Doll furniture made of cardboard, DIY furniture for Barbie from scrap materials quickly and easily

What nature will give

Don’t forget about natural materials that you can collect while walking with your child.

Sufficiently thick branches are useful for making eco-friendly chairs or benches.

  1. The twigs are dried and can be coated with colorless varnish.
  2. For a curved back, you need to soak the branch in water for a day, then bend it to the desired shape and secure it with an elastic band.
  3. Prepare a full-size product template.
  4. The branches are cut according to the template, then connected, gluing together according to the pattern.

Мебель из веточек для кукол

From twigs you can make a variety of garden furniture for dolls, as well as a furniture frame for the house itself Мебель из спилов и веточек для кукол

Furniture for dolls made from twigs can be supplemented with saw cuts, this will be analogous to furniture made from solid wood
This is a cheap and interesting option for furniture for dolls.

Paper – material for easy solutions

The main difference between furniture made from paper is its light weight and low stability. It will not be possible to place additional accessories on such surfaces during the game, but pieces of paper are considered the most accessible and simple material for creativity. You can make a dressing table for Barbie from a simple white sheet, and you can also use this material to create decor in the doll’s room.

The paper lends itself well to painting with gouache. There is one small note: after gluing the parts with PVA glue, you need to wait until it dries, only then paint the surfaces with the composition. It is easy to work with paper blanks, because they are convenient to cut and glue together, they dry quickly, but with frequent use they wear out.

Cardboard hanger for dolls

To make clothes hangers for dolls, just measure the width of the doll’s dresses along the shoulder line and cut out hangers of the same size from cardboard. You can strengthen the hangers from possible bends and glue such parts two at a time together. And if you stick paper on cardboard hangers and paint them with flowers, they will not only be functional, but also beautiful.

Вешалки из картона для кукол
Cardboard hangers for dolls

Wooden Ice Cream Sticks

Flat sticks make wonderful benches and cribs.

For the crib, you need to glue together a cardboard base for the baby doll. Then the painted sticks are glued around the perimeter, forming rods. They are secured on top with another stick or cardboard tape.

Изготовление стула из палочек от мороженного

Steps for making a chair from popsicle sticks

For a garden bench, a seat is made from sticks collected in a continuous ribbon, and a back is made from sticks placed at equal intervals. All this is attached to a cardboard or wire base.


A paper sofa will fit perfectly into a dollhouse; before following the instructions, think about the size of the product, its color, and how it will fit into the concept of the interior as a whole.

To make an origami sofa out of paper, you should:

  1. Fold the square sheet in half, then open it and fold it again perpendicular to the first fold.
  2. Next you should do an additional hem. Fold the bottom edge to the middle fold line, then fold the same edge in this way again. The result is three folds, excluding the central one.
  3. Fold the bottom strip over the first fold, then set aside two identical triangles by folding the side pieces diagonally.
  4. Bend the upper part of the workpiece to the middle line, and fold the lower accordion to the end. Turn the product over.
  5. Fold the top corners down diagonally, and fold the bottom corners up.
  6. Turn the workpiece over, bending one corner inward, forming the back.
  7. It is necessary to form the legs of the sofa by turning the product over.

The sofa will become an original art object or decoration for a toy living room, and if it is made of thick paper, the furniture will easily support the weight of the toy.

Cardboard sofa for dolls

For a cardboard sofa you will need a cut corner of a cardboard box and cardboard covered with fabric. The seat of the sofa and its side parts are pasted over and inserted into such a corner.

Лист картона оклеивают тканью
A sheet of cardboard is covered with fabric

The sofa seat and its side parts are glued into the boxes.

Диван с сиденьем и боковыми частями
Sofa with seat and sides

Cover six sofa cushions with fabric.

Оклеенные диванные подушки
Pasted sofa cushions

The sofa with pillows is assembled and the glue is allowed to dry.

Диван с подушками из картона
Sofa with cardboard pillows

Other DIY furniture ideas for dolls

Despite the large list of proposed furniture options, there are several more interesting and easy-to-implement ideas:

  • microwave. The possibility of constructing a cardboard box immediately comes to mind, but everything is simple here – a regular children’s sharpener will do for a microwave. A third-grade child will have an object in his pencil case that just needs to be refined externally;
  • refrigerator. It’s simple to do: cut a blank out of cardboard or paper and fill it with cardboard shelves. You can hang plastic pockets for food on the door;
  • washing machine. To work, you need a box of cookies and a glass of yogurt. A round slot is made in the box, a glass is inserted – this is the drum of the machine. All that remains is to decorate and draw the buttons: such equipment can be placed in the bathroom of a toy house;
  • dressing table. The simplest product for evening wear can be made from matchboxes. Several parts are glued together in height, then a mirror is arranged. A piece of foil enclosed in cardboard is suitable for it. You can put an imitation of a box on the table, and also make carved elements on the sides from paper;
  • bath. Setting up a restroom or bathroom is easy. Previously, we told you how to make a toilet for a doll, and a bathroom is made even faster. No stencils or diagrams are needed here. It is enough to take an old oblong container for food – it will serve as a bathroom. You can use diamond-shaped plastic beads as legs.

