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Smell something nice

Although aromatherapy in general seems quite dubious from a scientific point of view, the effect of some essential oils on stress levels has been unequivocally and repeatedly proven.

The scents of lavender, rosemary, and ylang-ylang lower blood pressure and heart rate, and reduce anxiety and agitation.

Carry with you a small bottle of the listed oils whose aroma seems most pleasant to you, and in stressful moments, shake 1-2 drops onto your wrist. A couple of breaths – and it will be much easier to calm down.

Meaning of the word capable. What is capable?

, – aya
, – oe
; – ben
, – bna
, – ex

Possessing some. ability (1 value), able or able to do something. Capable of work. Capable of sacrifice. Capable of feeling strongly.
— only the proletariat is capable of defeating the bourgeoisie.
Lenin, I All-Russian Congress on Out-of-School Education. By the end of summer, the Don Army, made up of Cossacks of all ages capable of carrying weapons, stood on the borders.
Sholokhov, Quiet Don. || Possessing some property. [The estate] has a linden park and voluminous barns capable of storing fabulous wheat harvests.
Sergeev-Tsensky, Zauryad-regiment.

Having the ability (in 2 meanings) for something; gifted. Capable child. A capable student. A capable actress.
Capable, strong-willed, with a lively, quick, receptive mind, she studied well without much effort.
B. Polevoy, Gold.

Comfortable, suitable. “Here…” he said with a gloomy timidity unfamiliar to him before, handing Tosa his small ax. – Mine will be more capable.
B. Poor, girls. The atmosphere and mood are not very suitable for jokes, which is what I reminded Bagrov of.
Grachevsky, Among Our Own.

Do something with maximum concentration

Wash the dishes. Sweep the floor. Lay out the papers. Clean the desktop on your computer or smartphone. The main thing is to try to concentrate on this activity.

A 2021 study from the University of Florida found that focused activity is a very effective way to quickly reduce stress.

This happens because, by fully concentrating on some activity, we are distracted from negative experiences. The brain “switches” and reduces the production of stress hormones.

Breathe deeply

This is an old trick. But scientists didn’t understand for a long time why deep breathing works. Only in 2021, a study was published in the journal Science that dotted all the i’s.

Its authors, biochemists at Stanford University School of Medicine, have discovered a tiny cluster of neurons deep in the brain stem that is thought to link the rate and depth of breathing and emotional state.

True, experiments proving the connection between breathing and relaxation have so far been carried out only on mice. But researchers are quite confident in extrapolating their results to humans.

With shower head

Try massaging the perineum not with your fingers, but with streams of water, let them penetrate into the most secluded places of your body. If such a “tickling” seems not enough, the nozzle can be removed – then the effect of a stream of water under pressure will become even more noticeable.

Option: buy a special shower head at a sex shop. It helps to regulate the diameter and pressure of the water jet, as well as precisely set the direction of its movement. Such props can also be used to stimulate the extremely sensitive clitoris.

Palm friction

Grasp the erect penis at the base with one hand and rub its shaft and head against the open palm of the other. Because the point of contact is constantly changing, the stimulation will feel unexpected, varied, and quickly lead to orgasm.

Use blue light

Blue light helps people relax more quickly after psychosocial stress. This was discovered by scientists from the University of Granada.

Psychosocial stress, according to the formulation of the researchers themselves, is a short-term nervous shock that occurs during contacts with other people. Simple examples: you had an argument with a friend, a fight with a colleague, you are nervous because your boss is sitting on your head and yelling about a deadline that was yesterday…

Curious scientists gave 12 volunteers between the ages of 18 and 37 similar experiences and then took the test subjects to what was called a chromotherapy room. There was nothing in it that could help calm down – only LEDs emitting either standard white or blue light.

It turned out that under blue light, people’s brain and heart activity returned to normal in an average of 1.1 minutes, and under white light – in 3.5. That is three times faster!

By the way, in addition to lamps, blue light is emitted by the screens of modern gadgets – computers, laptops, smartphones. Stress is the very case when even scientists recommend: stick to your favorite device for 10 minutes. This will help you relax.

