Food printer paper

Стремительное развитие технологий облегчает и совершенствует процесс приготовления кондитерских изделий. Помимо вкусовых качеств, огромное значение имеет и внешний вид блюда. Для придания индивидуальности сладостям, применяют различные виды украшений. На данный момент наиболее широко применяется пищевая бумага для принтера. С помощью такого пищевого принтера можно нанести практически любое изображение на торт, что согласитесь весьма удобно.пищевая бумага для принтера имеет достаточно высокую толщину и плотность

Below we will consider:

  • What kinds of food paper exist, their composition and properties.
  • How paper is applied to cakes.
  • What printers are suitable for printing on food paper.
  • The most common questions about storing and printing food paper.

The cumbersome details of mastic, time-consuming hand drawings of confectioners have been somewhat overshadowed by the advent of food paper.

When used properly, the printed image on this paper is bright and clear enough. Preparation, printing, and ink application times are usually limited to 15 minutes.

Today there are three types of food paper: chocolate transfer paper, sugar paper, waffle paper. And the most popular is sugar paper for food printer.

как печатает струйный принтер со съедобными черниламиОтличия этих видов довольно разительные: толщина листов, состав, свойства, цвет и фактура расходного материала.

Waffle paper

This type of paper is classified as more obsolete, in relation to other types of paper.

This paper is made from vegetable oil, rice starch (sometimes potato) and water.

Because of this simple composition, the price of waffle paper is the most affordable.

Waffle paper has no flavor. The thickness of the sheet is from 4 to 7 mm. And the thicker the sheet, the better the quality of the paper, at least so it is considered. Waffle paper most often has a white color.

The disadvantages are that the picture printed on a food printer is not as high quality.

Sugar Food Printer Paper

Сахарная бумага обеспечивает наилучшее качество напечатанных изображений.сахарная пищевая бумага для печати съедобными чернилами

Its composition is much more complex: water, molasses, sugar, sorbitol syrup, and other food additives and stabilizers. This composition makes sugar paper still taste a bit sweet.

Its density is an order of magnitude higher than that of waffle, and its thickness – on the contrary – is somewhat less, which ultimately contributes to a more comfortable printing process.

Sometimes sugar paper for food printer can be called glazed paper, but this is not quite true, because the composition of these types of special paper is slightly different.


трансфер изображений на шоколад в домашних условияхОсновным отличием шокотрансферных листов от других видов съедобной бумаги является метод их нанесения.

If waffle and sugar paper is attached to the cake itself, then the chocolate transfer is a kind of translation to the chocolate base.

The paper contains a special coating that is transferred to the chocolate. Chocolatransfer paper can be sold with already printed images or blank, with the possibility of a custom design.

принтер для печати пищевыми красками

How to apply food paper on a cake and other confectionery products

As mentioned above, the chocolate transfer food printer paper is designed to transfer the design onto the chocolate. The chocolate should be warm and slightly melted. The sheet with the chocolate is placed with the design facing down.

The process is done in a warm room at 20 degrees. After the chocolate has cooled, the sheet is carefully removed and the design remains on the surface of the confectionery.

печенье с напечатанными рисунками на струйном пищевом принтере

When working with sugar paper, you should pay special attention to printing images, because the ink on this type of paper does not dry immediately.

You should wait a little while for the sheet to dry or put it in the refrigerator for 20 seconds. Be careful not to damage the image.

After that, the paper is placed on the surface of the cake, pre-lubricated with mastic or marzipan – this is done for better bonding.

Обратите внимание, что не следует допускать попадания влаги на листы бумаги, так как может произойти отслаивание и сморщивание последней.торт с напечатанным рисунком на основе пищевых чернил

Store the finished product in a cool dry place.

The principle of applying waffle paper is quite similar to that of sugar paper. It should also be applied to a cake smeared with mastic, sugar glue or marzipan.

To give brightness to the image, it is not uncommon for the sheet itself to be coated with additional glaze. In this case, the image begins to shine and looks more voluminous.

Food Printers

капкейки с напечатанным рисунком

What kind of printers can be used to print images for cakes?

The fact is that some brands of ordinary printers are suitable for this case, but only have to be equipped with special cartridges with food-grade ink.

Also, for health reasons, do not take printers that have already printed plain paper, as there may be particles of chemical ink left behind.

As mentioned above, you can buy a regular food coloring printer for home use. The following models are suitable: Canon PIXMA MG5240, Canon PIXMA MG5340, Canon Cake, Cake3 and others.

For more frequent use, specialized food printers are used, their price is of course a level higher. The most common is “cake 3”, according to the manufacturer, converted from the same Canon.

Frequently asked questions about food paper

How should you store the food paper?

пищевой принтер открытого типа

  • Food paper is stored in a dry, dark and warm place where the temperature does not exceed 25 °C.

How many drawings does a set of cartridges last?

  • If you take full-size formats (such as A4), the cartridges should be enough for 70-100 images.

What to do if the printer does not pick up waffle paper?

  • Take a sheet of paper and place it in the refrigerator for 7-10 minutes. After that, the paper will become elastic, which will allow the printer to use it.

Food printer paper, which you can buy in many online or conventional stores, is completely harmless and suitable for food. It is convenient and easy to use. Make real masterpieces, but don’t forget about taste!