To make the atmosphere of a dollhouse real, it is advisable to place flowers in the rooms, hang pictures, and make rugs from fabric.

Cardboard furniture is an excellent solution for children whose imagination knows no bounds. Original, compact and bright furnishings will allow you to create handy home remedies. The combination of several materials will make the furniture functional and reliable.

Coffee table for a small doll

There are several options for making a coffee table; examples will help you better understand furniture production techniques:

  • cardboard and jar lid. The latter has a gloss, so it will serve as a tabletop. The legs are made of cardboard: three elements are cut out and glued under the lid;
  • bottle and plastic cap. Before you make a toy table out of cardboard, you need to choose the right bottle (it should be small). The top and bottom of the product are cut off, leaving a hollow cylinder. The lid is glued on top – the high-tech table is ready;
  • discs and plugs. In the latter you need to make slots into which you need to insert a CD. Older children can easily create such a model on their own.

The advantage of homemade furniture is that every year you can come up with new products, and you won’t mind sending the old ones for recycling. After all, they were made from waste material.

Doll coffee table

A beginner can do it. You will need:

  • Square or elongated box for cream and soap.
  • Thick tape, scissors.
  • Colored paper like foil.
  • Glue.

Take a cardboard box. Cut out the front and back parts from it. Then cover it with large tape from the inside, then from the outside. It is important that it lies without folds – the attractiveness of the product will depend on this. Then start decorating.

Carefully cut the paper to the width of the box. Then stick it on a layer of tape. The most suitable paper is with a self-adhesive layer, onto which you need to carefully apply glue and level the layer before it dries. Remove any remaining glue and dry the paper.

This piece of furniture can be used as a coffee table for Barbie or a hanging cabinet that is glued to the wall of the house or to place several items in one row. And if you combine it with glamorous bedside tables, you will get a beautiful wardrobe for Barbie. You need to add a few more elements to it. Then the furniture for dolls will be stylish and glamorous. It can be used to furnish a room in the same style.

Filling for a toy cabinet

We cut out shelves from scraps or another box. They should be slightly – 5-8 mm – longer and wider than the internal space of the cabinet. We bend the excess so that sides are formed on all sides. Folds form in the corners; carefully cut them off. We bend one of the parts 180° and glue it to the shelf itself.

This side of the shelf will “look into the world.” We bend the other three parts at an angle of 90°, coat them with glue and glue the shelves into the cabinet. The photo on the right shows how the shelves are glued. But so that the gluing points are not conspicuous, it is better to turn the sides down.

Делать мебель для кукол своими руками - это не меньшее удовольствие, чем потом играть с ней
Making furniture for dolls with your own hands is no less fun than playing with it later

In addition to shelves, you can also make a crossbar for hangers. It can be made from bamboo skewers, for example, you can try using a juice straw, wire, etc. Hangers can also be twisted from colored wire or cut from juice bags, plastic bottles, etc.

From a cardboard box

The main task is to find a thick cardboard box of the appropriate size. Moreover, it will be easier to work if it is packaging – with folded edges. This folding part is a ready-made door. All that remains is to finish it – hang a mirror, attach a handle, etc.

Один из вариантов самодельной мебели ля кукол - шкаф
One of the options for homemade furniture for dolls is a wardrobe

Tools and materials

The materials used in this technique are as accessible as possible and can be found in every home. If you wish, you can purchase specialized and professional accessories, but this is not important.

To make origami furniture with your own hands, you will need the following materials:

  • paper (printer paper 70-90 g/m² and thicker, for creating more durable products, specialized – “kami”, “washi”, foil – “sandwich”, textured);
  • scissors;
  • a simple pencil or pen;
  • PVA glue, silicate or any other, designed for working with paper;
  • elements for decoration (pieces of fabric, rhinestones, paints, colored tape and others).

How to decide on sizes

Dolls, their houses and furnishings are smaller versions of us and our homes. And the most reliable way to make doll furniture with your own hands and not make a mistake is to measure real objects, reduce them several times, and then work with the obtained values.

Мебель для кукол - копии нашей мебели
Furniture for dolls – copies of our furniture

How much to reduce the actual dimensions depends on how small or large the doll is, because they range from 7 cm to 60 cm or even higher. Accordingly, they need furniture of different sizes. To determine the number by which the actual dimensions should be divided, divide the average human height in centimeters (170 cm) by the height of the doll. Let’s get some number. This is how you will need to divide the dimensions of real furniture.

For example, the height of the doll is 15 cm. We calculate: 170 cm / 15 cm = 11.3. It is by this number that we divide all the parameters of “human” furniture. It is also worth saying that 14-15 cm is the most popular size among the doll population. Therefore, most of the finished furniture is made in a ratio of 1:12.

Примерные размеры мебели для кукольных детей
Approximate dimensions of furniture for doll children

So, the most common doll sizes:

  • male doll 150 mm;
  • female doll – 140 mm;
  • baby doll – 75-100 mm;
  • toy baby – 65-75 mm.

