DIY doll crafts – 115 new photo ideas for LOL and Barbie dolls

What nature will give

Don’t forget about natural materials that you can collect while walking with your child.

Sufficiently thick branches will be useful to make eco-friendly chairs or benches.

  1. The twigs are dried and can be coated with colorless varnish.
  2. For a curved back, you need to soak the branch in water for a day, then bend it to the desired shape and secure it with an elastic band.
  3. Prepare a full-size product template.
  4. The branches are cut according to the template, then connected, gluing together according to the pattern.
Как сделать великолепную мебель для кукол своими руками – фото, советы и лайфхаки
From twigs you can make a variety of garden furniture for dolls, as well as a furniture frame for the house itself

This is a cheap and interesting option for furniture for dolls.

Making a variety of furniture for dolls with your own hands: what scrap materials can you use?

What can doll furniture be made from? All kinds of materials are suitable for this:

  • any plastic construction set, including Lego;
  • paper;
  • cardboard;
  • tree;
  • plastic;
  • plywood;
  • variety of boxes;
  • egg tablets;
  • wire;
  • felt, fabric.
Как сделать великолепную мебель для кукол своими руками – фото, советы и лайфхаки
Furniture for dolls can be made from any available materials, for example, metal plugs

For finishing crafts, various small decorative elements that you always have in the house will be useful: buttons, bows, pieces of beautiful fabric, beads, ready-made flowers.

Как сделать великолепную мебель для кукол своими руками – фото, советы и лайфхаки
Don’t forget about decorating furniture for dolls

Tools you will need:

  • ruler;
  • large supply of PVA glue;
  • hot gun;
  • double-sided tape and plain tape;
  • scissors;
  • paper knife;
  • awl;
  • sandpaper;
  • jigsaw;
  • wire.

A girl will definitely like DIY furniture for dolls.

Paper and cardboard for miniature furniture

It’s easy to make a variety of furniture from thick paper or plain cardboard.

You can often see paper construction kits on sale that offer prefabricated furniture. The parts of such a construction set must be cut out, bent along the marked folds and glued together. This is the easiest option to make paper furniture. however, these are rather fragile products, and they are also produced for small dolls.

A more complex option is to make the craft yourself, using cardboard or corrugated cardboard, as well as beautiful paper.

Как сделать великолепную мебель для кукол своими руками – фото, советы и лайфхаки
Cardboard can be used to make not only doll furniture, but also household appliances

Let’s try to make a small newspaper table with a mosaic top.


  • white and colored cardboard;
  • toothpicks;
  • thick thread.

Useful tools include a ruler, a knife or scissors, an awl, and glue.

Step-by-step progress:

  1. Cut the tabletop based on the desired dimensions. Holes for the legs are made in the corners of the tabletop. To make the table elegant, it will be decorated with wickerwork. For it, holes are also made at the bottom under the tabletop at intervals of 0.2 cm.
  2. Prepare a mosaic by cutting identical squares from colored cardboard. Glue the mosaic onto the surface.
  3. Toothpicks are inserted into the holes in the lower part of the tabletop, which will become the basis of the weaving. Strengthen the toothpicks with glue.
  4. Insert the legs, strengthen them with glue, wrap them with thick thread and also fix them with glue.
  5. The end of the thread is attached to the tabletop, then the thread is passed through toothpick stands using the alternating principle. You need to weave tightly, without tightening the structure.
  6. The top and bottom of the weave can be decorated with a braid, also woven from thread and set with glue.
  7. You can make a shelf between the legs of the table. To do this, 2 dense threads are tied crosswise, a cardboard rectangle is placed on top of them, and secured with glue. You can decorate the shelf with a thread braid.
Как сделать великолепную мебель для кукол своими руками – фото, советы и лайфхаки
Such a coffee table for a paper doll will look very natural

Such a table can be large or small, the tabletop can be decorated at your discretion and varnished.

Using a variety of patterns, you can furnish all the rooms of the doll house with homemade paper furniture, creating an original interior.

