DIY Christmas balls for 2021

How to make Chinese balls: step-by-step instructions, description, photo

Anyone who has been to the Celestial Empire for celebrations has seen how people decorate their homes and neighborhoods with balloons, lanterns and other compositions to create a good holiday atmosphere. You can also make a small miracle for the New Year at home with your own hands. Let’s learn the technique of creating a Chinese honeycomb paper ball.


  • Paper (creped)
  • Stationery glue stick
  • Cardboard, scissors
  • A4 sheet
  • Thread, needle

Как сделать шары-соты?

How to make honeycomb balls?
Work progress

  1. Prepare at least twenty identical sheets of colored paper.
  2. On a white piece of paper, make marks that will conditionally divide these pieces of paper into 5-6 parts (equal).
  3. Then place the piece of paper, mark its borders and draw strips of glue through one.
  4. On the second piece of paper, draw stripes of glue where you have not drawn them yet.
  5. And so alternate each sheet.
  6. Then cut out a circle from cardboard. And do the same with colored paper.
  7. Divide the cardboard into two semicircles, glue them to the beginning and end of the colored paper.
  8. Connect the ends and glue them together. The result is a honeycomb ball.

Шар-сота - игрушка на елку

Honeycomb ball – Christmas tree toy
Chinese ribbed balls
They do it almost according to the same scheme given above, but gluing is done along horizontal lines. And cardboard blanks are made in the form of an arc. Their width is three to five centimeters. And they coat the colored paper with glue so that it is glued between the parts of the arcs. At the end, the edges of the arcs are connected to the cardboards and threads are attached to hang the product. Ребристые китайские шары

Ribbed Chinese balls

“spiky” paper ball

This type of New Year’s decoration is quite easy to make, even a child can handle it.

You will need:

  • Paper
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Thread and needle
  • Unnecessary school eraser

DIY Christmas balls for 2021

Take a sheet of paper, fold the triangle from the corner so that you then get a square. Cut off the excess part. Fold the resulting triangle into another triangle 2 times.

DIY Christmas balls for 2021

Make cuts from each tip towards the center, without cutting all the way through. Do the same with 10 circles.

DIY Christmas balls for 2021

By expanding the triangles, you get a square shape, with identical triangles at the ends. Roll each triangle into a “ball” and glue it with glue so that you get a sharp tip.

DIY Christmas balls for 2021

Take a school eraser, cut a small strip and cut it into 2 parts. Take a thread and a needle, making a large knot at the end of the thread in advance, and pass the needle through the eraser, through the middle of the resulting “needle” warp circle, on the smooth side.

DIY Christmas balls for 2021

Do this operation with 5 circles, attach the remaining 5 with the reverse side (smooth side up) so that the smooth side is on top and bottom. Using two pieces of eraser, pull the thread tighter to create a circle. The ball is ready.

DIY Christmas balls for 2021

“Spiky” balls can decorate a Christmas tree and New Year’s interior. Feel free to decorate the spines with rain or glitter.

DIY Christmas balls for 2021

Angel made from cotton pads, master class on how to make a DIY craft for Christmas

Ангел из ватных дисков главная

New Year and Christmas are joyful, bright holidays that give us a great mood, an atmosphere of warmth and comfort, and joy. And each of us tries to multiply this joy by giving gifts to family and friends. And it’s especially touching if these gifts are made with your own hands. These are the kind of cute crafts we will try to make. This will be a Christmas master class, you will learn how to make an angel from cotton pads with your own hands.

What you will need to make angels:

— Cotton pads (literally 2-3 pads);
— White threads;
– PVA glue;
– Scissors;
— Beads for decoration.

Ангел из ватных дисков 1

Step 1.
Making the head.

To make an angel’s head, you need to “gut” a cotton pad: divide it in half and collect all the cotton that is inside into a lump.

Ангел из ватных дисков 2

Place a ball of cotton wool in the center of half a cotton pad…

Ангел из ватных дисков 3

…we wrap the lump and tighten the disk with thread, forming a ball – we get a head.

Ангел из ватных дисков 4

Step 2.
Making the body.

To make the angel’s body, we need the second half of the gutted disk – we fold it in half and place the head blank on it.

Ангел из ватных дисков 5

“Wrap up” the base the way you would swaddle a baby, gluing the “diaper”:

Ангел из ватных дисков 6

Ангел из ватных дисков 7

You should get a triangle.

Ангел из ватных дисков 8

Step 3.
Making wings.

For the wings, you can take a whole disk. We cut out a wavy edge around the perimeter.

Ангел из ватных дисков 9

Cut the resulting workpiece in half

Ангел из ватных дисков 10

Step 4.
Glue the wings to the body.

Coat the angel’s body from the back with glue.

Ангел из ватных дисков 11

Glue the wings one by one. Back view:

Ангел из ватных дисков 12

Front view:

Ангел из ватных дисков 13

Step 5.
Decoration with beads.

Glue decorations in the form of beads and along the edges of the wings.

Ангел из ватных дисков 14

Step 6.
Making a halo loop.

