Business ideas for women: making chandeliers and lamps with your own hands. |

21 wonderful lamps – we make bright accessories with our own hands from what is at hand

What could be more beautiful than the satisfaction of an original craft created with your own hands, which will become a bright accent in the gray routine? We offer several simple models, the manufacture of which does not require professional skills or financial costs. Let’s get to work!

Every day we have to throw away empty tetrapacks, but meanwhile this is an excellent basis for an openwork chandelier. We cut strips 5 cm wide, fold them into the required shape and begin to carefully glue them together. To prevent the structure from falling apart prematurely, assembly can be done on a round piece of suitable size.

Disposable spoons make a pretty decent lampshade. Take a 5-liter plastic container and cut off the bottom. We break off the cuttings and mount the remaining parts onto the base using a glue gun, imitating a pineapple peel. It is better to use a low-temperature light bulb for safety reasons.

Ordinary wooden hangers are transformed with a creative approach. Simply by cutting them in half and placing them in a circle, you get a modernist chic lamp from the 30s era. A completely surreal option is also possible – pass a strong thread through the suspension attachment point and simply string the hangers, unrolling them a little.

Funny Gummi bears are an ideal solution for a nursery. The difficulty lies in the accuracy of the placement of individual figures, so we recommend making a template with radial holes through which we lower the white threads. Don’t even think about using lollipops – these are acrylic figures!

The effect of a dense forest in the bedroom is achieved by whimsical chiaroscuro. A few stylistic roots, wire, skillful hands – and an original ball under the ceiling will plunge the room into the world of the unknown. Or collect the rhizomes, clean, dry and bind them however you like. It is better to varnish the finished product.

Has your drum kit lost its former appeal and is gathering dust in the garage? An extravagant chandelier can be easily assembled from a boring musical instrument – fortunately, all fasteners are included in the kit. Original and beautiful, and most importantly – quiet!

If you are the owner of a bicycle workshop, then you probably have a container with unusable spare parts in the corner. A little creativity and a welding machine – you will get a unique product, similar to the ancient inventions of the crazy Mechanicus. Of course, you can’t hang it in the living room, but it’s just right for a nightclub.

Leaky galabash (African gourd bottle) lends itself well to engraving. Intricate patterns, contrasting transitions of textures from shiny to matte, elegant perforations scatter ethnic ornaments of the Dark Continent on the walls.

It’s all in the bag – a funny tandem of a top hat and a bowler hat creates a solid ambience for a cigar club for gentlemen. If you’re not an English dandy, don’t despair – an old Stetson, a bright sombrero or a straw brill will work too. It is important not to be hostage to sanctimonious dogmas.

Paper cups for cakes will become an elegant accent to your interior. This is not at all difficult – we glue them together in two, straightening the bottom one, and connect the resulting “flowers” ​​with a thread in a spiral. We cover the original night light with glue or varnish for strength.

Banal iron graters look very original above the bar counter. You need 4 tubes with electric sockets and a meter piece of 2-core wire. Don’t forget about fire safety – metal lampshades get very hot.

Have your lace doilies served their purpose? Don’t rush to part with them! We inflate a white balloon, find a brush and PVA, straighten the material on the surface and coat it generously. After an hour, the elegant lampshade is ready for use.

Cutlery can decorate a meal beyond just serving. Spoons gathered into a bun resemble a silver tulip. And connoisseurs of Kandinsky or Dali will appreciate the avant-garde cube constructed from knives and forks. Bon appetit!

An interesting effect in a children’s room is created by small light screens in the form of a cartoon cloud. The light bulb located behind it dimly illuminates the walls without blinding the eyes. By adding some more funny clouds, we get a romantic sunset.

Several brightly glowing globes will dynamically enliven the space above the stairs. Oceans and continents will light your way – an original and charismatic solution with deep implications. Choose the right proportions for your unique installation and get charged with positivity.

Don’t know what to do with the mismatched remains of the services? Drill holes in the cup and saucer, place the socket in the middle and connect with a hollow tie – just like in a regular lamp. White porcelain perfectly diffuses light – hang the composition above the coffee table and enjoy a fragrant drink.

