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The main advantages of paper in silence

So, what functionality does this material perform? It has three beneficial advantages:

1. Increase in profit.2. Positive emotions of buyers.3. Protection of goods from negative external factors.

Why does silent paper with a print printed in the ATTOLIS printing house allow you to significantly increase sales profits? Firstly, because the buyer will remember the company better, since he will see the brand icon several times (not only on the box or other outer packaging, but also on the additional wrapper, which is the paper).

The buyer, seeing such a wrapper, will definitely experience positive emotions. After all, the paper is incredibly pleasant to the touch, looks decent, and beautifully envelops the product. It is for this reason that some buyers do not want to part with the packaging material for a long time and keep it for some time as a keepsake.

  • from dust,
  • dirt,
  • other unfavorable factors.

Therefore, the material also carries a functional load.


Tishyu is a material that is light and flexible. The primary raw material here is sulfate cellulose fibers. They are made from coniferous wood and then bleached using a special technology. The composition also includes additional components.

Among the positive qualities, the most important are the following:

  • plasticity;
  • softness;
  • light weight;
  • variety of colors;
  • the material does not cause an allergic reaction when working with it;
  • has a relatively low cost.

The most significant disadvantage is fragility. The fact is that even with minor mechanical impact or careless handling, the material can be deformed or torn.

Silence paper, what is it?

Delicate, one might say airy, sheets of paper that can have almost any color and image – this is what standard paper looks like. It can also be called tissue paper
. Бумага тишью что это такое

The composition and production of the paper is quite similar to that of regular office paper. Woody species of coniferous plants are mainly used as raw materials. Cellulose is extracted from wood and bleached.

Quiet paper is used in a variety of applications, but the most popular is gift wrapping. Due to its unique properties, this paper can be placed inside almost any package. It’s not uncommon to find silence in shoe boxes. Paper perfectly takes any shape when wrapping and packaging goods.

It is pleasant to the touch and looks beautiful even when wrinkled. Many people like the way it rustles when unpacking souvenirs and presents. It is worth saying that such paper has some shockproof qualities, since its folds can protect glass products from damage. Silence gives a special shine to gifts and expensive purchases.

It is also used quietly in cosmetics, expensive clothing and flowers. It acts as an additional accessory that properly emphasizes and decorates the product.

I hope that I was able to fully answer the question: paper in silence – what is it.

Main brands of wrapping paper

Depending on the purpose and quality indicators, nine brands have been approved for wrapping paper according to GOST:

  • A – from sulfate unbleached cellulose;
  • B – from sulfate wrapping pulp;
  • B – from sulfite unbleached cellulose;
  • G – from sulfite wrapping pulp and wood pulp;
  • O 1
    – from sulfate, sulfite bleached cellulose;
  • O 2
    — from sulfate, sulfite bleached cellulose, sulfite, unbleached cellulose and wood pulp;
  • D – from unbleached cellulose, semi-cellulose and wood pulp;
  • E – from waste paper, unbleached cellulose and fibrous waste from pulp and paper production;
  • F – the composition is not standardized.

The paper is produced by machine, single-sided and double-sided smooth.

Silence paper

Quiet paper, or tissue paper, is a thin and airy wrapping paper widely used in floristry and decoration. This material got its name from the English word “tissue”, which means “napkin”. It is not named this way by chance: the delicate, light, translucent material actually somewhat resembles an ordinary paper napkin – only it is much stronger and denser.
Quiet paper is an essential material in the field of floristry, decoration and gift business. This simple material will be a worthy decoration for any product or bouquet, making it elegant and festive.

Silence paper is used for:
• design of flower bouquets and compositions;
• making bouquets of vegetables and fruits, sweets and toys;
• packaging of gift boxes;
• decoration of premises;
• filling space in boxes and bags with gifts, etc.

Easy-to-use, flexible and thin tissue paper allows you to quickly package goods of almost any shape. Thanks to these qualities, the material is in great demand in the departments of souvenirs and perfumes, gifts and flowers, clothing and bags.
Silence paper from the online hypermarket
• comes in a wide range of colors – from fashionable nude shades to rich and bright ones;
• allows you to realize the most daring ideas of craftsmen who approach the design of gifts and bouquets seriously and with taste;
• supplied in sheets of different sizes.

The online hypermarket will help you prepare for large-scale work and peak loads. Whether it’s Valentine’s Day or the New Year’s holidays, silent paper finds use throughout the year in a variety of areas of business and creativity.
At we provide a comprehensive service for florists and decorators. It includes everything: service, an extensive assortment, accompanying printing, fast delivery, convenient forms of payment for goods, substantial discounts, and expert advice. We take into account all the trends in modern design and regularly add to our range – stay tuned to the website for updates!

