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Office paper is most often used for printing texts, abstracts, reports, diplomas, reports and presentations. Office paper in most cases is understood as paper with a density of 80-90 g / sq. m. Office paper takes a huge amount of wood resources, so many organizations are switching to electronic document management. However, legal documents are still printed on a tangible medium – office paper.

What is offset printing paper anyway?

Офсетная бумага для печати это вообще что такое?

Today we will try to answer the question: “offset printing paper – what is it? Any person not familiar with the production of newspapers, magazines and leaflets can ask themselves this question, because it is most often offset paper that is used for the manufacture of such products. What is offset printing paper anyway? Offset …

Tight printer paper

Плотная бумага для печати на принтере

Dense printer paper is most often selected for decorative purposes (postcards, business cards, flags, tags, etc.) or to enhance the performance of a paper product (book or magazine covers, bookmarks, notebook spine, etc.). What does paper weight have an effect on Paper density defines the weight in grams of a 1-square-meter sheet of paper. The …

Fax paper: choice and characteristics

Бумага для факса: выбор и характеристики

Paper for faxes – features of choice The choice of office paper for a fax machine depends on the quality of the paper and the parameters of the office equipment. It is a mistake to think that faxes work on plain paper and that any paper will do. Poor paper quality strains the fax machine’s …

Do you want to know how much an A4 pack of 500 sheets weighs?

Хотите узнать сколько весит пачка бумаги А4 500 листов?

Белая бумага формата А4, незаменимый атрибут любого офиса, да и практически, любого частного или (не побоюсь этого слова) государственного учреждения. Такие заведения расходуют порядка десяти-пятнадцати пачек ежемесячно, а некоторые и значительно больше. Сколько весит пачка бумаги А4 500 листов, логичный вопрос, который может возникнуть у множества людей, в виду огромной востребованности расходного продукта. It is important to keep in mind that …