DIY cardboard cracker

One of the important attributes of the New Year holiday is firecrackers. They make a festive sound and fill the space with glittering confetti.

Meanwhile, firecrackers can sometimes ruin the holiday because they are dangerous. And without firecrackers, the New Year will not be so rosy and cheerful. Then all you have to do is learn how to make a cracker yourself.

There are many schemes for making firecrackers, but it is best to choose the safest one. To make a New Year’s accessory you need fairly simple materials.

DIY cardboard cracker

First you need to make a cylinder out of cardboard. This will be the outer part of the firecracker. You can vary the size of the cylinder yourself.

Now take a balloon and tie a knot in it. On the other side of the ball, cut off the tip and pull it onto the sleeve.

Wrap the resulting cracker with New Year’s wrapping paper and glue it. If desired, decorate the cracker with shiny tinsel, New Year stickers and other decorative elements. Now it’s time to fill the tube with confetti and hide the surprise inside.

A popper with a surprise is much more interesting because it makes you rejoice with surprise in anticipation of your gift. As a surprise, you can put candy, a tiny figurine and other decor. If you make a lot of these firecrackers, then each guest will get a small prize.

DIY cardboard cracker

You can buy confetti ready-made as a set, or you can try to make it yourself. To do this, finely chop the shiny multi-colored rain. Each cracker must be filled with confetti and compacted, hiding a gift inside.

The more sparkles there are, the more joy the cracker will bring. After the cracker is filled, you need to cover the hole with a napkin. To do this, use a regular elastic band, stretching it over a napkin over the cracker.

For the firecracker to work, you just need to pull the knot of the ball and quickly release it. At this moment, you will hear the enchanting and beloved clap, followed by brilliant rain.

DIY cardboard cracker

The advantage of this product is that it is reusable. The firecracker can be endlessly filled with confetti, each time showering the room with brilliant fireworks.