How to make a variety of paper furniture:

  1. Dining table. For the tabletop you need durable cardboard, for the legs – tubes. They can be wrapped in paper and glued. The legs are attached at the corners. The table can be decorated as you wish.
  2. Simple sofa. The back and 2 sides are cut out. For the base seat, you either need to make a box, or take matchboxes and glue them together. The base is wrapped with tape. The back and sides are glued. To make the sofa beautiful and look like a real one, you can cover it with thick fabric or felt.
Как сделать великолепную мебель для кукол своими руками – фото, советы и лайфхаки
From simple cardboard blanks you can make a crib for a doll

The child will arrange such furniture while playing with pleasure.

Wooden ice cream sticks

Flat sticks make wonderful benches and cribs.

For the crib, you need to glue together a cardboard base for the baby doll. Then the painted sticks are glued around the perimeter, forming rods. They are secured on top with another stick or cardboard tape.

Как сделать великолепную мебель для кукол своими руками – фото, советы и лайфхаки
Steps for making a chair from popsicle sticks

For a garden bench, a seat is made from sticks gathered into a continuous ribbon, and a back is made from sticks placed at equal intervals. All this is attached to a cardboard or wire base.

Using wire to make doll furniture

Even wire comes in handy to make dollhouse accessories and furniture pieces.


  • wire;
  • fabric;
  • batting;
  • hot gun.

Work progress:

  1. Two pieces of wire are bent in the shape of the letter P.
  2. Then we bend one part of the letter “P” for the legs, and the other for the back of the chair.
  3. For the seat, you need to cut out three cardboard parts, based on the size of the chair.
  4. Cut a piece of batting 2 times the width of the chair seat and wrap each cardboard 2 times, securing everything with glue.
  5. Wrap the seats in a beautiful fabric, securing the seam from the inside, under the seat. This pillow is glued to a wire frame – it turns out to be a place to sit.
  6. 2 more cardboards are needed for the back. They are applied on both sides, a wire passes between them, everything is connected with glue.
  7. The back is also wrapped in batting and fabric.
Как сделать великолепную мебель для кукол своими руками – фото, советы и лайфхаки
Making a chair from wire is not as difficult as it might seem at first

How to decide on sizes

Dolls, their houses and furnishings are smaller versions of us and our homes. And the most reliable way to make doll furniture with your own hands and not make a mistake is to measure real objects, reduce them several times, and then work with the obtained values.

Мебель для кукол - копии нашей мебели
Furniture for dolls – copies of our furniture

How much to reduce the actual dimensions depends on how small or large the doll is, because they range from 7 cm to 60 cm or even higher. Accordingly, they need furniture of different sizes. To determine the number by which the actual dimensions should be divided, divide the average human height in centimeters (170 cm) by the height of the doll. Let’s get some number. This is how you will need to divide the dimensions of real furniture.

For example, the height of the doll is 15 cm. We calculate: 170 cm / 15 cm = 11.3. It is by this number that we divide all the parameters of “human” furniture. It is also worth saying that 14-15 cm is the most popular size among the doll population. Therefore, most of the finished furniture is made in a ratio of 1:12.

Примерные размеры мебели для кукольных детей
Approximate dimensions of furniture for doll children

So, the most common doll sizes:

  • male doll 150 mm;
  • female doll – 140 mm;
  • baby doll – 75-100 mm;
  • toy baby – 65-75 mm.

If you need furniture for dolls of similar sizes, its parameters will be as follows:

If the toys you have are slightly larger/smaller, you don’t have to adjust the sizes. If the difference is large, you will have to increase or decrease (or you can calculate it yourself).

How to work with templates

To make a piece of furniture, you must first make a pattern. This is a development that bends along the intended lines, forming the desired figure. If you need to assemble a whole set of furniture, then first it is recommended to make a template. This is a figure cut out of cardboard or thick paper.

It is applied to a sheet of material and traced with a pencil along the perimeter from the outside and inside (if there are holes). Making a template takes some time, but later it allows you to quickly outline the details and assemble toy furniture. In this case, all objects turn out exactly the same.

Templates are different:

  • patterns of individual walls or doors intended for the manufacture of plywood parts;
  • developments, which allow you to immediately obtain a finished three-dimensional figure if you bend them along the intended lines;
  • combined templates, partially representing developments, but not allowing to obtain a finished figure.