Quiet paper for wedding, holiday, packaging | crafts fair magazine

Quiet paper is very thin and delicate to the touch, of various colors and shades, used to decorate gifts, to fill empty space in boxes and gift bags. You can use tissue paper to make charming pom-pom paper balloons to decorate your wedding or photo shoot. Using pompoms you can decorate a room not only for a special occasion, such as a birthday, but also in everyday life. With their help you can create a unique and festive atmosphere in the room. Multi-colored pom-poms decorate walls and ceilings

This tissue paper gives your packaging extra volume and fluffiness. You can also make magnificent flowers with your own hands from paper. Tissue paper is usually slightly wrinkled and placed in a gift bag or box; tissue paper can also be used as a base for film packaging. The paper is quietly translucent and will rustle funny in your hands.
Among other things, you can print the text on tissue paper. The most common is printing wedding invitations. A print is made on the paper in silence, then the paper is glued, for example, onto felt, rolled into a tube and tied with a ribbon. The paper is very thin, airy, translucent, the printer can tear or chew the paper. How to do it: place the paper on a regular sheet for the printer and fold the edge on top so that the printer grabs two sheets of paper at once – the paper and the regular one. You’ll have to experiment a little, but you can do it.

Large selection of quiet paper (about 30 shades available)

From the new products, silver and gold silk corrugated paper for decorating a chic gift

Бумага тишью для оформления свадьбы, праздника,упаковки, фото № 1

Бумага тишью для оформления свадьбы, праздника,упаковки, фото № 2

Бумага тишью для оформления свадьбы, праздника,упаковки, фото № 3

Бумага тишью для оформления свадьбы, праздника,упаковки, фото № 4

Бумага тишью для оформления свадьбы, праздника,упаковки, фото № 5

Бумага тишью для оформления свадьбы, праздника,упаковки, фото № 6

Бумага тишью для оформления свадьбы, праздника,упаковки, фото № 7

Бумага тишью для оформления свадьбы, праздника,упаковки, фото № 8

Бумага тишью для оформления свадьбы, праздника,упаковки, фото № 9

Paper in silence. review from Tanya Privalova.


Today I,

Tanya Privalova

, I want to tell you a little about paper

 in silence


Tishyu is a very thin paper that is used primarily for packaging a variety of goods (leather goods, shoes, etc.). It is used to fill empty spaces in gift bags, bags and boxes. It is made from bleached sulphate pulp obtained from coniferous trees. This paper is particularly delicate and has a rich palette of shades. That is why it is often used in gift wrapping and, of course, in creativity:

Personally, when I saw crimson and turquoise paper in boxes with shoes. Not yet being a scrapper… I couldn’t throw it away… and yet one day its time came 🙂 But more on that below)

If you right-click on the picture and select “Open link in new tab”, you can learn more about them 🙂

Nowadays, it is from paper that they make simply unrealistically beautiful flower pom-poms for decorating weddings or parties:

They can also be used as decor for a children’s room:

If you use your imagination, flowers made from silence can be of absolutely any shape, color and size:

there is even a small MK:

The most delicate decorative option for ordinary branches!

And now spring can come to your home in January 🙂

Continuing the theme of parties, one cannot help but note the creation of such an option for decor, entertainment and props for photo cards 🙂

Another option for decorating a child’s room or even a non-children’s room)

Tired of your old Chinese chandelier? A very easy way to give it a second life:

If you don’t have an old Chinese chandelier, you can make it yourself 🙂

Next year I will have just such a Christmas tree! 🙂

Well, in the meantime, there’s still a whole year until the next New Year))

but Valentine’s Day is just around the corner!

A tender heart can be an excellent decoration for this holiday

And we can also turn on our imagination and make a lot of other options on the same topic!

Here are examples of several works using tissue paper in scrap!

Background texture

Volumetric backing for the photo:

Frame cut from tissue paper

Volumetric element. This is the same card where I used paper from a shoebox 🙂

(my favorite option)

And in my new work. I used it again 🙂

Types and colors

Quiet paper is primarily distinguished by color. The palette is quite rich. Classic shades are black, white, red, blue and green. Colored paper is most often used. The most popular are acidic shades, for example, fuchsia, pink or bright green, bright yellow.