If you need furniture for dolls of similar sizes, its parameters will be as follows:

If the toys you have are slightly larger/smaller, you don’t have to adjust the sizes. If the difference is large, you will have to increase or decrease (or you can calculate it yourself).

How to make a dollhouse with your own hands from cardboard: diagram, photo

Of course, you can buy a house for dolls, but if you make it together with your child, it will not only be more interesting and more beautiful, but also more functional because the size and style of such a house can be made absolutely arbitrary. There can be several of them at once, if dolls live separately in each house.

Как сделать домик для кукол своими руками из картона: схема, фото
How to make a dollhouse with your own hands from cardboard: diagram, photo

The simplest houses made from cardboard are made by bending a sheet of cardboard and adding a roof. The walls of such a house look cozy by covering them with soft fabric.

Уютный домик из картона для кукол
Cozy cardboard house for dolls

Closing houses with four walls can be one-story.

Одноэтажный домик для кукол
One-story doll house

They can also be two-story.

Двухэтажный дом из картона
Two-story cardboard house

It is not difficult to make such a house if you use a rectangular cardboard box. Its width becomes the base of the house, and the second floor is glued inside the cardboard box. And also a two-story and even an apartment building is obtained if cardboard boxes are placed on top of each other and glued together.

Многоквартирный дом из картонных ящиков
Apartment building made of cardboard boxes

To make a one-story house with a gable roof, you will need a simple pattern and colored paper to decorate the walls of the house.

Схема деталей одноэтажного домика для кукол
Parts diagram for a one-story doll house

The size of such a house and the shape of windows and doors depends on the wishes of the child. A boring house made of gray cardboard can be transformed by covering it with colored paper. To simplify pasting the walls of the house, they can be pasted disassembled, and only then assembled.

Крыша и стены домика украшены цветной бумагой
The roof and walls of the house are decorated with colored paper

Dog house-style toy dog ​​houses have a round window and a semicircular door. The dogs near the kennel are also made of cardboard.

Домики из картона для собак
Cardboard houses for dogs

How to make a cardboard bed for dolls

To make a crib for dolls, use a cut cardboard box.

Кровать для кукол из картона
Bed for dolls made of cardboard

The box is cut to the height of the crib. The headboards are glued to the head of the bed.

Заготовка для кровати из картона
Blank for a cardboard bed

Apply paper masking tape along the edge of the crib to cover any unsightly cuts.

Края аккуратно заделывают скотчем
The edges are carefully sealed with tape

Now the crib can be painted in any color you like. It is better to take opaque gouache paints for this.

Готовая кроватка для кукол из картона
Ready-made crib for dolls made of cardboard

You can put a mattress and other doll bedding on the bottom of the crib. And this is what the same crib might look like if you don’t paint it, but put a fabric cover on it.

Кроватка из картона с чехлом из ткани
Cardboard crib with fabric cover

Ruffles are sewn along the edge of the crib, and the back is decorated with lace.

Рюши и кружево для кукольной кроватки
Ruffles and lace for a doll’s crib

The crib can be double and the child can put two dolls in it at once.

Двухместная кроватка из картона
Double cardboard crib

A bed for dolls made of cardboard can be made using a simplified version. It is glued together from two cardboard boxes. One of them serves as a bed frame, and the other as a headrest.

Кроватка для кукол с чехлом из ткани
Bed for dolls with fabric cover

To prevent such a bed from sagging, you can put a curved strip of cardboard inside it.

Лента картона внутри кроватки
Cardboard strip inside the bed

How to make a doll bedside table with drawers

Doll furniture made of cardboard, DIY furniture for Barbie from scrap materials quickly and easily

You will need:

  • Several boxes of matches according to the number of boxes.
  • Cardboard strip, wide enough to cover the required number of boxes.
  • Shiny foil.
  • Scissors, glue.
  • Several golden plastic beads according to the number of boxes.

Take the boxes and stack them lengthwise. You should have a table of the planned height. A few pieces can be removed or added, depending on the final idea. Glue the parts of the boxes stacked in a row. Take the cardboard, bend it in the right places, completely wrap it around the side where there are no drawers. Then glue the cardboard. When finished, carefully trim its edges with scissors and begin decorating.

Doll furniture made of cardboard, DIY furniture for Barbie from scrap materials quickly and easily

Decorating a glamorous bedside table can be different. If you cover it with shiny colored paper, similar to multi-colored foil, it will create a glamorous look, especially if it is crimson, silver, or gold. If you want the bedside table to look like a real one, then use imitation wood, colored wallpaper with small patterns, or paper similar to them. This is sold in children’s art stores.

Gently straighten the paper, apply glue to the wrong side. Spread it so that the foil becomes even. Then cover the back and sides with paper, level it until it dries. This is done with the side of a ruler or a blunt turn of the knife.

Once it’s dry, start working on the handles. Take a bead and drop glue on its base. Place it in the middle of the drawer drawer. Do the same with the rest of the beads, which should form an even row. They can be replaced with voluminous self-adhesive rhinestones. When they dry, the bedside table is ready.