Templates can be made using ready-made drawings, of which there are many in the public domain, or from sketches created by yourself. The second option is preferable if the furniture is made together with the child. It will be much more interesting for a child to show his imagination and create his own version than to use a ready-made, albeit more attractive, solution.

If the pattern does not have curved elements, the easiest way is to attach it to a sheet of material and prick the corners with a needle. Then you need to find the puncture sites on the surface and connect them with lines, obtaining an exact copy of the drawing. After this, the template is cut out with scissors, a sharp knife or a jigsaw. The choice of tool depends on personal preferences and the characteristics of the material.

Sometimes templates are made from plastic – this is usually done when you need to make several sets or subsequently you plan to reuse the samples to assemble doll furniture.

Curved lines can be marked in the same way, only the needle pricks must be frequent. They make up a dotted broken figure, allowing you to draw it with sufficient accuracy. The steeper the curvature, the smaller the distance between the marks.

How to make a doll bedside table with drawers

DIY doll crafts - 115 new photo ideas for LOL and Barbie dolls

You will need:

  • Several boxes of matches according to the number of boxes.
  • Cardboard strip, wide enough to cover the required number of boxes.
  • Shiny foil.
  • Scissors, glue.
  • Several golden plastic beads according to the number of boxes.

Take the boxes and stack them lengthwise. You should have a table of the planned height. A few pieces can be removed or added, depending on the final idea. Glue the parts of the boxes stacked in a row. Take the cardboard, bend it in the right places, completely wrap it around the side where there are no drawers. Then glue the cardboard. When finished, carefully trim its edges with scissors and begin decorating.

DIY doll crafts - 115 new photo ideas for LOL and Barbie dolls

Decorating a glamorous bedside table can be different. If you cover it with shiny colored paper, similar to multi-colored foil, it will create a glamorous look, especially if it is crimson, silver, or gold. If you want the bedside table to look like a real one, then use imitation wood, colored wallpaper with small patterns, or paper similar to them. This is sold in children’s art stores.

Gently straighten the paper and apply glue to the reverse side. Spread it so that the foil becomes even. Then cover the back and sides with paper, level it until it dries. This is done with the side of a ruler or a blunt turn of the knife.

Once it’s dry, start working on the handles. Take a bead and drop glue on its base. Place it in the middle of the drawer drawer. Do the same with the rest of the beads, which should form an even row. They can be replaced with voluminous self-adhesive rhinestones. When they dry, the bedside table is ready.

Fireplace from a box

A small box can easily turn into a fireplace that will warm a doll’s cottage.


  • box with rim;
  • napkins;
  • glue;
  • cardboard;
  • acrylic paints;
  • tape;
  • twine;
  • plastic bottle.


  1. Cut a half from the box – this will be a blank for the fireplace. We cover it with white paint.
  2. We cover a sheet of cardboard with 3-5 layers of white napkin, crumpling it a little and creating texture. Then we cover it with brown paint, wait for it to dry, and cut it into small rectangles – these will be the bricks for facing the fireplace.
  3. We coat the fireplace with glue and lay out imitation brickwork.
  4. For the grate, measure the required height and width according to the size of the front part of the fireplace, transfer the project to cardboard and glue transparent tape on top. Next comes the twine: after treating it with glue, you need to lay it on top of the lattice pattern. When the glue dries, cover the grille first with black paint, then lightly gold – for beauty. You can additionally coat it with varnish – and the grille is ready. By the way, you can also make a balcony or balcony grille.
  5. For the base of the fireplace, you can use gold or silver thick cardboard. Having measured the width and depth of the fireplace, add 1-2 cm and cut it out. Glue it.
  6. A fire in the fireplace is also not difficult to make. To do this, thin strips are cut from a plastic bottle and heated over a fire. The stripes will curl up like flames. The plastic should be painted red.
  7. Firewood is cut from a twig and a fire is glued to it. All parts are placed in the fireplace.
  8. If you attach an LED light bulb from the inside, the fireplace will shine like a real one!
Как сделать великолепную мебель для кукол своими руками – фото, советы и лайфхаки
Stages of making a fireplace from cardboard

Doll furniture constructors

There are ready-made furniture designers for dolls on sale. The parts in these products are made of thin plywood, cardboard or corrugated cardboard, and paper.