There is a division into categories based on other parameters:

  • density – there are thin and denser sheets;
  • silk or rough;
  • cost;
  • method of implementation – in plates or in rolls;
  • branded and wrapped.

You need to choose paper depending on the purpose for which it is purchased.

Questions to consider when purchasing quiet paper

As with bulk purchases of all types of paper, it is necessary to find out whether the ordering company has an institutional structure. Problem-free delivery of ordered products is very important. In addition to delivery, the quality of the product supplied must be known.

Quiet paper is a type of paper that varies in fineness, quality, uses, and types of paper. In this regard, our company strives to provide its customers with high-quality service with experience in the industry and the production of quality products and applies all its experience in each area.

It is also necessary to pay attention to the fact that the correct paper is selected. Proper use of this type of paper, which is used in many sectors, helps in obtaining healthy results. Using soft paper in areas where thicker, less sensitive paper should be used will prevent correct results, indicating poor quality rather than poor paper selection.

Where to buy quiet paper?

The most acceptable way to purchase silence is online stores. Agree, it’s not very convenient to run around the whole city, searching office supply stores and markets in search of the desired color or pattern. It is much easier to choose the right colors at home – using a computer and the Internet.

It is worth adding that when searching for an online store, it is advisable to take into account the city in which you live and accordingly look for a convenient online platform. This way you can save a lot of money without overpaying for разноцветная тишью применяется для декора и украшения

shipment and already on the spot, in the literal sense of the word, touch and examine the selected paper.

Also, when choosing via the Internet, please note that the colors may not correspond to reality, and all due to the fact that the monitor or smartphone screen may display certain shades of paper differently.

Make your own masterpieces with the help of silence, decorate, decorate your apartment, delight your loved ones with unique gifts, let your life be as bright as colored paper with silence.

Where to use silence

In addition to the machine production of cigarettes, this type of paper is widely used for packaging a variety of goods. The soft texture of the paper and unusual velvety surface will favorably emphasize the quality and brand of the packaged product. Therefore, quiet paper is used for the following tasks:

  • Packing flowers (use waterproof varieties)
  • Wrapping for gifts and souvenirs
  • Jewelry packaging
  • Packaging of branded clothing
  • Shoe wrapper in boxes
  • Relaying for confectionery products in boxes
  • Decorative arts: making garlands, artificial flowers, etc.; used for decoupage.

Manufacturers offer many options for colored paper, even with gold or silver.

Interior design

Not a single festive event is complete without exquisite decorative elements. Often, such accessories lead to significant costs, which can turn out to be a financial mistake. If you plan to use decorative elements only once, then you should get creative and implement your ideas with your own hands. Quiet tissue paper will help you with this and will save you money.

From thin material you can make artificial bouquets, individual flowers, pom-poms for decorating curtains and curtains, patterned elements for serving tables or decorating pieces of furniture, walls and ceilings. A large-scale decorative composition covering the entire wall can become the main accent of the interior of the room where the festive event will take place.

Other interesting ideas

  • To make paper flowers, fold several pieces of paper.
    With their help, cuts are made on one side. They will take on triangular, rounded or straightened shapes. The dressing method is based on the same principles. To form the assembly, collect the paper blanks near their convergence points – and fluff out the cuts made.
  • To make an applique of sakura, cut out a model of its branches from thick cardboard.
    Glue the flowers made from tishyu, distributing them evenly over the projection area of ​​the branch branch.
  • To make artificial roses you will need several leaves of silk.
    Bring them together and cut them around the stem. Having secured the blanks, continue forming the flower. Spread the resulting petals and color them.

These same flowers can be attached to a napkin holder or vase with real flowers

To learn how to decorate a bouquet with paper in silence, watch the following video.

Greaseproof wrapping paper

  • term in English –
    Greasproof paper

Durable paper treated with animal glue for grease and moisture resistant packaging.

A substitute for vegetable parchment is a grease-resistant, moisture-resistant, relatively thin paper obtained without treatment with sulfuric acid. The paper has high grease resistance, a moisture strength of 25-35%, can be lightproof and transparent, and is similar in technical properties to vegetable parchment.

A high degree of grease and water resistance of paper is achieved through the use of special chemicals in the preparation of paper pulp and during the subsequent surface treatment of paper on the size press of a papermaking machine.

Various substances are used as chemical reagents: organic fluorine-containing compounds, synthetic resins, sodium salt of carboxymethylcellulose and its copolymers, modified starches, etc. The substances used must be physiologically harmless, in addition, the substances used for surface treatment of paper must have good film-forming properties.


