Colored printer paper

Colored printer paper, a type of paper similar to regular office paper except for the color. That is, colored paper has a standard density of 80 g/m 2
and standard A4 format. There are exceptions, as in office paper, colored paper, maybe A3 format
or have a density of 120 g/m 2
or 160g/m 2
. But such characteristics are less common, usually in special cases.

Colored printer paper

This type of product is packaged in boxes made of thick cardboard, 5 pieces each. To top it all off, the boxes are secured with thick PVC tape, which can be used as a handle to carry the boxes. The weight of one box is 12.5 kg, from which we can conclude that the weight of one pack is 2.5 kg. Each pack contains 500 sheets.

A3 format will weigh twice as much, as well as colored paper of a different density
, will have a different weight and a different number of packs in the box.

Labeling. Typically, each color is assigned a number, for example color 42 would be yellow. This was done due to the huge number of shades of the color scheme, so as not to puzzle over the name of this or that color, just put a number. There are more than a hundred such flowers.

In some cases, colored printer paper is packaged in small packs of 125 or 250 sheets, and contains several colors (usually five). For some buyers, this is the best option, since the need for one color is not great, and several colors at once in one pack is an undeniable advantage.

Colored printer paper
In addition to ordinary colors, there is a different type of paper: pastel (soft colors, not pronounced) and neon (rich and pungent colors). Depending on the needs, the buyer can choose any type of product.

What is colored paper used for

The scope of application is wide, both for commercial and domestic purposes. Colored paper can be used in printing, for printing advertising bouquets, brochures and leaflets. Bright advertisements, conspicuous price tags, this is what we see every day, in transport, supermarkets, and even on the streets, on poles.

At home, colored leaves are used for various kinds of crafts, for example, in scrapbooking
or quilling.