We attach a small loop behind the angel’s back. If you bend it, it will look like a halo. Then it can be used to hang an angel on the Christmas tree

Ангел из ватных дисков 15

You can make two loops – hang on one, use the second as a halo.

Step 7.
Making hands.

The figurine can now be left as it turned out. But for even greater similarity, you can make hands. To do this, you need halves of the disk, which need to be cut in half, thereby obtaining quarters.

Ангел из ватных дисков 16

We roll the quarters into little balls, gluing the edges with glue and cut the top of the workpiece at an oblique angle – for a better fit of the sleeve to the body.

Ангел из ватных дисков 17

Glue the arms to the body and get this little angel.

Ангел из ватных дисков 18

It can be given as a New Year or Christmas souvenir, hung on the Christmas tree

Ангел из ватных дисков 19

Ангел из ватных дисков 20

Another Christmas angel with an alternative wing shape, cut out from the stencil

Ангел из ватных дисков 21

These Christmas angels can be made in literally an hour with your own hands
using simple available materials. In one day you can make small souvenirs for all your friends and family.

Large toys for outdoor Christmas tree


The first version of this toy is made of wire, decorated with twine. Decorations include plastic multi-colored balls and bright bows.

And this bell is made from… a figured flower pot! The white plastic base needs to be covered with pieces from computer disks. Tinsel is glued along the edge, and a loop is placed on top.


Just look at the beauty that came out of simple disposable plastic cups glued to a regular rubber ball. Cups can be used either transparent or made from multi-colored plastic. Tinsel is used as decoration.

“Magic Ball”. Yuryeva Violetta. Made from disposable plastic cups.

Materials for work: disposable plastic cups – 180 pcs., aluminum foil, tinsel glitter, rope, stapler and staples.

Connect plastic cups together in the form of two hemispheres, line the inside with foil and secure with tape. In one hemisphere, stretch a rope between the cups, tie a knot inside the sphere and secure it with tape to the foil so that the knot is on top of the foil.

And this ball is made of papier-mâché. An ordinary balloon, inflated with air, is covered with pieces of newspaper dipped in PVA glue. After drying, the craft becomes durable and strong. It can be decorated with paints, sparkles or multi-colored snowflakes.


This is a classic of the genre. It is based on a cylinder twisted from thick cardboard. It needs to be wrapped in shiny wrapping paper and tails made on the sides. The decor around the perimeter is satin or plastic ribbon.


Two options from different materials. A large white snowflake is cut out of a piece of thin foam using a stationery knife.

The second craft is glued together from strips of newspaper. To do this, sheets of newspaper are cut along the long side into 2 or 3 equal parts, each folded several times to form a dense strip. The middle is rolled up from strips of equal width, and the rays are glued to it. The top of the snowflake is painted with golden spray paint and varnished for durability.


The frame of the animal is cut out of hardboard or thick cardboard. The surface is covered with yellow oil paint; the craft can be decorated with silver tinsel. This is a craft for 2021, for 2021 you can make a symbol in the same way – a pig.


The first option is made from thick twigs fastened with wire in the shape of a five-pointed star. The frame is wrapped in tinsel and decorated with small multi-colored balls.

The basis for this star is cardboard covered with shiny fabric and blue tinsel.

The third star is completely made of natural material. The frame is made of twigs, as in the first version, only twine was used as decoration. In the center of the craft there is a composition of spruce branches, cones and ribbons.


The toy is made of burlap, filled with padding polyester and decorated with white openwork braid. Additional decor includes sequins, snowflakes, pine cones, and gifts. Eco-style toys are very popular now.


Her entire body is formed from balls made from threads. The balls are coated with transparent varnish on top so that the craft does not become soggy under wet snow. The decor (eyes, beads, etc.) is made of fabric.

However, you can also make just balls from thick cord:


This is another option for using used disposable tableware. The cups are connected with a stapler, resulting in balls of different sizes. All that remains is to glue the cap, carrots, eyes and put on the scarf.

And this snowman is made of white and blue fleece, its internal space is filled with padding polyester. In his hands he has a broom made of twigs. This is how a neat little snowman turned out.

All these toys can appear on your New Year’s beauty if you work a little before the holidays.

Description of the crafts was prepared by Tatyana Yablonskaya.

Christmas tree toy made from CDs:

Another option is a pencil made from napkins.

Street Christmas tree decorations “Funny snowmen“:

Snowman using papier-mâché technique – master class

Tinsel balls and other Christmas balls:

City Christmas tree toy made from plastic bottles “Santa Claus’s Workshop” (more details here).

Using quilling technique

Graceful Christmas tree balls are made from paper using the quilling technique. Moreover, both flat and voluminous toys look great. They can even be used as an extraordinary gift for colleagues or friends for the New Year.

To create flat balls you will need a round frame. Inside it, strips of paper are used to make abstract patterns, New Year figures – fir trees, snowflakes, sleighs, angels, snowmen – or even entire winter compositions using the quilling technique. To make them, you can only use white or colored paper. These balls look very elegant and light.