  1. decom.

    same as silence
    ◆  One can imagine how he laughed in silence
    Napoleon from his office or camp tent, handing out thrones and kingdoms to his poor relatives right and left. A. T. Averchenko
    , « Napoleon the Emperor
    “, 1909
    // “General history, processed by Satyricon” [ Wikisource

  2. calm weather
    ◆  Silence
    it stood such that one could hear, a hundred paces away, how a squirrel jumped over the dry leaves, how a broken branch at first weakly clung to other branches and finally fell into the soft grass – it fell forever: it will not move until it decays. I. S. Turgenev, “ King Lear of the Steppes
    “, 1870
    [ Wikisource

    From Dersu I learned to recognize the weather and could approximately say what the clouds portend at this time of year: thin stratus clouds during the calm, and even if they lie in stripes in the sky, indicate the wind, and how this kind of silence lasts longer
    , the stronger the wind will be. V. K. Arsenyev
    , “Dersu Uzala”: From memories of a trip to the Ussuri region in 1907
    , story, 1917
    [ Wikisource

Use for crafts

Quiet paper is most often used to create all kinds of crafts. From paper you can make:

  • flowers or some other decorations;
  • New Year’s garlands for the Christmas tree and room decoration;
  • balls.

If we talk about crafts more specifically, the most common option is to create pom-pom flowers. To make it, you will need a minimum of materials and equipment: silk, scissors, a skein of thread or ribbons for tying.

The creation process is simple. It consists of several successive stages.

  • Five identical sheets of silence must be folded on top of each other. If you want to get rainbow flowers, you should choose paper of different shades. Typically four leaves are used to create the petals and one to form the core. But you can use more sheets. The more there are, the more magnificent the product will be.
  • The sheets should be folded into regular accordions, wrapping them approximately 3 cm to the end. The result of this work should be a fan.
  • The fan folds in half. Having stepped back a few centimeters from the bend, tie the workpiece with tape at this point.
  • Use scissors to give the edges of the fan an oval shape. This is necessary to create the petals.
  • Now the accordions need to be straightened as carefully as possible.

The result of all the work is presented in the photo. These flowers look great individually or in bouquets.

Use for packaging

You can pack confectionery, bouquets of flowers, and clothes using silent paper. For the latter, it is advisable to use a factory box with a logo from a clothing manufacturer.
A similar tactic is used when decorating the packaging of new shoes, when the latter is also presented as a gift to a loved one. The range of sellers of silk paper in rolls is up to hundreds of various shades. Their catalogs, of course, do not contain 10 million colors, but what they sell is quite suitable for decorating any gifts. Products in all cases are of high quality; Beware of counterfeits made in China.

To pack a present with the help of silence, wrap the surprise packaging with the blanks prepared for decoration.
Tishyu blanks can be glued with (thermal) glue. Do not use as an adhesive a composition in which flammable additives and additives are dissolved, for example, those contained in Moment-1 adhesive – this is fraught with an increased fire hazard for the blanks and the entire package as a whole.

Any wrapper, according to the laws of physics, contributes to the greater safety of the gift by creating a shock-absorbing layer: it’s okay if it gets torn, it won’t happen, the main thing is the safety of the gift.

How tracing paper and paper are made |

Quiet paper is a thin translucent paper used for packaging flower bouquets and gifts, in art, etc. Tishyu is the closest relative of tracing paper, so we suggest recalling the history of the progenitor of this decorative material.

Tracing paper was originally developed for architects and design engineers: they used it to accurately copy drawings. Subsequently, the material found many other uses, and in engineering, tracing paper was replaced by technologies that do not require copying drawings and drawings by hand.

The transparency of tracing paper is achieved through careful selection of raw materials and special cooking processes. The basis of paper is kraft cellulose fiber (usually from wood) and sometimes cotton fiber. Often the paper contains other filler materials designed to improve transparency and print quality.

The production of this type of paper takes place in three main stages:

1) By mechanically grinding the cellulose fiber, a highly fibrillated and gel-like composition is obtained. This is done so that when the sheet is formed, almost all the air is excluded from the internal structure of the paper. The method allows you to achieve translucency of the finished material.
2) Next, the gaps between the fibers are filled with a material with the same refractive index as cellulose. Due to the relatively high cost, this manufacturing method is rarely used.
3) Another method is to immerse the untreated sheet in sulfuric acid for a few seconds. The acid converts some of the cellulose into the amyloid form. If the treated paper is thoroughly rinsed and dried, the resulting product will be much stronger than the original paper. Tracing paper is resistant to oils, greases and is largely impermeable to water and gas.
From an environmental point of view, tracing paper and silence are quite compliant: the materials can be recycled and are also made with the addition of up to 30% recycled fiber. You can order silent paper on Pack24. Paper is available in all colors – from white and black to pink and orange.

