Corrugated cardboard

Corrugated cardboard
— packaging material with increased rigidity, made using the technology of gluing paper sheets of corrugated paper on both sides. Such cardboard is made single-layer with one layer of corrugated paper and multi-layer with several layers of corrugated paper. You can increasingly see 2-, 3-, 5- and 7-layer cardboard. It can also be made as a separate element for decoration or for use as a basis for frames, pages
or cards. The cost of corrugated cardboard can reach 120 rubles per sheet.

The birthplace of paper is China. It was first used in this country. It became very popular in China and spread throughout the world. Paper and cardboard are used everywhere. Without them it is impossible to decorate the interior of any room.

Many countries use cardboard and paper in decoration. These materials are constantly being improved, and new ways of using them are emerging. They now occupy first place in repairs. You can choose many ways to use them in your interior design.

Paper in the interior

Until now, paper wallpaper is the leader in the construction market. Every year new and new collections with different designs are released.

Environmentally friendly materials are most often used for wallpaper. Designers also pay attention to this to a large extent and apply them constantly.

дизайнерские обои все еще делаются и бумаги

Depending on the tasks in the interior, you can choose wallpaper with a small geometric pattern, or you can get by with plain ones. Wallpaper can be the basis of a design solution. Furniture and decor are selected to match them. Wallpaper can replace voluminous posters.

With paper wallpaper it is very easy to change the interior of the entire room. She begins to look fresher and more comfortable. In addition, you can change the wallpaper very often. Wallpaper is the easiest way to use paper in the interior.

Corrugated cardboard for furniture

The second idea is the use of ecological furniture, which is made using cardboard. This is the last word in eco-design.

Gradually it begins to gain popularity. Its advantages are obvious: it is very light, it can be used in an interesting way and it has great recycling capabilities. All this makes this material a staple among supporters of an environmentally friendly lifestyle.

целый офис из гофрокартона

In most cases, furniture made from this material is no different in quality from furniture made from wood. Corrugated cardboard cabinets are made without cracks. Paper furniture has a significant drawback: they do not tolerate moisture.

If exposed to moisture, cardboard and paper may become unstuck and destroyed. There are designers who believe that this is the most common material and the most affordable. They only use it in their work.

Many popular furniture companies hold exhibitions of their cardboard furniture. They put it on the industrial stream. Almost all types of furniture are made from it. At exhibitions they often show how strong cardboard can be.

According to this indicator, it is not at all behind wooden or plastic furniture. In addition, this material is very easy to cut and model various parts.

Corrugated cardboard for storage

Storage for many years. What to do if there is not enough space for various things in the room? After all, if all things are in their places, it is very convenient.

Cardboard containers and paper cabinets will come to the rescue. Cardboard products of different volumes and densities can easily be placed under a bed or under the ceiling.

гофрированный картон применяется для хранения не только в виде коробок но и в виде полок и ячеек

Things can be stored in various cardboard products.

They have long been one of the first places in decoration – their different colors brighten up a room in a minimalist style. Such boxes can be decorated in different ways and in a special way. They can change a lot.

Paper decor

Recently, the attention of designers has been drawn to this type of decor. These origami-style paper details, made by professionals, greatly decorate the interior. Of course, all designer decorations can be made from paper.

Vases, curtains, figurines, frames are easy to make from this material. You can use your imagination and realize a wide variety of ideas. A wide variety of things can be made from paper.

декор из бумаги своими руками можно сделать такую бабочку

Children’s room decor

This material is completely suitable for children’s premises. It is very light and cannot harm the child, since there is no harm in it.

It is completely non-toxic and does not release substances harmful to health. The child can also easily move such furniture himself. A positive point is the relative cheapness of such products: over time, you can easily replace all the furniture in the nursery without financial damage.

гофро картон применяется для изготовления полок в детских комнатах

It’s not a pity to throw away cardboard furniture. It is easily recycled and does not pollute the environment. This will also help save the family budget.

So, paper and cardboard are the most convenient and simple materials for design. Such materials are the future in interior design. This can also be an excellent solution for using waste paper.

After all, such material takes up a lot of space and simply a large amount of it is burned. And this is very irrational. After all, a lot of trees are used to make paper. This idea will help save many trees, which are the lungs of our planet. The future lies with paper in the interior and furniture made of cardboard.

How to make a chest of drawers from cardboard, see the video below.