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In this section, we consider how to carry out a high-quality printer repair with your own hands. In laser printers, the photo cartridge is often clogged, thermal film breaks, paper capture rollers wear out, plastic parts break. Inkjet printers have another problem – ink cartridges often dry up, paper jams, guide rollers get dirty, print head nozzles and its parking space get clogged, diapers overflow, etc. Read about all these troubles and breakdowns in the Printers section.

Paper stuck in the printer, how do I get it out?

В принтере застряла бумага, как вытащить?

Итак, сегодня мы разберем: • Если в принтере застряла бумага, как вытащить её, не повредив печатающую машину. • Каковы причины застревания бумажных листов.• Меры предосторожности при извлечении, бумаги из аппарата. Reasoning: There can be several problems. The most common one is clogging of the inside of the printer. This can be small parts of office …