Fireplace from a box

Children love to imitate adults a lot, so they will probably want to put a fireplace in Barbie’s cozy home. To recreate the design of the product, you can view photos of real devices, and then get to work. For the pattern you will need a cardboard box, as well as foam tiles, glue and paints. The step-by-step process looks like this:

  1. Draw a window for the fireplace on the box and cut it out with a stationery knife.
  2. A home fireplace for dolls can be corner or rectangular – it all depends on your imagination, so you need to think through the design in advance.
  3. “Bricks” must be cut out of gypsum ceiling tiles to display the actual masonry. The cutting can take place with the child.
  4. The resulting rectangles are glued onto the surface of the fireplace.
  5. The final stage will be painting the product in the desired color.

To fix the paint layer, the fireplace can be varnished – odorless acrylic varnish is suitable for this.

Cardboard bed for a doll

This cardboard doll bed is designed for a large doll – up to 50 cm in height. If necessary, all specified dimensions can be reduced.

Можно сделать такую кровать из картона за несколько минут
You can make such a bed out of cardboard in a few minutes

This option can be done in literally 10-20 minutes. There is no need for glue or other fixatives. The parts are held in place by grooves cut into the cardboard. The width of the groove is equal to the thickness of the cardboard, the length of the slots and the dimensions of the workpieces are indicated in the diagram.

Схема кровати для кукол
Bed diagram for dolls

Green and yellow dots indicate compatible cuts. They are inserted one into the other, where the assembly ends. If you like this model, it can also be made from plywood.

Glue – fastening element of furniture

Glue will be a good material for adhesion of furniture elements. Today in stationery stores you can find the following types:

The first option is suitable for fastening sheets of plain paper. It takes a long time to dry, leaves wet marks after use, but is considered the most common and can always be found at home. Gel glue is available in jars with a spout, from which it is convenient to dispense the substance.

Stroller for dolls made of cardboard

To make a stroller for dolls from cardboard, just wrap a small box in beautiful fabric or paper and attach a handle. The handle is inserted into a flat cardboard box smaller than the stroller. The box with a handle is glued to the cradle of the stroller.

Коляска из картона для кукол
Cardboard stroller for dolls

Chest of drawers

An origami chest of drawers would also be appropriate in a dollhouse and will serve as an ideal place for storing small items.

In order to create this product, you need:

  1. Fold the square sheet diagonally twice and unfold it.
  2. Fold each corner to the center.
  3. Fold the top corner and fold it over to the other side. Turn over. Bend the side of the resulting triangle to the base of the nearest side of the square.
  4. Bend the second side of the triangle to the same base of the square. You need to do this so that you get a small triangle.
  5. Turn over. The folded corner should be at the bottom. Fold the left and right sides towards the center. Open the paper.
  6. Fold the bottom and top edges to the center line. To uncover.
  7. Make a diagonal fold in the small bottom left and right corners. Turn over. Make a fold in the small squares above the previous left and right. Turn over.
  8. Gather the side halves towards the center. Fold the paper along the small folds.
  9. Raise the remaining valves to the walls. We turn it over, apply the valves, forming a sharp triangle, which we hide in a pocket, and do the same on the other side.
  10. You need to fix the protruding valves using the paper sticking out at the top – fold it inward. The valve on one side must be bent upward. The result is a box with a handle.

This is one of the parts of the chest of drawers – a drawer. The other part will be the container for this box.

In order to make it, you need:

  1. Fold the square diagonally and in half again.
  2. Bend the upper corner of the triangle slightly. Open the paper.
  3. It turned out to be a square inside. Fold the corners of the larger one to each corner of this small square.
  4. Fold the bottom and top to the center line. To uncover. The same needs to be done with the sides. To uncover.
  5. Make a diagonal in the small right and left bottom squares. Turn it over.
  6. Make diagonals in squares higher on the left and right.
  7. Turn over. Fold the left and right sides towards the center.
  8. Open the paper.
  9. Raise the remaining valves to the walls. Turn it over, attach the valves, creating a sharp triangle, which must be hidden in the pocket; we do the same on the other side.
  10. It is necessary to fix the protruding valves using the part of the sheet that sticks out at the top – fold it inward. The valve on one side must be bent upward. You will get a box.

The number of boxes and boxes for them should be the same, but their number is not limited.

Cardboard chest of drawers for dolls

The chest of drawers is assembled by placing small boxes in two or three rows in one large box. Such boxes can be decorated with paper of different colors and handles can be made from bottle caps.

Комод из выдвижных ящиков
Chest of drawers

Cardboard computer for dolls

A child can make a computer out of cardboard himself; to do this, he will need to bend a sheet of cardboard in half and glue squares to it on one side, which will symbolize the keyboard, and on the other, a picture that will symbolize the monitor.

Компьютер из картона
Cardboard computer

If you glue paper with a drawn keyboard onto a cardboard box covered with black paper, and pictures to the lid of the box, you will get a doll computer.

Компьютер из картонных коробок
Computer made from cardboard boxes

Cardboard box for dolls

A cardboard box with glued wheels, headlights and windows turns into a car for transporting toys.

Ящик из картона для игрушек
Cardboard box for toys

Such buses are painted or covered with colored paper.

Ящики в виде автобусов
Bus-shaped boxes

Boxes connected to each other make an excellent labyrinth with obstacles.