Как сделать шар из бумаги в технике квиллинг своими руками

It seems that the volumetric ball is more difficult to make. In fact, it just requires more details. It is better to glue them to the workpiece, forming patterns. Sometimes individual parts are glued together. But such a ball, although it looks very beautiful, turns out to be quite fragile.

Объемный шар из бумаги в технике квиллинг - пошаговый мастер класс

Do you like crafts using the quilling technique? Gas has more

Making toys from felt

Felt toys are another good option for New Year’s crafts. The material, soft to the touch, makes the atmosphere of a family holiday cozy.

You can sew Christmas tree decor with your own hands. To do this, cut out two equal-sized balls of red or green felt. Sew them together so that the space for your finger remains unsewn. Turn the workpiece right side out, fill the workpiece with cotton wool or padding polyester through the hole.

DIY Christmas balls for 2021

You can sew not only balls from felt, but also any other toys

We recommend decorating the almost finished toy with beads: sew beads of different diameters in a random order. Sew a loop at the top to hang the felt ball on the Christmas tree.

DIY Christmas balls for 2021

Add felt toys with sequins and small beads

We offer another option for felt decoration. To make it you will need:

  • two pieces of felt in different colors – red and green;
  • foam ball;
  • thick sheet of cardboard;
  • simple pencil;
  • scissors;
  • carnation pins;
  • decorative ribbon.

From sheets of thick cardboard, cut out blanks – flower petals, their length is 9 cm, and their width is 3 cm. Trace the workpiece on red felt, cut out six petals. Attach them in pairs to a foam ball – petals of the same color should be opposite.

Now, using a centimeter, measure the width of the remaining empty areas, cut out smaller blanks from green felt along them, also six pieces. Place them in the same order as the red ones. Secure the petals in place with carnation pins.

DIY Christmas balls for 2021

Attach petals of the same color opposite each other

Attach a loop of decorative ribbon to the top. Additionally, decorate the ball with beads, but do not completely cover the felt with them.

DIY Christmas balls for 2021

Felt can be combined with glossy satin

Christmas tree toy “winter sun”

Kulikov Arthur, 4 years old, Khabarovsk, kindergarten No. 104. The work “Winter Sun” was made (with the help of his mother) from waste material and is intended for decorating a street New Year tree.

The base is a cardboard circle, lined with padding polyester on both sides and covered with fabric (organza).

The finishing is done with acrylic paints, contours, glitter; tinsel, beads. The rays of the “sun” – “handles from a plastic can” are decorated with ribbons; decorative boots, mittens and a hat made of fabric (organza).

Pig “Sunny”

A large and light Christmas tree toy can be made from waste and improvised material – newspapers and colored tape. How – watch the master class.

“Christmas tree toy “Squirrel”. Kulikov Kirill, 7 years old, Khabarovsk, secondary school No. 41. The decoration for the street New Year tree “Squirrel” is made of waste material: the base is nylon tights and synthetic padding, the finishing is cut and glued foam rubber petals, covered with acrylic paints, contours, and glitter.

“Christmas tree toy.” Svintsov Vadim Denisovich. The Christmas tree toy is made of a foam ball covered with pine cones. The cones are painted in places with white gouache to imitate snow cover. Decorated with shiny silver snowflakes and red satin ribbon bows with white beads arranged in a chaotic manner.

“New Year’s ball!” Abramova Varvara. The ball is made of fiberboard, large in diameter, for an outdoor Christmas tree. For painting, we took regular gouache, after drying, we painted snowflakes and decorated it with rain, having previously cut it finely. Then it was varnished.

“Snowflake”. Olga Zakharova. The basis of the snowflake is a plywood mold. Painted on both sides with acrylic paint. Rhinestones are glued using Moment glue.

Another option for crafts for the city Christmas tree is “Russian Cockerel” using the papier-mâché technique:

Plastic bottle bell:

“Winter-winter.” Trushina Lydia. Toy for the yard Christmas tree. Made from a large bottle, corrugated paper, cotton wool and tinsel.

Another interesting option – a house made of a bottle:

Another option, you can make such a bird feeder out of a bottle – both elegant and useful!

What other Christmas tree decorations can be made from plastic bottles, see here and here.

Alena Ilyina’s version – Christmas tree decorations made from skates that have become small:

How to decorate a Christmas ball using the decoupage technique

Christmas tree decorations decorated using the decoupage technique look cozy. This method of decoration is suitable for beginners in the world of handicrafts. To make toys you will need:

  • Christmas balls: made of foam or glass, you can use old ones;
  • three-layer napkins with New Year’s patterns;
  • PBA glue;
  • white acrylic paint;
  • glossy varnish for coating;
  • new sponge for washing dishes;
  • soft bristle brush;
  • decor: beads, rhinestones, sequins, ribbons, etc.

If you use glass balls, remove the wire and ribbon holder from them. Treat old Christmas tree decorations with sandpaper: remove decor, layers of cracked paint, remove gold and silver inclusions.

To remove old paint, use nail polish remover. Wipe the surface several times if the pigment goes bad. Rinse the ball in running water, wipe it dry and go through the sandpaper again. Rinse the ball and let it dry completely. Now you can continue working with the workpiece.