A ball of yarn can be successfully used as a chandelier. Several skeins of thread, a white balloon, electrical fittings and glue – we randomly wrap the base and spread it generously with astringent. Wait until it dries completely – and your unique masterpiece is ready. They cannot play football, but the product is quite reliable.

Is it possible to make a table lamp from beer cans? It turns out yes! Only we will need a lot of them – after all, we only use valves for opening. We knit a frame of the desired shape from rigid wire and begin to braid the base. It turns out something like shiny chain mail. Unfortunately, the exact amount of raw materials is unknown.

This charming lamp in the shape of a cute alien animal is very easy to make. The most labor-intensive process is cutting narrow paper wedges. We connect several wire rings together to get something like a sphere, and use tape to attach the prepared parts in layers. All!

An option with pronounced charisma will appeal to confirmed bachelors and lovers of noisy parties. Having seen the impressive installation above the table, guests will immediately understand what awaits them in the next couple of hours. Cheap and cheerful, but with soul…

What to do with endless plastic bottles? If you are tired of fighting them, we suggest you turn their myriad of them to your benefit, at least partially. Cut off the bottoms, and you will have a lot of small parts in your hands. Connect them randomly with threads – there are no restrictions on the shape.

What you need to make a new lampshade for a floor lamp

A variety of materials will be used to create a lampshade at home, including:

  1. Textiles. Suitable for designing frame structures. It is better to choose cotton and linen for these purposes. To prevent the lampshade from accumulating dust, the material must be treated with a water-repellent compound.
    Как сделать абажур для торшера своими руками
  2. Threads, yarn. Such materials are often used to upgrade frameless products, but you can also try tightening the frame. The optimal wire thickness is 1-5 mm.
    Как сделать абажур для торшера своими руками
  3. Rope. Its thickness can be absolutely any. This option is universal, suitable for both frame and frameless lampshades. If the room has an ecological style, it is better to use ropes made from natural raw materials.
    Как сделать абажур для торшера своими руками
  4. Ribbons. Its width can also be different. The tape is used to make an original lampshade on a frame or base without a frame.
    Как сделать абажур для торшера своими руками
  5. Handmade lace in cotton threads. They are good at designing not only framed lampshades, but also frameless floor lamp bases. Alternatively, you can use finely chopped pieces of tulle.
    Как сделать абажур для торшера своими руками
  6. Handmade fabrics. This method of updating an old lampshade is highly decorative.
    Как сделать абажур для торшера своими руками
  7. Wooden elements. A floor lamp base made from branches, slats, and slats will look great. If the parts are thin, they are pre-cleaned and processed, after which they are used to create a lampshade using the weaving method. Thick branches can be cut into small pieces and collected randomly. If thin boards are used, their structure allows you to decorate and create a frame at the same time. To create a shadow on the wall, you can select plywood parts with a through hole.
    Как сделать абажур для торшера своими руками
  8. Various plastic accessories such as beads, buttons. They are easy to purchase at any specialized retail outlet.
    Как сделать абажур для торшера своими руками
  9. Origami. Ornaments made of paper or cardboard will effectively complement the lampshade. But the only drawback of such decorative elements is their short shelf life.
    Как сделать абажур для торшера своими руками
  10. Various creative elements. These could be kitchen utensils, rulers, clothespins, gears, etc.
    Как сделать абажур для торшера своими руками

No. 4. chandelier material

Most of us, when choosing a chandelier, first of all take into account the material of its manufacture. It determines the style of the lamp and its main performance qualities, as well as the price.

Among the most popular options:

glass and crystal chandeliers are very exquisite and at the same time fragile products. A crystal chandelier with many pendants and decorative elements can become a real decoration of a room. It is customary to decorate classic interiors with such lamps, but today crystal chandeliers are also used in modern styles.

