DIY gifts: 3 free ways

Nowadays, people are less and less faced with the problem of choosing a gift, since in modern stores you can buy anything. And yet, DIY gifts are becoming increasingly popular.

What gift can you make with your own hands?

Absolutely anyone! First you need to think about what the person who is destined for the gift likes.
. And also who this person is: is he just a colleague or a close relative.

You can make your own: sofa cushions, paintings from threads and nails, bouquets of candies and other sweets, cards, accessories, Christmas tree decorations, soft dolls, coffee and money trees, a candlestick and much more.

мягкие куклы своими руками на подарок

How to make a picture from threads?

For such a panel you will need: a piece of board, strong threads (preferably floss), small nails, a hammer and masking tape.

First we prepare the surface of the board: it needs to be sanded with sandpaper
, can be coated with paint or varnish. Next you need to apply the drawing itself. Then you need to drive in the nails
into the board to the same depth along the contour of the future drawing.

подарок картина из гвоздей и ниток своими руками

And here’s the most interesting thing – we wrap the carnations with threads. This can be done in any order, constantly changing the direction so that an acute angle is obtained. You need to grab each nail once.

картина на подарок из ниток и гвоздей

How to make an edible bouquet?

Such DIY gifts are now the most popular among other handmade items. It’s very beautiful and tasty. For a child you can make a bouquet of sweets, for a girl – from vegetables and fruits, and for a man – from vegetables and meat products.

мужской букет из продуктов

The components of the bouquet are attached to skewers or toothpicks. You can use foil, corrugated paper, ribbons and other decorations as decoration. This method is shareware, but the picture can be made using products provided by the birthday person.

букет из фруктов своими руками

How to make a picture from scrapbooking paper?

For the painting you will need a white Whatman paper, a large frame, two black sheets, scissors, a ruler, a pencil, a glue gun, scrapbooking paper and various decorative elements

скрапбукинг своими руками на шкатулку

On whatman paper we mark the outlines of the frame, then we mark where the elements of the panel itself will be located, cut it out of black paper
contours and paste them onto whatman paper. Now you need to glue scrap paper with any design into each black frame. It is allowed that they contrast with each other.

открытка своими руками из бумаги

All that remains is to decorate the resulting panel with decorative elements
: beads, paper flowers, satin ribbons, you can add photographs or inscriptions. Handmade gifts convey warmth and care. They are performed with love and are therefore more dear to the heart.

More ways to make your own gifts are shown in the video below.