With towel

This technique can be called a simulator of the famous cowgirl position. Take a chair, place a thick, rolled-up towel on it, sit astride the structure and begin the classic “woman on top” movements. By the way, you can masturbate this way without taking off your panties.

Descent and ascent

Another way to diversify stimulation. Grasp the penis at the base into a fist, squeeze and move upward in a sliding motion to the head. When you reach the end, turn your fist so that your thumb is at the bottom and work your way down to the base of the penis. Repeat the movements, turning your fist up and down.


Grasp the penis at the base in any convenient way – for example, in a fist or in a ring made of the index finger and thumb. Slide your hand to the head of the penis as if you are trying to “milk” something out of it. When you reach the head, unclench your fingers and at the same time clasp the base of the organ with your other hand. Repeat. Alternate hands, gradually speeding up the pace.

By the way, the “milking” technique is key in jelqing. This is the name of the method of physical stimulation that some optimists use to enlarge their penis.

Play the most soothing song in the world

Weightless was recorded back in 2021. This happened at the request of scientists from the British Academy of Sound Therapy, who decided to experiment and create a song that could quickly calm and even put you to sleep.

The composition is just over 8 minutes long and is filled with various sound effects. The trick is in the rhythm: the body adapts to it, the heart beats less often, breathing slows down…

The effect of the song was so amazing that Time magazine even included Weightless in its list of the 50 most significant inventions of the year.

To make the calming effect of Weightless more powerful, take care of your surroundings: put on headphones, take a comfortable position, relax, close your eyes.

With towel and vibrator

The scheme is the same as in the previous paragraph, just wrap the sex toy in a towel. Naturally, having turned it on first.

30 ways to make money on the Internet

Many people are trying to make money on the Internet. Everyone manages to earn some money, but, as a rule, it is not serious. I decided to summarize my experience. There are 30 methods, I tried most of them myself, and I still work on some of them.

1. Trading virtual items

If you play a lot of online games, you can make money by selling in-game currency and items. You can sell through thematic forums:

Online Torg Club



RF Cheats

How much you can earn: if you don’t scale, then from several tens to several hundred dollars per month. It makes sense to do this only if you play yourself and have a deep understanding of the game.

2. Earning money from videos (YouTube, VK, Odnoklassniki, DailyMotion)

Find a niche and create a video for it. Videos can be made from pictures (using the YouTube editor), shot on your phone, or ripped from games or movies. What should I make a video about? About what you are good at. Or purposefully choose a niche that has a lot of traffic. For example, useful tips.

Where will the money come from? There are five main ways:

– Advertising in YouTube videos (Google will pay you).

– Direct payments from advertisers – however, they must first be found.

– Affiliate networks (large list here
). These are the organizations that take on the monetization of your video. The big advantage of affiliate networks is that they allow you to earn money not only on YouTube, but also on other video hosting sites – VKontakte, Odnoklassniki, DailyMotion.

— CPA, i.e. payment for leads. Register in the CPA network (large list here
), take the referral link and paste it into the video description and annotations. For every registration or purchase you are credited with money. The best way to advertise products and games. Almost all let’s players on YouTube use CPA.

— YouTube will have paid subscriptions in the near future. This will allow you to take money from users directly.

How much you can earn: theoretically up to several million dollars a year. In practice, the majority will have 0, the rest (the most persistent and lazy) will have from several hundred to several thousand dollars a month.

3. Registration and sale of valuable domains being released

Many people and companies do not renew their domains – sometimes out of disappointment in a failed business, sometimes out of forgetfulness. A vacant domain, even if it does not have a website, can be of high value due to improved PR indicators, TCI and a large number of backlinks. A valuable domain can be registered for a few hundred rubles, and sold for thousands or tens of thousands. You can track released domains on this page

How much you can earn: if you’re lucky, you can make some good money. But you are rarely lucky. The method is unpredictable and unstable.

4. Monetization of file traffic

Large file hosting services (TurboBit, Depositfiles, Letitbit) have their own bonus programs. You upload a file to a file hosting service and for every 1000 downloads you get paid from $2 to $15. Of course, you will need to make sure that the file is downloaded, i.e. actively distribute a link to it. If you uploaded something popular (for example, you were the first to post an image of a new game), then there is a chance of getting a lot of downloads.