Как сделать великолепную мебель для кукол своими руками – фото, советы и лайфхаки
The constructor is used for self-assembly of a dollhouse or furniture

Manufacturers produce both traditional sets, such as Children’s, Bathroom, Kitchen, Living Room, and unusual ones. For example, you can find a cardboard construction set “Artist’s Studio” or “Sewing Workshop”. These are three-dimensional puzzles that develop spatial thinking.

Как сделать великолепную мебель для кукол своими руками – фото, советы и лайфхаки
The dollhouse can also be made of cardboard

To work with such construction kits, you do not need glue or scissors.


A modern fashionable hanging chair can be easily made from half a round plastic clear packaging for children’s toys. A hole is made in the half, a thin metal chain is attached, and the chair is hung in the doll’s living room.

Как сделать великолепную мебель для кукол своими руками – фото, советы и лайфхаки
A chair can be made from an ordinary plastic bottle


Any size piece of polyethylene foam will do. They are usually placed in boxes with household appliances and dishes.

What you will need:

  • polystyrene foam or polyethylene foam;
  • tape;
  • crepe satin;
  • foam rubber;
  • threads, needles;
  • decor – lace, braid.

Work progress:

  1. It is necessary to cut the polyethylene to the size of the future bed – double or single, measuring the doll. It’s not a big deal if there are holes in some places – they need to be filled in by cutting them out of unnecessary pieces. Scotch tape is perfect for gluing. They simply wrap the entire structure.
  2. The headboard of the bed is cut out in the same way – rectangular or oval.
  3. The legs are cut to fit the width of the bed.
  4. The bed base, legs and backrest are covered with fabric. The result is an elegant bed frame.
  5. The mattress can be cut from foam rubber.
  6. Next comes the creative process. A mattress cover is sewn onto the mattress, and bed linen or a bedspread with pillows is sewn onto the bed. All this is decorated to your liking. You can sew a curtain to the bedspread set from the same fabric.
Как сделать великолепную мебель для кукол своими руками – фото, советы и лайфхаки
Making a bed from polyethylene foam for a doll

Wooden doll furniture

What could be better than wooden products!

Wood, as a material at hand, is safe for health, has a pleasant smell and texture, can be processed in different ways and allows you to make amazing pieces of furniture for a doll’s apartment.

How to make a sofa.


  • boards 0.5 cm thick;
  • saw or jigsaw;
  • sandpaper;
  • screws or nails;
  • upholstery fabric;
  • glue.
Как сделать великолепную мебель для кукол своими руками – фото, советы и лайфхаки
Wooden doll sofa is a great option for children, as it is environmentally friendly

Work progress:

  1. Draw a sofa template. The sofa will consist of 5 parts: the largest one is the base, the same seat and back, 2 armrests.
  2. Cut out all the elements of the sofa. Treat with sandpaper.
  3. Attach the sides and back to the base with furniture nails.
  4. The workpiece is covered with fabric
  5. The lower part of the sofa is completely covered with fabric and attached to the base.
  6. You can sew a mattress and pillows on the sofa.
Как сделать великолепную мебель для кукол своими руками – фото, советы и лайфхаки
Making a wooden sofa for a doll

An interesting option is to use natural materials. So, for the armrests of the sofa, small, neatly sawed-off round blocks will be useful, and for the back – a flat board. The bars and the back are covered with stain. The base of the sofa is covered or covered with leatherette. You will get a unique designer sofa.

Wood makes a beautiful dining set or cabinet. To do this, all elements are cut out according to prepared templates, covered with stain or paint and connected with screws or nails.

Как сделать великолепную мебель для кукол своими руками – фото, советы и лайфхаки
Furniture for dolls made of wood should be well polished and free of splinters

Doll furniture made from plastic construction sets

Children’s plastic construction sets can be found in every home. Making a play furniture set from it is as easy as shelling pears; even a child can do it with his own hands, showing inspiration and imagination.

