Characteristics of office paper

Not everyone knows that seemingly ordinary office paper has a number of technical characteristics that we have not even heard of. Using it every day, we don’t even think about what types of paper products there are, what classes and other parameters. Due to this, today’s article will be called: office paper, technical characteristics.


Paper can have a variety of densities

, depending on the purpose. Most often, eighty-weight A4 paper is used for office work. Thicker paper may already resemble cardboard (160 g/m2). Paper with a low density (55 g/m2) is called newsprint
. From this it becomes clear for what purposes it is used. Measured in grams per square meter of material (in this case cellulose).

Characteristics of office paper

Depending on the class of paper, its whiteness also changes. The higher the class, the greater the percentage of whiteness. This parameter can fluctuate between 90% -98%. The highest whiteness is found in premium

classes A and A+.


a characteristic that affects the printing method. So, with high transparency of the paper, on the second side of the sheet, it is no longer possible
will review the printed material. The degree of opacity is also measured as a percentage. The average indicators for comfortable work are 92% and above.


a particularly important point. Only if the roughness is too great can there be problems with print quality

. But this is quite rare and indicates an extremely low quality of paper processing.

Absolute humidity

This characteristic is also not very significant. It is rarely paid attention to in daily life
. But it should be taken into account that with high humidity of office paper, the sheets may stick together
and cause problems in printing


Characteristics of office paper
In addition, there are still characteristics for office paper that are not at all interesting to a non-professional: rigidity in the longitudinal as well as transverse directions, breaking length in the longitudinal and transverse directions, for example. and resolution.

It’s not hard to guess why is higher

office paper, technical characteristics are also improving. But if you know which parameters are worth paying attention to and which do not affect the quality of work, you can choose the best option, not only in terms of technical parameters, but also in price.