DIY Mother’s Day cards made from paper – 60 ideas with photos and diagrams

3 d card (pop-up) for Mother’s Day

A postcard from paper and foamiran can be made using the most popular 3 D postcard technique (another name for this pop-up technique). We make the base of the postcard from thick cardboard, which we bend in half and cut out “steps” in two places.

Основа открытки
Card base

Glue the cut out letters “mother” onto the base. Then we cut out the word “mother”, stepping back a few millimeters from the edge of the letters.

Вырезаем слово "мама"
Cut out the word “mother”

Glue the word “mother” onto the base.

Приклеиваем слово "мама" на ступеньку
Glue the word “mother” on the step

We make flowers from foamiran and glue them to the bottom of the card.

Цветы из фоамирана
Foamiran flowers

3D card for Mother’s Day – ready!

3 D открытка (pop-up) на День Матери
3 D card (pop-up) for Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day applique with owlets: craft for Mother’s Day

Bright and unusual applique with owls made of plasticine. Our dear family reminds us that very soon we will celebrate Mother’s Day, and we need to prepare the brightest and most wonderful craft for our beloved mother.

With children you can make such a message in the shape of a heart, and cute owls and decorations for a postcard can be easily made from plasticine.

Аппликация ко Дню матери с совятами: поделка на День Матери
Mother’s Day applique with owlets: craft for Mother’s Day

To make the applique, prepare:

  • thick cardboard;
  • plasticine set;
  • stack.

How to make an applique from plasticine for Mother’s Day step by step

Prepare thick cardboard for work. It will become the basis of the craft, as well as plasticine.

Картон и пластилин
Cardboard and plasticine

Make your own heart-shaped applique. Using a template or freehand, draw a heart on cardboard and cut out along the outline. Next, you need to cover the surface of the cardboard with soft plasticine of any color.


The color blue was used here, against which bright owls will look expressive. The paper should be thick and hold its shape well. If the cardboard is thin, it is better to glue 2-3 layers.

Размазываем синий пластилин
Smear blue plasticine

To place the owls on a twig, fashion it from a small piece of brown plasticine. Glue it at the bottom of the heart and use the stick to draw the texture of the wood. For figures of owls and owls, prepare bright plasticine, for example, pink and yellow.


Form an oval cake from the pink piece. On one side, sharpen the ears and use the back of a pen or pencil to push in the places for the eyes. Place the owl on a branch.


Make 2 cakes from the same pink plasticine, sharpen them in the shape of drops and glue them on the sides of the body in the form of wings. Fill the areas pressed in with a pen with orange and yellow plasticine, add pupils. You will get bulging eyes of an owl. Attach a protruding small beak below.

Крылышки, глазки и клювик
Wings, eyes and beak

Make the surface of the wings and ears textured using stacks, add details such as feathering on the chest and paws with three toes.

Оперение и лапки
Feathers and legs

When the owl figurine is ready, use yellow plasticine. Make the same owl figures, but small in size, and stick them on the sides of the owl. It is enough to glue one wing at a time. Now the owl’s wings can be folded back and lowered to create the impression that a mother is hugging her babies.


The owls need to make eyes, beaks, paws and treat the surface of the body and wings with a stack.

Глазки, клювики и оперение
Eyes, beaks and plumage

When the plasticine figures of the main characters are ready, you need to think about decoration. Of course, there should always be flowers on the card. Make models of roses from thin bright sausages, twisting them in a spiral, sculpt several oblong green leaves.


Place a bright red sausage along the edge of the heart, decorating the craft, and stick leaves and roses below under the family of owls.


A beautiful and unusual application for Mother’s Day is ready.

Аппликация ко Дню матери из пластилина
Application for Mother’s Day from plasticine

If there is free space left, then you can write any message using thin plasticine sausages and stick it on a postcard.

Поделка ко Дню матери из пластилина
Craft for Mother’s Day from plasticine
Сердечко ко Дню матери из пластилина
Plasticine heart for Mother’s Day

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DIY Mother’s Day cards made from paper - 60 ideas with photos and diagrams

Mother’s Day applique “owl”

For the applique postcard “Owls” we take a colored cardboard base. From colored paper we cut out owls – mother and smaller baby.