Corporate parties

Airy material is indispensable not only in handicrafts, packaging and organizing private celebrations, but also in corporate culture. Small souvenirs and corporate gifts based on this material can be an excellent gift idea for colleagues and management.

Great demand for paper packaging has contributed to the expansion of design ideas for the design of this material. The possible application of stripes, checkered patterns, flowers, curls, hearts and other elements to the material has led to the fact that paper wrappers can now be ordered with the logo of a company or company against the background of the required tones.

It is necessary to note once again the main advantages of the paper product:

With different colors and designs of tissue paper, you can create a large number of decorative details for any event. Handicraft items are very popular today, so decorations and accessories made from delicate materials will definitely please others.


Most often, the name “kraft paper” refers to wrapping and packaging papers in which the fibers are visible in the structure. This is typical for papers, the production of which uses a variety of fibrous semi-finished products obtained from wood raw materials and annual plants.

More high-quality and durable, as well as thin types of paper (15-30 g/m2) are made from softwood pulp, unbleached or of varying degrees of bleaching, well cleaned of debris, sometimes with the addition of hardwood pulp, less often – small quantities of wood pulp.

Medium strength paper (50-80 g/m2) with good appearance is made from various types of bleached, semi-bleached and unbleached pulp of various yields, semi-pulp and wood pulp. The listed semi-finished products can be combined in the manufacture of paper in different proportions depending on the type of paper and its purpose.

Kraft paper includes a very large assortment of paper for packaging a variety of goods: from thin to thick papers (density on average from 50 to 120 g/m2); the color is predominantly brown or brown, but there are also bleached varieties.

Kraft paper

Can be used as a stand-alone package or as an internal wrapper for a product that is placed in a box or bag.

This paper has a high level of tensile strength. Suitable for packaging food and non-food products with a moisture content of no more than 15%.

Kraft paper with a pronounced fibrous structure is associated with traditional packaging for handmade goods and craft products.

For convenience, the average characteristics of papers and the most common use cases are presented in the table:

Type of paper Weight 1 m 2
, g
Paper color Mainly used for packaging…
Silence  18-35 different colors gifts, souvenirs, clothing, shoes, dishes, dry foods
Tracing paper  about 40 white gifts, souvenirs, clothes, shoes, dishes, dry foods
Parchment  40-50 white, light beige food products
Craft 50-120 brown, brown handicrafts, farm products, fast food

Crepe wrapping paper

  • obsolete name – Packaging Alignin
  • term in English – Crepe packing paper

Thin crepe paper made from unbleached sulfite pulp of wood pulp and waste paper for laying and packaging various products.

This is a thin and soft crepe paper designed for packaging fragile, easily breakable items.

Available in sheets 600-700 mm wide and 600-1800 mm long.

Made from medium-hard sulfite unbleached pulp or soft and white wood pulp. The cellulose content in the composition of creped packaging paper is no more than 80%, wood pulp – no less than 20%.

It is allowed to use up to 50% waste paper in the composition in the form of industrial waste white paper without printing and with light printing with a corresponding reduction in the content of cellulose and wood pulp.

Box filler

To preserve the appearance of shoes for a long time, shoe boxes are often filled with plastic paper, which will prevent possible minor defects on boots or shoes. Typically, paper sheets are passed through a special document shredder, resulting in thin straws that are crushed and added in bulk to the box.

Quiet paper is often used to fill gift boxes. The colored material, which is cut into long narrow strips, is crushed, resulting in an unusual and original filling in which the gift is hidden.

In an empty box, a small object does not look very nice and often wanders throughout the container. In paper filler, it does not lose its location, standing out favorably against the background of pastel or bright cellulose, which visually increases the volume of the box.

Using paper in silence

Wax paper

  • term in English –
    Wax paper

Paper made from base paper and impregnated with paraffin, for packaging various products and products.

The main purpose of waxing and other similar treatments of paper is to increase its barrier properties – water, vapor and gas impermeability. The high porosity of untreated paper is the reason for its low protective properties.

Paraffin or other waxy products, penetrating into the paper, fill the pores, significantly reducing the throughput of the paper. Higher barrier properties are achieved when coating is applied.

