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Everything useful that can be made from paper, for paper and on paper – you will find in this section of our website. Everything related to paper and pulp products can be found here: building materials, woodworking products, design ideas, philosophical reflections and so on.

What kind of electronic signature is used in LLCs?

New rules for obtaining electronic digital signatures for LLCs are effective from 1 January 2022. Electronic signatures for executives will be issued by the certification center of the Federal Tax Service and trustees of the Federal Tax Service’s CA. A Designated Agent (DA) is a certification center that has been re-accredited and meets the additional …

All about proper document stapling: methods, devices, requirements

Все о правильном сшивании документов: способы, устройства, требования

Preparing personnel documents for submission to the organization’s archives Some personnel documents are transferred for storage to the organization’s archive. Let’s consider the algorithm of actions for preparing them for archiving. Step 1. Determine who should transfer what and when Cases with personnel documentation are transferred to the archive by the structural unit (employee responsible …

Copying business papers a hundred years ago / Sudo Null IT News

Копирование деловых бумаг сто лет назад / Хабр

Carbonized blanks. The most common way to copy a document (unless, of course, you just copy it by hand) is a carbon copy. However, using carbon paper is tedious: you need to place a copy sheet between two writing sheets, that is, align the boundaries of the three sheets. It is much more convenient if …

What danger does aluminum foil pose – MK Volgograd

Какую опасность таит алюминиевая фольга - МК Волгоград

Where else might aluminum be found? This heavy metal surrounds us everywhere: in the air, in the soil, in the water, but usually in very small, safe concentrations. The problems begin when we begin to surround ourselves with things rich in aluminum. Aluminum cookware. Many people still do not know about the dangers of aluminum. …

How many sheets can I staple for the tax office? – Legal assistance

Сколько листов можно сшивать для налоговой? - Юридическая помощь

Registration of a criminal case – your own lawyer Some provisions of the Code of Criminal Procedure provide for requirements related to office work. However, the Code of Criminal Procedure does not regulate the procedure for registering reports of a crime, registering petitions and complaints, which contributes to the safety of appeals and, most importantly, …

Origami paper boat: postcard with a boat and a map (10 photos and videos)

Оригами из бумаги кораблик: открытка с корабликом и картой (10 фото и видео)

Boat folding patterns for beginners A classic paper boat using the origami technique – the simplest option – is folded according to the following pattern: A rectangular sheet located vertically is folded in half. The resulting blank is placed with the fold point up, and both upper corners are bent to an imaginary center line …

Do you want to know how much a pack of A4 paper weighs 500 sheets?

Do you want to know how much a pack of A4 paper weighs 500 sheets?

What don’t we know about paper? This is an ancient and well-studied thing that can still surprise you today. For example: An exhibition was held in Moscow not long ago, at which fashion designers presented a “paper” collection of outfits made from domestic raw materials. The American military, during Operation Desert Storm, camouflaged their tanks …

Energy-saving technologies for paper production

вырубка лесов влияет на наше сознание

The life and renewal of natural ecosystems is long-term. The latest paper production technologies can mercilessly wipe out all life from the face of the Earth in a few decades. Especially if you do not constantly artificially renew and preserve oases of self-reproduction of natural reserves. New forest plantations, economic sanctions for sabotage and irrational …

About noise and distortion in photographs

О шумах и искажениях на фотоснимках

Sometimes photographed bouquets of flowers appear disproportionately large or small compared to other objects. Why is this happening? Everything is very simple: a person sees any object with two eyes, our viewing angle is 45°.

Getting to know your digital camera

Знакомство с цифровым фотоаппаратом

Surely every reader of the magazine who has a camera, upon seeing a beautiful flower, an unusual composition or a spectacular bouquet, could not restrain the desire to capture them as a keepsake. However, the picture was disappointing because it didn’t look the way I wanted.

Writing on meditation paper

фрирайтинг для самопознания

Writing on paper as a meditative practice is a tool for deep self-knowledge and a cure for many disorders of the soul. This activity allows the overflowing and non-stop mind to shine and bring us back to the healing moment of the here and now. There are mindfulness techniques that can be used not only …

DIY paper floors

полы из бумаги своими руками изготовить вполне реально

In this article we will talk about such an unusual design solution as floors made of paper or wallpaper. Home renovation is a good opportunity to show your creativity. The variety of options for their manifestation is truly limitless, especially in your home or apartment, where you can do whatever your heart desires. One of …

What is Yandex Wordstat anyway?

Что же все таки такое Яндекс Вордстат?

What is Yandex Wordstat anyway? Yandex Wordstat is a tool for selecting keywords. Wordstat is a free service that shows Yandex search results for the last month. The main purpose of the service is to analyze interest in the Yandex search engine on specific topics. The data obtained can be used to plan costs for …

Types of nails, how to choose a nail, how to hammer a nail

Виды гвоздей, как выбрать гвоздь, как забить гвоздь

Construction nails are the most popular fasteners. To hang a picture, hang trim and baseboards, you need to know how to drive a nail correctly. Everywhere you look you see these little metal soldiers holding various parts. Not a single repair will pass them by . Construction nails, finishing nails, slate nails and many others …

How and with what to remove stains from clothes?

Как и чем вывести пятна с одежды?

Hello everyone! Today I’ll tell you how and how to remove stains from clothes at home. Sometimes stains appear on clothes which are very difficult to deal with. For example, wine stains remaining after a holiday are difficult to remove. Therefore, today read how to remove stains of various origins using ordinary household chemicals from …