Лабиринт из картонных ящиков
Cardboard box maze


Making a comfortable and stylish chair for dolls and other toys will not take much time, but will add color to the interior of the dollhouse.

Following simple instructions, you can easily make an origami chair out of paper, for this you need:

  1. Fold the square sheet in half twice to create a cross fold.
  2. Fold all corners towards the center of the sheet, pointing them forward.
  3. Fold the corners of the resulting square towards the center on the reverse side.
  4. Once again fold the corners towards the center, but from the front side of the figure, and then turn the craft over.
  5. Unfold and straighten the folded corners to form rectangles.
  6. Bend one of the rectangles forward and the other three back.

You can decorate the chair with upholstery made of embossed wallpaper, fabric, ribbons, fur.

Cardboard chair for dolls

A cardboard chair for dolls can be made according to the pattern for assembling a sofa, but in this case the cardboard corner should be smaller and assembled from two pillows. And to make a soft chair, a seat is cut out in a cardboard box and covered with a sheet of cardboard. Empty spaces under the armrests and seat are filled with foam rubber or other material.

Кресло из картона для кукол
Cardboard chair for dolls

The chair is covered with a fabric cover. To add volume, you can glue pieces of padding polyester onto the cardboard. A corner from a small sofa and a square ottoman is made in the same way.

Уголок из картона для кукол
Cardboard corner for dolls


An origami bed will decorate the bedroom in a dollhouse. To make it, you can choose paper similar in texture to fabric.

In order to make a bed in a short time, you need:

  1. Fold the bottom of the square sheet in half, then open it.
  2. Fold the top and bottom to a vertical line, then fold the sides in half again to that line.
  3. Next, you need to partially open the workpiece, turn it over, bend it, leave 1-2 cm.
  4. Then you should bend the upper side corners down without going beyond the line. The ends of the bent corners are the fold line of the first layer of the workpiece; they must be bent upward.
  5. Fold the first layer of paper to the horizontal fold line, and the lower side corners upward. It is necessary to open the lower part of the workpiece.
  6. Next, you need to fold the workpiece using the side fold lines, and in order for the craft to keep its shape, you need to bend the upper part in the middle.
  7. Fold the top corners to the sides, bend the top line of the workpiece down. The line width should be 0.5-1 cm.
  8. Finally, pull the two pockets with your fingers and the blank will turn into a voluminous bed made of paper.

You can complement your paper bed with a harmonious sleeping set.

For this you will need:

  1. Fold a smaller square piece of paper in half.
  2. Next, you need to unfold the sheet and fold the top and bottom sides, and then unfold it again.
  3. Turn the sheet over so that the fold lines are vertical and bend the bottom side of the sheet 1 cm twice.
  4. The sides need to be folded down and the bedding should be inserted into the pockets.

Thus, in a short time you can create a bed complete with bed linen.

Cardboard bed

If there is thick corrugated cardboard left in the house, you can safely use it to make a doll bed. You will need 5 parts, each of which is cut in a certain quantity. An incision is made on each element – this is a groove into which another part will be inserted.

The bed can be rectangular or square, it consists of a berth, headboard, bottom rail and protective bases on the sides. It is better to paint the finished product traditionally or leave it as is, imitating the appearance of wood. A makeshift bedside table is placed near the bed, and bed linen and pillows are also sewn.

Doll bookcase or shelf made of rulers

You can make furniture for dolls with your own hands from school wooden rulers. They are good because they are already processed and have the same width and thickness. In the stationery store you can find the right size – larger/smaller, wider/narrower – as desired. For example, to make a doll bookcase you need 6 rulers 15 cm long.

Сделать игрушечную книжную полку из деревянных линеек просто
Making a toy bookshelf from wooden rulers is easy

You will also need a jigsaw for this work. If you have an electric one, great; if not, a manual one will do, since there’s not too much work. You also need fine-grain sandpaper, glue (PVA or wood glue) and paints (acrylic or gouache).

We cut the rulers into pieces: 4 pieces of 6 cm, one – 8 cm. Sand the edges until smooth, also remove the markings and barcodes. Between the two rulers we place the shelves (which are 6 cm each), on top we leave approximately the same distance – under the lid (a segment of 8 cm).

Из линеек можно делать и другие предметы мебели для кукол
You can use rulers to make other pieces of furniture for dolls

To obtain an even and bright color, it is better to cover the structure with white, and after drying, paint it with the desired shade. You can also decorate doll furniture made by yourself using the decoupage technique.

Cardboard kitchen for dolls

A cardboard kitchen for dolls can include a stove, refrigerator, kitchen tables and chairs. Such furniture does not have to be modeled from scratch. Use ready-made cardboard boxes for this. These boxes are painted to look like household appliances or covered with colored paper.

Печка и стиральная машина из картона
Stove and washing machine made of cardboard

Cardboard cradle for dolls

A cardboard cradle is made by wrapping a deep cardboard box with beautiful fabric on the outside and inside.

Люлька из картона для кукол
Cardboard cradle for dolls

Or paint the cardboard with paints, then bend and glue it on four sides to form a cradle.