There are also specialized affiliate programs for making money (they pay 2-3 rubles per installation) on file traffic (Pikabu will not allow you to insert links):



Install Bundle













5. Forex trading

Forex is currency trading. In 99 cases out of 100, people lose on Forex and never return to it. But there are some tricks: you can make money with brokers without investing a penny. For example, through participation in competitions. U « Alpari
“There is a “Virtual Reality” competition with a prize fund of $2490. You can participate in it by trading from a demo account (i.e. without investing anything).

6. Traffic arbitrage

The essence of arbitrage is to obtain cheap or even free traffic and resell it at a higher price. Traffic is directed to advertisers’ pages through special links (a link to a list of CPA networks was given in the chapter about YouTube). Advertisers pay for installation of programs, registration on their website, paid orders.

There will be no quick money in arbitration, but with a few months of hard work you can achieve serious gains.

7. Referral links

Essentially, this is the same arbitrage: drive traffic to a certain link, and you get paid for it. The difference from arbitration is that you do not need to register in CPA networks: many companies offer to make money on referrals to any of their clients. Ref. Many companies have programs, but it is not always profitable to work with them. Not long ago I discovered that my Reg.ru account has several referrals. I don’t even remember where they came from, but I decided to be curious about how much money these referrals earned me over several years. The amount was amazing: 19 rubles.

Some of the most profitable referral programs are offered by forex brokers
, and here’s why:

— Clients of Forex brokers deposit large amounts into their accounts (hence large deductions).

— Working on the Forex market makes sense only with regular (optimally daily) trading.

— Forex affiliate programs are usually multi-level, i.e. You can earn money from the referrals of your referrals.

How much you can earn: if you are persistent and not lazy, this can bring in an average of several hundred dollars a month in passive mode. Of course, only a few will be able to reach $10,000 a month. And you definitely don’t need to play Forex yourself.

8. Arbitrage with goods

The essence of the scheme is to buy undervalued items at flea markets and then resell them at a higher price on Avito, irr.ru, eBay. In street markets you can find a lot of interesting things: old Soviet editions of books, vintage dishes, etc.

You can also look for valuables in trash cans near large stores and office centers. It sounds crazy, but in the USA there is a person who earns hundreds of thousands of dollars a year in this way
. He looks for discarded equipment (electronics, power tools) that has slightly lost its presentation or can be easily repaired, and after putting it in order, he sells it.

9. Earnings by entering captcha

A penny income for those who don’t know how to do anything else (Google it, Pikabu won’t let you insert links).





10. Task exchanges

Viewing websites, advertising, writing reviews, comments, reposts, likes, posting on social networks, etc. As with captchas, the earnings are cheap.












11. Earning money by installing mobile applications

The method is as simple as the previous two, but you can earn more: they pay up to 150 rubles. for installing the application.









12. Checking search results Yandex

The level of complexity and earnings is the same as in methods 9 and 10. That is, the work is easy, but low-paid.

13. Copywriting (text writing)

You can earn from several thousand to several tens of thousands of rubles per month from copywriting. The most professional in this field can work as authors and editors in large publications and earn more than 100,000 rubles. per month.





















14. Freelance

Services of designers, artists, programmers, layout designer, SEO optimizers, etc. Earnings depend on the professionalism and level of clients.






















spylance.com (exchange aggregator)

revision.ru (only for artists and designers)

illustrators.ru/jobs (only for artists and designers)

russiancreators.ru/job/freelance/ (only for artists and designers)

logopod.ru (only for artists and designers)

behance.net (only for artists and designers)

topcreator.org (for artists and designers only)

dribbble.com (for artists and designers only)

vakvak.ru (for translators)

proz.com (for translators)

15. Writing essays and coursework for money

You can earn on average several thousand rubles a month from coursework and essays.






16. Placing paid publications on your blog through Blogun

One placement in large publications and blogs can cost up to several tens and even hundreds of thousands of rubles. But if you have such a platform, then you have no need to read this article.

17. Custom creative (e-generator, voproso)

You come up with a name for a product, company, website, or propose an idea to solve a customer’s problem and get paid for it.