Chandeliers made of ordinary glass are amazing in terms of assortment; they can resemble Christmas tree balls, have a fancy ornate shape, and be made in both classical and minimalist styles. Such beauty requires regular care, and modern dust-repellent detergents can provide a little relief;

metal chandeliers are stronger than glass ones, and they are easier to care for, but not always – it all depends on the design, and in this regard there are a lot of options. Lamps can be made of steel, copper, brass or bronze, chrome or gold plated.

wooden chandeliers look unusual and will not fit into any interior. They are appropriate to use in ethnic, oriental and country style. There are many different variations, but you should understand that it is better not to hang such lamps in rooms with high humidity and frequent temperature changes.

textile chandelier is an excellent option for an interior in boho, ethno and classic styles. Such lamps can have any shape. For such chandeliers, strong fabrics are used that are treated with dust-repellent substances; there are options where the shades are made of lace and macrame. It is better to equip such chandeliers with LED lamps, which provide a minimum of heat, and not use them in the kitchen;

A plastic chandelier is cheap, but it doesn’t always look cheap. Such products are distinguished by an incredible variety of shapes, bright colors, and they are not afraid of moisture

When purchasing, it is important to make sure that the plastic does not contain phenol-formaldehyde resins. You can even make a plastic lampshade with your own hands from plastic bottles or cups;

a paper chandelier can be made independently, will fit into the Japanese style and high-tech, is inexpensive, but is not resistant to mechanical damage, moisture, fire and does not always transmit light properly.

Modern fashion for lamps dictates getting rid of shades and using groups of lamps on long cords.

Lampshade for a floor lamp made of threads with your own hands

The step-by-step process for creating an unusual thread shadow is as follows:

  1. Select threads and prepare the base: ball, ball. It is best to use cotton thread of medium thickness for these purposes. They quickly absorb glue and retain their shape after drying.
    Как сделать абажур для торшера своими руками
  2. Pour vinyl glue into a suitable container and dip the spool of thread.
    Как сделать абажур для торшера своими руками
  3. Wrap the ball with random threads and let it dry completely (12 hours).
    Как сделать абажур для торшера своими руками
  4. Then pierce the ball with a needle and remove it from the threads. You can decorate the lampshade with adhesive tape.
    Как сделать абажур для торшера своими руками

DIY fabric floor lamp shade

Master class on making a lampshade for a floor lamp:

  1. Creating a model. After painting the outer surface of the metal circles of the frame with a black marker, they are rolled out onto a sheet of whatman paper. Then we switched to fabric and lining material, PVC film.
    Как сделать абажур для торшера своими руками
  2. Join the fabric and film together. This can be done using a very hot iron. Alternatively, you can pin and sew. Ironing should only be done on the fabric side.
    Как сделать абажур для торшера своими руками
  3. Place the decorative layer on the frame. First, the fabric is fixed with clamps on the upper ring, and then on the lower one. In this case, you need to make sure that there are no folds or creases, everything should be tightly stretched.
    Как сделать абажур для торшера своими руками
  4. Mark the vertical seam line at the top and bottom. Next, the part is removed and sewn on a sewing machine.
    Как сделать абажур для торшера своими руками
  5. Place the finished case on the frame and connect the layers to each other using heated silicone and superglue. At the end of the work, a satin ribbon or strip of the same material as the lampshade is glued.
    Как сделать абажур для торшера своими руками

Lampshade made of unusual materials

When you make a lampshade yourself, you can give free rein to your imagination and experiment. To make an original thing, you first need to find unusual material.

A lampshade made from burlap can look very interesting, for example, in the kitchen. This fabric transmits light well. Such a lampshade can be decorated with some wooden details, for example, clothespins or wooden beads and buttons.

You can also use grandma’s old lace doilies for decoration. You can also write something on such a lampshade with white or black paint, as they usually write on bags.

For a teenager’s room, you can sew an American-style lampshade. For this you will need denim. And you don’t have to buy it, you can just cut up old jeans – every person probably has such a thing.

Such a lampshade can be decorated, for example, with a denim pocket where you can insert an artificial flower or a piece of a checkered handkerchief. You can also use applique for such a lampshade. Pieces of leather are suitable for this.

For example, for a lamp that will stand in a girl’s room or bedroom, you can sew a delicate lampshade from mesh. This fabric can be found in any sewing store.

A lampshade made from several layers of mesh will look interesting – it will resemble a ballerina’s tutu or a fluffy skirt.

