Flowers made from satin ribbons: the best ways

Flowers made from satin ribbons look very beautiful. Every person who sees such a decoration will want to repeat it with their own hands. This activity is exciting and addictive. At first, things may not work out, but after a while you can learn everything. Step-by-step instructions for folding flowers from ribbons with your own hands will help with this.

Making satin flowers

Making flowers from satin ribbons is no more difficult than learning to knit. The main thing is to carefully study the patterns for creating crafts. Then everything will work out. For work you will need the following materials:

инструменты для изготовления атласных цветов

1. Ribbons of different widths and colors.

2. Threads of various shades.

3. Scissors.

4. Needles.

5. Sequins.

6. Fishing line.

7. Glue gun.

8. Tweezers.

9. Ruler.

10. Beads.

11. Candle.

12. Table lamp.

13. Chalk or soap.

There are two ways to make flowers from ribbon – melting or the kanzashi technique.

The second manufacturing method came to Russia from Japan. In this way, local residents decorated
hairpins. Several types of petals were used: sharp, round and long. Hairpins, clothes, hairpins or headbands are decorated with this craft.

Flower pattern made from ribbons using the kanzashi method

последовательность действий для производства цветов из атласных лент

1. First, prepare the workplace.

2. You will need a table and a lamp with bright light.

3. Take a tape 6 cm wide.

4. It is cut into equal squares.

5. The square is folded diagonally, after which the two corners are lowered to the central fold.

6. Thus, a rhombus is obtained.

7. The side corners are bent back, the cut point is clamped with tweezers.

8. It is straightened by scissors and then pollinated by fire.

9. The result is a round petal.

10. You will need several blanks.

11. The resulting parts are assembled using thread.

12. A bud is obtained, which is glued to the base.

13. The middle is glued on top.

Flowers made from satin ribbons using the kanzashi method are ready!

Fused Petal Flower

Another common method for making crafts is the reflow method. Typically, the method is used for a large composition, for example, for a basket of flowers. When making crafts using this technique, some nuances are taken into account:

1. Kanzashi petals look neater than those made using the melting method.

2. This method is labor-intensive, so it may not work the first time.

3. Not all ribbons are suitable.

4. Only ordinary ones, made of brocade, satin or nylon, are used.

опаление лепестков из аталсных лент

First, a blank is drawn on a sheet of paper. The template is cut out. A minimum of 12 petals are made. The template is applied to the tape, outlined with chalk, and then cut out. Each petal is made smaller in size than the previous one. The flame pollinates the edge of each piece.

Finished crafts are assembled into a bud. The work is done carefully so that the flower turns out symmetrical. The base of the craft is pinned with a needle or pin, and a sequin or bead is sewn into the middle. The flower is ready by melting. Such flowers made from satin ribbons fit well into bouquets for gifts

Chamomile made of satin ribbons

Chamomile has always been a symbol of sincerity and tenderness. This craft can be used to decorate a bag or clothing. Chamomile is made using different methods. To do this you will need ribbons of different widths.

как сделать ромашку из атласных лент

Take a ribbon 1.5 cm wide. To make a flower you will need scissors, a satin yellow ribbon, a fabric base, a ribbon 1.5 cm wide, matches and a glue gun.

1. The tape is cut into 28 rectangles.

2. The length of each is taken 4 cm.

3. The top of the segment is cut out so that a semicircle is formed.

4. The resulting workpiece is melted with a flame so that the edges are bent.

5. The lower front corners are wrapped towards the center.

6. The same is done with the remaining segments.

7. The base is prepared, a circle with a diameter of 2.7 cm is cut out of thick fabric.

8. 14 petals are glued onto the prepared base.

9. Several more pieces of blanks are glued under them.

10. The middle of the craft is twisted from yellow ribbon.

11. It is secured with a glue gun to the resulting product.

Beautiful chamomile is ready!

Ribbon flower 5 cm wide

To make the product beautiful and symmetrical, you need to follow the diagram on how to make a daisy from a satin ribbon. There are two ways to form a flower. First option:

1. For the DIY ribbon daisy master class, you will need the following tools: matches, satin ribbon, tweezers, scissors, glue gun, white satin ribbon 5 cm wide.

