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We discuss the properties of paper: density, weight, texture, humidity, strength, whiteness, maximum print resolution, composition, performance characteristics, heat resistance, adhesion, vapor permeability, fragility, cost, price-quality ratio and others.

Stunning figures of paper with his hands

Потрясающие фигуры из бумаги своими руками

These days, I guess, they already make everything from paper. Huge demand, the product, due to the wide popularity and extensive scope of application. Today we will talk about making a figure out of paper with their own hands. For some people, this hobby turns into a lucrative profession, because of their exhibits you can …

Food printer paper

Пищевая бумага для принтера

Стремительное развитие технологий облегчает и совершенствует процесс приготовления кондитерских изделий. Помимо вкусовых качеств, огромное значение имеет и внешний вид блюда. Для придания индивидуальности сладостям, применяют различные виды украшений. На данный момент наиболее широко применяется пищевая бумага для принтера. С помощью такого пищевого принтера можно нанести практически любое изображение на торт, что согласитесь весьма удобно. Below …

What is offset printing paper anyway?

Офсетная бумага для печати это вообще что такое?

Today we will try to answer the question: “offset printing paper – what is it? Any person not familiar with the production of newspapers, magazines and leaflets can ask themselves this question, because it is most often offset paper that is used for the manufacture of such products. What is offset printing paper anyway? Offset …

Tight printer paper

Плотная бумага для печати на принтере

Dense printer paper is most often selected for decorative purposes (postcards, business cards, flags, tags, etc.) or to enhance the performance of a paper product (book or magazine covers, bookmarks, notebook spine, etc.). What does paper weight have an effect on Paper density defines the weight in grams of a 1-square-meter sheet of paper. The …

Fax paper: choice and characteristics

Бумага для факса: выбор и характеристики

Paper for faxes – features of choice The choice of office paper for a fax machine depends on the quality of the paper and the parameters of the office equipment. It is a mistake to think that faxes work on plain paper and that any paper will do. Poor paper quality strains the fax machine’s …

Money printing paper

Бумага для печати денег

A special high-grade paper with high technical and consumer properties is used for the production of money. It is the basis of the banknote and largely determines the quality and especially the durability of money. Money printing paper is produced at the Leningrad and Krasnokamsk Goznak factories on modern equipment and using progressive technology. Paper …

History of paper creation

История создания бумаги

Paper has been a part of our life for a long time – we use it every day, without noticing how much labor has been put into its production. Some processes would be impossible without it. Who invented and produced the first semblance of sheets? The history of paper – that’s what we’ll talk about …

What Happens Behind the Scenes – Paper Manufacturing and Technology

станок для полиграфического производства

Hi all! Today we’re going to see what’s going on behind the scenes – how paper production and papermaking technology is finally revealed to us. The long road of automation and refinement of the paper production process, technology and final product composition has resulted in the transition to sophisticated automated lines. In the beginning, paper …

Do you want to know how much an A4 pack of 500 sheets weighs?

Хотите узнать сколько весит пачка бумаги А4 500 листов?

Белая бумага формата А4, незаменимый атрибут любого офиса, да и практически, любого частного или (не побоюсь этого слова) государственного учреждения. Такие заведения расходуют порядка десяти-пятнадцати пачек ежемесячно, а некоторые и значительно больше. Сколько весит пачка бумаги А4 500 листов, логичный вопрос, который может возникнуть у множества людей, в виду огромной востребованности расходного продукта. It is important to keep in mind that …

Tishyu paper, what is it?

Бумага тишью что это такое вообще?

Today we would like to talk about a popular paper that is loved by many people – this is tishyu paper. In this article we will find out what tishyu paper is and consider it: Composition and properties of tishyu paper. The uses of this type of paper. Where you can specifically buy such paper. …