Christmas angels on the tree made of cotton pads

Cotton pad angels are a wonderful decoration for Christmas. They can be placed on the table or hung on the Christmas tree. And also give as a gift to loved ones. Various materials are used to make such DIY crafts. The most popular are cardboard, paper and discs. The craft is very simple to make. To form angels from cotton pads with your own hands, you do not need complex materials.

A simple scheme for making angels from cotton pads

This craft will be a wonderful decorative element for decorating a room for Christmas. Angels are also used to decorate the New Year tree. A child can do this craft because it is simple and quick to do. To make a Christmas tree decoration you will need some disks. To form the product you will not need a lot of time and special knowledge in needlework. Children of different ages are involved in the creation process. They will enjoy making their own decorations.

An angel made from cotton pads is made with your own hands step by step as follows:

ангелочки из ватных дисков своими руками

1. The cotton pad is divided into 2 parts.

2. The cotton wool that is between the halves is removed and rolled into a small ball.

3. One half is wrapped around the resulting circle.

4. The remaining ponytail is tied with white thread. This is the head of the future angel.

5. Now take the second half of the disk and smear it with glue on one side.

6. The circle turns in half.

7. A wing is drawn on the whole disk.

8. If it is not possible to outline the wing yourself, a template is used. It can be found in special publications or on the Internet.

9. The wing is cut out using the template. You will need two wings.

10. To make the workpieces neat and even, glue is applied along the contour where the halves of the circles diverge.

11. The edges are compared with each other, pressed against each other.

12. Two small triangles are cut out from the remnants of cotton pads that were used to make the wings.

13. They are rolled into a cone shape and glued. These are the hands of angels.

14. Now the figure needs to be connected together.

15. The arms are glued to the sides, the wings are placed at the back.

Next, proceed to decorating the product
. The dress can be covered with lace, beads, rhinestones, ribbons or other material. A cord is attached to the angel’s head, with which the product is hung on the Christmas tree.

Figurine made of cotton pads

This product will serve as a wonderful decoration in the room. You can decorate a holiday table with it; the toy will bring a little magic to the interior. If craft
will not be used as a figurine, then a thread is attached to it. Then you will get a beautiful Christmas tree toy.

How to make an angel from cotton pads:

инструкция как сделать ангелочков из спонжиков

1. A large semicircle is cut out of a sheet of cardboard. It is rolled up to form a cone. The resulting figures are secured with glue.

2. Cotton pads are divided into two parts. You can trim the edges with silver or gold glitter. They are glued in a circle at the bottom of the cone.

3. The cardboard base is completely closed. The overlapping circles are located in the lower rows of the cone.

4. Then they move on to making the head. Depending on the size of the future product, you can use any round object.

5. For example, a bead, a bouncy ball or a tennis ball.

6. If you don’t have a ball-shaped product on hand, you can crumple up newspaper and wrap it with tape. This way you will get a ball of the required size.

7. The base for the head is wrapped with threads so that there is no gap. Then several individual laces are taken and twisted so that they resemble curls. They are sewn to the head – this is the hair of an angel.

8. After this, the wings are cut out of cardboard. For this, a previously prepared template is used. The wings do not have to be symmetrical; they can be cut shapeless.

9. The workpiece will not be visible through the layer of cotton wool. Several cotton swabs are crushed, this is necessary so that the wings resemble feathers. Glue is applied to the edges of the wings, the layer is covered with cotton wool.

10. The discs are glued until the cardboard base is completely filled. Two cotton pads are declared in advance with glitter if desired. Then they fold into 2 small cones. These are hand crafts. They are glued to the side with glue. A small circle is cut out of cardboard, from which the middle is removed.

The base is wrapped with yellow threads and attached to the head of the craft. This creates a halo.

Simple Christmas tree decorations

If you need a large number of Christmas tree decorations, but there is no time to make complex products, then use a simple scheme. This is how you make angels from cotton pads simply and quickly. This is the simplest decoration, small children can handle it. If the craft is small, it can be used to decorate a postcard.

снежинка из ватного спонжа

How to make an angel correctly:

1. The cotton pad is divided in half. Thus, it turns out two halves.

2. Zigzag scissors are used to decorate the edge of the disc. A bead is wrapped in one part and tied with threads. A tail is formed under the small head, it straightens out to form wings.

3. Take the second part of the disk and bend it in half. The corners are folded so that they do not reach the middle. A small amount of glue is poured into the resulting hole. The resulting figure is folded with its corners towards the center, forming a flat cone.

4. Acrylic paint is used to decorate the wings, and a halo is also drawn. You can show your imagination and add more patterns. Then a hook is made from a rope. It is attached to the head crafts

5. After this, the angel is attached to the postcard, or used as an independent decorative decoration

как сделать снеговика из ватного спонжика

Christmas tree made of cotton pads

The main attribute of the New Year and Christmas is the Christmas tree. It can be made from cotton pads. If it is not possible to put up a real Christmas tree, then you can make one from scrap materials. It will bring a festive atmosphere to your home. For a school exhibition, you can make a composition of mini Christmas trees.