Вырезаем совушек
Cutting out the owls

Glue them onto the postcard, placing them on top of each other.

Приклеиваем совушек
Glue the owls

We cut out the wings of the owls from paper and fold them as if they were hugging.

Совушки обнимаются
Owls hug

We draw the owls’ faces, feathers and legs.

Рисуем совушкам детали образа
Drawing details of the image for the owls

Draw a flower meadow for the owls.

Цветы на открытке
Flowers on a postcard

Instructions on how to make a Mother’s Day card from colored paper

  1. Fold a sheet of colored cardboard in half – this is the basis for the future card. Afterwards there are two design options. First: take colored paper in a contrasting shade and trace a child’s hand and foot on the sheet. Second option: apply finger paints to the palm and foot, evenly distributing the paint layer over the entire surface. Place your print on a sheet of white paper. Открытка на День матери своими руками, мастер-классы с фото для детского сада и 1–3 классов
    Открытка на День матери своими руками, мастер-классы с фото для детского сада и 1–3 классов
  2. If you used the second method with paints, then wipe your hands and feet with napkins, and let the drawings dry completely, and then cut them out. If the first option, then immediately cut out the silhouettes. Открытка на День матери своими руками, мастер-классы с фото для детского сада и 1–3 классов
  3. Silhouettes of palms and feet will become the basis for an unusual bouquet. Therefore, we fix the tubes on cardboard with glue or tape, and then glue the handles and one leg on top. Открытка на День матери своими руками, мастер-классы с фото для детского сада и 1–3 классов
  4. We use the second footprint as a vase for our bouquet. We also secure it with tape. Add a congratulatory inscription and our card to mom is ready! Открытка на День матери своими руками, мастер-классы с фото для детского сада и 1–3 классов

Beautiful DIY Mother’s Day cards. idea No. 1

For these DIY Mother’s Day greeting cards you will need:

– a sheet of paper or thin cardboard (white or light colored),

– felt-tip pens,

– scissors,

– ruler,

– pencils.

A sheet of paper is folded horizontally in half and cut along the fold.

Then it is marked with lines according to the diagram (in the photo), and the head of a favorite fairy-tale hero or cartoon character is sketched on top. For example, this will be the face of a puppy. And the paws must be drawn on the sides.

The blank is cut out along the outlined contours and folded to form an improvised envelope.

Красивые открытки с днем матери своими руками

The paws are bent. They will secure the envelope. And on top they draw a heart. And in general they draw it up with colored pencils.

Inside the envelope you can leave a message for mommy and sign “With love…”

Beautiful DIY Mother’s Day cards. Idea No. 2

The trimming technique is suitable for decorating beautiful three-dimensional cards. Absolutely nothing complicated! For a real masterpiece you will need multi-colored table napkins and glue. On the cut-out base, the outline of the future image is first sketched with a pencil, and with the help of photo instructions they create a picture for the mother. And together with a card-heart or in the shape of a palm, give her your love and care!

Красивые открытки с днем матери своими руками

Beautiful DIY Mother’s Day cards. Idea No. 3

The next idea is to combine applique and origami techniques. These cute origami cats will decorate a greeting card, and, in principle, the card itself. All that remains is to figure out how to put them together!

Красивые открытки с днем матери своими руками

Folded kitten figures are glued onto a cardboard/paper base. Cool inscriptions will complete the craft. Although you shouldn’t limit yourself to just kittens. The origami technique has many other possibilities and a lot of patterns of funny animals. Therefore, both mom and you will enjoy the product!

Красивые открытки с днем матери своими руками

Idea No. 4

Why not present a beautiful DIY flower of wishes in the form of a Mother’s Day card?! You can take the following wish templates (pictured) or come up with your own. The words are printed out or written down by hand on a piece of paper (can be colored or multi-colored).