From the canvas

Table 3. Making a lampshade: embroidery on canvas

Illustration Description

Шаг 1

Step 1

Before starting work, decide on the shape and size of the lampshade.
A cylindrical lampshade is preferred because when the embroidered fabric is pulled over a cone-shaped lampshade, the design may become distorted.
Шаг 2

Step 2

You will need to measure the diameter and height of the lampshade.
The diameter is multiplied by the factor “3.14” and 10 cm is added for gluing. Add 8 cm to the height of the top and bottom edges (4 cm each). Based on these dimensions, the required amount of fabric is calculated.
Шаг 3

Step 3

When choosing fabric, the color scheme of the interior is taken into account. For embroidery, which will become the main decoration of the lampshade, it is recommended to choose a plain fabric. It is important to understand that the fabric is the basis, which should be organically combined with the colors of the embroidery.
Шаг 4

Step 4

When choosing a fabric, consider how it will look when you turn on the device.
Canvas can be used as a material with a special texture.
Шаг 5

Step 5

When choosing an embroidery pattern, remember that it will be located in a circle.


When selecting fabric, use dissolving fabric
Шаг 7

Step 7

The embroidery area is visually limited.
Шаг 8

Step 8

It is not recommended to overload the lampshade design. The embroidery itself turned out to be quite expressive and bright.
Шаг 9

Step 9

The design is transferred to fabric and embroidered.
Шаг 10

Step 10

Embroidered fabric glued to glowing plastic
Шаг 11

Step 11

Both the white and anti-dust fabric are glued to the lighting plastic.
Шаг 12

Step 12

The finished embroidery is attached to the frame of the lampshade.

From fabric and yarn

To make a wicker lampshade with your own hands, you need to follow the instructions.

Illustration Action description
Business ideas for women: making chandeliers and lamps with your own hands. | Take a ball, a saucer, PVA glue, some water and plastic film
Business ideas for women: making chandeliers and lamps with your own hands. | Place a plate on the ball and wrap the workpiece with plastic wrap several times
Business ideas for women: making chandeliers and lamps with your own hands. | We dilute the glue with a small amount of water in order to obtain a consistency that is not too thick
Business ideas for women: making chandeliers and lamps with your own hands. | Dip the entire yarn into the glue and soak it for a while until the thread is well wet
Business ideas for women: making chandeliers and lamps with your own hands. | We begin to glue the ball with yarn, leaving space for the lamp socket in the place where the plate is attached
Business ideas for women: making chandeliers and lamps with your own hands. | When all the thread is wound, use the remaining glue directly on the ball and coat the workpiece well. Let it dry for at least 24 hours. To prevent the entire structure from falling apart during removal, you need to make sure that there are no wet places left and everything is well dried

A DIY lampshade made from scrap materials is simple and quick. You can make a multi-colored floor lamp by tying several threads together: red, yellow, green and blue. You can also make a beautiful lampshade from pieces of fabric if you cut out small diamonds or triangles and then glue them on top of each other. If desired, you can sew a one-piece cover and put it on the frame.


An original lampshade without a frame can be made using linen, jute or hemp twine, a regular rubber ball and vinyl glue.

Table 4. Lampshade in twine

Illustration Description

Шаг 1

Step 1

Vinyl glue is poured into a three-liter jar.
Шаг 2

Step 2

A spool of linen, hemp or jute twine is placed in a jar. The thread is pulled through a hole in a tightly closed polyethylene lid.
Шаг 3

Step 3

Shake the jar thoroughly so that the coil is saturated with glue as much as possible.
Шаг 4

Step 4

Gradually pulling a well-lubricated thread of glue through the hole in the lid, we wind a rubber ball of the required diameter.
Шаг 4

Step 4

Once the ball has been sufficiently wound, a hole is formed around the valve through which the ball will be removed and then the lamp socket inserted.


A day after the glue has completely dried and the thread has hardened, open the ball valve and gradually release the air. Then it is carefully pulled out through the finished hole.
Шаг 7

Step 7

The ball is ready.
Шаг 8

Step 8

Using a centimeter, mark a line on the surface of the ball along which it will be cut into 2 parts.
Шаг 9

Step 9

Using scissors, cut the ball into 2 halves.
Шаг 10

Step 10

The one with the hole will serve as a lampshade.
Шаг 11

Step 11

The lampshade is fixed with a plastic bottle
Шаг 12

Step 12

The edges are covered with glue.
Шаг 13

Step 13

Glue on the bangs.
Шаг 14

Step 14

Plastic flowers cut from a bottle can be used as decoration.
Шаг 15

Step 15

To do this, a paper pattern is applied to a plastic blank and a flower is cut out.
Шаг 16

Step 16

In order for the leaves to be wrapped, the part is kept on an open fire for several seconds.
Шаг 17

Step 17

Glue is applied to the flowers.
Шаг 18

Step 18

And attach to the surface of the lampshade.
Шаг 19

Step 19

A bead is glued to the center of each flower. The lampshade is ready.