Люлька из картона для кукол
Cardboard cradle for dolls

Furniture for dolls: photo ideas

You can make furniture for dolls with your own hands from the most unexpected materials. You have already seen how to use newspapers and wooden rulers. But you can make tables, chairs, armchairs, sofas, beds, shelves, cabinets, etc. from ice cream sticks.

You probably already understood why this material is good – it has rounded, processed edges, is the same in size and is well processed. If the sticks seem too rough, sand them down smooth using fine-grit sandpaper.

Clothespins make good armchairs and stools. They are disassembled into halves and joined using wood glue. Curly products are obtained in almost a few tens of minutes.

Wooden clothespins are almost always used to make doll furniture. But no one forbids taking plastic ones. Working with them is exactly the same, only the difficulty is that wooden ones are easier to modify by changing the thickness, shape, etc. If the product is simple and does not require any modification, you can use plastic ones. They are more varied in shape and size, and are already painted, so there is less fuss with them.

As your skill increases, you can switch to more complex materials – plywood or wood. The difficulty is that turning and cutting out miniature parts requires filigree precision, perseverance and takes a lot of time. But you can do whatever you want.

Сделать мебель для кукол своими руками можно любого размера, стиля
You can make furniture for dolls with your own hands of any size, style

Unnecessary dishes


  • old soap dish or shallow bowl;
  • earring clasps – 4 pcs.

Work progress:

  1. Fasteners are glued at regular intervals around the outer circumference of the cup.
  2. You can paint edging with acrylic paint or use a stencil to create patterns.
  3. The bathtub is ready, you can put it in its designated place and start bathing!

Ванна и раковина из старой посуды

You can make a bathtub and sink from old dishes

Finishing is a creative process

Next comes the finishing. You can paint the cardboard with watercolor or acrylic (preferably) paints, glue it with wrapping paper, fabric, felt. You can imitate a mirror surface by covering it with foil (food foil, for example). If you want to make a “plastic” surface, look for water bottles of the desired color, cut off the neck and bottom, and use the “body” as a finishing material.

Отделка - процесс творческий, но, для начала, используйте материалы попроще, помягче, потоньше с ними легче работать
Finishing is a creative process, but first, use simpler, softer, thinner materials that are easier to work with

Handles can be made from wire, beads, or long beads. For larger toy cabinets, you can find buttons or buttons. We glue all this “beauty” after we have “lined” the cabinet.

Plastic jar

From a jar or half of a shampoo bottle you can make a toilet and sink.

Унитазы для кукол

Toilets for dolls can be made from shampoo and soap packaging Изготовление унитаза для куклы

Making a toilet for a doll from packaging Изготовление ванны для куклы

An example of making a bath for a doll

Newspaper doll wardrobe

You will need old newspapers, PVA glue with a brush, a glue gun, a couple of pieces of wire or thread, wrapping paper for finishing a cabinet or paint.

We roll up thick tubes from newspapers, coat them with PVA around the edge and leave them to dry. Then the tubes can be glued together. A glue gun is better suited for this operation. There are two ways: first collect large blocks, then cut them into fragments of the required length, or immediately cut the tubes of the required length and immediately glue the blanks to size. The second way is more painstaking, but there is less waste.

Собираем плоскости из газетных трубочек
Assembling planes from newspaper tubes

The finished cabinet walls must be fastened together. To firmly fix an angle of 90°, it is better to use a thin wire. First coat the joints with glue, then use wire to pull the walls together. If the wires are in the way, they can be removed after the glue has dried.

Под полочки приклеиваем держатели
Glue holders under the shelves

The bottom, top, and shelves are glued using the same technology. The doors will need to be made a little differently. To make them open, two strips about 1.5 cm wide are cut out of tape. Tape is glued along the edge of the door so that a little more than half hangs in the air.

Крепление дверки на проволоку
Fastening the door with wire

The second way to secure the doors is with wire. Only this time it should be tough and thick enough. Cut a piece that is 2 cm longer than the height of the cabinet. Immediately make a loop on the wire on one side using 1 cm. We bend the loop at an angle of 90° to the wire.

We make holes in the bottom and roof, pass a wire through the bottom, the loop remains at the bottom. We put the door on the wire, using the outer tube instead of hinges. Slightly bending the wire, we thread it through the hole in the cabinet roof, bend the excess, fixing the door.

Готовый шкаф для кукол из газет
Ready-made wardrobe for dolls made from newspapers

There are still some little things that need to be said a few words. Cabinet legs and handles can also be made from paper tubes. You just need to roll them from the paper you use to decorate the toy. Roll it into a tight roll, glue the edge with glue, then cut it into pieces of the required length and glue it in the right places. Instead of tubes there can be wooden sticks, beads, etc.

Cardboard plate for dolls

To make a stove from cardboard, you can use ready-made cardboard boxes. Burners for the stove can be unnecessary computer disks, and handles can be multi-colored caps from plastic bottles. To attach such a handle, cut a plastic bottle a few centimeters below the cap and insert it into the holes in the cardboard.