Красивые открытки с днем матери своими руками

Beautiful DIY Mother’s Day cards. Idea No. 5

Красивые открытки с днем матери своими руками

Idea No. 6

Anyone who doesn’t want to be primitive, but is sure that he wants to present flowers to his beloved mother, can use the idea of ​​a postcard-bouquet. The craft requires a standard stationery set:

– colored paper,

– scissors,

– glue,

– decorative ribbon/thread.

The basis of the future presentation will be an accordion made of green colored paper, which improvises floral green leaves. To make them more voluminous, you can glue several accordions together or several green A4 sheets at once.

Tulip buds are cut out from multi-colored paper. Then the flower blanks (two or more) are glued together at the ends to create a three-dimensional bud.

Красивые открытки с днем матери своими руками

A bend is made on the accordion part and secured with thread to secure it.

Tulip buds are chaotically glued to the “greenery”.

The finishing touch is to tie the bouquet at the base with a satin ribbon.

Idea No. 7

Get creative, and let your Mother’s Day card, DIY pictures please your beloved mommies. Don’t forget about grandmothers! After all, they are the mothers of your moms and dads! And be sure to tell them kind, affectionate words, hug them.

Beautiful DIY Mother’s Day cards. T OP – 50 ideas with photos

открытки с Днем Матери своими руками

Master class “postcard to mom” – “owls”

Master class “Postcard to Mom” – “Owls”


make a greeting card


1) introduce the technology of making postcards;

2) develop fine motor skills, creativity, artistic taste;

3) develop attentiveness and consistency of correct actions.

Finished version:


We need:

colored cardboard (black, orange, purple, brown, raspberry), glitter paper (golden, pink), pink and yellow paper for envelopes, white paint, scissors, pencil, glue, owl stencils.

Manufacturing technology


Prepare all the necessary tools.


2. Transfer the stencils to cardboard


3. Cut out the shapes using the stencil


4. Glue the owls onto black cardboard, cut out and glue the legs from white paper.


5. Cut out an oval from golden paper and glue it under the owls.


6. Cut out the letters MAMA from pink paper and glue them to the left.


7. Cut out hearts from pink paper and glue them to the bottom right.


8. Cut out large hearts from golden paper and glue them under the word MOTHER.


9. Cut out pink hearts inside the golden ones.


10. Collect two envelopes from pink and yellow paper and glue them at the top, you can put a small gift or note in them.


11. Add dots on a black background with white paint. The work is ready!


Creative inspiration and success!

Volumetric Mother’s Day card for 2nd grade 20 ideas with flowers

Almost every second grader can do this version of a DIY card for mom. All it takes is a little time and diligence.

We will use:

  • Colored cardboard and paper
  • Double-sided tape
  • Wooden skewer (or chopstick)
  • Ribbons
  • Scissors (both regular and curly)
  • Glue stick (or PVA glue)

How we decorate crafts with voluminous flowers.

Cut out circles of different sizes from colored paper. Cut each circle with scissors, moving from the edge to the center in a spiral. We twist the spirals using a skewer. The result was wonderful rose buds! Glue them to the front of the card.

Make a vase from cardboard or dark paper. Glue it to the card under the bouquet. The final decoration is a bright ribbon tied in a bow and a strip of paper with a congratulation. Beauty!

DIY Mother’s Day cards made from paper - 60 ideas with photos and diagrams

The composition of lush paper roses can be different.

Other bright and beautiful finds with flowers are in our photo collection for inspiration. Look: what a flight of fancy! Repeating and expanding it is so nice and fun. Cut, fold and glue. Openwork, airy and unexpected. Everything will be found!

Here they are – tiny miracles. How not to make them as a gift for your beloved mom’s day!

The last idea with a curtain is very easy to implement. Repeat from the photo below. As many as 2 master classes!

Stately pleated: boys will appreciate it!

DIY Mother’s Day cards made from paper - 60 ideas with photos and diagrams

A twisted drawstring with beads is just what you need for a gift from your daughter.

DIY Mother’s Day cards made from paper - 60 ideas with photos and diagrams

And we can’t ignore the corrugated paper for handicrafts with flowers. Stock up on colorful charms and repeat an easy but very effective hit based on our illustrations.