Готовый абажур

Lampshade finished twine

Interesting lampshade ideas from scrap materials and simple ideas

Let’s look at a few more unusual lampshade design ideas.

You can decorate not only a table lamp, but also chandeliers beautifully and unusually. Old lampshades can be replaced with multi-colored fabrics with thick fringe. Such decor will create diffused lighting for a cozy atmosphere.

A plain lampshade can be decorated not only with colored paper, but also with photographs or original pictures. Photos are pasted onto the surface of the base in a certain order. Special glue is used for fixation.

An original version in the night city style can be created using dark paint and plain paper. A template with the contours of the image is glued onto the lampshade. Then holes are made along the marked contours using a thick needle. Punctures need to be made not only along the contour, but also along the upper part, where the sky should be in the drawing.

The lampshade on an elegant leg can be decorated with unusual decor. Beautiful fabric in light colors is used for decoration. Roses are made from the material, which are fixed on the body of the unsightly lampshade.

You can come up with an unusual design for a hanging chandelier. Special threads of different colors are used for decoration. It is better to choose threads that are thick and dense, but not made of wool.

Fans of origami will love non-standard paper solutions. The unusual design is made of square elements made of thick cardboard. Stylish lamps are suitable for decorating a Japanese-style interior.

A lamp decorated with feathers looks unusual. You can apply glue to the edges of the feathers and sprinkle them with glitter. The feathers are attached to a steel frame base.

Connoisseurs of country style will like the option with original inscriptions. These can be stickers or patterns applied using paints. In this case, you can use special templates. The drawings are applied to special paper and then glued to the surface of the base.

Not a bad option for geography buffs or schoolchildren. You can use an old map as decoration. It is cut to the size of the frame and glued to the base. You can glue a white ribbon along the edges, which will go perfectly with the lampshade leg.

Original patterns can be applied to the surface of the lampshade. A beautiful option is floral patterns. You can draw one large flower and several small ones. All kinds of stencils are used for decoration. Or the pattern can be copied from a regular napkin.

For country style, an original option would be a lampshade made of wicker wood. Wood elements are intertwined on a frame base. Fixation occurs using special glue. The plates must be light and thin so that light can pass through their surface.

The burlap lampshade looks original. Before attaching the fabric, a pattern can be applied to the surface using a template and paints. These can be not only patterns, but also inscriptions.

We hope that our review will be useful to you, and with its help you can find some suitable ideas for improving your home interior.

How to make money from your hobby or handmade as a way of life

A hobby becomes a successful business when it begins to generate positive financial statements. The married couple Ksenia and Evgeniy Gorbunov became the creators of the online store Tilatila. Designers produce original handmade gifts: lamps, night lights, pillows, interior accessories, posters and scarves.

Светильники из фетра

How did you turn your hobby into a business?

I can’t say it was a hobby. I’ve been crafting all my life. From the age of 5, when I started reading, I immediately began to master knitting from a home economics book. It has always been the joy of creativity, and at some point it became a way to make money. I feel the need to please people. My husband and I thought for a long time about what else we could do, since he also likes to do things with his own hands. The idea of ​​opening my own online store arose long before the first lamp was created.

When did your first lamp appear?

The first lamp appeared when another New Year arose on the threshold and with it the question: what to give to relatives? They were very different from today, but they were successful, and we decided to develop this topic.

Светильник кот

Did you start working with felt right away?

Felt appeared in my life a couple of months before the first lamps; we decided to make subsequent copies not from purchased felt, but to felt them with our own hands. This is how everything began to develop 🙂

So you make all the products together with your husband?