Mix 5 ml of PBA glue and 30 ml of acrylic paint, this will be a primer. Apply the composition with a dry dishwashing sponge, let the ball dry. After a few hours, prime the surface again and let it dry completely.

Now you can start decorating. Cut out any designs you like from napkins or newspapers. We recommend choosing thick paper that will not get wet from contact with the glue.

DIY Christmas balls for 2021

Choose thick napkins or newspapers so that they do not become deformed from contact with glue

Mix glue and water in equal proportions, apply the composition in a thin layer to the place where you will glue the applique. Trim the paper drawings a little in several areas so that folds do not form. Using tweezers or fingers, transfer the workpiece to the ball, apply it to the glue layer and gently smooth it with your fingers or press it with a dry sponge.

When the drawing dries, decorate the ball further. Tie a ribbon at the top to hang the toy on the tree. To disguise the unevenness of the paper applique, decorate it with glitter. To do this, apply a thin layer of glue along the edges with a brush and sprinkle it with golden or silver glitter.

Decoupage is a simple technique for creating Christmas tree toys. Supplement the finished toy with beads and ribbons. A toy using the decoupage technique may contain a New Year’s theme. Balls in the text. None of the decoupage turns out to be as neat as the factory ones. Decorate the toys with ribbons and openwork elements DIY Christmas balls for 2021

DIY Christmas balls for 2021

DIY Christmas balls for 2021

DIY Christmas balls for 2021

DIY Christmas balls for 2021

DIY Christmas balls for 2021

DIY Christmas balls for 2021

DIY Christmas balls for 2021

DIY Christmas balls for 2021

DIY Christmas balls for 2021

Wait until the toy is completely dry and cover it with a layer of colorless glossy varnish. This way the toy will shine beautifully and the decorations will retain their brightness.

DIY Christmas balls for 2021

Lacquered balls shimmer beautifully in the light

How to make paper balls using the kusudama technique

The relationship with the origami technique and kusudama does not always develop right away. But in any case, here you need to show patience and perseverance. Then you will be delighted to see that the work completed was worth it.

DIY Christmas balls for 2021

Even paper can make a great Christmas decoration. This item can be used not only as a Christmas tree decoration, but also for holiday decoration of the room. You will need:

  • colored double-sided paper;
  • glue gun;
  • foam ball;
  • toothpicks;
  • ribbon;
  • glue stick;
  • decorations (rhinestones, beads, sparkles) optional;

Let’s start step-by-step work:

Let’s make a lot of equal-sized squares with sides (7.5 x 7.5 cm or others). We fold each piece diagonally from one corner to the opposite corner. Next, we raise the lower corners to the top, aligning the sides in the middle. Then we take the tops of the small triangles and flatten them. We bend small corners towards ourselves so that the crafts do not go beyond the border.

Close them along the folds in half. One part of the craft is ready. We fix the edges with glue to each other. One module is ready. For one petal we need to make 5 more parts.

DIY Christmas balls for 2021

Then we will make approximately 20 inflorescences completely. We secure them to the base with a toothpick. We put them on a stick and connect them to the base. We fasten them tightly, trying so that no voids are visible. At the top of the craft we will attach a loop so that it can be hung. Decorate with beads (rhinestones).

DIY Christmas balls for 2021

To avoid disappointment the first time, try doing this all with plain paper (newspaper). I offer a diagram to help.

DIY Christmas balls for 2021

New Year’s toys made of threads

Thread balls are easy and quick to make. To make them you will need:

  • balloon;
  • a skein of white thread made from natural fibers;
  • glass of water;
  • PBA glue;
  • acrylic or aerosol paints;
  • decor: sequins, beads, artificial flowers, rhinestones, etc.

DIY Christmas balls for 2021

Thread balls are durable and stylish

Inflate the balloon to the required size. Focus on the diameter that you ultimately want to get. Tie the tail tightly with a thread, check that the scarf does not let air through.

Prepare 1 m pieces of thread, pour PBA glue into the container. If it is thick, dilute it a little with water to the consistency of heavy sour cream. Place the pieces of thread in a bowl with glue, leave for half an hour so that the yarn is well saturated.

After this, wrap the ball with saturated threads. First make a full circle to get the base, then move in any direction. Don’t skimp on thread: make sure that the diameter of the holes on the finished ball does not exceed 1 cm. Large gaps look unsightly.

DIY Christmas balls for 2021

The smaller the gap, the better the result

Leave the thread ball to dry overnight. Try the structure with your fingers: if it is still wet, give it a few more hours. When the ball is completely dry, pierce it with a needle and remove the remainder through the hole.

DIY Christmas balls for 2021

3rd preparation looks like this

You can decorate this Christmas tree toy in any way you like. Start by dyeing the white threads. Take acrylic or aerosol paints of any shade.

Do not use gyache or watercolor paints: they soak the glue and the ball loses its shape.

After the paint layer has dried, proceed to further decoration. Glue sequins, beads, rhinestones and any other decorative elements. Carefully thread a ribbon through the upper part of the thread ball to hang the toy on a tree branch.

