in the manufacture and production of designer lamps. The main thing for beginners is to learn how to make these wonderful, unusual paper designs
. You can try to get inspired and come up with your own manner of production and your own style.

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In order to start work, you need to find a room. A room that can be dedicated to a workshop is perfect. If there is no such room, then you will have to rent a room somewhere.

The next thing we do is purchase the tools we need, thick colored cardboard or paper. It is better to buy electrical parts for lamps in stores that are responsible for them and provide warranties. Cooperate with trusted companies and manufacturers.

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One important detail of this business, of course, is advertising. You can post your work on any website. Print business cards, create advertisements in newspapers
. Any advertising will significantly increase your sales, help in acquiring new customers and bring success to you and your business.

Creating handmade lamps is probably the dream of every well-rounded person. This is not difficult to do. Having hung it in our home, we understand that this device is magically beautiful. No one else has such a lamp and that’s why I want to create and create.

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How to make handmade lamps

A gorgeous lampshade with candles will brighten up any home. If you have just started in this business and are not very knowledgeable about electrics, then a lamp with a lampshade is perfect. This item will look appropriate and unique in any room in your home. Making a lamp will bring you a sea of ​​unforgettable emotions.

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To make a paper lamp we will need:

• Filigree paper

• Wire.

• Smooth tall glasses.

• Round candles.

• Pliers, stationery knife, PVA glue, tape and nail scissors.

Using pliers, bend the wire so that the length of the product is higher than the height of the glass. At the very bottom we fix the candle. o It is comfortable, so it will sit nicely on the wire stand. At the bottom of the glass, lower the candle with the wire. We decorate the top of the stand with a plaster ball or any decoration of your choice.

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The simplest lampshades are best made from colored tracing paper
. To ensure the exact size, measure the circle of the cup along the bottom and top.

Select the ornament and fill color. We print out the resulting template element, cut it out and try it on our glass.

From the wrong side of the paper
glue the adhesive tape (scotch tape), wrap the glass and secure the other edge. We trim the remaining edges with a knife and place a candle in the middle.

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Our original lamp is ready.

Watch the video on how to make cool handmade lamps at home. Good luck to all!