Build an origami Jumping Frog in 5 minutes and surprise your children

Parents are always thinking about what to do with their children so that it is not only interesting, but also affects the development of thinking, creativity and manual motor skills. One of these games is paper crafts; from scrap materials you can create various figures of animals, birds, flowers and airplanes. In this article we will look at how to make a paper frog with your own hands.

как сделать лягушку из бумаги

Jumping paper frog

The origami jumping frog turns out to be interesting and fun, because it is not just a folded figure made of colored paper, but a toy that can jump. If you board the boat correctly, simply flick your hand and the frog will jump forward.

оригами лягушка

For small children, it is better to take larger sheets of paper, then the craft will be easier to fold, but for schoolchildren, any square paper will do. When assembling origami, the main thing is perseverance and following the instructions, and then the figure will definitely turn out.

пошаговая схема прыжка лягушки из бумаги

How to fold an origami “jumping frog”

First, we prepare the necessary material – a green square sheet of paper. If you don’t have green, any color will do, but we understand that in our latitudes frogs are not red, blue or yellow, so we try to make a craft that comes close to the real color.

бумажная лягушка

We will also need a pen, marker or pencil, scissors and pieces of black and white paper for the eyes.

бумажная лягушка

Even a small child can easily make a jumping frog out of paper, but the help of parents will not be superfluous.

как сделать лягушку из бумаги пошаговая инструкция

Assembly diagram:

  • turn the origami over on the paws;
  • we get a square, first fold the right side to the center, and then the left;
  • now we are trying to activate our frog, to do this we press on the lower back, there should be a fold in this place;
  • for the frog to jump out of the paper, you need to fold the back of the fake in a zigzag, the fold will determine how far the origami will jump;
  • we form the paws, for this each side is bent upward from the center, it looks like an airplane;
  • go to the lower corners, each one needs to be folded up;
  • eyes can be drawn with a pen, pencil or marker, or made from paper and glued, it all depends on your imagination.
  • fold the pyramid, to do this you need to bend each side, the corners should be in the center;
  • along the lines it turns out to be “X”, arrange it;
  • take a sheet and fold it in half, leaving a little space at the top;
  • turn over to the other side and also fold diagonally;
  • to make frog eyes, you need to fold the corners of the head in half and lift them up;

оригами лягушка прыгает

There are several ways to assemble a paper frog, let’s consider another option:

  • bend each resulting flap exactly in the center;
  • we make legs from the central corners, they need to be bent up;
  • All you have to do is glue on the eyes and you can play jumping paper origami.
  • then the paper is folded horizontally up and meets in the center, then folded down;
  • then fold horizontally, the top is shaped like the letter “X”;
  • lay the sheet, fold the horizontal part in half, we get a triangle;
  • turn the piece of paper upside down and fold it in half vertically;

как сделать лягушку из бумаги

To begin with, you can simply make a frog’s head, put it on your fingers and you will have a croaking fake. To do this, take a square green paper, a pen and scissors.

оригами голова лягушки

  1. Fold a piece of paper in half and bend it on each side.
  2. You should get an accordion, so first we fold one side and fold the corners, and do the same with the other side.
  3. This creates a triangle with a straight end, fold it into another triangle to create a fold line, and unfold it.
  4. Using scissors, make a cut along a line of 1-1.5 cm.
  5. And along the cut line we fold it on both sides.
  6. It turns out to be a triangular “hat”, draw the eyes and the croaking is ready.

оригами лягушка

You can make a head that fits in your hand; for this we make a double pocket. On a sheet folded in half, fold the tops into a triangle, leave 1.5-2 cm from the bottom and fold in the shape of a “boat”, bend the edges outward. It turns out to be a pocket, so we fold our “boat” in the opposite direction and fold both sides into a triangle, draw or glue eyes. The origami frog is ready.

оригами голова лягушки

Origami frog: step-by-step photo instructions

In order not to get confused in the diagram, we suggest using step-by-step photo instructions.

  1. Fold the paper diagonally on each side.
  2. Fold the paper with the wrong side and lay it out.
  3. Form a cone.
  4. Fold each side towards the center.
  5. To get the paws, you need to fold the sides of the triangle so that they are on top, repeat the movement on both sides.
  6. Place a piece on the legs and form the back, bend each bottom corner up, repeat on both sides.
  7. We bend the left and right corners towards the center.
  8. Fold the top corners, these will be eyes, they can be drawn, cut out of paper or downloaded from the Internet, cut and glued.
  9. To make the frog jump, we make a fold in the form of a “lightning bolt”; the more we bend, the more the paper frog will jump.
  10. To put the fake in place, press the tail of the zipper.

оригами голова лягушки

Photo of homemade origami frogs

A frog that can croak is created by folding paper into a double pocket.

большая цветная бумажная лягушка

One side is needed to place the frog’s head on the hand, and the other will be the mouth. An interesting craft for entertaining young children.

оригами бумажная лягушка голова

You can create a talking frog, described step by step above, using the “rabbit ear” principle.

прыгающие лягушки

An ordinary frog, that is, a head with eyes, is the simplest version of paper origami.

простая лягушка из бумаги

You can add an inflatable frog to your collection of paper crafts.

надувная лягушка

There are about fifty options for how to assemble a jumping frog from paper with long and short legs, triangular or square.

оригами бумажная лягушка голова

You can create a model that looks like a real frog and create a whole collection.