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All about His Majesty cardboard – boxes, decorations, furniture, shelves, use in decor and construction. Cardboard is used to make boxes and other containers for small and bulky cargo. How cardboard is produced and how it is processed. Instructions for using cardboard for the most original purposes. Enjoying the cardboard.

Corrugated cardboard – applications, varieties, classification

как выглядит и каких цветов бывает гофрированный картон

Use of corrugated cardboard The main use of corrugated cardboard is consumer packaging. Many industrial goods today are packaged in three- and five-ply corrugated boxes. Among others: Foodstuffs; Glassware and glassware; Glassware and ceramics; Cosmetics and perfumes; Medical supplies; Sanitary ware; Building materials; Industrial equipment; Household appliances and furniture. Corrugated cardboard boxes are used to …