Paint the thread balls in any color you like; decorate the thread balls with sequins and sparkles. After the New Year, use toys as home decor. The inside of a large room. ball place the garland DIY Christmas balls for 2021

DIY Christmas balls for 2021

DIY Christmas balls for 2021

DIY Christmas balls for 2021

DIY Christmas balls for 2021

DIY Christmas balls for 2021

DIY Christmas balls for 2021

DIY Christmas balls for 2021

Candlesticks and vases can be made from threads and a balloon. To do this, find a shard of a larger diameter, and cover only its bottom with threads. The further principle of operation is the same.

You can hang large thread balls in the area near the ceiling. Decorate them with garlands and paint them brightly. You don’t have to remove the ceiling balls after the New Year: this is a stylish decor for the interior.

Christmas balls decorated with beads

Beautiful handmade New Year’s balls made from beads look elegant. To make them you will need:

  • foam balls – sold in craft stores;
  • silk pins or any other without a tip;
  • beads of different diameters.

Select pins that in appearance resemble small carnations with small caps. Buy a large pack at once: they are needed to attach each bead.

Decorating foam balls with beads is easy. If you use several shades of beads, think about the combinations and the principle of alternation. We recommend combining traditional New Year’s colors: red, green, white, golden, silver.

DIY Christmas balls for 2021

Pearl beads help make an elegant Christmas tree decoration

Using a simple pencil, draw a line along which you will lay the first row of beads. It can be vertical or horizontal, depending on the chosen pattern. Decorate the foam ball: string one bead onto pins and insert each one along the drawn line. Continue until you have covered the entire surface of the sphere.

If you want to place an applique of beads on the surface, first draw a sketch of it with a simple pencil. Decorate it with beads right away so that you can carefully lay out the main background around it.

DIY Christmas balls for 2021

Add beads with silver threads DIY Christmas balls for 2021

Try combining several techniques: for example, decorate the decoupage with large beads

Sequins can be used instead of beads. The stages of making a toy are the same.

DIY Christmas balls for 2021

Instead of beads, you can use sequins and satin ribbons DIY Christmas balls for 2021

Use curly sequins, they look more original

Place the decor on the pins tightly so that there are no empty spaces left. You can string several different beads onto one pin, then the finished toy will be more voluminous.

New Year’s balls for a competition in kindergarten and school for a Christmas tree on the street

Here I will show you several easy-to-make balls. If you have a Christmas tree outside or you were given an assignment in kindergarten to make such toys, don’t despair, it’s all very simple!

In ethno-eco style.

Wrap the foam ball in burlap. We tie burlap on top and decorate with cinnamon sticks, gingerbread cookies, etc.

Made from natural materials.

Using a glue gun, glue pine cones, thuja branches, moss, etc. onto a foam ball. By the way, remember how to glaze the cones, go ahead and look how beautiful they are.

From buttons.

You just need to stick a pin into one of the holes of the button. And so fix the buttons over the entire area of ​​the foam ball.

You can make these balls together with your children. Or even they will do it themselves.

Ice toys.

First, you should arrange the decor into various plastic or silicone forms. Then add a different color dye to the water (optional). Fill our molds with water and dye and put them in the freezer or put them outside.

You can attach ribbons or wires to these containers to secure them to the tree.

Edible for birds.

The birds will be delighted if you decorate the Christmas tree with edible toys made from grains and cereals. And near your Christmas tree it will immediately become more fun and lively. All the titmice will come to you for the holiday. And these crafts look very beautiful!

The whole point is to mix dry and crumbly food (which is easily blown away by the wind and covered with snow) with some kind of stabilizer that will remain solid in the cold.

For one such “biscuit” you will need:

  • 3/4 cup birdseed

  • 1/4 cup water

  • 1 small packet of gelatin

  • twine, wire or lace

  • cookie cutters, molds or jar lids

  • wax paper (parchment)

Mix gelatin with 1/4 cup water, bring to a boil, stirring until gelatin dissolves. Remove from heat and let cool for one minute. Add 3/4 cup birdseed to gelatin; add a little more if you see more liquid.

Place ramekins on wax paper and fill halfway with birdseed mixture. Cut the required length of twine, tie both ends with a knot and place the knot inside the food (the knot should be inside the cookie). Add the second half of the food to the mold. Leave it to dry for a day, preferably turning it over. When dry, you can decorate the tree.

New Year’s ball made of papier-mâché

Let’s move on to papier mache crafts. First of all, I want to consider the question – how to make a base for a toy?

We will need:

  • water
  • PVA glue
  • egg cells;

Work progress:

Dilute a small amount of glue in a liter of water and stir. Then we tear the egg carton into small pieces. Soak everything well. Take a sheet of newspaper and crumple it into a ball. Next, apply the wet mixture onto it. Coat its surface with paper clay.

DIY Christmas balls for 2021

Decorate to your taste.

