DIY paper magic wallet for children

Paper crafts are a fascinating creative process. Children are always happy to create with paper. In this article we will look at some simple examples of how to make beautiful envelopes – wallets. You don’t need special craft kits for this, you just need regular sheets of paper, scissors and glue.

бумажник оригами простой для детей

Children’s wallet with paper pockets

A beautiful paper wallet that you can make with your own hands and decorate will delight any child, and if the child does it himself, he will get maximum pleasure not only from using it, but also from the manufacturing process.

For this craft you will need:

  • to decorate the cover – stickers, rhinestones, pencils, felt-tip pens.
  • thick cardboard for the cover;
  • colored paper for colorful pockets;
  • scissors, double-sided tape or glue;

Step 1. A4 sheet facing us vertically. Fold the left side about 5 centimeters. Fold the right side overlapping so that the right edge is approximately in the center of the left fold. Glue the edges together to create a closed tunnel. Fold the piece in half. We have 2 pockets. To fasten the pockets together, we connect them with double-sided tape. You can adjust the height of the pocket by cutting off the excess. We have a wallet compartment. We make 2-3 more blanks. Glue all the pockets together.

Step 2. To make a wallet case, we will need thick paper or cardboard. The width of the cover is equal to the width of the pocket. The length of the cover depends on the height of the pocket and flap. Leave 1 cm for the bottom of the wallet and the connection between the flap and the back. Draw a cover template on cardstock, cut it out, and block out any folds. Use double-sided tape to attach the wallet pockets to the lid.

Step 3. Decorate the wallet. The child’s limitless imagination will decorate the wallet with appliques, beads, and it can be painted with pencils and gel pens.

Our wallet is ready to use.

бумажный кошелек оригами для детей
как сделать бумажный кошелек

Simple gift envelope

Let’s make a beautiful envelope for money or a card that you can give to your loved one. To make a beautiful gift bag we will need:

  • scissors, glue.
  • beautiful colored or plain paper. Use paper thick enough to last a long time;

Step 1. We need to make a square piece of paper. To do this, fold one edge of the paper and mark where you want to cut the paper. Cut out the unnecessary part, forming a square.

Step 2. It is necessary to mark the center of the part. To do this, we bend our part diagonally, making a clamp only in the middle. We do the same on the second diagonal of the sheet. Open the sheet of paper, marking the center with a fold.

Step 3: Place the square piece with the angle facing down. Fold the top of the empty envelope down the center of the left and right corners. Connect all fold lines. Open the top flap of the envelope.

Step 4: Fold the bottom corner of the envelope so that the corner touches the top fold. Fold the triangle we formed. Unfold the bottom of the envelope. Carefully glue the triangle and wrap it inside – the triangle is inside the envelope. Grease the edges of the bottom of the envelope and fold it. Iron the glued sides. Our envelope is ready.

Decorate the finished envelope with appliqués, stickers, and color with a pencil and pen.

Only one envelope can be upgraded and made into a drawstring. To do this, you will need tape, which you need to stick on the top and bottom flaps of the envelope and carefully tie it with a bow. You can also make a loop on the top flap and glue the button to the bottom flap.

как сделать бумажный кошелек оригами

Origami envelope

Origami is the ancient art of making paper crafts. Without the help of glue and scissors, you can create complex and beautiful shapes. To work we will need a square sheet of paper. If you have a rectangular scrapbook paper, you will need to cut it into a square and then start making the envelope.

Step 1. Fold our square diagonally on both sides, fix the folds.

Step 2. Place the part in front of us as follows: fold the part diagonally, the bending point is below. We bend the top corner to the bend, bend the second corner of the part, retreating from the bend by 1-2 centimeters.

Step 3. Fold the right corner of the piece to the left. The wide part of the resulting triangle should be in contact with the edge of the part, which was folded with an indentation of 1-2 centimeters. Fold the left corner of the piece to the right.

Step 4: To secure the corners, insert one corner of the triangle into the other.

We have a beautiful envelope for money or a ticket made using the origami technique without using glue.

Envelope with clasp

For work we will need a sheet of A4 paper. We recommend using thicker paper to make the envelope more durable.

Step 1. Fold the sheet, fixing the center. We open the part and place a sheet in front of us for further vertical work.

Step 2. Fold the top left corner so that the bottom side of the triangle touches the center fold. Adjust the lower right corner in the same way.

Step 3. If you have two-color paper and you understand where the front and back sides are, then your piece now looks like this: you have folded the triangles with the front side facing you, with the back side lying next to them. Now you need to fold the stitched side in half: the right side of the sheet needs to be folded so that the edge of the part is in contact with the triangle. We do the same with the left side. Now in front of you is a part with the front side of the sheet.

Step 4. Fold the bottom of the paper in half: the bottom left corner on the right side of the piece. Fold the top of the part in the same way.

Step 4: Lift the top and bottom flaps and insert them into the attachment pocket. Our envelope is ready.

бумажный кошелек оригами

Working with paper will bring a lot of positive emotions. After trying to make a wallet or envelope, your child will not be able to stop at the craft. You can store small stickers in such wallets, put a postcard or money and give it to a traitor.