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This section contains articles about how paper is used at a construction. All kinds of ways to use, life hacks, chips, secrets and tricks. There are also classical knowledge and ways of using paper on the construction site of the past and present centuries. Read articles, ask questions, suggest topics for new articles.

Papercraft for beginners: assembling models in 3 stages

Паперкрафт для начинающих: собираем модели в 3 этапа

Heart with roses applique made from rolled paper An interesting paper heart is made using the appliqué technique from curled paper. We will need to roll the colored paper into a tube, then cut the tube into small curl pieces. Cut the tube into curl pieces Fix the ends of the curls with glue so …

Resize images online | ResizePixel

Изменить размер изображений онлайн | ResizePixel

Free and safe ResizePixel is a free photo resizing app where simplicity is an important feature. It’s an easy-to-use, smartphone-friendly, and secure service for resizing photos without compromising your privacy. We do not collect or distribute uploaded photos to third parties. Resize images online with resizepixel There are a wide variety of image editing software …

What is a decal and where is it used. – Printanika

Что такое деколь и где он применяется. - Принтаника

Printanika LLC office address in Moscow Our office is located at: Moscow, 105066, . Address on the map: Call back: Call us and we will tell you in more detail about the terms of cooperation. I am sure that we will choose the option that suits you. Types of decal techniques: their pros and cons …

What is tracing paper, its types and uses ::

Что такое калька, ее виды и применение ::

How to burn something safely? Part 3Safe burning of waste Prepare a bunch of burns. Place trash in a burning barrel or fire pit. Light the fire. Do not leave fire unattended. Add more debris to the fire as it cools. Put out the fire as soon as it turns to ashes. 2. Main parameters …

Origami from A4: simple diagrams with step-by-step photos

Оригами из А4: простые схемы с поэтапными фото

What to do without glue and scissors? There is a wide variety of step-by-step complex and simple schemes that allow even children to create paper products without scissors and glue. Let’s look at some of them separately. In the beginning there was a rectangle The square is one of the most important symbols in Japanese …

Paper crown for a matinee in half an hour

Бумажная корона на утренник за полчаса

Usually parents do something with their children only after a teacher or elementary school teacher assigns them the task. However, this activity is not only useful, but also fun. A pattern for cutting out a crown will simplify the process and tell you how to make the craft more interesting and attractive. Why use a …

DIY paper crackers

Бумажные хлопушки своими руками

Clapperboard is a fun attribute of any party. It gives bright emotions not only to children, but also to adults. In this article we will tell you how to quickly make several types of firecrackers from scrap materials. Reusable safety cracker To make crackers we need: packaging paper; toilet paper rolls; balloons; filler – sequins, …

How to make a three-dimensional star with your own hands

Как сделать объемную звезду своими руками

A three-dimensional paper star will decorate any children’s room and become part of a garland or Christmas tree. Making a star with your child is fun and rewarding. The materials we need are in each box with accessories for creativity: thick paper, scissors and glue. There are many templates online that you can use to …

Bouquet of tulips – DIY paper version

Букет из тюльпанов — бумажный вариант своими руками

Tulips are symbols of spring. These modest and delicate flowers are liked by many. Therefore, they are often found in creativity and crafts, including those made from paper. If you’ve never made paper flowers, the best place to start is with tulips. They are not difficult to make, and even a child can cope with …

Huge paper flowers

бумажная роза

Every holiday should leave pleasant, unforgettable moments in your memory. A small party or a luxurious wedding should always delight its guests with something special. The most vivid impressions remain after a celebration with beautiful decor. Being in a beautifully decorated room, the memory captures wonderful moments for a long time. The decor decorated with …

Corrugated paper bouquet

как сделать красивый букет из гофробумаги

My most beautiful bouquet is the one made from corrugated paper! Because a corrugated paper bouquet is almost eternal! It is beautiful and original, and it does not need to change the water. How nice it will be for the person to whom you give this bouquet!

Paper trash bags

бумажные мешки для мусора

It is impossible to imagine a modern, comfortable home without cleanliness, and cleanliness, as we know, means the absence of garbage. And if previously it was collected in reusable plastic buckets, today they have been replaced by disposable plastic and paper garbage bags of different sizes and colors. They are quite convenient to use for …

Ecowool insulation: blowing, pros and cons

эковата для утепления дома самостоятельно

Let’s talk about ecowool insulation using the blow-in method and describe the pros and cons of this material. Few people know that waste paper (newspapers, magazines, books) is used to preserve heat in homes. The paper material is crushed, covered with brown and boric acid, and the cellulose insulation (ecowool) is ready. When frame construction …

Cardboard furniture: unusual options

Мебель из картона: необычные варианты

DIY cardboard furniture is an option when ordinary interior items are beyond your means. Chairs, shelves, tables and even a bed can be made from cardboard at home. Due to the low cost of cardboard, furniture is inexpensive. Cardboard can be found in almost any store and can be obtained for free. Creative people who …

DIY paper floors

полы из бумаги своими руками изготовить вполне реально

In this article we will talk about such an unusual design solution as floors made of paper or wallpaper. Home renovation is a good opportunity to show your creativity. The variety of options for their manifestation is truly limitless, especially in your home or apartment, where you can do whatever your heart desires. One of …