18. Competitions

Many public pages and websites regularly hold competitions. To participate in them, as a rule, it is enough to repost. Here are examples of such publics: 1
, 2
, 3
, 4
, 5

And here are examples of publics that track competitions in other publics: 1
, 2
, 3
. Look for such public pages using the keywords “giveaways”, “free”, “freebies”.

There are also applications for pranks

Plus there are creative competitions. You need to use your brain a little in them, but the competition, as a rule, is much lower, and the prizes are more expensive. 99% of people are only willing to participate in repost competitions, and this gives an advantage to those who are not lazy. In repost competitions, nothing depends on you, but here, after spending half an hour or an hour, you can win $200-300-500 (I won twice). Examples of competitions:


On Webmasters

19. Games with money withdrawal

Games like Money-birds, in which you can earn real money without investing your own funds. I wouldn’t recommend wasting time on them.

20. Paid surveys

You answer questions, you get paid a little money for it. Unfortunately, very, very small.











The only questionnaire with more or less decent payment that I was able to find is called Ultrapay
. There, payment can reach $2 per survey. True, not all surveys pay so generously.

21. Selling photographs through photo banks

You can post your photos in photo banks. Some photographers earn thousands of dollars a month this way. List of photo banks

22. Mediation

A method for the cunning. In principle, you can make money through mediation in any field. For example, go to free-lance.ru and fl.ru and look at the list of orders. Then you go to other sites and look for a contractor to order. If you manage to negotiate a price lower than the customer offers, you will keep the difference.

23. Writing reviews

Earnings are cheap, suitable for those who don’t know how to do anything else.




24. Cashback for online purchases

In fact, this is not earnings, but savings. When making online purchases through cashback services, you can get a refund of 3-5% of the purchase price.
















25. Remote work as a sales manager on Workle

The site promises 15-30K rubles. per month, but in reality everything is ambiguous
. The site shows the total earnings of all users and their number. If you divide the first by the second, it turns out that the average user earns only 357 rubles. Most likely, as elsewhere, only a few earn decent money (if there are any), while the rest try and quickly give up.

26. Posting a resume

allows anyone to post a resume and pays $1 every time an employer downloads a resume.

27. Posts on financial forums

Some forums pay for publishing posts. You won’t make much money from this, but at least you’ll learn some new ways to make money.




MT5 Forum

28. Bitcoin faucets

Bitcoin faucets are sites that allow you to earn bitcoins in exchange for visiting them and watching ads. They pay pennies, so this activity is only justified if it is automated (for example, using Zennoposter).

Bitcoin faucet lists:





29. Search for vulnerabilities

Highly professional programmers can receive rewards from large Internet companies for found vulnerabilities:




30. Poker

The world’s top 100 poker players earn millions, but, of course, few reach such figures. With a certain amount of persistence, even a person of average ability can make money from poker, but it is a very unstable and exhausting form of income.


Party poker



Lotos poker

Red Star Games


Titan Poker


On the side

Lie on your side with your knees tucked toward your stomach. By moving your upper leg towards and away from you, you will be able to stimulate the shaft and head of the penis. When arousal becomes noticeable, straighten and stretch your legs, wrap your hand around the penis and, moving your hips, complete the process.

In front of the mirror

Watching porn videos is exciting. But watching yourself in intimate moments is no less exciting. Try masturbating in front of a mirror. You can even position it closer so you can see everything your fingers are doing in detail.

Listen to the sounds of nature

A 2021 study by scientists from Brighton and Sussex Medical School found that when people listen to the sounds of nature, their stress levels noticeably decrease.

Researchers exposed volunteers to natural and artificial (man-made, social) noise. At the same time, MRI scans of the participants’ brains and heart rate monitoring were carried out. As it turns out, brain activity is highly dependent on the nature of sounds.

With a natural scale, the focus of our attention is directed outward: we listen, peer into the world around us, falling into a kind of calming trance. Artificial sound accompaniment shifts the focus of attention inward: we begin to actively delve into ourselves, worry, exaggerate our own shortcomings, which ultimately aggravates stress even more.

