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Archive of articles on the topic: paper production in antiquity, in the Middle Ages and today. The issues and technical processes of paper and paper products production are considered. Let’s consider from what raw materials and on what equipment paper is made. How paper was made in the distant past and new technologies of paper production. All this is in the Paper Production category. Read usefully.

How to make paper at home?

Как сделать бумагу в домашних условиях?

What to do if you don’t have paper at hand, but need to write something down urgently? You can make paper with your own hands!) If seriously, homemade paper can be an interesting and unusual surprise, especially for a loved one. Especially since you can add some multicolored grasses when making it, and this will …

Money printing paper

Бумага для печати денег

A special high-grade paper with high technical and consumer properties is used for the production of money. It is the basis of the banknote and largely determines the quality and especially the durability of money. Money printing paper is produced at the Leningrad and Krasnokamsk Goznak factories on modern equipment and using progressive technology. Paper …

History of paper creation

История создания бумаги

Paper has been a part of our life for a long time – we use it every day, without noticing how much labor has been put into its production. Some processes would be impossible without it. Who invented and produced the first semblance of sheets? The history of paper – that’s what we’ll talk about …

What Happens Behind the Scenes – Paper Manufacturing and Technology

станок для полиграфического производства

Hi all! Today we’re going to see what’s going on behind the scenes – how paper production and papermaking technology is finally revealed to us. The long road of automation and refinement of the paper production process, technology and final product composition has resulted in the transition to sophisticated automated lines. In the beginning, paper …