Как сделать великолепную мебель для кукол своими руками – фото, советы и лайфхаки
There are entire Lego houses for dolls

From Lego parts you can put together a bed and a chair, of course, you can easily make a table. What’s good about this type of furniture? It can be taken apart and made into something else. The prefabricated construction set takes up little space in the apartment.

Doll bookcase or shelf made of rulers

You can make furniture for dolls with your own hands from school wooden rulers. They are good because they are already processed and have the same width and thickness. In the stationery store you can find the right size – larger/smaller, wider/narrower – as desired. For example, to make a doll bookcase you need 6 rulers 15 cm long.

Сделать игрушечную книжную полку из деревянных линеек просто
Making a toy bookshelf from wooden rulers is easy

You will also need a jigsaw for this work. If you have an electric one, great; if not, a manual one will do, since there’s not too much work. You also need fine-grain sandpaper, glue (PVA or wood glue) and paints (acrylic or gouache).

We cut segments from the rulers: 4 pieces of 6 cm, one – 8 cm. Sand the edges until smooth, also remove the markings and barcodes. Between the two rulers we place the shelves (which are 6 cm each), on top we leave approximately the same distance – under the lid (a segment of 8 cm).

Из линеек можно делать и другие предметы мебели для кукол
You can use rulers to make other pieces of furniture for dolls

To obtain an even and bright color, it is better to cover the structure with white, and after drying, paint it with the desired shade. You can also decorate doll furniture made by yourself using the decoupage technique.

Furniture for dolls: photo ideas

You can make furniture for dolls with your own hands from the most unexpected materials. You have already seen how to use newspapers and wooden rulers. But you can make tables, chairs, armchairs, sofas, beds, shelves, cabinets, etc. from ice cream sticks.

You probably already understood why this material is good – it has rounded, processed edges, is the same in size and is well processed. If the sticks seem too rough, sand them down smooth using fine-grit sandpaper.

Clothespins make good armchairs and stools. They are disassembled into halves and joined using wood glue. Curly products are obtained in almost a few tens of minutes.

Wooden clothespins are almost always used to make doll furniture. But no one forbids taking plastic ones. Working with them is exactly the same, only the difficulty is that wooden ones are easier to modify by changing the thickness, shape, etc. If the product is simple and does not require any modification, you can use plastic ones. They are more varied in shape and size, and are already painted, so there is less fuss with them.

As your skill increases, you can switch to more complex materials – plywood or wood. The difficulty is that turning and cutting out miniature parts requires filigree precision, perseverance and takes a lot of time. But you can do whatever you want.

Сделать мебель для кукол своими руками можно любого размера, стиля
You can make furniture for dolls with your own hands of any size, style

Felt furniture

First you need to make a bed pattern and cut it out:

  • large rectangle (the bed itself) – 2 pcs;
  • bed sides (long parts) – 2 pieces;
  • back and foot (short ends) – 2 pcs;
  • column legs (smaller rectangle) – 4 pcs;
  • ends of the legs (circles) – 2 per leg.

Work progress:

  1. Legs. The felt is coated with glue and rolled into a roll; after drying, the ends are attached at the top and bottom.
  2. Making the base of the bed is simple: all the sides and ends are sewn to one large flat piece.
  3. Then the second large part is sewn on, while the seam remains unfinished – the bed is stuffed with padding polyester through the hole.
  4. The hole is sutured.
  5. The legs are sewn on. The bed is placed in the bedroom.
Как сделать великолепную мебель для кукол своими руками – фото, советы и лайфхаки
Making a felt bed with your own hands

Using the same principle, you can sew a sofa, armchair, or ottoman. The craftswomen even make a refrigerator and a clock.

It’s easy to make a cute carpet from felt; even a little girl can do this kind of needlework. A rectangle is cut out of felt of the desired color, a pattern is drawn on the fabric with markers, and you can also glue fringe along the edge. A felt carpet will decorate your living room or toilet; the carpet can be hung on the wall or placed on the floor.

Как сделать великолепную мебель для кукол своими руками – фото, советы и лайфхаки
Using the same principle, you can make the rest of the furniture from felt

Soft felt makes cute pillows, especially if you sew decorative pink flowers onto them.