DIY Mother’s Day cards made from paper - 60 ideas with photos and diagrams

Postcard for mom with a voluminous paper tulip

A very beautiful card for mom can be made from paper. A special decoration of the card is a multi-layered tulip. To make a multi-layer tulip, fold a pink sheet of paper into an accordion shape. On the fold of the accordion we draw half a tulip.

Складываем бумагу гармошкой
Fold the paper like an accordion

Cut out blanks from paper according to the sample.

Делаем основу открытки и заготовки
Making the base of the card and blanks

Glue the tulip blanks together, forming a three-dimensional bud.

Склеиваем между собой заготовки тюльпана
Glue together the tulip blanks

We make the packaging of the bouquet from a circle, the edges of which are bent towards the center. Glue the petals and flower to the top of the circle.

Складываем "упаковку", приклеиваем лепестки и цветок
Fold the “package”, glue the petals and flower

Place the bouquet on a cardboard base folded in half.

Открытка для мамы с объемным тюльпаном из бумаги
Postcard for mom with a voluminous paper tulip

Paper card “dress for mom”

For example, you can make an interesting craft that will emphasize the femininity and delicate taste of the mother – for this we use the silhouette of a fashionable dress or other clothing as a decoration for the postcard. To make this design element look more original, we make it in the scrapbooking style from newspaper pages.

So, what will you need? A newspaper (book, magazine) page with writing on both sides. You can use a sheet from a music notebook. Cardboard template of the silhouette of blouses, skirts and other women’s clothing. If we are making a dress or skirt, we draw them with folds, which will then help give the model volume.

Print and cut out the dress templates.

Шаблоны платья
Dress template

First of all, we trace the clothing template onto the written page. Outlining the skirt, we mark the points where the fold lines should go, and then connect them using a ruler.

Линии складок
Fold lines

Cut out our product.

Вырезаем платье
Cutting out the dress

Make folds along the lines.


We add volume to the skirt: using a ruler, we form folds so that some of them go inside – like on pleated fabric.

Делаем складки
Making folds

If such a craft is made in kindergarten, we show the kids a master class on creating folds – they themselves will not cope with such a task.

Юбка с плиссе из бумаги
Pleated paper skirt

Carefully fold a sheet of white paper in half. We glue our clothes to the title page of the future postcard.

Приливаем юбочку и топ
Add skirt and top

Now let’s start decorating our clothes.

Зеленое украшение
Green decoration

We decorate it with various details – bows, rhinestones, beads, pieces of braid.

Красное украшение для открытки
Red decoration for a card

You can create various compositions: glue on several tops or make one dress – as your imagination dictates.

Красивые топы для открытки
Beautiful tops for a postcard

Postcard with top and skirt.

Открытка на День матери с голубыми стразами
Mother’s Day card with blue rhinestones

Using the same technology, you can make a postcard in a different style – just cut out elements of clothing from suitable paper – for example, bright colorful colors.

Открытка для мамы в виде платья
Card for mom in the form of a dress

Mother’s Day card “scrapbooking with flowers” ​​

A stunningly beautiful Mother’s Day card can be made using the popular scrapbooking technique. We make the base of the card by folding a sheet of cardboard in half. Glue a vintage style background with stitches and roses to the front side. Roll up the edges a little.

Фон в винтажном стиле
Vintage style background

We make three rectangular blanks from old wallpaper and white mesh. The edges of the workpieces should not be smooth and “torn”.

Три прямоугольных заготовки
Three rectangular blanks

Glue our blanks onto the front side of the postcard.

Приклеиваем загототовки
Glue the blanks

Glue a round openwork napkin on top.

Приклеиваем заготовки и салфетку
Glue the blanks and napkin

Glue paper flowers, leaves, ribbons and monograms onto a napkin. Decorative elements for scrapbooking can be found in special sets.

Оформляем открытку
Making a postcard

Glue on the congratulatory inscription “To Mommy.” We complement the card with rhinestones.

Поздравительная надпись и стразы
Congratulatory inscription and rhinestones

This is such a tender and beautiful card for Mother’s Day!

