Decorative paper in the interior

Gradually, decorative paper and a large number of various types of paper with decorative elements accumulate in every home. They can be used in unexpected ways for design projects. If necessary, decorative paper of various textures and designs can be purchased in stores. With a creative, non-standard approach, this material can be used to give the effect of novelty to pieces of furniture. It is also possible to create unexpected elements to decorate lamp shades, candlesticks, etc.

Book cover decor

Decorative paper can serve as book covers to create interesting
and a unique composition in a bookcase. A well-thought-out general general line of the composition, a dynamic change of color schemes horizontally, vertically, and diagonally will allow you to achieve interesting effects.

декор книги из бумаги

On top of the decor you can apply personalized or family coats of arms, bookplates using templates and paint.

как выглядит экслибрисы

If you have high-quality office equipment
You can create a unique design for covers yourself. It is enough to choose an interesting ornament, an abstract drawing, a portrait sketch taken from the drawing banks offered on the Internet. It is better to print on a laser printer on paper with a density of at least 160 g/m2, or on photo paper (glossy or matte).

Wall decoration

An interesting wall piece of furniture, made on a piece of canvas, is obtained by gluing paper leaves onto a contrasting background, serving as notes filled with ideas and interesting thoughts. The canvas is painted with black paint. The color scheme of the leaves in terms of saturation and shades can be completely different, but it must certainly be in harmony with one of the shades of the surrounding interior, as a rule, not the main one.

декор книгами стен дома

You can complement this collage with beads, shells, beautiful small stones, unusual buttons and paper.

Walls can also be decorated with exclusive paintings made on sheets of ordinary paper.

Decorating interior items

Making photo frames from decorative paper is very common. It can be made three-dimensional by gluing butterfly-shaped elements cut out of paper. A frame decorated with heart-shaped elements will delight loved ones on Valentine’s Day.

After covering the tiles left over from the renovation with decorative paper, you get an original stand for dishes. An interesting option for the base for pasting is the use of unnecessary CDs. You can decorate them in the same color scheme, creating a set of stands that are uniform in style, or you can make a personalized stand for each family member.

декор стены старыми сд дисками

You can create exclusive objects from scrap materials using the simple technique of pasting them with decorative paper.
. They will become a functional interior decoration: trays, plates, tablecloths, coasters. Even a strip of plywood of the required size can become the basis.

By using paper of interesting color and texture, you can transform the box. Decorating the inside of the suitcase with geometric colored elements will give it a unique look. Traditionally, lampshades are decorated with ornamental elements cut out of paper.

декоративная бумага в украшении абажура своими руками

By cutting out figures of animals, insects, and birds from white parchment and paper, you can create an expressive chandelier for a child’s room or bedroom. You can add a decorative touch with a small illuminated garland.

You can even cover a clock with hands on a stand. The weighing scales will also get a new look, receiving a new organic decoration using paper.

Even sockets and switches can be turned into decorations. It’s up to you to decide whether to design them in harmony with the rest of the walls or, on the contrary, to highlight them contrastingly from the general background.

декор розеток дома

Furniture decoration

Furniture items such as chairs can also be decorated with paper. Combinations of shapes of glued elements and color shades are limited only by the need to harmoniously fit such unusual products into the interior. Monograms look organic on the backs of antique chairs. A gift for family and friends will be monograms made from the letters of their last name, first name and patronymic.

как украсить стулья на свадьбу бумагой

Decorating the interior of the cabinet with discreet black and white decor in the English style will refresh it and add elegance.

герб можно нанести на бумагу

Decoration items

Balls made using the papier-mâché technique
made from pieces of decorative paper and covered with twine will become a decoration for a country house and garden.

украшение в технике папье-маше

A Christmas wreath made of lace paper elements looks elegant and solemn.

рождественский венок из бумаги полностью

Flower pots of the simplest shapes (cubes, cylinders) will acquire shape and brightness when covered with decorative paper.

кашпо для цветов из бумаги своими руками

When decorating candlesticks, it is important not to lose the glow effect, so transparent and translucent paper is used.

Decoration materials

Even regular wrapping or decorative paper in different colors and textures
with a creative approach, it can be used to decorate objects. The glue used is usually PVA. But if necessary, a sealant can serve as a replacement. Premium materials for interior decoration in luxury style are shown in the video.