Decoupage for beginners

Let’s talk about decoupage for beginners. So, you decided to try your craft and do decoupage. As with any type of creativity, you must make initial preparations for work, stock up on the necessary tools and materials. What will you need and what should you pay attention to.

Decoupage tools

Initially, you need to think about what you can use to cut out your designs.

декупаж для начинающих

These are scissors. Since images usually have not smooth, but broken borders, very clear scissors are needed to cut them out. That is, they should have small blades. But the handle should be comfortable for the hand to use. The scissors must be sharp, then the edges will be smooth. There are special scissors for decoupage
. But you can start with ordinary ones. In addition to scissors, experienced craftswomen also use a scalpel
. This is not necessary for first jobs.

набор для декупажа для начинающих

Now about what you will cut. You can cut from anything. Any images will suit you. The main thing is that you like them. These could be old children’s books, magazines, newspapers, advertising brochures, posters, tickets, postcards, etc. You can even use your own photos. If you have a computer and a printer, then choosing a design is a matter of a few minutes. Anything you want can be printed in the blink of an eye. Specialized stores also sell materials for decoupage. There you will find various types of papers, napkins, decoupage cards. Buy or not is only your choice. Decoupage for beginners involves minimal costs.

декупаж из салфеток

You have chosen a drawing, now you can modernize it or, on the contrary, make it old. For example, tint. This can be done with paints, special means, or tea infusion. If your image has subtle features, for example, thin needles, stems, threads are depicted, then cutting out such a design becomes problematic. So you can make it on the background. To do this, draw a few millimeters from the drawing itself with a wet brush
, and then carefully tear off the unnecessary part with your hands. That is, your image appears as if in a torn frame. Decoupage for beginners looks good.

Surface preparation for decoupage

The drawing is ready. Let’s turn our attention to the surface to be decorated. Some manipulations should also be done with it. First, let’s determine what material our item is made of. The surface should be restored to its proper form. First, it must be degreased.

домашний декупаж интреьера в частности батареи отопления своими руками

This is due to the fact that things can contain various substances that over time can begin to react to the environment. Their secretions will ruin your work. Acetone, nail polish remover with acetone, and white spirit can be used as a degreaser. If they are not there, then you can at least wash the item thoroughly with soapy water and dry it. If the item being decorated consists of glass, then a special glass cleaner will do.

Then the prepared surface must be primed. The primer allows you to bond the original surface well with various elements. There are different types of soils: special construction, facade, artistic. Even acrylic paint is also a primer. If you are dealing with metal, then the soil for it must be selected specifically. For example, enamel against rust. If you are dealing with plastic, then sand it first. This way the connection will be better.

стол в стиле декупаж своими руками

Now it’s time for the main background. Usually white is chosen as the base color. This way any image will look advantageous. If the pictures are clear, for example, printed on a good color printer, then you can choose any background. It is best to select paint based on the material from which the item being decorated is made.

Liquids for decoupage

Now you can cut and paste your image. You can read about different adhesives and gluing methods separately. When the pasted image has completely dried, proceed to the next step. The surface should be lightly sanded with fine sandpaper. This will remove various excesses.

Now you can start decorating your drawing. The limit is only your imagination. You can finish drawing something, paint something over, change something. To help you – pens, felt-tip pens, pencils, glitter
, glitters, contours, patal, etc. and so on. All this can be found in stationery stores, specialty hobby stores, and art salons.

финишное покрытие доски для декупажа

The finished work should be varnished
. Different ones may suit you. For example, manicure
, construction varnish or specialized. It may or may not be water based. Different varnishes have their own characteristics. Some dry quickly, others give gloss, others add yellowness. You should know about these features in advance. You can also test on a scrap board. It should be coated in several layers, allowing each to dry first. This way you will achieve depth in the drawing.

In the video, watch an example of working using the decoupage technique for beginners.