Unnecessary dishes


  • old soap dish or shallow bowl;
  • earring clasps – 4 pcs.

Work progress:

  1. Fasteners are glued at regular intervals around the outer circumference of the cup.
  2. You can paint edging with acrylic paint or use a stencil to create patterns.
  3. The bathtub is ready, you can put it in its designated place and start bathing!
Как сделать великолепную мебель для кукол своими руками – фото, советы и лайфхаки
From old dishes you can make a bathtub and sink

Plastic jar

From a jar or half of a shampoo bottle you can make a toilet and sink.

Как сделать великолепную мебель для кукол своими руками – фото, советы и лайфхаки
Toilets for dolls can be made from shampoo and soap packaging

Newspaper doll wardrobe

You will need old newspapers, PVA glue with a brush, a glue gun, a couple of pieces of wire or thread, wrapping paper for finishing the cabinet or paint.

We roll up thick tubes from newspapers, coat them with PVA around the edge and leave them to dry. Then the tubes can be glued together. A glue gun is better suited for this operation. There are two ways: first collect large blocks, then cut them into fragments of the required length, or immediately cut the tubes of the required length and immediately glue the blanks to size. The second way is more painstaking, but there is less waste.

Собираем плоскости из газетных трубочек
Assembling planes from newspaper tubes

The finished cabinet walls must be fastened together. To firmly fix an angle of 90°, it is better to use a thin wire. First coat the joints with glue, then use wire to pull the walls together. If the wires are in the way, they can be removed after the glue has dried.

Под полочки приклеиваем держатели
Glue holders
under the shelves

The bottom, top, and shelves are glued using the same technology. The doors will need to be made a little differently. To make them open, two strips about 1.5 cm wide are cut out of tape. Tape is glued along the edge of the door so that a little more than half hangs in the air.

Крепление дверки на проволоку
Fastening the door with wire

The second way to secure the doors is with wire. Only this time it should be tough and thick enough. Cut a piece that is 2 cm longer than the height of the cabinet. Immediately make a loop on the wire on one side using 1 cm. We bend the loop at an angle of 90° to the wire.

We make holes in the bottom and roof, pass a wire through the bottom, the loop remains at the bottom. We put the door on the wire, using the outer tube instead of hinges. Slightly bending the wire, we thread it through the hole in the cabinet roof, bend the excess, fixing the door.

Готовый шкаф для кукол из газет
Ready-made wardrobe for dolls made from newspapers

There are still some little things that need to be said a few words. Cabinet legs and handles can also be made from paper tubes. You just need to roll them from the paper you use to decorate the toy. Roll it into a tight roll, glue the edge with glue, then cut it into pieces of the required length and glue it in the right places. Instead of tubes there can be wooden sticks, beads, etc.

Useful little things for dolls

A doll with a handbag looks very stylish if you make it with your own farts. You can take a real women’s handbag as a sample or come up with a model yourself. Cut out parts from fabric or leather, sew them together, and sew on handles. You can decorate such handbags with bows, ribbons, bugles, beads, buttons, etc.

You can make dress shoes for the doll. The sole is cut out of cardboard. Then, applying the sole to the doll’s foot, sew the top of the fabric shoe. Then glue the outer part of the sole and let it dry. A heel of any shape is cut out of cardboard and glued to the sole. If you cover the shoes with glitter nail polish, the doll will turn into a real doll model.

To make an umbrella for a doll, you need to take 4 hairpins and cut them in half, bending the ends on one side. Then remove the metal ball from the ballpoint pen refill and place all the pins in it. Pour some glue into the rod and let it dry.

We wind the thread onto the pins, starting from the center to the outer edge. You need to wrap it tightly. Once finished, you need to make a knot. The lower part of the rod needs to be melted. The threads must be painted over with acrylic paint, leaving no gaps. Let dry. Glue lace along the bottom of the umbrella. The stylish thing is ready.

All dolls have hats. For the hat, you need to cut out three elements from the fabric: the bottom, the crown and the brim from 4 parts. Apply glue to the fabric and let it dry, then it will become rigid and will hold any shape. Using the same pattern, you need to cut out the details of the outer part of the hat from a beautiful fabric.