To make paper vapor-proof, a continuous film of a hydrophobic substance, such as paraffin, is applied to the surface of the paper, completely covering the surface of the entire sheet and all fibers protruding above the surface.

In our country, this type of paper is most often used for packaging industrial goods; it protects packaged metal products well from corrosion.

This paper is not heat resistant and cannot be used for baking.

Printing on packaging and wrapping papers

Text information and graphic images are usually placed on packages; the wrappers are often decorated with the manufacturer’s logo – the packaging is branded.

Not all types of packaging papers listed above are suitable for printing.

Greaseproof and waxed papers, fruit paper, coated and crepe paper – these materials, due to the composition of the coating and the texture of the paper, do not allow high-quality printing ink.

Optima printing house works with a wide range of materials. From the items listed above in the article, you can order printing on papers:

  • craft
  • parchment
  • subparchment
  • tracing paper
  • in silence
  • a wide range of packaging papers intended for printing.

Crafts from silence

For example, a garland can be made from this material. To do this, the paper is cut into rectangles, each of which is cut in many places on one of the sides, forming a kind of fringe. The sheets are glued opposite each other, in pairs and symmetrically.
The resulting elements are draped over colored twine or a thick nylon thread – and for reliability they are glued to it using the same hot-melt adhesive.

To make a pompom, you will need thin decorative wire and paper blanks.
First, several pieces of sheets are placed on top of each other. The stack of resulting blanks is checked for proportionality and cut along a smooth edge. The blanks are wrapped in the form of an accordion, then a fold of no more than 30 mm in size is formed. Using wire, secure this accordion in the center. Wrap it a couple of times. Attach the resulting pompom to the wire. Using the paper assemblies obtained in this way, it is possible to form a set of pom-poms. And also, without grouping pompoms, they are hung separately – the result is a dispersed decoration. The advantages of pom-poms are their volume and bright colors.


  • term in English –
    Imitation parchment

    , translated as imitation parchment

Thin paper made from greasy paper pulp, with limited grease permeability and high mechanical strength, for food packaging.

Subparchment is a type of low-porous, conditionally greaseproof paper and is intended mainly for internal packaging in combination with box or label paper for confectionery, fruit and fruit and berry semi-finished products, some types of cookies, glazed corn flakes and other products.

It is widely used as a packaging and wrapping material for foods containing fats and significant amounts of moisture. In addition, subparchment is used for lining boxes when packaging confectionery, meat, fish and other products.

Depending on the purpose, subparchment is made with a mass of 1 m2 from 30 to 90 g from bleached, semi-bleached or unbleached cellulose with varying levels of fat resistance, breathability and strength in dry and wet conditions.

The main distinctive feature of the subparchment is the high closeness of its structure. This contributes to the increased resistance of the subparchment to the penetration of air, moisture and some fatty substances.

GOST 1760-2022 SUB-PARCHMENT. Technical specifications – applies to subparchment intended for the manufacture of packaging for food products (bags, wrappers, etc.), as well as for the manufacture of auxiliary packaging materials – gaskets, liners, etc.


Widely used in the food industry. Grease-resistant paper is used for mechanized packaging of butter, margarine, cottage cheese products and other products containing fats.

This is the paper that is often used to wrap products in fast food establishments.

Due to its low price, as well as good grease resistance and moisture resistance, it finds a variety of uses in the household.


It is greaseproof paper that can most often be found in packages under the names: “Baking paper”, “Baking parchment”. Under the name “Parchment”, at best, sub-parchment can be packaged (read about this paper below).

If the paper is brown, it is definitely not parchment or sub-parchment (thick and at the same time thin papers of light shades).

Plant parchment (parchment)

  • term in English –
    Vegetable parchment

Grease-proof, transparent paper with high mechanical strength and moisture resistance, obtained by treating base paper with sulfuric acid, for packaging fat-containing food products, finished medical products, as well as for technical purposes.

Parchment is a grease-resistant, moisture-resistant packaging material produced primarily by treating absorbent cellulose base paper with concentrated sulfuric acid. The process of converting paper into parchment is based on short-term exposure to chemical reagents that cause intense swelling and some dissolution of cellulose.

GOST 1341-97 PLANT Parchment was developed for this paper. Technical conditions.