Открытка на День Матери в винтажном стиле
Vintage style Mother’s Day card

Card for Mother’s Day “flowers made of corrugated paper”

A Mother’s Day card with voluminous flowers made of corrugated paper will be very impressive. To make it we need two squares of purple corrugated paper. Fold the squares in half. We should end up with two rectangles of folded paper.

Два прямоугольника
Two rectangles

We wrap one of the rectangles into a tube. We wrap the tube with the second rectangle. We secure the paper with a thread at the bottom. Unfold the top of the paper. We will get a blooming rosebud.

Бутон из бумаги
Paper bud

Take a strip of green corrugated paper. We wrap it around the bottom of the bud.

Скручиваем зеленую бумагу
Roll up green paper

Roll the paper until it forms a long stem.

Стебель из бумаги
Paper stem

Cut out a leaf from another piece of green paper. Glue the leaf to the stem. The paper rose is ready!

Розочка из бумаги
Paper rose

Using this pattern we make several colors. We put them in a napkin.

Укладываем цветы в салфетку
Place flowers in a napkin

We tie a napkin with flowers with bright braid. We fold a sheet of cardboard in half – this is the base of the postcard. We glue our bouquet to the outside. Mother’s Day card is ready!

Открытка на День Матери с цветами из бумаги
Mother’s Day card with paper flowers

Mother’s Day card with palms and flowers

Another wonderful card for Mother’s Day is made in the form of open children’s hands. We trace the palm and cut out the palm on the fold of white paper according to the template. Let’s unfold it. We should have two palms folded together. Glue the palms onto the purple background. We cut out the palms from purple paper, stepping back half a centimeter from the edge of the white paper.

Вырезаем и склеиваем ладошки
Cut out and glue the palms

Cut out a double heart from red paper and fold it like an accordion. Glue it on the crook of your palms.

Вырезаем и приклеиваем сердечко
Cut out and glue the heart

Decorate the card with paper flowers.

Приклеиваем цветочки
Glue the flowers

All that remains is to glue a paper greeting at the bottom. We will make the most tender and touching card for our beloved Mother. Little palms will warm mother’s heart even on the most inclement days.

Открытка на День Матери с ладошками и сердечком
Mother’s Day card with palms and heart

Card with carnations for Mother’s Day

You can draw a card for Mother’s Day. For example, you can depict bright holiday carnations. First, we make a pencil sketch.

Рисунок с гвоздиками карандашом
Drawing with carnations in pencil

Then paint with watercolors.

Открытка с гвоздиками в подарок на День Матери
Card with carnations as a gift for Mother’s Day

On a postcard you can draw a bouquet of luxurious pink tulips for your mother.

Рисунок тюльпаны для мамы
Drawing of tulips for mom

Young talents can try to draw their mother’s portrait on a postcard.

Рисунок "мама"
“Mom” pattern

Drawing “Mom in a heart with flowers.”

Mother’s Day card with foamiran flowers

The basis of the postcard will be a folded sheet of soft peach-colored cardboard. Decorate the front side of the card with blue paper and braid. We make a heart out of sequins, inside which we write the dearest word – “mother”.

Оформляем лицевую сторону открытки
We design the front side of the postcard

Cut out petals from yellow foamiran (foam rubber) and paint them. We will get interesting and natural halftones if we paint the petals by rubbing crushed pastel chalk into them.

Втираем пастельный мелок
Rub in pastel chalk

Foamiran begins to change under the influence of high temperature. We heat the petals on an iron. While the petal is hot, twist it and bend it in the middle, trying to give it a natural look.

Heat the petals and give them shape

Cut out a flower cup from green foamiran. Heat it on the iron and shape it into a cup.

Приклеиваем загототовки

Foamiran cup

Wrap the wire with green tape or duct tape. We should now have a stem.

Приклеиваем заготовки и салфетку

Making a stem

We begin to form a bud from the petals, wrapping them around the stem and fixing them with glue.