Yes. I do the felt laying and decorating, he sometimes helps me felt and takes care of the technical part of the lamps. However, I felt scarves alone, perhaps that’s why there are so few of them so far)

Шарф из войлока

Do any of you have an art education?

Yes, my husband graduated from the Ural Academy of Architecture and Art; he is a designer by education.

What kind of education do you have?

I graduated from the St. Petersburg University of Technology and Design, sewing department. It turns out that my whole life is connected with textiles in one form or another.

Are handmade gifts your only way to earn money at the moment?

No, we also do photography (reportage photography of holidays and various events, product photography, advertising photography) and design. Link to our website:

You have posters based on your own photographs. Do you both take photographs?

Yes, my husband turned out to be a good teacher and raised another photographer in our ranks 🙂

Осенние листья

Which of your products is in greatest demand?

Lamps:) They have already won many hearts:)

Дизайнерский светильник

How much effort and time does it take you to create one lamp?

About 3 days. It’s difficult for me to calculate exactly, because I, as a rule, don’t sit at my desk all the time, I try to combine work on lamps with something else. Otherwise, it is physically difficult; such work requires a lot of perseverance and attention.

But are you keeping up with demand?

Well. we try. But the New Year’s rush is still ahead 🙂 Unfortunately, while it is not possible to create at least some minimum supply, the owners are there earlier. So buyers should not put off their order until the last minute 🙂

Is your biggest demand around the holidays?

Yes:) But sometimes there are outbursts and no matter what.

Does it happen that customers ask you to make something according to their sketches?

Well, not based on sketches, but clients describe what they want. We made a cat that was as similar in color as possible to the customer’s cat. A mouse and a penguin were also born at the request of the customer.

Светильник пингвин

Do you have wholesale orders?

There is demand, but we are not a factory, we are not very interested in this.

Have you come across works similar to yours?

We saw works done based on these motifs, but they were still very different.

Do any masters inspire you?

I admire the works of many masters; there are a lot of high-level felt artists in Russia (and in the world too). But I cannot say that it is their work that inspires me, I am inspired by everything around me 🙂

Why did you start working with wood?

I have been friends with wood since childhood; making something from wood was a favorite pastime, especially in the summer, which I spent at the dacha. When the question arose of what I personally could bring to our handicraft business, I remembered wood. Well, making a bus is also rooted in my childhood: for as long as I can remember, cars have been my hobby, I dreamed of becoming a car designer 🙂

Светильник автобус

Why did you leave your dream or is everything still ahead?)

Even during my studies, I realized that there were no prospects in our country for me as an automobile designer. And I don’t know what’s ahead, anything can happen 🙂

Is it easy for Ksenia to work with wood, or do you take on the whole process yourself?

Ksenia doesn’t work with wood, that’s just my direction.

What products are waiting for your customers in the near future?

I would really like to quickly make a lamp-sheep (symbol of the coming year), but for now it’s difficult to say anything about the time of appearance, other materials will be used and everything will become clearer as the sample is made. The wooden lamps include two buses and a lamp based on the English taxi Black Cab.

Светильник со свечкой

Have you thought about making frames for your posters?

Frames for posters are an individual matter; they are selected for a specific interior, and not just for the poster. We came to the idea of ​​posters on canvas and on a stretcher; in this case, there is no frame and nothing can introduce random disharmony into the interior. Well, if someone wants to frame a poster, any framing workshop will do a great job with this.

Do you want to collaborate with local designer stores?

Offers from stores arrive regularly. But we are not satisfied with the conditions for leaving the goods for sale.

Do you want to communicate directly with the client?

We are quite happy with remote communication. But sometimes we hand over lamps to clients personally and get a lot of positive emotions 🙂

Необычный светильник

How to make a lampshade from paper raw materials

Paper can be an available material for constructing the coating. It has a number of advantages over other types of raw materials:

  • cheap;
  • light in weight, some designs are easy to fold,
  • gives you the opportunity to show your imagination, you can experiment with it ad infinitum;
  • affordable, there are a variety of options for density and texture;
  • The work does not require complex tools, except scissors, glue and a pencil with a ruler.

Here’s how to make an interesting chandelier shade that will brighten up any room in the house.


  • rim made of metal or wood;
  • patterns of butterflies, dragonflies or birds;
  • glue gun;
  • thin fishing line or nylon threads;
  • thick paper for work (cardboard, velvet).