For decoration we will need:

  • PVA glue;
  • acrylic paint;
  • semolina;
  • hairspray;
  • glitter;

Work progress:

First, let’s paint the blank with acrylic paint. Let it dry. Then mix the ingredients in a bowl. There should be a lot of cereal so that the mixture is thick. Stir the mass. Semolina gives the feeling of snow. We apply it with our hands to the surface of the workpiece. Let it dry for several hours.

DIY Christmas balls for 2021

There are other options with pieces of old newspapers, which we cover the circle with at least 12 layers.

You can also use different modules to create New Year’s balls: circles, triangles, etc. You will need to make templates and glue them together.

DIY Christmas balls for 2021

Volumetric paper ball

You will need:

  • thread
  • glue stick
  • colored paper
  • scissors
  • simple pencil
  • compass

DIY Christmas balls for 2021

Using a pencil and a compass, draw 5 circles (more if you want to make a three-dimensional ball) and cut out. You can cut out one circle and it will be your template for cutting out the rest of the circles.

DIY Christmas balls for 2021

Bend all the circles in half. Coat one side of the circle with glue and glue the side of the other circle there. Do this operation with all the circles. You should end up with an “accordion”.

DIY Christmas balls for 2021

Before gluing the first circle to the last, take a piece of thread, fold it into a loop and glue the ends of the thread to the paper. Glue the sides of the first circle to the last one. The decoration is ready!

DIY Christmas balls for 2021

Transparent balloons with filling

You can decorate the Christmas tree with transparent balls, decorated on the inside. To make the composition, prepare several glass or plastic colorless balls. We offer several decoration options.

Acrylic paint. To do this, remove the ribbon holder and pour several types of acrylic paints inside. Choose any shades that you like. Take the ball by the tip and rotate it in any direction to mix the colors.

DIY Christmas balls for 2021

The pattern turns out abstract

To make the composition more dynamic and chaotic, cover the top with a hat and shake the ball. The colors will mix and create original effects. Wait until the paint is completely dry, then hang the toy on the tree.

Colored feathers, beads. Try to make the New Year’s ball bright and original. The sequence is the same: remove the hat and pour the decor inside. Do not overload the composition visually: three to five feathers and up to ten beads are enough.

DIY Christmas balls for 2021

Christmas tree toys with feathers look unusual

Old tinsel. Place pieces of Christmas tree rain, serpentine, and candy inside the transparent ball. Shake the toy to mix everything. Complete the composition with artificial snow or colored cotton wool.

DIY Christmas balls for 2021

Use old rain to make Christmas tree toys DIY Christmas balls for 2021

Use rain of the same color to get a more calm effect

Photos. New Year is a warm family holiday. If you plan to have dinner only for your loved ones, place your favorite family photos in the balloons. Select pictures that match the diameter. The photos can then be taken out and placed in the album again.

Photos inside the Christmas balls make the atmosphere cozier. Instead of tinsel, you can use dried flowers. Place Christmas tree needles inside the ball. Decoration those balls with artificial berries and cones DIY Christmas balls for 2021

DIY Christmas balls for 2021

DIY Christmas balls for 2021

DIY Christmas balls for 2021

DIY Christmas balls for 2021

DIY Christmas balls for 2021

DIY Christmas balls for 2021

DIY Christmas balls for 2021

Baby penguin, sheep and chicken made from napkins

Admire what great crafts – toys for the city Christmas tree – can be made by the skillful hands of a mother and daughter.

“I, Elena Vladimirovna Pavlova, work as a teacher in a kindergarten. Every year, our children make crafts to decorate the city Christmas tree. They did this work with their daughter Polina, she is 6 years old. I saw the idea for the craft on the Internet, but there was no description of the work there.

To make such a toy for the city Christmas tree you will need:

  • napkins of different colors,
  • stapler,
  • balloon,
  • thick threads,
  • PVA glue and “Moment”,
  • colored cardboard,
  • satin ribbon.

Work progress:

We fold several napkins together (3-4), fasten them with a stapler in the center, cut out a circle, and using the crease method towards the center, crumple each layer of napkins. It turns out to be a flower. (You can watch a master class on flowers made from napkins here and here).

igrushka na gorodskuyu elku3

We first prepared the base for the craft: we inflated a balloon, wrapped it with woolen threads and PVA glue. Let it dry thoroughly.

igrushka na gorodskuyu elku2

Then we supplemented the craft with elements made of colored cardboard: eyes, beak, wings, legs. So that our “little penguin” could be hung on the Christmas tree, we attached a ribbon to him, tying it to the tail of the ball, which we left at the top.

Now our “penguin” is on the city Christmas tree!

We were so fascinated by the work that we also made a cute sheep and her friend – a chicken – a symbol of care and motherhood.”

Thanks to Elena and Polina for the wonderful toys for the city Christmas tree.

Crafts for the 2020 competition

1st place

“Cosmo-Fish”. Deineko Polina.

Our fish required 10 discs, air plasticine, newspaper, paper and ceiling glue.

To begin with, we inflated a small ball and covered it with two layers of newspaper and two layers of white paper soaked in PVA glue. Let the fish’s body dry for a day, then deflate the ball and take it out. We cut a long hole at the top of the craft and glue it, inserting a piece of disk there so that we get the top fin; we do the same with the side fins.

