Category «crafts from paper»

In this section, instructions and manuals are published, according to which you can make crafts from paper with your own hands: postcards, boxes, decorative elements, greetings, envelopes, toys, figurines, origami and even structural elements for modeling. Enjoy your creativity!

Scrapbooking paper

Бумага для скрапбукинга

Scrapbooking – what is scrapbooking anyway? In simple terms, it is the production of memorable for the family or personal albums. The essence of scrapbooking, in the design of each page of the album in a unique way. The decoration emphasizes the photo as if it complements it, making the page like a little story. …

How to make paper at home?

Как сделать бумагу в домашних условиях?

What to do if you don’t have paper at hand, but need to write something down urgently? You can make paper with your own hands!) If seriously, homemade paper can be an interesting and unusual surprise, especially for a loved one. Especially since you can add some multicolored grasses when making it, and this will …