Petal Bud

Оформляем открытку
Make a hole in the sepal, insert the stem into it and fix it with glue at the base of the bud. We make three such flowers.
Поздравительная надпись и стразы

Foamiran flowers

Glue large roses from petals. Открытка на День Матери в винтажном стиле

Фон в винтажном стиле

Large petal roses

Cut out leaves from green foamiran. We make veins on them using the same principle – heat them on an iron and apply them to a relief surface (you can use a real sheet). We make small nicks at the ends.

Три прямоугольных заготовки
Foamiran leaves

Putting our composition together. Glue the buds on the stem and green leaves onto the card.

Приклеиваем бутоны и листья
Glue the buds and leaves

Glue large roses. Inside we write warm wishes for our beloved mother. We made a very tender and beautiful card for Mother’s Day!

Открытка на День Матери с цветами из фоамирана
Mother’s Day card with foamiran flowers

Card-panel with flowers made of corrugated paper for Mother’s Day

For Mother’s Day, you can make a very beautiful card-panel, decorated with flowers from corrugated paper. The basis of the craft will be a circle cut out of cardboard or thick paper. Decorate the circle with green leaves.

Приклеиваем на основу листики
Glue the leaves to the base

Cut out a wavy piece from yellow corrugated paper.

Заготовка из желтой бумаги
Yellow paper blank

Roll the paper into a bud. Fix with glue.

Бутон из бумаги
Paper bud

Wrap the bud with a strip of green corrugated paper. We should now have a flower stem.

Стебелек цветка
Flower stem

We make seven such flowers and glue them to the base. On the back of the craft you can place a congratulations on Mother’s Day and even her photo. It will make a very beautiful and memorable gift.

Подарок на День Матери
Mother’s Day Gift

DIY Mother’s Day crafts for kindergarten

If you are an employee of a preschool educational institution and are looking for ideas for creativity with children, then look at the options that I have prepared for you. Here are homemade gifts for junior, middle or senior (preparatory) groups of kindergarten. If you have any questions, please ask in the comments.

I will be glad to clarify any points of interest. In kindergarten it is easier to create a working, creative atmosphere and it is pleasant to watch how children are engaged in creativity with great interest and obedience. Their noses are sniffling from the effort and diligence with which the little guys prepare souvenirs for their mothers.

Craft paper is common in most cases. It’s easy to use and comes in a lot of bright colors.

Also, if you have pieces of multi-colored wallpaper, you can turn them into butterflies by cutting out outlined palms along the contour. The paper is very thick and holds its shape well.

Forget-me-nots and daisies will greatly delight mothers at the end of autumn.

Use thick, double-sided colored paper. This will make the craft look more colorful and voluminous

This is exactly the bouquet my daughter gave me at the matinee. The craft was made the day before in kindergarten. I found step-by-step pictures on how to make such a lush summer bouquet.

Palms always look touching as a present for mom, because children grow quickly, and little fingers will remain as a keepsake in a postcard. Below in the article you will find printable and cut-out templates that you can prepare for your group.

Easy applique for the younger group, where you can simultaneously study geometric shapes and make a beautiful bouquet.

Another option for a gift applique for mom.

A simple paper plate can turn into the sun.

Painstaking work, but it’s worth it. Make a voluminous bright butterfly with your children from multi-colored strips of paper. The main thing is to draw the outline first.

Beautiful flowers are especially voluminous if you glue petals of different diameters on top of each other.

A paper napkin is suitable as a base, which looks very festive.

Beautiful shoes will surprise and pleasantly please mothers. Below is a template that you can use to print multi-colored blanks. Multi-colored office paper is good for this.

It has good density, but at the same time is thin enough for children to be able to bend the shoe along the contour and glue the necessary places.

From the same office supplies, stickers with sticky edges from which we make beautiful calla lilies are perfect for crafts.

I really liked the idea of ​​such an applique or postcard, where a bird hugs its chick. Be sure to take this option as an idea.

And these are the blanks for the dove and the owlet. The design of the owl is presented below in the article.

I couldn’t ignore the bear either. It may be a panda, but it is very easy to make from cotton pads. Additions can be changed.