The model of the fish is ready, we begin to completely cover it with small pieces of the disk. I divide each disk into two parts and cut many plates and then glue each piece of the disk onto ceiling glue.

After the pieces have dried, we proceed to the tail, our tail is made of tinsel, we simply insert it into the hole where the tip of the ball was and glue it with glue. We mold the sponges into the desired shape from airy plasticine, it is light and when it dries it turns into polystyrene foam, and we paint it with acrylic paints. I made the eyes from airy plasticine and a black soda bottle. This is how the Cosmofish turned out:

“New Year’s bull for the city tree.” Krenev Maxim. The craft is made of foil insulation and glitter foamiran.

“Santa Claus toy for the city Christmas tree.” Krenev Maxim. The craft is made of polystyrene foam and fabric using the kinusaiga technique.

2nd place

“Magic Boot.” Anisimova Elizaveta. The base of the craft is made of plastic bottles and cardboard. Then the base is wrapped with twine and fixed with glue. Decorated with gifts, Christmas tree branches and bulls (symbol of the future 2021).

Video of how to make such a boot:

“New Year’s bear.” Bezryadina Evgenia Aleksandrovna. New Year’s tree toy for the street, size 1 meter in height. Made from ordinary oilcloth for the table, does not get wet, stuffed with plastic bags. Completely handmade. Last year we decorated the Christmas tree in Birch Grove Park.

“Petersburg lace”. Neva Markova. The foam ball is decorated with bright pink ruffles with a silver border. A pendant made of pink beads is attached to the bottom of the ball. This is the most girly Christmas tree toy 😉

3rd place

“Button Fantasy.” Sasha Markov. The foam ball is covered with buttons of different sizes and colors. The remaining space is covered with multi-colored beads. The junction of the ball and the ribbon is decorated with tinsel. I would like to draw special attention to the fact that not a single additional ruble was spent on this craft, since everything was made from improvised materials found at home 😉

“Santa Claus’ Boot.” Quiet Artyom.

We cut off the bottom of a plastic bottle (as a rule, there is just a small protrusion there, it’s easy to navigate) and cut out the middle part (the widest) with a height of 9-8 cm. We put our blanks on cardboard and trace them – this will be the sole. Glue the parts of the plastic bottle onto the cardboard.

“New Year’s shoe.” Kazanov Dimitry. Plastic bottle, red and white flannel fabric. golden braid, tinsel and New Year’s decorations.

“Polar Star”. Makarov Demyan. The toy is made from the frame of a star, decorated with New Year’s tinsel in the same color. Cones and chestnuts are painted gold. Large beads were also used!

“New Year’s ball.” Islamov Gleb Stanislavovich. Ball, paper, PVA glue, varnish, paints. Papier-mâché technique.


“New Year’s wreath.” Zikratova Daria. The work is made of tinsel and decorated with toys.

“The young bull brings happiness and health to everyone.” Desyatkov Nikita. A bull made of white threads, felt using thermal glue and PVA glue.

Paper pom-poms

You will need:

DIY Christmas balls for 2021

Take 10 sheets of paper, fold it like an accordion, with a fold of 2 cm. Make round ends with scissors. Tie the workpiece tightly with a rope in the middle.

DIY Christmas balls for 2021

Hook the line onto the rope. In fact, you can use any fabric that replaces fishing line. The advantage of the fishing line is that it creates the appearance of weightlessness.

DIY Christmas balls for 2021

Open the layers of the first side, carefully folding them towards the center. Do these steps on the other side. After completing all the operations described above, hang the product.

DIY Christmas balls for 2021

Paper pom-poms are quite voluminous. You can bend only one side of the workpiece, then the ball will harmoniously fit into the decor of your Christmas tree.

DIY Christmas balls for 2021

Advantage of paper balls

The most important advantage of paper Christmas balls is that they are made by hand. If you create paper balls with your child, it will help you bond.

DIY Christmas balls for 2021

You will learn to understand each other. If the child is small, this will help him develop fine motor skills.

DIY Christmas balls for 2021

Paper balls will never break if your pet suddenly turns over the tree or your child touches it during his games. And the most important thing is budget.

DIY Christmas balls for 2021

For paper products, you don’t have to use freshly purchased cardboard or Xerox paper. You can use unnecessary school notebooks, newspapers, magazines.

DIY Christmas balls for 2021

Don’t be afraid that the covered sheets won’t suit you. New Year’s paper balls can be painted with acrylic or neon paints, which have a certain density and can cover the ink.

Such toys are often decorated with sparkles, rain, patterns and everything that comes to mind.

DIY Christmas balls for 2021

Stylish Christmas balls for the Christmas tree made of rope

stiljnie sari iz verevki

No matter what topic we talk about and what kind of things we create, we always touch on such material as twine – it has become very fashionable and popular, because truly stylish products come out of it.

Let’s try to use two different techniques to create these New Year’s Christmas balls.

dvuhcvetnye shary iz shpagata

According to the first method, we will wind the rope directly onto the workpiece.