Related words

List of all words with the root tih-/tish-
  • last names:
  • toponyms:
  • nouns:
    , calm
    , subsiding
    , still water
    , quiet
    , quiet
    , tardigrade
    , silence
    , quiet
  • adjectives:
    , quiet-veined
    , slow-water
    , quiet
    , low jet
    , low-stringed
    , low-speed
    , quietest
  • verbs:
    quiet down
    , fade away
    , quiet down
    , quiet down
    , quiet
    , quiet down
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    , subside
    , subside
    , subside
    , be quiet
    , subside
    , subside
    , calm down
    , calm down
    , calm down
    , calm down
  • participles:
    , faded
    , subsided
  • adverbs:
    , quietly
    , quietly
    , on the sly
    , slowly
    , quiet
    , quietly
    , quietly
    , quietly
    , quietly
    , quietly


02/15/2022 13:12 cial grade of thin translucent paper for packaging and decoration. Quiet paper is sometimes mistakenly called tissue paper, with which it has a number of differences. Tissue paper was developed as food paper, supporting combustion in cigarettes, while silence is not food paper, but designed to please our senses: sight, hearing and touch. That is, silence – beautiful, softly rustling and pleasant to the touch, for which it is sometimes called silk paper.

As a rule, tishya is made from pure cellulose raw materials, which gives it a certain strength despite its thinness, and it wrinkles easily, taking the shape of the wrapped object. This property is used for packaging gifts with complex shapes. Tyshy is usually produced with a density of 16-25 grams, has one smooth, slightly shiny (calendered) surface, and the other matte surface. Silence can be white, black and colored, from pastel to bright saturated colors, but always translucent due to its subtlety. To obtain the most vibrant shades, the blanket is wrapped around the packaged item several times, or decorated with folds.

There is a metallized silence, which has a greater thickness due to the application of a metallized coating. Such paper usually has a density of 24-30 g/m2. Metallized silence can be either the same color on both sides, or different, for example, gold-bronze. This silence is an ideal material for creating decorative compositions.

Quiet paper color is achieved by adding dyes to the paper pulp, and surface coloring is used only in metallized papers. Thus, when cut or torn, the colored silk will have the same color, which enhances its decorative qualities.

We print on paper in silence, min. circulation 100 sheets. Send inquiries to

address of the individual product manager

The price is in euros including VAT 20%

The price in rubles is recalculated at the rate of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation on the date of invoice.

Pale blue


50×76 cm

  • 500 sheets


  • 56.23

  • 51.54
  • Blue

  • 50×76 cm

    500 sheets

    • 10.00
  • 56.23


    Pale yellow


    50×76 cm

    500 sheets




    Deep yellow


    • 50×76 cm

    500 sheets




  • Title
    Color number
    Quantity per pack
    Price per sheet, in rubles
    Price per pack, in euros
    from 1 pack
    from 25 thousand rubles
    Quiet in sheets 21g, large packs, for packaging and printing (Italy)
    White 18g

    F140CPL 50×76 cm 10 kg (1462 l) 8.00 99.93 96.43
    White 18g

    F140EPL 76×100 cm 10 kg (731 l) 20.00 101.14




    50×76 cm

      Solar Yellow

      500 sheets

    • 10.00

    • 56.23

    • 51.54

    • Classic Green


      50×76 cm

    • 500 sheets




      Light green


      50×76 cm

      500 sheets

      • 10.00

      • 56.23
      • 51.54

        Brown classic


        разноцветная тишью применяется для декора и украшения 50×76 cm

        500 sheets


        • 56.23
      • 51.54
      • Light brown

      • F046

        50×76 cm

        500 sheets


    • 56.23


      • Flame Red


      50×76 cm

    • 500 sheets

    • 10.00



    • Dark red


        50×76 cm

        500 sheets




      1. Bright Red
      2. F090

        50×76 cm

        500 sheets




        Pink baby


        50×76 cm

        500 sheets

        • 10.00

        • 56.23

          • 51.54

        • Delicate pink

        • F000

      3. 50×76 cm

        500 sheets




    • Pink nude


      50×76 cm

      500 sheets




      Indigo Blue


      50×76 cm



      500 sheets



      Fuchsia Violet


      50×76 cm

      • 500 sheets






        50×76 cm

          500 sheets

        • 10.00

        • 56.23

        • 51.54

          Quiet in sheets metallized 24 g, single and double-sided quiet (Italy)