Step by step work:

  • Leave the rim from an old chandelier or use thick enough wire to make a circle of an ideal shape that will serve as the base. Wrap it in light paper to match the color of the room or paint it.
  • Using templates, cut out dragonflies, butterflies, and flying birds.
  • Glue 2 identical blanks along the line of symmetry so that each model receives 4 wings.
  • Attach to the fishing line with a glue gun or using a needle, piercing each figure. There can be 5 – 6 pieces on one thread.
  • Tie the pendant to the base. There should be a lot of fishing lines or nylon threads. Additionally, you can decorate with large beads.

This chandelier is elegant and airy, adding space and lightness to the atmosphere.

In fact, there are many different techniques and methods for creating paper lampshades. For example, origami, or, having prepared a lot of paper tubes, paste over a five-liter plastic container. An original lampshade can be made from corrugated paper, napkins, and leftover wallpaper.

Competition and advantages

At the beginning of this year, I decided to completely focus on the work of the workshop and left my job. Now the main goal for us is to move from “hobby” status to “business” status, build a system, and draw up a development strategy. So far, the project exists only between my wife and I: I do the design, sawing and assembly of products, while Lisa does the decorating, painting, photography, and social media management.

The market allows such scaling. We launched the project after the crisis began, so economic difficulties did not affect us much. On the contrary, now many people, in addition to working in the office, are also self-employed: some bake cakes at home, others collect jewelry.

Our market is quite competitive. Moreover, we compete not only within Yekaterinburg, but also throughout Russia. Only half of all our orders are from local customers. Among the competing companies there are those who have become good colleagues for us. We maintain relationships, exchange experiences, give each other advice, and share useful information.

At first we differed favorably in price. Now our main advantage is openness.

On social networks we honestly talk about our project, show how development is going, and do not hide prices. If we receive an order that we cannot fulfill for some objective reasons, then we tell our customers honestly about this and redirect clients to competing companies. In response, the same thing happens: fellow competitors refer customers to us.

I advise aspiring entrepreneurs not to be afraid. Behind any business there are always people just like us. Study, discover new things, try. Meet and maintain contacts with clients, partners, colleagues, competitors. It took Lisa and me three years to realize that growth requires a team.

Only now are we coming to the conclusion that we don’t need to carry everything on ourselves. Involve strong people in your project, don’t be afraid to delegate some of the tasks. Of course, at the beginning of the journey there are no resources to organize a team, but over time they will appear. An entrepreneur is not someone who stands at a machine and engages in a hobby; an entrepreneur is a person who builds a business. And we are gradually moving towards this.

Making master class

At first glance, making a lampshade yourself may not seem like an easy task, but a detailed description will help you figure it out in a few simple steps. The easiest ones to make include frameless products made of paper, twine, and lace.

To assemble a paper accordion lampshade for a chandelier, floor lamp or table lamp, you will need:

  • Prepare a piece of paper (or wallpaper) 150 cm long and at least 30 cm wide;
  • Using a simple pencil and a ruler, mark the “edges” of the accordion, 3 or 5 cm long;
  • Assemble the accordion, focusing on the marked lines;
  • Using a hole punch, make holes in the lampshade along the upper edge and insert a ribbon or string into them to adjust the width of the upper edge of the lampshade;
  • Glue the two ends of the accordion with superglue.

To create the most popular spherical lampshade
You will need: 20-25 meters of cotton-linen thread (thick) or soft rope, scissors, PVA construction glue, water, a container for glue, a marker, a thick one-color inflatable balloon, medical gloves, Vaseline, a base for a lamp.

Actions are performed in stages:

  • Prepare your work surface. It is most convenient to perform actions on a table covered with film;
  • Dilute glue with water in a ratio of 2 to 1, lower a ball of thread into the resulting solution. It should be thoroughly wet. If necessary, you can add more solution during operation;
  • While the threads absorb the glue, inflate the ball to the desired size, mark a circle around the tail of the ball with a marker, the diameter of which is equal to the diameter of the light bulb. Lightly brush the ball with Vaseline;
  • Tie the tail of the ball with a thread and wrap it in a chaotic manner until the threads run out. It is desirable that the weaving be thin and cobwebby;
  • When the weaving is finished, the tip of the thread must again be secured around the tail of the ball and the excess must be cut off;
  • Hang the ball in a dry place for 48 hours until completely dry. It is important to take into account that glue will drip from it, so there should be a container at the bottom.
  • Puncture or deflate the balloon and remove it from the lampshade. The product is ready.