Kids can paint plates and give them to their mothers. Bright colors, patterns and dots look simply magical.

For a large bouquet, use the children’s hands or you can take a template and ask the children to decorate

Print your palms on white or colored paper

Step-by-step instructions on how to make a beautiful card for Mother’s Day

  1. Fold the pink paper in half and cut out a heart from it. Открытка на День матери своими руками, мастер-классы с фото для детского сада и 1–3 классов
  2. Place the heart in the middle of the front side of the card and begin to secure it with tape. Открытка на День матери своими руками, мастер-классы с фото для детского сада и 1–3 классов
    Открытка на День матери своими руками, мастер-классы с фото для детского сада и 1–3 классов
  3. After the entire front side is decorated, take a stationery knife and carefully cut out the heart. Открытка на День матери своими руками, мастер-классы с фото для детского сада и 1–3 классов
    Открытка на День матери своими руками, мастер-классы с фото для детского сада и 1–3 классов
  4. Glue the heart inside the card. Открытка на День матери своими руками, мастер-классы с фото для детского сада и 1–3 классов
    Открытка на День матери своими руками, мастер-классы с фото для детского сада и 1–3 классов
  5. In place of the heart on the front side we make a congratulatory inscription. Ready! Открытка на День матери своими руками, мастер-классы с фото для детского сада и 1–3 классов
    Открытка на День матери своими руками, мастер-классы с фото для детского сада и 1–3 классов

A simple gift for mom with your own hands, paper flowers

The next souvenir I want to show you is paper flowers. They are very often given as a gift for such a holiday, and on March 8th too. There are many options, but I would like to show you a bouquet that you can create together with sweets. Cool idea, isn’t it?

We will need:

  • scrapbooking paper
  • any candies
  • bamboo sticks cellophane
  • glue or glue gun
  • scissors
  • pencil
  • green corrugated tape
  • colored ribbons


1. Wrap each candy in a plastic bag, like in this picture below. If the candies are flat, then you can even put two pieces.

2. Then, after you have crumpled up the cellophane, take the stick and insert it into it.

DIY Mother’s Day cards made from paper - 60 ideas with photos and diagrams

3. To secure the bamboo, you will need green adhesive tape or regular tape. You can also take regular corrugated paper in the form of a long strip and rewind the stick with it. In some places, glue it with glue so that the paper does not unravel.

4. Using a simple pencil, make designs of flowers and leaves.

5. Now bend each petal up.

6. Pierce each bud with a bamboo stick from top to bottom. The candy will be inside the flower.

7. Now glue each petal, or rather its edge, to each other using a gun.

8. Add more petals to make the tulip even more voluminous.

9. Next, continue working on the stem, glue the leaves to it. And your souvenir will be completely ready. If you want, you can find even more ideas for such sweet gifts in my other post. Feel free to follow the link.

And the second autumn-spring option in the form of a large basket or pot, but with a lush mass of flowers.

We will need:

  • colored napkins of different shades and white
  • inflated air balloon
  • PVA glue and superglue
  • any basket
  • stapler
  • white threads


1. Cover the balloon with white napkins, make it look like decoupage. You need to dilute PVA glue in water in the proportions of 0.5 tbsp of glue per 100 ml of ordinary water.

Allow the wipes to dry completely. As soon as this happens, release the air.

2. In the meantime, while the product is drying, you can do other work. Crumple the yellow napkin (which is already folded four times, they are packed like this in the pack) in half, then in half again. Along the edge, cut out a shape resembling a circle.

3. Also fold the blue napkin in half. Cut out a circle, it should be larger than the yellow one. Cut the edges of the workpiece.

4. Now connect the two pieces with a stapler.

5. Afterwards, gently fluff the flower with your hands. You need to make a whole bunch of such blanks to cover the entire balloon.

6. Decorate the craft with flowers and glue the base to the basket.

For collaboration, you can also do work in the kirigami style. Or decorate a music room or group or classroom with such flowers. You fold a piece of paper in the same way as if you were making a snowflake for a window.

The result will please you and will never disappoint you. Take note.