    • Mother of Pearl


          50×75 cm

          24 sheets




          Gold & Bronze

          • Z8012

          50×75 cm

          24 sheets



      500 sheets 56.23

      50×76 cm


      Purple Lilac

      • F101

        50×76 cm

        500 sheets




    • Price per pack, in euros
      Title in metallic silence
      Color number
      Sheet size
      Qty per pack
      Price per blister
      from 25 thousand rubles
      from 50 thousand rubles
      Z801 50×75 cm 24 sheets 10.84 9.76 8.94
      Z804 50×75 cm 24 sheets 10.84 9.76 8.94
      Z805 50×75 cm 24 sheets 10.84 9.76 8.94
      Z800 50×75 cm 24 sheets 10.84 9.76 8.94
      Z802 50×75 cm 24 sheets 10.84 9.76 8.94

      Gold & Brown


    • 50×75 cm
    • 24 sheets

    • 10.84

    • 9.76


      Bronze & Brown


    • 50×75 cm

      24 sheets




    • Where used in silence

      As can be seen from the description of the production process, this is quite an expensive paper; Therefore, its use is justified when wrapping gifts, decorating expensive items, as well as in cases where it is necessary to achieve a sense of premium quality of a product using inexpensive means. The most common uses for silence are packaging of expensive shoes and clothes, gifts. The property of semi-transparency is used when packaging large and medium-sized gifts, when it is only necessary to slightly cover the contents. The decorative properties of silence, as well as its elasticity, are used to create beautiful and functional fillings for boxes, and to replace more expensive holders. When packing very light items, such as Christmas tree decorations, it quietly acts as a shock absorber, preventing the balls from breaking during transportation.

      For packaging shoes and clothing in large volumes, where luxury packaging is not required, cheaper white thin packaging paper is used
      30 g, as well as similar printed paper produced to order. Minimum order of thin packaging paper with printing 50 kg

      Бумага тишью как современный и практичный материал

      Fruit wrapping paper

      Thin, weakly glued paper, sometimes impregnated with special substances that protect fruit from rotting.

      To protect against damage and rot during long-term transportation and snoring, fruits – citrus fruits, peaches and apples are wrapped in special thin wrapping paper. Long-term preservation of fruits is ensured by paper treated with special chemicals.

      Fruit wrapping paper is sometimes treated with refined paraffin oil to improve its water resistance. The oil contained in the paper slows down the spoilage of fruits. Low-viscosity mineral oils are widely used in world practice for impregnation of fruit wrapping paper.

      The paper can be single-sided or machine-smooth, natural fiber colors or dyed in various colors with water-insoluble dyes.

      Coated wrapping paper

      Paper coated with polyethylene, polypropylene, copolymer, microwax or a composition based on synthetic rubber latexes for packaging food products in automatic machines, ice cream, products of the medical, pharmaceutical and perfumery-cosmetic industries.

      This is a highly specialized paper.

      Most often, product packaging requires both coating and the application of an image or text information.

      Information is applied in the printing house. The basis is coated paper. Various types of films and varnishes are used for coating. It is possible to protect the printed image and text – VD varnish is most often used for this.


      In the field of handicrafts, paper has established itself as an important element in the creation of packaging or decorative products for the interior. It will be an ideal material to work with if you want to create with your child.

      Many people like to please their family and friends with pleasant

      . Do-it-yourself packaging will add charm to the present. Tissue paper is great for wrapping boxes made of cardboard, plastic and other materials. The design of the packaging material is often selected with a design or pattern that puts a person in a good mood when he receives a gift. You can complete the look of the packaging with a ribbon, tying it into a bow.

      Or you can use only the paper itself, making it the basis for packaging the gift item.

      Packaging material is often used in scrapbooking, where individual pieces of a product can become an original and attractive detail in a family or wedding album. Often, postcards and photo frames are decorated with thin material.

      Quiet paper is used to create beautiful decorative elements, artificial flowers, balls, appliqués, papier-mâché, garlands and sculptures. Accessories in delicate shades, created from airy products, can even decorate a wedding celebration.


      Derived from adj. quiet, further from Praslav. *tiхъ, from cat. Among other things, the following occurred: Old Russian, Old Slav. quiet (ancient Greek γαληνός), Russian, Ukrainian quiet, Bulgarian quiet, Serbohorv. quiet, quiet, Slovenian. tîh, tíha f., Czech, Slovak. tichý, Polish siсhu, v.-luzh. ćichi, n.-luzh. śichy, Polabsk. taiche. Praslav. *tiхъ is connected by alternating vowels with těkha, těšiti (-téha, to amuse), probably related to lit. teisùs “fair”, tiesà “truth”, tiẽsti, tiesiù “to guide, straighten”, ìštisas “whole”, Old Prussian. teisi “honor”, teisingi “worthy”, teisiskan “reverence”. Data from M. Vasmer’s dictionary were used. See References.

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