In one article it is impossible to talk about all the things that can be made for dolls. On the Internet you can find a huge number of photos, videos, and master classes on how to do such things. Thanks to them, you can create a home for the doll, a wardrobe and many other useful things for the doll to please your daughters and granddaughters.

Step-by-step instructions

For the project to be successful, you need to proceed step by step, working with any material:

  1. Measure the space allocated for doll furniture, determine its size based on the size of dolls or other toys.
  2. Select and prepare materials and tools.
  3. Develop a furniture sketch and make a pattern.
  4. Get to work and believe that everything will work out!
Как сделать великолепную мебель для кукол своими руками – фото, советы и лайфхаки
First you need to prepare patterns or drawings of doll furniture

Decorating techniques

The production of products ends with the decoration process. This is the finishing of finished furniture in various ways to obtain an attractive and elegant appearance of the product. Different methods of decoration can be used here:

  • Coloring. One of the most affordable and simplest options. Any child has watercolor paints with which he (or she) will be happy to decorate the dollhouse and all the furniture.
  • Decoupage. This is a more complex technology. Cut out the finished image from any magazine, postcard or other sources. The design is pasted onto the surface of the furniture, after which a protective layer of varnish is applied. Usually, before decorating, the desired area is painted so that there are no “bare” areas left.
  • Finishing with self-adhesive film. This method will allow you to get a cardboard or plywood cabinet that looks like it was assembled from natural wood or stone. A convenient and fast way that does not require effort. However, for the success of the event, maximum accuracy and thoroughness will be required. To decorate elements that appear to be made of metal, you can use special tape.
  • Fabric trim. Here the upholstery of upholstered furniture is imitated or textile interior elements are created: tablecloths, curtains, pillows, etc.

A set of furniture for a teenage girl, tips for choosing

All decoration options will look equally impressive, provided that enough effort was put into the processing process. Usually the most affordable and preferred method of decorating furniture is chosen.

Методы декорирования мебели для кукольного домика своими руками
Методы декорирования мебели для кукольного домика своими руками
Методы декорирования мебели для кукольного домика своими руками
Методы декорирования мебели для кукольного домика своими руками


Even plastic bottle caps will come in handy. They are covered with thick fabric, under which a thin layer of synthetic padding is placed – the result is ottomans. Stepping back 0.5 cm from above, a thin satin ribbon is glued; the legs can be made from beads.

Как сделать великолепную мебель для кукол своими руками – фото, советы и лайфхаки
Simple ottomans for dolls can be made from plastic corks

Fabric accessories

Fabric is definitely used to make a dollhouse for girls cozy! It can be quickly decorated or decorated. Fabric can be used to make not only upholstery for a sofa, but also a bean bag chair.

Как сделать великолепную мебель для кукол своими руками – фото, советы и лайфхаки
Pattern of a bean bag chair for a doll

Dressing table made from boxes

Crafts made from paper and cardboard are the easiest option for arranging a toy interior; they will become a kind of warm-up before developing complex projects. To make such furniture for dolls with your own hands, you will need:

  • a small box, for example, for hair dye;
  • pencil and ruler;
  • glue;
  • stationery knife and scissors;
  • foil;
  • colored paper or white (the product can later be colored with pencils, felt-tip pens or paints).

First of all, you need to find out the future height of the dressing table; it should be such that the doll can be placed in front of an improvised mirror. If we take into account the standard parameters, the box should be cut at a height of 6-8 cm. From the remaining material it is necessary to form a blank for a mirror with a height of 15-16 cm; it can be either rectangular or shaped.

DIY doll crafts - 115 new photo ideas for LOL and Barbie dolls

Cardboard furniture for dollhouse DIY doll crafts - 115 new photo ideas for LOL and Barbie dolls

Dollhouse out of the box

Universal matchbox chest of drawers

Any doll will need a chest of drawers in the house, in which you can put various useful little things.