But first you need to make a hole in the foam ball, drop a little glue there and insert the tip of the cord. This way we will secure it.

Or, as suggested in the master class, drop glue on a pin, pierce the foam with it and let the glue set.

We also coat part of the ball with glue and begin to wind the rope in even circles, pressing them tightly against each other. Apply glue periodically.

We also thread the second end of the thread into the hole from the back side onto the glue.

And we will definitely add beads, lace, braid, and rhinestones to the decor.

namatyvanie verevki na shar

The second, also already known, method is in a balloon.

vozdushnye shary iz shpagata

Inflate the ball to the desired size, tie it and wrap it with jute in a chaotic manner.

PVA glue is diluted with water in a ratio of 3:1.

We lower the ball with the rope into the bowl of glue, turn it so that all the threads are saturated with it, take it out and set it somewhere to dry.

Then we pierce the balloon and carefully take it out.

shar iz verevki master klass

Decorating New Year’s balls with your own hands: using CDs

If there are unnecessary or damaged CDs and DVDs in the house, they can be used for Christmas tree decor. For this you will need:

  • transparent glass ball;

    DIY Christmas balls for 2021 old disks;


  • hot glue;

  • satin ribbon.

  • Using scissors, cut the discs into pieces of different sizes. Work carefully so as not to injure your hands. Take care not to get the glasses in your eyes.

    DIY Christmas balls for 2021

    To make a toy suitable for any type of game: use only the waxy cotton

    Pour glue into a container, add a little water, mix. Prepare a pot on a slow fire. Put a drop of glue on the top of the glass cap, glue one of the keys to the top of the top. Make mosaics, leave smaller gaps between rows of stitches.

    Build a bunch of dicks, create a toy mosaic, it is possible to add additional decoupage.

    DIY Christmas balls for 2021

    DIY Christmas balls for 2021

    Take off the upper part of the hat, put a button or elastic band on the inside. On the fifth day of the week, I see unusual Christmas trees: they sparkle, they play with strange colors. 3 Use a hat, tie ribbons and decorate the Christmas tree.

    Here’s another Variant made like this toy. If it’s a cold, unnecessary blender, grind the dick’s fingers in it to the front function. If there is no shutter, then put the 8-10 CD or DVD discs in a small package and run over them several times.

    . Keep toys close to the tip so as not to leave prints. Remove the hat with the cotton in the corners, place it on a clean surface and let the glue dry.

    Dekop electronic toy compact-dicks suitable for modern interior design, in which the top has glossy black and colored toys.

    Paper honeycombs

    Honeycomb balls will look great on your Christmas tree. The advantage of these products is that it is not difficult to make them with your own hands.

    DIY Christmas balls for 2021

    You will need:

    • paper of two colors
    • clay
    • pencil
    • roller
    • threads with a needle
    • scissors

    DIY Christmas balls for 2021

    Cut ten circles with scissors, fold them in half twice and cut. Roll up the resulting parts in the form of “funnels” and glue.

    DIY Christmas balls for 2021

    Thread the ready-made “funnels” together with a needle and thread to make a peculiar ball. The thread must be long, because it is the basis on which the product will be held.

    DIY Christmas balls for 2021

    Decorate the resulting ball with traditional raindrops, sequins or paint it with acrylic paints.

    DIY Christmas balls for 2021

    Shary soty

    Probably everyone has seen these colorful beautiful balls. But you didn’t even imagine how easy it is to make them. It’s called simply, all you need to make these balls is:

    • Paper (the more sheets you take, the fluffier your ball will be);
    • glue;
    • scissors;
    • pencil;
    • ambulance;
    • two colored markers.

    Required time:
    1 hour and 30 minutes.

    Honeycomb colors

    1. Preparation for production

      First, we need to prepare for the manufacturing process. You need to take an ordinary sheet of paper and draw stripes on it, along which you will glue a ball. Draw lines every 3 centimeters, alternating red and black. You can also print our version Схема как сделать объемный шар из бумаги

    2. Preparation circle

      Now prepare the circles. Take any oval object, for example a plate or a compass. The size of your oval, the same size of ball you will get. Draw an oval on a sheet and cut out the ego, do the same with the rest of the fins. Схема как сделать шар из бумаги поэтапно

    3. Preparation of blanks

      You have ready-made round blanks, take one and bend it in half. Check that the sides coincide, this is important. Cut a circle along the fold lines in half. You will get two halves, do the same with the rest of the blanks. как сделать шар из бумаги поэтапно

    4. Assembly of our paper ball

      Now we can start assembling our paper ball. You have a very half circle. Take a blank with lines and apply it to the edge of the sheet. You need to apply glue along the red lines.
      сделать шар из бумаги видео

    5. Gluing the blanks

      Take another semicircle blank, put it on top, now you need to coat it with glue along the marked black lines.
      Как сделать шар из бумаги фото

    6. Assembling a paper ball

      Continue alternating until you run out of semicircles.

    7. Done!)

      Next, connect the first and last sheet and you will get a honeycomb ball.