Плита из картона для кукол
Cardboard plate for dolls

Cardboard dishes for dolls

Plates for doll kitchens are cut out of cardboard and paper images of plates are glued onto them, which can be printed on a printer.

Тарелки для кукольной кухни
Plates for doll’s kitchen

Pots and cups are made of two parts. One of them is the bottom, and the second is the side wall of the dish. The lid for the pan is cut out to a slightly larger diameter than the bottom of the pan.

Выкройка для кастрюль и чашечек для кухни
Pattern for pots and cups for the kitchen

Such dishes are decorated with appliqué or drawings.

Чашечка для кукольной кухни
Cup for doll’s kitchen

Wire: how to make forged furniture

The technology of working with wire has been known for a long time (for example, in the Middle Ages, wonderful jewelry for women was made from flattened copper thread). This idea can be used in making furniture for dolls. Multiple options:

  • garden swing for Barbie – made using a long piece of wire and pliers;
  • chairs made of wire and beer bottle caps – look great in a princess’s house;
  • bed – a frame for a sleeping place is made from wire;
  • decorative flower stands for the house.

Working with wire is easy: you can use it to create several dozen beautiful hangers in half an hour, just using pliers.


Even plastic bottle caps will come in handy. They are covered with thick fabric, under which a thin layer of synthetic padding is placed – the result is ottomans. Stepping back 0.5 cm from above, a thin satin ribbon is glued; the legs can be made from beads.

Пуфики для кукол из пластиковых пробок

Simple ottomans for dolls can be made from plastic corks

Ottomans made from egg tablets

Furniture for dolls from scrap materials is made quickly and easily: in one evening you can build several sets of bedroom sets. A good idea is to make ottomans for the doll’s bedroom from egg tablets. A child can make such a product independently. Step by step process:

  1. Volumetric tablets are cut into cells.
  2. Cut off the top so that the cell is stable when turned upside down.
  3. The ottoman is ready. All that remains is to cover it with paint and make it varnished.

Using the same principle, you can create a small chair or stool. The chair requires a back, which is cut from the same egg pad and attached with glue.

Folding sofa for Barbie

You will need:

  • Large piece of thick cardboard.
  • Several dish sponges, the same size.
  • Stapler.
  • Black velvet material.
  • Upholstery material.
  • Tape and Velcro.

    Scissors, glue and ruler.

Glue the sponge to the cardboard. Cut it to size. Do the same with the rest of the sponges. You will end up with three identical pieces. Wrap them with material and secure them with a stapler from below. Then take the material a little smaller than the size of the piece and stick it to the surface from the inside, hiding the traces of fastening. Before us are three identical parts.

We process the back. Cut it out of cardboard and put the material on top. Secure with a stapler. Glue velvet material to secure it.

Place the mattresses on top of each other and apply them to the backrest. Then glue the bottom mattress and secure with tape. Attach it around the entire perimeter of the mattress and secure it at the back with glue. Then wrap the tape around the top mattress. Spread the glue over the surface, except for the middle, which will be a loop. They pull on it to unfold the sofa. There is no need to glue the tape to the wall, because it is secured at the back with Velcro.

The sofa is ready. To unfold it, unstick the Velcro and pull the loop. Then fold it carefully and use it.

Fairytale glamorous chairs for dolls

They are easy to make from an ordinary can of Coca-Cola, Fanta or Sprite. To do this, you need to cut the jar into many thin strips. It is better if someone adult does this, as it is easy to cut yourself on the edges of the jar. When the can is cut, you need to direct some of the strips upward (about 14 of the entire mass), and all the rest downwards. Then divide the bottom strips by the number of legs and get to work.

Measure out the number of strips that will go on each leg, then start rolling them on the sides. In this case, the middle leg should remain the longest leg, since it will become the main support of the leg, giving it its length. You can twist the strips in different directions, symmetrically or asymmetrically, depending on your design.

The chair looks incomplete without a seat. For it, you need to cut the sponge according to the diameter, carefully rounding the top part. Cover with material and secure on the underside with glue. It is better to use superglue, which fixes metal surfaces.

Several chairs will allow you to create fantastic attributes of a magic castle. The main emphasis of chair design depends on the color and texture of the seat upholstery. The darker it is, the more mystical options you will make. Dark shades of purple, emerald or blue are more suitable for the magical Monster High dolls than for the glamorous Barbie or the good fairy.

Scotch tape will help make your fantasies come true

In those places where PVA glue is powerless, universal adhesive tape – adhesive tape – comes to the rescue. In this case, assembling furniture is faster and more accurate, because you don’t need to put the parts under a press for the glue to set. Using tape, you can make original models of furniture that were invented by the child in the drawing.

Adhesive tape is considered safe for children, it is non-toxic and has high strength characteristics and is resistant to aggressive environments. The only negative is that the tape cannot be painted, since the paint will not stick to it.

Decorating methods

Decorating finished products is a separate stage in the production of paper furniture.

For finishing you can use:

  • self-adhesive paper for furniture (it is easy to cut, and the adhesive layer will help you decorate the surface without any problems);
  • acrylic, water-based or gouache paints mixed in a 1:1 ratio with PVA glue;
  • fabric imitating the structure of furniture;
  • glitters and stickers;
  • colored tape;
  • templates;
  • ribbons, lace.