For needlework you will need:

  • 3–4 matchboxes;
  • beads – 8 pieces;
  • acrylic paints;
  • colored paper;
  • glue.
Как сделать великолепную мебель для кукол своими руками – фото, советы и лайфхаки
It is necessary to prepare several matchboxes and related consumables, as well as decor

Work progress:

  1. Paint the inside of the box drawers in bright colors.
  2. While the boxes are drying, the boxes are glued together in a stack. If the chest of drawers has one row of drawers, then 3-4 boxes are glued vertically. If there are two rows, it means that two stacks of boxes are connected by sidewalls.
  3. The entire structure must be wrapped in beautiful paper and glued. You can use self-adhesive paper to imitate wood, you can cover the chest of drawers with thin cardboard and decorate it with napkin motifs, or you can paint it.
  4. The front parts of the boxes are painted or glued.
  5. 4 beads are glued to the bottom of the almost finished chest of drawers in the corners – these are the legs.
  6. Beads can be glued to the boxes, or they can be sewn on – this way they will stick better and you will get handles.
  7. The drawers are slid into place and the chest of drawers finds its place in the house.
Как сделать великолепную мебель для кукол своими руками – фото, советы и лайфхаки
To make the chest of drawers look like a real one, you can paint the boxes

You can easily make a real dressing table from a chest of drawers. To do this, cut out a semicircular backdrop from cardboard and cover it with good foil – this will be a mirror. The backdrop is glued to the back of the dresser.

The combinations of glued matchboxes are truly endless! This could be a solid desk with cabinets and a drawer, a sideboard, a buffet, school desks, even a telephone booth! A sofa made from boxes, covered with felt, will become a cozy addition to your home.

Как сделать великолепную мебель для кукол своими руками – фото, советы и лайфхаки
From boxes you can make a wide variety of furniture for dolls

Felt is an excellent material for playing

It’s easy to make furniture for dolls and the house itself from soft, pleasant-to-touch felt.

Such a soft house can look like a handbag or a book, and it can also be hung on the wall.

The house pattern is drawn in full size, then the template is cut into parts, each with its own color. A fairytale house with a castle roof and a chimney looks beautiful. We must not forget about the windows and door!

Как сделать великолепную мебель для кукол своими руками – фото, советы и лайфхаки
Felt dollhouse books have become popular recently; they are suitable even for the youngest children

At the next stage, the pattern elements are laid out on sheets of felt of different colors and cut out.

Pay attention!
It should be taken into account that there are hard and soft felt of different thicknesses on sale. Felt is easy to sew and glue; it is a plastic material that is pleasant to the touch.

Doll wardrobe

You will need:

  • 1, 2 nightstands (see “How to make a nightstand”).
  • 6 Barbie Coffee Tables (see Barbie Coffee Table).
  • Large cardboard for the back wall.
  • Cardboard for the cabinet door (this could be part of a cream box).
  • Beads according to the number of doors.
  • Silver foil that looks like a mirror.
  • Scissors, glue and tape.

First, place the boxes across the cardboard area. This will be the back wall of the closet. Place the matchboxes in a row in the middle. Having determined the required quantity and proportions, get to work. Make a bedside table with drawers as in the description. The table, which acts as a shelf in a closet, needs some work.

When selecting parts, it is important that all boxes are the same height and width, then it will look beautiful and neat. When you have decided on the number of elements, trim off the excess. Get to work.

Identify the empty space. It must be covered in advance with silver foil that imitates a mirror. You can also paste a beautiful picture. It depends on personal taste. Experts do not recommend using two shiny textures in one set, and if you make all the bedside tables and cabinets from crimson shiny fabric, replace the mirror part with a beautiful photo. Paste it in advance. Hide the edges of the picture behind the cabinets.

When all the pieces are ready, glue them to the back wall. If you want the doors to close easily, attach a sticker or a lock to them. One part is attached to the door, the other to the side wall. They are made from hooks and fasteners. They hold the door securely.

DIY doll crafts - 115 new photo ideas for LOL and Barbie dolls

In addition to cabinets, tables and bedside tables, they also make upholstered furniture for Barbie. For example, a folding sofa. Such furniture for modern dolls will look bright and beautiful. And the material for design depends on your imagination. Here’s how to do it.