2. White satin ribbon is cut into 14 pieces.

3. Each craft is cut out 5 cm wide.

4. A round petal is made using the kanzashi method.

5. They stick together.

6. Then the middle is made: a loop is made from a satin cord, and another one is placed on it.

7. The loops are held with tweezers.

8. The right end of the cord is punched through 3 holes.

9. A nodule forms. The edges are singed with a candle.

10. The finished center is attached to the chamomile. The flower is ready!

зеленый цветок из атласной ленты

To make crafts using the second method, you will need a needle, matches, scissors, threads, yellow and white satin ribbons, a glue gun and a candle.

The ribbon is cut into thin strips. The length of the workpiece is 7 cm. The edges are singed with a candle or matches. Each piece is folded in such a way as to form a corner. The petals turn over and the two sides are reconnected. It turns out one big one. You will only need 5 blanks.

The center of the bud is made; for this, a circle of small diameter is cut out of cardboard, and a yellow satin ribbon is glued to it. Now the flower is put together. The petals are placed one on top of the other and sewn on with a needle and thread. The middle is attached with a glue gun. The product is ready.

Craft from ribbon 0.5 cm wide

To complete the work you will need a white satin ribbon 0.5 cm wide, fabric for the base, a glue gun, scissors, matches, and yellow beads.

White ribbon is cut into 24 pieces. The length of each piece is 8 cm. Each product is folded in half, with a fold formed in the middle. The edges are melted with a candle. All workpieces are made in a similar way.

цветок из тонких атласных ленточек

Then the base is made, for this a circle is cut out of thick fabric. Diameter 2.5 cm. 8 petals are glued to the base. The rest of the workpieces are fixed between them. After this, the middle is made. The workpiece is coated with glue, and yellow beads are poured onto it. When it is sealed, the remnants are shaken off. Use a toothpick to form a circle.

Satin roses

For making crafts
You will need scissors, a white satin ribbon 1 cm wide, a candle, fabric for the base, and a yellow cord. How to make flowers from ribbon with your own hands step by step:

1. The white ribbon is cut into 33 pieces.

2. The length of each workpiece should be 4 cm.

3. Use scissors to round off the top edge of the workpiece.

4. Using a flame, a rounded edge is made.

5. The first petal is ready.

сложить пополам квадрат из атласа

6. The rest of the workpieces are made using the same method.

7. The lower corners are folded towards the center.

сворачиваем лепесток розы пополам

8. Next, the base of the craft is made; for this, a circle with a diameter of 2.6 cm is cut out of thick fabric.

9. 12 petals are glued onto it.

лепестки складываются в розу

10. The remaining 14 blanks are secured under them.

11. The remaining petals are glued on top.

к оранжевой розе прибавляются лепестки

12. Then the middle is done.

13. The cord is twisted in a circle and glued with a glue gun.

готовая композиция из атласных роз

Craft from satin ribbon and buttons

To complete the work you will need a ruler, scissors, small ribbon, buttons, matches and a glue gun. To make a simple flower, cut the ribbon into 6 or 8 thin strips. The edges are pressed with a match. The ends of the future flower are glued to the center of the workpiece with a glue gun. The elements are glued together to form a bud. A button is glued to the center of the joints.

Simple Flower

To work you will need scissors, matches, pink satin ribbon, needle and thread, pencil and glue gun. The pink ribbon is cut into 5 identical strips. The edges of the workpiece are melted by the flame. Using a pencil, make a mark in the center of each part. The edges of the workpiece are fastened with a needle and thread.

сложить ленту два раза по диагонали

отрезаем лишнюю ткань лепестка

вывернуть лист наружу

тычинки цветка из лески и краски

собираем цветок воедино

отрезаем кусок зеленой атласной ленты для листочков

соединяем листья и цветки в композицию

пришиваем композицию на ободок

The stripes are folded in half. A few drops of glue are applied to the inner surface of the product and the sewn part is glued. The petals are strung on a thread and sewn together. A button or large beads are used to decorate the core.