You shouldn’t limit yourself to just the options listed; to create truly original furniture you need to give free rein to your imagination.

Cardboard table for dolls

If you connect three rectangular boxes you will get a fairly stable table for dolls. From large boxes you can make not only a small doll table, but also a table for a child to play in the kitchen.

Стол из картонных коробок
Table made of cardboard boxes

A sheet of cardboard is glued to the top, and you can decorate such furniture by gluing colored paper or sheets of wallpaper to the surface.

Стол для кукол, оклеенный обоями или самоклеящейся пленкой
Table for dolls, covered with wallpaper or self-adhesive film

You can make a small table with drawers from matchboxes. Matchbox cases are glued to the walls of the table, and boxes are inserted into them. These drawers slide out using handles.

Маленький столик с выдвижными ящиками
Small table with drawers

Cardboard chairs for dolls

Using the same assembly pattern as for the three-box table, you can make chairs in the form of stools. Very small chairs for dolls are made from cardboard matchboxes. The boxes are glued together with glue, and for strength they can be connected with paper masking tape.

If you glue a circle of cardboard covered with a piece of fabric on top and put a piece of padding polyester under the fabric, the chair will turn out soft. A cardboard chair with a back has a more complex design. In this model, the backrest is inserted into slots in the sides of the chair.

Стул из картона для кукол
Cardboard chair for dolls

Cardboard TV for dolls

To make a TV from cardboard, just draw the handles of the sound and channel switches on a cardboard box and cut out a rectangle in it symbolizing the screen and insert pictures into this place. If the box is large enough, children can perform and speak in it themselves.

Телевизор из картона для кукол
Cardboard TV for dolls

Fabric accessories

Fabric is definitely used to create coziness in a dollhouse for girls! It can be quickly decorated or decorated. Fabric can be used to make not only upholstery for a sofa, but also a bean bag chair.

Выкройка кресла-мешка для куклы

Pattern of a bean bag chair for a doll Изготовление кресла-мешка для куклы

Stages of making a bean bag chair for a doll

Cardboard refrigerator for dolls

To make a refrigerator you will need a rectangular box. Shelves for food are glued inside it. The door is cut to the size of the back wall of the refrigerator and glued to the box. A handle is glued to the refrigerator door.

Холодильник из картона для кукол
Cardboard refrigerator for dolls

Doll wardrobe

You will need:

  • 1, 2 nightstands (see “How to make a nightstand”).
  • 6 Barbie Coffee Tables (see Barbie Coffee Table).
  • Large cardboard for the back wall.
  • Cardboard for the cabinet door (this could be part of a cream box).
  • Beads according to the number of doors.
  • Silver foil that looks like a mirror.
  • Scissors, glue and tape.

First, place the boxes across the cardboard area. This will be the back wall of the closet. Place the matchboxes in a row in the middle. Having determined the required quantity and proportions, get to work. Make a bedside table with drawers as in the description. The table, which acts as a shelf in a closet, needs some work.

When selecting parts, it is important that all boxes are the same height and width, then it will look beautiful and neat. When you have decided on the number of elements, trim off the excess. Get to work.

Identify the empty space. It must be covered in advance with silver foil that imitates a mirror. You can also paste a beautiful picture. It depends on personal taste. Experts do not recommend using two shiny textures in one set, and if you make all the bedside tables and cabinets from crimson shiny fabric, replace the mirror part with a beautiful photo. Paste it in advance. Hide the edges of the picture behind the cabinets.

When all the pieces are ready, glue them to the back wall. If you want the doors to close easily, attach a sticker or a lock to them. One part is attached to the door, the other to the side wall. They are made from hooks and fasteners. They hold the door securely.

Doll furniture made of cardboard, DIY furniture for Barbie from scrap materials quickly and easily

In addition to cabinets, tables and bedside tables, they also make upholstered furniture for Barbie. For example, a folding sofa. Such furniture for modern dolls will look bright and beautiful. And the material for design depends on your imagination. Here’s how to do it.

Cardboard wardrobe for dolls

A wardrobe for doll dresses can be made with doors, or you can do without them. Inside such a closet, a crossbar for hangers with dresses is inserted into a slot in the cardboard. And below you can put drawers for small items.

Плательный шкаф для кукол из картона
Cardboard wardrobe for dolls

Cardboard cabinet: how to make it yourself

The simplest option for creating a cabinet is to use a ready-made box, where parts of it will serve as doors. But this option is too light and inconspicuous, so you can make a doll cabinet from cardboard with your own hands. Creation process step by step:

  1. First, it’s tedious to calculate the size of the model and figure out what will be stored in it. To do this, just estimate the amount of clothes the doll has.
  2. Use a printer to print out the layout of the cabinet body, cut it out and glue it together.
  3. Using scissors, cut the doors for the product, as well as the shelves inside, to size.
  4. Attach doors and shelves with tape.
  5. You can decorate a cabinet with a wood look using wallpaper.

To ensure that the doll’s clothes are beautifully hung in the closet, you can attach a wire inside the product and place pre-made hangers there.