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All about His Majesty cardboard – boxes, decorations, furniture, shelves, use in decor and construction. Cardboard is used to make boxes and other containers for small and bulky cargo. How cardboard is produced and how it is processed. Instructions for using cardboard for the most original purposes. Enjoying the cardboard.

The simplest Santa Claus

The simplest Santa Claus

What could be more interesting than making Santa Claus for the New Year with your own hands? We collected as many as 8 ideas from paper, felt and other materials. If you want, make soft toys, or if you want, make a beautiful postcard! What New Year would be complete without its main symbol? Figurines, …

Corrugated cardboard – applications, varieties, classification

как выглядит и каких цветов бывает гофрированный картон

Use of corrugated cardboard The main use of corrugated cardboard is consumer packaging. Many industrial goods today are packaged in three- and five-ply corrugated boxes. Among others: Foodstuffs; Glassware and glassware; Glassware and ceramics; Cosmetics and perfumes; Medical supplies; Sanitary ware; Building materials; Industrial equipment; Household appliances and furniture. Corrugated cardboard boxes are used to …

Density and weight of paper sheets –

Плотность и вес листов бумаги -

Density, bulk, whiteness – the main characteristics of paper The number of types and grades of paper in the modern world is enormous. The following types of paper are most often used in printing: – newspaper; – offset; – coated; – book and magazine; – packaging waste cardboard; – designer paper and cardboard. A special …

Accounting and storage of company documents. Part 2.

Учет и хранение документов компании. Часть 2.

What is needed to participate in tenders Contrary to popular belief, not all tenders are “custom-made”, and not only large companies can win them: the sphere of public procurement is strictly regulated by law. Any company that meets certain criteria can win a competition or auction without prior contact with the customer. Our company provides …

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Whiteness Instrumental determination of the whiteness of materials is a technically complex task. There are too many influencing factors that have technical uncertainty. There is, for example, the problem of maintaining and checking standards, the stability of light sources – they all “age” and it is almost impossible to find two with the same characteristics, …

How to make a paper plane that flies 100 meters Instructions

Как сделать самолет из бумаги который летает 100 метров Инструкция

1st place – paper airplane diagram “falcon” This is probably one of the most beautiful paper airplanes that you can make with your own hands, because it is very similar to the real one. To fold such a long-flying airplane with your own hands, follow the detailed instructions with photos and videos at the end. …

Business plan for the production of LED lamps ::

Бизнес-план производства светодиодных светильников ::

How to open a lighting store 5000 manuals in the public domain. Select a business based on your criteria: * Calculations use average data for Russia Any idea is often compared to a light bulb. A business idea can be compared to a green light bulb – by analogy with the well-known American currency. And …

How to make a boat – 20 options, instructions, video

Как сделать кораблик - 20 вариантов, инструкции, видео

Boat folding patterns for beginners A classic paper boat using the origami technique – the simplest option – is folded according to the following pattern: A rectangular sheet located vertically is folded in half. The resulting blank is placed with the fold point up, and both upper corners are bent to an imaginary center line …

Photo formats for printing: overview of main sizes

Форматы фото для печати: обзор основных размеров

What are minilabs?### In modern photo laboratories, the bulk of photographs are printed on special machines called minilabs. This equipment is focused on printing small and medium formats – usually from 10 x 15 to 30 x 90 cm inclusive. The peculiarity of minilabs is the optimization of processes for mass photo printing of standard …

Rolling paper. Online tobacco store in Moscow

Бумага для самокруток. Интернет магазин табачных изделий в Москве

Main selection criteria Any person enjoys making something himself, and a cigarette can easily be considered one of them. It gives special pleasure if the cigarette is made from high quality products. Before you start making a cigarette with your own hands, it is important to select a paper sheet not only by material or …

How to order cardboard boxes

как заказать картонные коробки на подарок

Greetings! I’ll tell you how to order cardboard boxes for gifts or souvenirs, depending on their purpose and purpose of use. It is logical that cardboard boxes have been considered one of the most popular types of packaging for many decades. They are in demand due to their low price, ease of manufacture, and a …

How to make decoupage on cardboard

декупаж на картоне

Today we’ll talk about decoupage on cardboard. You can use special cardboard blanks as objects for decoration. They are sold at a craft store. You can also use interestingly shaped packaging boxes that have been released in everyday life.

Cardboard furniture: unusual options

Мебель из картона: необычные варианты

DIY cardboard furniture is an option when ordinary interior items are beyond your means. Chairs, shelves, tables and even a bed can be made from cardboard at home. Due to the low cost of cardboard, furniture is inexpensive. Cardboard can be found in almost any store and can be obtained for free. Creative people who …

Energy-saving technologies for paper production

вырубка лесов влияет на наше сознание

The life and renewal of natural ecosystems is long-term. The latest paper production technologies can mercilessly wipe out all life from the face of the Earth in a few decades. Especially if you do not constantly artificially renew and preserve oases of self-reproduction of natural reserves. New forest plantations, economic sanctions for sabotage and irrational …

Cardboard boxes for moving: types, prices, search

Картонные коробки для переезда: виды, цены, поиск

When you change your place of residence, you often need to find cardboard boxes for moving. Types of cardboard, prices and where to find cardboard boxes, read in this material. Cardboard is, in fact, very thick paper . Even the production technology of ordinary paper and cardboard is very similar. Experts usually distinguish them as …

Corrugated cardboard

как выглядит и каких цветов бывает гофрированный картон

Corrugated cardboard — packaging material with increased rigidity, made using the technology of gluing paper sheets of corrugated paper on both sides. Such cardboard is made single-layer with one layer of corrugated paper and multi-layer with several layers of corrugated paper. You can increasingly see 2-, 3-, 5- and 7-layer cardboard. It can also be …