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Special paper is a paper for a special purpose. It can be photo paper – glossy or matte, laminated, synthetic, impregnated, fire-resistant, waterproof, thinnest, thick, non-wrinkling, etc.

Tea bags and mail bags of craft paper

Maculatory refers to the most common varieties of waste, everywhere is used for secondary processing.If desired, you can make crafts from cardboard with your own hands, which will become an excellent material for decorating the interior.Since the list of products that are made from this type of raw materials is incredibly wide, it should be …

What can you create with your own hands, using Kraft paper?

What can you create with your own hands, using Kraft paper?

Paper bags are used everywhere, in stores, cafes, supermarkets, production facilities. It is not difficult to buy paper bags, because people think up different ways of their non-standard use. How else can Kraft paper be used besides wrapping clothes or pizza, flowers, presents or medicine in it? Why Kraft paper? It is made of natural …

Scrapbooking paper

Бумага для скрапбукинга

Scrapbooking – what is scrapbooking anyway? In simple terms, it is the production of memorable for the family or personal albums. The essence of scrapbooking, in the design of each page of the album in a unique way. The decoration emphasizes the photo as if it complements it, making the page like a little story. …

Food printer paper

Пищевая бумага для принтера

Стремительное развитие технологий облегчает и совершенствует процесс приготовления кондитерских изделий. Помимо вкусовых качеств, огромное значение имеет и внешний вид блюда. Для придания индивидуальности сладостям, применяют различные виды украшений. На данный момент наиболее широко применяется пищевая бумага для принтера. С помощью такого пищевого принтера можно нанести практически любое изображение на торт, что согласитесь весьма удобно. Below …

Deco paper for inkjet and laser printers

Декольная бумага для струйных и лазерных принтеров

Decal paper or as it is commonly called gummed, designed for applying images on the ceramic surface (so-called hot decal) or on softer materials (cold decal). In this case, the paper acts as a translation, which is applied to a manufactured product. The process of printing an image on gummed paper is standard and does …

What is offset printing paper anyway?

Офсетная бумага для печати это вообще что такое?

Today we will try to answer the question: “offset printing paper – what is it? Any person not familiar with the production of newspapers, magazines and leaflets can ask themselves this question, because it is most often offset paper that is used for the manufacture of such products. What is offset printing paper anyway? Offset …

Fax paper: choice and characteristics

Бумага для факса: выбор и характеристики

Paper for faxes – features of choice The choice of office paper for a fax machine depends on the quality of the paper and the parameters of the office equipment. It is a mistake to think that faxes work on plain paper and that any paper will do. Poor paper quality strains the fax machine’s …