Master class of angels made from cotton pads:

елка из ватных дисков своими руками

1. First, needles are made for the future craft. To do this, the disk is folded in four, one edge is secured with a stapler.

2. A large number of such parts will be needed. The more there are, the more voluminous the tree will be. A cone is formed from cardboard.

3. If you need a larger Christmas tree, then make several cones. They are placed one above the other, and the resulting figure is secured with glue. Next, they begin gluing the bottom strip, then the entire cone is gradually filled with rows of cotton pads.

4. If desired, the product is decorated with beads, sequins or rhinestones. All parts are attached using a glue gun or PVA glue.

5. A small star is cut out of a sheet of paper and attached to the top of the tree.

6. Each ray of the star is divided in half to make it more voluminous. The edges of the star are trimmed with tinsel.

7. A small stick is glued to the top of the tree. To do this, twist a tube from a small sheet of paper and attach it with glue.

8. A small hole is made at the top of the tree, and a star is attached to a stick.

A Christmas tree and angels made from disks will decorate any room. They will be an addition to the Christmas interior, and they can also be used as a gift for loved ones.

Angel made of woolen threads and disks

Crafts made from disks can be different. The following product is made within an hour. You don’t need a lot of parts, you just need white cardboard, a sponge, dress fabric, plastic beads, wire, nail polish, a glue gun, scissors and pencils. If you don’t have some tools at home, you can buy them at your nearest store.

Step-by-step diagram:

ватные диски в творчестве

1. The base for the body is made. Draw a semicircle on white cardboard with a pencil using a compass of the required size. It is cut and glued to form a cone.

2. On the resulting figure, sponges are glued in rows, starting from the bottom. Before the procedure, they are divided into two thin halves.

3. Each subsequent row is secured with an overlap in relation to the previous one. In a similar way, the entire body is glued to the very base.

4. A bead is used to make the head. It is generously smeared with glue and wrapped with white woolen threads. The result is a small ball.

5. Thin yellow threads are used to make angel hair. When they are glued to the head, you need to fluff them up a little and give them the shape of curls. To form the wings, use a cardboard base.

6. It is covered with cotton pads, which were previously divided into two parts.

7. Then one cotton sponge is torn into small pieces – this will be an imitation of feathers.

8. Small particles are glued onto the wing template using a glue gun.

9. Cones are made from two cotton pads and fixed with glue. These are the sleeves of the product that need to be trimmed with scissors.

10. When the glue on all the parts is dry, assemble the angel.

11. First, the arms are glued to the body, then the wings, and lastly the head.

12. A halo is formed from the wire and attached above the head.

13. If desired, the product is decorated with sparkles or beads.

Simple craft option

To make the product you will need scissors, a glue gun, white threads, cotton swabs, beads, seed beads and rhinestones. Craft
It is done as follows: two thin circles are made from one sponge, which are separated along the fibers. A ball or bead is folded into one half, the sponge is tied with white thread, and the head and wings of the product are formed. The other part of the disk is cut, the sleeves are rolled up. They are secured with glue.

Like the first sponge, the second is divided in the same way. Two triangles are formed from two circles. They will serve as clothes for the little angel. One triangle is secured with glue from the inside out. The result is hoodie sleeves for crafts. The head and wings are attached to the top. The body is formed using glue. The last step is decorating the product with jewelry. A halo is formed from golden-colored threads, and the shining robe is made using sequins, beads and rhinestones. Making crafts in the shape of angels is very fun and enjoyable. Because the products turn out cute and kind.

Product on a toothpick

To make this craft you will need white threads, cotton pads, beads, zigzag scissors, a toothpick, gold thread and a glue stick. How the counterfeit is done: the disk is divided into two parts. A bead is tied into one of them.

Zigzag teeth are made along the edge of the sponge using scissors. The other part of the sponge is divided in half. The 1st and 2nd edges are taken, they are wrapped up to half the distance, not reaching the center, and then they are wrapped inward. The upper part of the toothpick is coated with glue and secured inside the package. This is the future body of the angel. The wings and body are connected using a glue stick. The halo is called gold threads, and jewelry is made. The sponge angel is ready!

ангелочек из ватных дисков на палочке

To make crafts, you won’t need materials that you wouldn’t have at home. If desired, additional parts can be purchased at a craft store. If you want to make an original craft, then it is decorated with unusual beads, sequins or sparkles.

Making angels is interesting not only for adults, but also for children. These crafts will make a wonderful gift for Christmas or New Year. Angels will bring a little magic to the room and attract the attention of guests. Usually, to make an angel from cotton pads, you need white threads, rhinestones, scissors, a package of cotton swabs, a glue gun, cardboard or varnish for decorating the craft.

Schoolchildren often use products for a school exhibition. Usually such crafts are a great success