Lampshades made from round lace doilies look incredibly beautiful. They add sophistication and romanticism to the room, and at the same time are very simple to implement.

Since the basis of the lace is thread, the manufacturing technology is similar to the previous version:

  • Prepare a workplace and everything you need: scissors, white glue without yellowing or transparent, lace or lace napkins, water, a contrasting inflatable ball without a pattern;
  • Dilute glue with water, immerse napkins for decoration in the mixture;
  • Inflate the balloon, mark the hole for the light bulb, grease the surface of the balloon with Vaseline;
  • Lay out the lace circles overlapping each other, moving clockwise from the marked hole for the light bulb;
  • Leave for 24-48 hours to dry completely;
  • Attach the socket and lamp.

Frameless lampshades also include products made from metal, plastic and wooden fragments that are glued together to form a semicircular or round lampshade. For example, from coins, gears, cups, branches.

The frame is necessary for more complex products made from thin paper or fabric. It allows you to assemble lampshades of different shapes, sizes and complexity.

New DIY lampshade for a floor lamp made from rope

Instructions for creating a beautiful ceiling from natural materials involve the following manipulations:

  1. Pour the vinyl adhesive into the container. A three-liter jar will also work.
    Как сделать абажур для торшера своими руками
  2. Make a mark on the bulb socket cylinder. You can use a saucer that is applied and outlined with a marker.
    Как сделать абажур для торшера своими руками
  3. A thread soaked in glue is placed chaotically on the surface of the ball.
    Как сделать абажур для торшера своими руками
  4. After the glue has dried, the balloon is pierced with a needle and removed. Optimally keep the product in place for 24 hours.
    Как сделать абажур для торшера своими руками

DIY shade for a floor lamp made from napkins

This original lampshade is made using the following technology:

  1. Dip a knitted napkin into a container of glue.
    Как сделать абажур для торшера своими руками
  2. Place on the inflated balloon, starting with a larger napkin.
    Как сделать абажур для торшера своими руками
  3. All other napkins are folded in a stack.
    Как сделать абажур для торшера своими руками
  4. After complete drying, the balloon is lowered and removed.
    Как сделать абажур для торшера своими руками

Working with wire

First of all, you need to arm yourself with pliers. Even if the lampshade for a table lamp with your own hands has a frame with the finest wire, it will have to be bent and, possibly, braided. The wire cutters cope with this job with a bang.

Please note!

The question is how to attach the wire elements to each other? Before you do this, you will have to:

  • Decide on the area and shape of the lampshade;
  • Draw a sketch, and then draw a drawing according to the sketch;
  • Divide the long wire into several parts according to the sketch.

In addition to wire, in some places you can easily use strips from different products. Moreover, the appropriate combination only contributes to the reliability of the frame.

But you should still attach wire elements under the lampshade with your own hands for a floor lamp, using the following techniques:

  • Bending hooks at the ends of the twigs (it is not necessary to drill holes for the hooks, because thin strips and wire can easily be inserted into them);
  • Weaving wire around the supporting base (you will have to use a separate thin wire for wrapping or cut a long length of wire to provide extra space for the braid);
  • Welding using a manual gas lighter.

Welding provides a fairly reliable fastening, but requires additional costs for a hand-held gas torch, a cylinder and solder. On the other hand, you can limit yourself to an “Extrapike” pencil. The main thing is that the surface of the wire is free of grease before welding.

As for the wire, you should not skimp on it when braiding. Otherwise, the idea of ​​how to make a frame for a lampshade with your own hands will turn out to be a failure, because… the frame itself will “play” in some places. The same goes for hooks.

Please note!

Светильник автобус
To avoid friction of their surface against the base, the tightening must be tight. You can also apply epoxy glue to the assembly.

You can also use a ready-made mesh instead of twigs. Moreover, it is easily formed into a cylinder.