Ideally, there is a walking park near you where you can hear the birds singing and the rustling of leaves. Or a running stream, on the banks of which you can sit. If there is nothing suitable, use entries from these sites and applications.

Lying on stomach

Lie on your side, wrap your hand around your penis closer to the head. Then roll over onto your stomach so that your fist rests on the mattress. Start to enter your hand as you do during normal sex – by moving your hips.

With video

Just turn on a video in which the main character successfully and passionately satisfies herself, and copy her, repeat the movements. People tend to empathize with what they see on the screen, to identify themselves with the characters, so when the girl from the story experiences an orgasm, there is a high probability that you will also be covered in sensations.

In the shower

Playing with shower heads isn’t just for women. Take a shower sprayer and direct streams of warm water to the perineum, pubis, base and shaft of the penis, and testicles. Make circular movements to catch the most pleasant pace and discover the most sensitive points.

When the excitement becomes unbearable, without delaying your shower, help yourself with your free hand.

To the music

A well-chosen playlist can improve your workout results. In the same way, music can put you in the mood for orgasm. Choose rhythmic songs that you find particularly exciting, and move your fingers or vibrator to the beat.

Distance yourself from yourself

Try to look at the situation from the outside, as if this is not happening to you. Imagine that the problems are not yours, but someone else’s. The technique is elementary, but surprisingly effective: psychologists record a sharp decrease in the level of anxiety and stress and even recommend a similar approach in the fight against prolonged depression.

Old joke “If these are your problems, you can solve them. If you can’t solve them, these are not your problems” takes on a modern, scientifically based sound. Remember him and smile. This, by the way, is also a good way to reduce stress.

Scissor hand

Make a V sign with the index and middle fingers of either hand and place the pads of the fingers on either side of the outer labia. Then, working with your fingers like scissors, begin to move your labia towards each other and squeeze them. Increase or decrease the pressure and pace depending on how you feel.

With toys

The simplest and most affordable option is a male masturbator. There are dozens of types: gadgets for simulating vaginal and oral sex, manual and automatic, heated and with realistic sound. Just go to a sex shop, ask to see the selection – and your masturbation will never be the same.

Whole hand

Grasp the outer labia with your index finger and little finger. Gently insert your middle and ring fingers into the vagina so that their inner side touches the clitoris at the same time. Make forward and backward movements with the middle and nameless ones. And at the same time, use your palm and free thumb to grab and squeeze the pubic area to enhance the sensation.

With pillows

Place two pillows side by side, pressed tightly together, and place your penis in the space between them. Start moving your hips as during normal sexual intercourse and at the same time squeeze the pillows with your hands, moving them at different angles and adjusting the depth of the cleavage.

Please note: after such masturbation, the pillowcases will have to be changed.

No hands

In principle, they are not required to masturbate. Here are a couple of simple positions in which you can achieve orgasm without using your hands. Sit on a chair, cross your legs and squeeze your hips together as much as possible. Squeeze and relax your buttocks, gradually increasing the pace.

Second option: lie on your stomach, spread your legs and, moving your buttocks, begin to rub your clitoris on the bed (you can put a pillow under your hips). First, do this at the slowest, most relaxed pace possible, listening to the sensations. As a pleasant warmth spreads in your groin, speed up.

With elements of anal sex

The prostate is called the male G-spot, and it may be your way to an amazing solo orgasm. Try to feel it.

To do this, carefully explore the area near the anus with your fingers (lubrication is required!), gradually penetrating the anus. The prostate is located at a depth of about 5 centimeters, on the side of the pubis. It is easy to identify by touch – it is a small rounded bulge.

Gently and carefully massage the prostate with up and down stroking movements. With your free hand, you can caress the testicles and penis to increase arousal.

If you feel uncomfortable using your finger, try anal stimulators – these tiny vibrators, adapted to the male body, can be bought at any sex shop.

For pros3

Have the techniques described above been tried far and wide? Then try this:

Sit on your knees, placing a pillow under them and resting on your heels. And after that, move on to any technique you like.

Place your thumb and index finger together and wrap them around your penis. Using plenty of lube, slowly slide up and down the shaft, imitating a pair of lips. Take your time, move softly and sensually.

