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Origami is a Japanese technique of folding paper with your own hands. It was used to develop imagination, train fortitude, meditation, three-dimensional imagination and for household needs. Each of us has done origami at least once in his life – this is when you fold a piece of paper in a certain way and you get a masterpiece.

Stitch or staple?

Сшивать или скреплять?

How to correctly number the pages of a document when filing? We put Arabic numbers on the sheets For this we use a simple pencil Put the numbers in ascending order We number sheets, not pages (documents can have their own numbering) Place the page number in the upper right corner, without touching the text …

We register cases for permanent storage

Оформляем дела на постоянное хранение

All tests Topic test Analysis of the poem “I was raised by harsh nature” by N. Zabolotsky 5 questions Topic test Analysis of the poem “No Sounds Needed” by D. Merezhkovsky 5 questions Topic Test Analysis of the poem “Hello, Russia” by N. Rubtsov 5 questions Topic Quiz Analysis of the poem “I am not …

Photo print sizes –

Размеры фотопечати - Photo print sizes -

Basic terms for understanding the topic Pixels are small square dots, colored in a certain light, that make up a single whole – an image. When you look at a photograph, the eye does not notice specific dots of the raster, since they are very small and their number can reach tens of thousands; they …

The meaning of the word “pack” in 7 dictionaries

Значение слова «пачка» в 7 словарях

The meaning of the word “pack” in 7 dictionaries P A CHKA, and, w. 1. Several similar items folded, packaged together, and generally packaging (in 3 digits). P. tea, butter, cookies. P. newspapers. Cigarettes in packs. 2. Part of the ballerina’s costume is short and fluffy, in several layers, a skirt (special). • Shoot in …

Paper boats using an origami pattern

как сделать кораблики из бумаги по подробным схемам своими руками

Paper boats are often made using origami patterns – when a paper sheet is folded so that a figure is obtained without glue or scissors. Before starting work, you need to take a sheet of paper for each product of the density, color, texture you like, office glue (for a boat) and your good mood.

How to make a paper airplane for 100 meters of flight

Как сделать самолет из бумаги на 100 метров полета

Hello guys! In this material we will talk about how to make a paper airplane for 100 meters of flight . Generally speaking, almost any aircraft can fly quite far – it all depends on the altitude from which it was launched. The design features of paper airplanes affect their ability to glide. So an …

Paper boat – 3 best ways to assemble

как собрать бумажны йкораблик своими руками по инструкции

Today I’ll tell you how to make a paper boat with your own hands. Making paper boats is fun for both children and adults. With the arrival of spring, children quickly run outside to launch their ships, made with small hands from materials found at home, along streams or puddles. The simplest and most affordable …

How to make a paper spinner

Как сделать спиннер из бумаги

Today I will show you how to make a paper spinner with your own hands without a bearing. The advantage of such a spinner is that it can be assembled from scrap materials at home. Materials and tools for making a paper spinner What materials and tools will we need: cardboard paper – any thick …

Do-it-yourself volumetric paper figures

техники бумажного творчества своими руками

Nowadays, everything is probably made from paper. The huge demand for this product is due to its wide popularity and wide scope of application. Today we will talk about three-dimensional paper figures with our own hands. For some people, such a hobby develops into profitable profession, because about their exhibits one can only say that …

Today you will learn how to fold paper napkins on a holiday table

Сегодня вы научитесь складывать бумажные салфетки на праздничный стол

The festive table should not only be tasty, but also beautiful. Proper small dishes and cutlery, tablecloths are the key to success for a housewife. The table can be decorated with original cut fruits, as well as ordinary paper napkins in an original design. In the rest of this article, we’ll talk about how to …