Choosing toilet paper and saving

Even the choice of toilet paper must be approached responsibly. Many people do not pay attention to this, but those areas for which we use this product are sensitive and susceptible to low-quality material. To prevent your skin from becoming irritated and itchy after using paper, consider the following points: material, manufacturer, layers, composition and ability to dissolve (is this easy to do).


The brand of toilet paper matters, because trusted manufacturers are the best and safest option for your health. Each roll is wrapped in a packaging layer on which the brand can be read. If you want to experiment and buy new paper, choose one that is more expensive. The cost of toilet paper, even expensive, will not significantly affect your pocket, but will not harm your health.

туалетная бумага фирмы зева

Composition of toilet paper

Toilet paper is made from recycled materials or naturally occurring cellulose. High-quality toilet paper is made from natural polysaccharide or wood cellulose. This is an expensive material from which paper and cardboard are also produced. Under the influence of water, cellulose begins to dissolve, so used high-quality paper can be safely thrown into the toilet.

Wood pulp does not contain harmful impurities, so it is considered absolutely safe for hygiene. In addition, it is soft and absorbs quickly. Don’t be afraid to buy high-quality paper if it is not standard white, but pink, light green or any other color. The dyes that are used to make paper from wood pulp are special and safe.

разные цвета туалетной бумаги

Recycled raw materials are recycled waste paper, which is also used in paper production. It is gray in color and generally unattractive in appearance. Paper is rough and rough for delicate skin, but has the following advantages: hygroscopicity, density and low cost. In addition, when producing this type of paper there is no need to cut down trees and disrupt the ecological balance.

 Toilet paper safety

A high-quality product must be manufactured in accordance with all hygienic requirements. This means that its composition should not contain questionable dyes, fragrances or antiseptics. If the paper combines all these additives, then in order to avoid allergic reactions it must have an appropriate quality certificate

напечатанные деньги на туалетной бумаге

The most optimal and safest option is white toilet paper. But when purchasing, read the packaging: the product should not be treated with chlorine. Such paper will be snow-white, but will cause discomfort when used. Gray paper is also safe (albeit rough to the touch) if it has special markings on the packaging.

The easiest paper to produce is single-layer paper. It is packaged separately and wrapped in wrapping paper. Multilayer is sold in large packages of several pieces per pack. Packaging cellophane allows you to store the product securely and prevent it from getting wet.

Pay attention to the quality certificate if you buy paper
with flavorings.

 The hygiene of toilet paper

туалетная бумага для творческих личностей

The more layers there are in the paper, the better quality it is and the better it absorbs moisture. But even recycled materials do not mean that the quality of the paper is not the best. The premium quality multi-layer product can be made from either cellulose or recycled raw materials
. A high-quality product dissolves easily in water.

 The convenience of toilet paper

If you want maximum convenience when using paper, choose a product with perforations. This is a tear line that will help you easily separate the required amount of paper. There are rolls with a dissolving sleeve. It is better to throw such a sleeve in the trash than to dissolve it in wastewater, creating a load on the city’s wastewater treatment plants and the environment

You can see how toilet paper is made in the video.