Do-it-yourself volumetric paper figures

Nowadays, everything is probably made from paper. The huge demand for this product is due to its wide popularity and wide scope of application. Today we will talk about three-dimensional paper figures with our own hands. For some people, such a hobby develops into profitable
profession, because about their exhibits one can only say that this is a real work of art.

Due to the basic properties of paper

: softness, flexibility and good adhesion, many types of production of three-dimensional figures were invented.

What technique is used to make three-dimensional figures from paper

The most famous techniques for making paper figures are listed below.

Quilling – spiral technique

техника квиллинг относится к стилю из полосок бумаги

Quilling is a technique discovered in the 15th century AD in which long strips of paper ranging from 2 to 10 mm wide are cut and then twisted into spirals or intricate patterns using scissors or a knife. All this is glued to the base or the component parts are connected to each other. This is how toys are made, vases and boxes are decorated, even entire paintings are made.

Origami – Japanese intelligence

фигуры из бумаги - пегас в технике оригами

Historically origami
originated as the art of paper folding for religious purposes among the upper classes of ancient China. At that time, newly invented paper was very expensive and only rich people could afford it, so jewelry, religious symbols and other paper figures became very popular. The technique of folding figurines and amulets from paper was available only to a select few. Only in the 19th century origami
came to Europe and gained popularity, including among children. Origami for children is used as an exercise to develop fine motor skills and imagination. In the 60s of the 20th century, modular origami appeared.

Modular origami – more shapes and imagination

последнее время популярно модульное оригами, как этот лебедь

Using the modular origami technique, three-dimensional paper figures are assembled from a large number of identical parts (modules). Each module is folded according to the rules of classic origami from one sheet of paper, and then the modules are connected by inserting them into each other. At the same time, the friction force prevents the structure from falling apart. Using the modular origami technique, boxes, flat and three-dimensional stars, and spherical objects are often made, which in Russia received the inaccurate name of kusudama, since kusudama originally involved sewing modules together into a ball.

Wet origami – closer to reality

дракон в стиле мокрого оригами своими руками

There is another type of popular origami – wet folding. To give smooth lines, the paper is slightly moistened with a sponge or spray bottle. Most often used to create animal figurines. Wet paper is more pliable and holds its shape better after drying. The peculiarity is that by wetting the structure again, you can give it a different shape without tearing the paper.

Kirigami – volumes from the plane

открытка с велосипедом из бумаги в стиле киригами

In the kirigami technique  you can use scissors and glue. Crafts using the kirigami technique are somewhat reminiscent of children’s panorama books. This technique is also often compared to ‘pop-up’ cards. Unlike traditional pop-up cards, these paper designs are typically cut and folded from a single sheet of paper. Most often, three-dimensional reproductions of architecture, geometric patterns and various everyday objects, etc. are developed

Kusudama – rounded shapes

кусудама - техника модульного оригами, которая позволяет делать шарообразные форомы

The kusudama technique has the same principle as modular origami. The main difference is that the figures have a spherical shape, and the parts for connection can not only be nested one into the other, but also glued or sewn.

Cubecraft – a square bun with many faces

популярный стиль поделок из бумаги - кубкрафт

This is a modern technique for making paper crafts. In this technique, all the figures are folded according to the same pattern. The point is that you can make figurines of various famous characters from movies, comics, cartoons, as well as real personalities: politicians, musicians, actors, etc. Such figurines are placed on the table as a reminder or simply to please the eye.

Papier-mâché – remembering childhood

карнавальные маски в технике папье маше можно сделать в домашних условиях

The name of the papier-mâché technique is translated from French as “chewed paper.” But you will be surprised to learn that the birthplace of this technology is China. The technique involves gluing pieces of paper soaked in paste in multiple layers. Then the paper figures are primed and painted. You can make anything you want from papier-mâché (vases, toys, mugs), but most often they make masks.

Decoupage – decorate old things

украшение банки в технике декупаж в домашних условиях

Decoupage translated means “cutting”. Most often, the decoupage technique is used for old furniture – some dragons or birds, plants or animals are cut out. It gives new shine to old things. It is also used in the creation of exclusive interior items, in the design of clothing and in the manufacture of fashion accessories.

Trimming – quilling in a new way

дерево выполнено в технике торцевания из бумаги

Using the cutting technique, you can make beautiful postcards or even paintings. Quilling uses long strips that are wound onto a thin stick. Small squares are also cut here. Then, a stick is applied to the center of the square, and this square is screwed onto it. The resulting part is glued to the base. Sometimes it turns out unusual and very voluminous.

Paper art – metal imitation

новая техника имитации металла и дерева из бумаги - пейп-арт своими руками

This technique was invented in 2006 and is based on imitation metal and wood made from paper napkins. The technique imitates wood carving or metal chasing. Coloring and patination gives natural textures. Strips of napkins soaked in water are twisted into threads, then a pattern is laid out from them and secured with glue. After drying, all that remains is to paint and give it a natural look.

Iris folding – “rainbow folding”

техника концентрических кругов из бумажных полосок - айрис фолдинг

To make a craft using this technique, you need to cut several strips of paper of different colors and lay them in a spiral or in another fancy way. It all looks like a multifaceted figure. Layering translucent papers on top of each other gives interesting effects when decorating.

Pergamano – painstaking work

бабочка, вырезанная из бумаги в технике пергамано

Patterns and decorations in this technique are made on tracing paper
or parchment paper using perforation and embossing. Most often, the parchment technique is used in making cards and invitations.

Katagami – need a sharp knife

для работы в технике катагами нужен очень тонкий и острый нож

Some more Japanese paper art. Katagami is the art of cutting out entire pictures from rice paper using a special sharp knife and a stencil or along a drawn line. Most often used for paintings.

бабочка в стиле катагами своими руками

Collage – old magazines – into battle!

панно желаний в стиле коллажа - вырезаете нужные картинки из старых журналов и клеите на ватман - очень мотивирует

A collage is an image made up of various pieces of paper (wallpaper, newspapers, magazines, photographs, etc.) that differ in color and texture. Previously, they cut out pictures from magazines, newspapers, books and decorated things with them (remember your grandmother’s suitcase or dressing table). Now this ancient technique has again become fashionable and is widespread in various countries when decorating handbags, hats, trays, Christmas tree decorations, sundials, boxes, dishes, packaging, etc.

Paper modeling – paper turns.

камаз из бумаги в технике бумажного моделирования

Of particular interest is paper modeling
. You can create almost any three-dimensional figure from paper with your own hands. Starting from military equipment, architectural monuments and ending with various types of animals, both known to everyone and fictional. Of course, ideally you need to be able to do everything (drawings, parts, etc.) with your own hands, but first you can use the Internet. Through the search, you can find a lot of drawings and layouts that can be printed, cut and glued. There are even special sites that store drawings
paper models: airplanes, cars, movie and cartoon characters.

Do-it-yourself volumetric paper figures

All of the listed paper craft techniques have their own nuances, advantages and disadvantages. But most importantly, when choosing what type of paper art to do, I advise you to be guided solely by your own heart. In order to make a fascinating figurine, you must truly love this business.

This is painstaking work that requires care and patience, and only with a strong desire can everything be done as it should be. Your reward may be the admiring glances of your friends and praise addressed to you.

Paper products
They look very nice if everything is cut out evenly and assembled. The main thing is that creating such figures does not require special skills. Enough carefully
connect everything. With a little practice, you will be able to do everything much faster and smoother.

An example of how unusual paper figures can be can be seen in the video below. I advise everyone to watch it, because it is truly unusual and a masterpiece.