Category «paper decor»

All about paper decor and decoration of rooms and objects using the results of the pulp industry. How to make postcards, curtains, furniture, cabinets, interior items from paper and not only. Workshops and instructions with examples on making and decorating ordinary and unusual things out of paper. Enjoy reading.

Scrapbooking paper

Бумага для скрапбукинга

Scrapbooking – what is scrapbooking anyway? In simple terms, it is the production of memorable for the family or personal albums. The essence of scrapbooking, in the design of each page of the album in a unique way. The decoration emphasizes the photo as if it complements it, making the page like a little story. …

Deco paper for inkjet and laser printers

Декольная бумага для струйных и лазерных принтеров

Decal paper or as it is commonly called gummed, designed for applying images on the ceramic surface (so-called hot decal) or on softer materials (cold decal). In this case, the paper acts as a translation, which is applied to a manufactured product. The process of printing an image on gummed paper is standard and does …