Category «Colored paper»

Colored paper is used in applications, children’s and adult creativity, for gift wrapping, in decoration and needlework. Let’s consider how colored paper appears, what are its operational properties and cost. Have fun reading!

Scrapbooking paper

Бумага для скрапбукинга

Scrapbooking – what is scrapbooking anyway? In simple terms, it is the production of memorable for the family or personal albums. The essence of scrapbooking, in the design of each page of the album in a unique way. The decoration emphasizes the photo as if it complements it, making the page like a little story. …

Tishyu paper, what is it?

Бумага тишью что это такое вообще?

Today we would like to talk about a popular paper that is loved by many people – this is tishyu paper. In this article we will find out what tishyu paper is and consider it: Composition and properties of tishyu paper. The uses of this type of paper. Where you can specifically buy such paper. …