Cardboard boxes for moving: types, prices, search

When you change your place of residence, you often need to find cardboard boxes for moving. Types of cardboard, prices and where to find cardboard boxes, read in this material.

Cardboard is, in fact, very thick paper
. Even the production technology of ordinary paper and cardboard is very similar. Experts usually distinguish them as follows: any paper thicker than 0.2 mm, or any multi-layer paper, is considered cardboard.

Cardboard can be printed, packaging, construction, electrical – these are the most popular varieties. Almost any of these types of cardboard are single-layer or multi-layer.

Whatever the shape we are talking about, the main characteristics of this material are thickness (what load the sheet can withstand
cardboard size 1 square meter) and density.

What types of cardboard boxes are there?

Boxes are mainly made from corrugated cardboard. As the name suggests, one of the layers is made wavy. This gives corrugated cardboard additional elasticity and stability. There are several main classes of this packaging material. They differ in the number of layers, and thus the classes are arranged: виды картона, используемого для коробок для переезда

Class “D”.
This cardboard has two layers – wavy and flat. It is mainly used for packaging cushioning. It is quite flexible and easily rolled up. Available in two forms: sheets and rolls.

Class “T”
– three-layer cardboard. The layers are glued together so that the corrugated layer is in the middle. Mainly used for making medium sized boxes and crates. This cardboard  is only available in sheet form. Boxes made from such cardboard are ideal for packing things when moving

, this cardboard is the most commonly used.

Class “P”
– five-layer cardboard. Made so that the layers alternate: first smooth, then wavy-straight-wavy-straight sheets. Used for making large boxes and sheets. This cardboard is the most reliable and can be used to protect even large furniture when moving.

Class C
– corrugated cardboard consisting of seven layers. The manufacturing principle is the same as using five layers of paper. Also available exclusively in leaves. Used where increased demands are placed on the strength of boxes. For example, for international transport.

Which cardboard is best to use when moving?

от двухслойного до семислойного картона для коробок

Cardboard packaging fulfills its mission one hundred percent. Cardboard is relatively inexpensive, and the sheets and boxes can be reused over and over again. Cardboard is an environmentally friendly and relatively durable and reliable material.

Cardboard can compete with packaging film and bubble wrap. However, such synthetic material is not environmentally friendly and is more expensive than cardboard or thick paper.

As shown in the classification of cardboard products, three-layer T-grade cardboard is the most optimal for boxes used for moving
. Five-layer cardboard class “P” will have a higher price and have more weight. It should only be used for fragile and bulky items. картонные коробки для переезда часто поставляются в виде коробок с клапанами

Where to buy cardboard boxes for moving?

You can buy cardboard boxes for moving in specialized stores and from wholesale and retail suppliers in warehouses and bases.

You can also quickly buy small cardboard boxes in Leroy Merlin or Castorama stores. When making cardboard packaging to order, you can find quite interesting offers for large quantities – this is beneficial for both the manufacturer and the buyer.

Cost of cardboard boxes for moving

The price of cardboard boxes for moving is given from open sources as of August 2017 in Moscow and the region:

  • cardboard moving box dimensions 40x30x20 cm

    in Leroy Merlin costs 25 rubles
    ., and in Castorama – 27 rubles,
    at the wholesale base for 27 rub.
  • cardboard moving box dimensions 60x40x40 cm

    in Leroy Merlin
    at a price of 40 rubles
    ., in Castorama
    59 RUR
    ., from the wholesaler for 48 rub.
  • cardboard box with lid 25x34x26 cm

    in Leroy Merlin costs 38 rubles
    , on a sweat base – for 37 rubles.

Do not forget that they can make you a cardboard box of the required size to order. If you’re moving big, consider this option. For example, if you order 10,000 pieces of boxes of size 60x40x40 cm

, then they will cost you 39 rubles
. a piece. This is more profitable only when ordering large quantities and there are discounts. At the same time, the contractor can be required to provide the appropriate quality of the finished cardboard product.

Where can I get free cardboard moving boxes?

To avoid buying cardboard moving boxes, you can find them for free. Most often, such paper packaging is left over after purchasing large household items – televisions, refrigerators, washing machines or cabinets. Do not throw away such boxes, but simply fold them flat and store them until the next time you move.

You can also ask for cardboard boxes at your nearest grocery store – not all stores care about recycling waste paper, so they often simply throw away the packaging. In this case, you can arrange for self-pickup (pickup) of boxes and choose the appropriate size.

You can also find substandard cardboard and cut a box of the desired shape and size from it. Box diagrams from the Internet will help with this.

Scotch tape will help repair old torn boxes. If you can’t fix a cardboard box, then you don’t use enough tape. Good luck to everyone in finding packing for your belongings when moving to a new place.