DIY paper floors

In this article we will talk about such an unusual design solution as floors made of paper or wallpaper. Home renovation is a good opportunity to show your creativity. The variety of options for their manifestation is truly limitless, especially in your home or apartment, where you can do whatever your heart desires.

One of the ways to give your living space an original and impressive look is to install paper floors
. Creating such floors is labor-intensive, but interesting and creative. The technology itself is similar to the method of creating self-leveling floors, only significantly less materials are spent.

Preparing the base for paper floors

полы из бумаги может сделать даже ребенок

Before starting work on flooring, the old paper covering is removed. To obtain reliable and durable floors, certain requirements are imposed on the bases:

• they must be smooth and have good adhesion; concrete, cement and plywood bases are considered the best;

• skirting boards are removed;

• if there are significant defects, the bases are puttied; the putty contains water-based panel varnish and chalk;

• the smooth surface is not entirely suitable for ensuring reliable adhesion of the paper to the base, so it is subjected to light processing with a grinding machine;

• before gluing paper layers, the surface is thoroughly cleaned.

Which floor paper should I choose?

полы из остатков нотных грамот и газет

To make paper floors, materials with different technical characteristics are used.

DIY wallpaper for floors

Paper wallpaper is required. The cheapest ones will do, the main thing is that the color matches the overall color scheme of the room. Floor coverings with floral or geometric patterns, images of flowers or the underwater world, and paintings with ethnographic motifs look great.

Paper waste for designer floors

Scraps of any paper products will be used: newspapers, magazines, notebooks, advertising materials.

Paper bags for a stylish floor

Quite a budget option – just buy a roll of wrapping paper or take several brown paper bags, which often accumulate in the house just in case.

What do you need for paper floors?

покрытие бумажных полов сделанных своими руками из крафт-бумаги

If you are ready to work, in addition to paper products you need to have on hand:

  • PVA glue;
  • varnish for interior work;
  • polyurethane paint;
  • paint roller;
  • containers for liquid ingredients.

    It is not difficult to get all the necessary components for the work – everything you need can be found in almost any hardware store.

Steps for arranging paper floors

удивительные узоры из бумаги на полах в комнате

1. To make your floors look beautiful and original, be creative. Think in advance about the style and color combinations of the cover layer. To implement creative ideas, you can use various techniques:

    • paper coloring,
    • creating a beautiful texture,
    • cutting out floral and geometric patterns

You can tint the paper with tea, coffee, food coloring or watercolor, which does not smudge after drying. In paper smoothed out after creasing, many veins appear, which create a beautiful texture
floor coverings.

патинированная бумага на полу залитая лаком

2. Coat the base and wallpaper with glue diluted with water and glue paper pieces
in accordance with the intended composition. Small irregularities disappear as the glue dries.

заливка полов с поклеенными обоями или узорами из бумаги

3. To ensure the strength and wear resistance of the surface, we cover the paper floors with transparent polyurethane paint. Repeat the procedure 2-3 times
after the previous layer has completely dried.

на бумажном полу с удовольствием играют и растут дети

Depending on the type of material used, paper floors will look like marble, stone, wood or laminate. With the help of decorative elements you can give your floors an unusual, spectacular look. See examples of paper floors with stylization to resemble stone, marble, leather or wood
below in the photo.

имитация полов под мрамор, камень или кожу

The main thing is that you won’t see such paper floors from anyone else! Decorating paper will help you with this. Even tissue paper can be used as such paper.
with very low density. Watch the video of how are decorated with paper

walls and ceiling. In the same way, you can make textured paper floors with your own hands. To level the plane of the floors, and not walk along the folds of paper, you can fill them with varnish or make them according to the principle of self-leveling floors.