Gifts with their own hands of paper

Today I will tell you what ways you can make souvenirs with your own hands out of paper. There will be an overview of ways and techniques for making paper gifts that can be given for any holiday or birthday.

Of course, a handmade souvenir will bring a lot of joy and attention to its new owner. A handmade gift will draw attention to itself, show your genuine concern for the hero of the occasion. It will be a memorable event for all the guests. How to make souvenirs with your own hands from improvised materials? Yes, so it would be interesting and beautiful?

In fact, there are a lot of handmade souvenirs, so this article will have several parts, which will describe the types of souvenirs, with their own hands, from improvised materials. Let’s go.

Paper modeling

Incredibly vast subject for the imagination, because you can make almost any souvenir out of paper. Miniature models of weapons, buildings, military equipment and vehicles, and even animals are surprisingly realistic, after a little practice and proper patience.

All you need is a few sheets of paper, scissors, and glue. Paper is very pliable material, it is easy and pleasant to work with it. These are significant advantages of this method of making souvenirs. I am sure you can easily find everything you need in your home.

Drawings of models can be found on the Internet. With a little “sweat” you will be able to surprise your friends with the resulting products. In the future it may turn into a real hobby.

Wool knitting.

A gift, with your own hands, can be made out of wool. With a little experience, you can make fascinating animals. Materials, to create them, you will need a minimum: the actual wool, wire (to connect all parts of the body), and a needle with a hard brush.

One of the varieties of felting is art felting. If you love paintings or want to give as a gift a picture, you can make it in wool. It will be unusual, beautiful and interesting.

A great souvenir in two minutes! Master class.

Получиться настоящее море в бутылке, с реалистичными волнами! Засекайте!
Понадобиться: прозрачный резервуар, с плотно-закрывающейся крышкой (подойдет пузырек или бутылка), вода, подсолнечное масло и синий краситель.

Pour two-thirds of the tank, with water and throw in, a few grams of blue powder. It can be bought in a store, Easter products, for example. Stir. Pour the sunflower oil to the top. Here it is important to pour as much oil and close the lid so that no air enters the bubble.


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