Felt roses

Flowers are made not only from satin ribbons, but also from felt or felt. For such a rose you will need a needle and thread, super glue, blue ribbon, chintz, green felt, and wire.

A loaf of the future product is cut out of green felt. Six petals are made from calico. The wire is wrapped with green tape, the edges are glued with a glue stick. The blanks are folded in half. Along the cut they are strung on a thread. When the fabric is dry, it can be used for work.

розы своими руками из войлока

Next, they begin to make the bud. To do this, an inflorescence is attached to the end of the wire, and a stem is put through a hole in the felt. The finished petal craft is glued into the center. You can make several flowers and combine them into a bouquet. Tie everything up with a beautiful ribbon. This blank is well suited for a gift.


Making pansies is very simple – the craft is done using the kanzashi method. For pansies you will need:

1. Ribbon 3, 4 and 5 cm wide, purple.

2. Tweezers.

3. Beads.

4. Glue.

5. Hairpins.

Squares are cut out of fabric and folded diagonally. The resulting triangle is folded in the middle twice. The edges of the fabric are trimmed and melted with a flame. It turns out to be a petal. Several pieces are strung on a thread and tied together. This method produces a sharp-shaped petal. To make a round petal, the corners are folded towards the center. The same is done on the other side.

анютины глазки из атласных лент

делаем лепесток анютиных глазок из атласной ленты

сшиваем лепесток около обрезанного края

желтая основа для цветка анютины глазки

завязываем в узелок атласный шнурок

пришить или приклеить узелок в центр цветка

цветок анютины глазки из атласных лент готов

The corners are folded inwards. The ends are cut, melted and fastened. The resulting pieces are strung on a thread and pulled together. What shape to make the petals, pointed or rounded, must be decided by the needlewoman herself. Next, a frame for the pansies is made. The bud will be glued to it. A circle is cut out of cardboard, covered with lilac fabric, and a frame is placed on it. On the inside, the workpiece is attached to a hairpin.

Peonies from satin step by step

как по шагам сделать пион из атласа

1. To make peonies you will need a needle and thread, beads, matches, a pin, scissors, thick cardboard, organza or rayon.

2. You need to cut out two templates for future petals from cardboard.

3. One workpiece should be several millimeters smaller than the other.

4. Then the template is traced on the fabric with a pencil.

5. Thus, you need to prepare 8 crafts of different sizes.

6. The edges of each petal are treated with flame.

7. This is done carefully so that no scorch marks remain.

8. Using a thread, three petals are assembled.

9. First, large blanks are taken, then they move on to smaller petals.

10. Thus, a peony is formed.

11. Beads are sewn into the middle of the workpiece, and the clasp is attached to the inside.

Peony-shaped hairpin

Peony is made using the kanzashi method. To make it you will need a green ribbon 10 cm in length and 5 cm in width. Multi-colored ribbons 1 meter long, thread, needle, scissors, candle, sheet of paper and pin.

красивый пион аля роза из атласных лент

First, a template of petals is cut out on a sheet of paper, 5 cm in height and 2.5 cm in width. The workpiece is folded in half and then cut out. The resulting template is outlined on tape and cut out.

Petals are formed from the ribbon. You can make several pieces at the same time; to do this, the fabric is placed on top of each other in several layers. This makes three rows. Three samples of different sizes are created. 3 rows of 6 blanks are cut out, their edges are fired. The bud is grouped. The two petals are folded together and stitched. The remaining 6 parts are stitched in a checkerboard pattern. You need to complete 2 rows.

Stamens are then made from yellow satin ribbon and inserted into the center. All rows are pulled together with thread and stitched. Then the leaves are made: the edges of a 10 cm long ribbon are singed, then folded and stitched.

свадебный букет роз из атласных лент

To decorate the product, a circle is cut out of green felt. The finished bud and leaves are glued onto it. A pin is attached to the inside. Flowers made from satin ribbons are easy to make. The products turn out beautiful and unusual.

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