With one hand, grab the penis as in the “Stimulation from above” technique, lowering your wrist down and making spiral movements with your fingers, and with the other massage the testicles. Doing this technique takes some practice, but it’s worth it.

Squat down with your legs spread wide. You can lean your back against the wall or headboard. Masturbate with normal movements, and before climax, try to tense your leg muscles. This can make the orgasm unusually powerful.

Take a ripe banana, cut off the ends and remove the fruit. Use its skin as a homemade sex toy.

Ever tried cock rings? Try putting such a toy on your erect penis and move on to any of the usual masturbation techniques. The fun will last longer.

The prostate is located at a depth of approximately 5-7 cm and is no larger than a walnut. You can stimulate it with your fingers or special sex toys for the prostate. By massaging this area, you can achieve a powerful orgasm without touching the penis at all. And if you act on two fronts, then you are guaranteed mind-blowing pleasure.

Top 10 types of masturbation

For men:

1. Vagina

“Vagina” – lie on your stomach, take your penis in your palm. Now, trying not to move this hand, move your body so that the penis enters and exits your hand. This kind of imitates sex. Using this technique you can achieve an incredible orgasm, especially if you masturbate this way for at least 15-20 minutes.

2. Two are better than one

“Two is better than one” – If your penis is long enough, place your dominant hand close to the base of the penis and the other above the first. During masturbation, almost the entire area of ​​the penis is stimulated in this way, and the resulting sensations will be much richer and brighter.

3. Joystick

“Joystick” – grab the head of the penis at its base with your index finger and massage it a little to release it. Place the thumb of the same hand directly on the tip of the head of the penis and begin to rub it. You can simply wrap your other fingers around the penis.

4. Long

“Long” – bring yourself to a pre-orgasmic state, but do not cum. Just pull your hands away if it’s hard to stop. Take a break for a while. Then masturbate again as usual and reach almost orgasm. Repeat the procedure several times. Bring yourself to a pre-orgasmic state and stop. The closer you get to the “irreversible zone,” the more you slow down the stimulation of the head while relaxing the penis itself as much as possible. In the end, you will come to a surprise – you will be in a state of strong orgasm for almost several minutes, and you will be able to maintain it with barely perceptible touches to the head. The main thing in this method is not to finish prematurely. A couple of self-control training sessions – and everything will be fine.

5. Fan

“Fan” – lubricate your hand and spread your fingers in different directions (as they say in this case, “fan”). Now, with your other hand, move the penis up and down so that the tip of the head of the penis, when moving, comes into contact with the outstretched “fan fingers” of the hand.

For a woman:

6. Palms

“Palms” – Place two palms together. Place it between your legs. Whichever is better, closer to the clitoris or closer to the entrance to the vagina. Why exactly two palms, and not one? So that there is no temptation to additionally stimulate yourself with something (for example, papillae).

7. Stranger

“Stranger” – Sit on the palm of your dominant hand and sit still for 10-20 minutes. When your hand goes numb, start masturbating with it. You will get the feeling that your clitoris is being caressed by a completely alien hand!

8. Like a man

“Like a man” – Insert your index finger into the vagina, just below the head of the clitoris (about one centimeter), and the pad of the thumb – just above the head, without touching it. Start the movement with your index finger – don’t slide, but move it upward along with the skin, stop at the end and lightly “grab” the clitoris along with your thumb. Move back (down) without pressing. That is, this is how the flow of blood is stimulated, even the lack of desire – it soon goes away when the clitoris becomes tense, it can be stimulated like a small male penis, while using the released lubricant! The main thing is to apply pressure under the clitoris only when moving upward! There is no need to touch the head itself. Those. as if “squeezing out”, and actually pumping blood into the clitoral area.

9. Revealing

“Identification” – This technique is a bit specific: it works for some, but not for others.

Hold your pussy lips with your left hand so that the clitoris seems to be pushed out. Using the index finger of your right hand, or rather, its tip, we begin to play with the clitoris. As a rule, it all ends with a delicious orgasm.

10. Combination

“Combination” – Start playing with the clitoris with the fingers of one hand. You will probably think that this will not be enough. Get your other hand involved too—place two or three fingers inside your vagina while continuing to “push” your little bundle of love.