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Brands. online store paper-s.


In the Bumaga-S online store you can buy gifts and souvenirs for any holiday with delivery wholesale and retail: New Year, Valentine’s Day, February 23, March 8, Easter, Birthday , Weddings or Anniversaries.

Preparing for a celebration is always exciting and interesting. The theme of the party can be different, and you can’t do without special surroundings. All accessories for the holiday atmosphere are on the website. New Year’s collections and carnival paraphernalia, interior decorations, New Year’s stationery are great for gifts to children, relatives, and business partners.

Postcards are the most anticipated and traditional symbol of increased attention, not only for congratulating you on your birthday and Valentine’s Day; on Defender of the Fatherland Day and Wedding Day it is also appropriate to give warm wishes.

And what dinner party or large-scale event would be complete without a written invitation. Invitation cards in a large assortment for various occasions: for graduation, for the last call, for the Christmas tree, for New Year’s Eve and other significant events.

Treat your colleague with a stylish souvenir. A gift pen of an original design in an attractive box, a leather passport cover or a money envelope with a beautiful banknote remain the most popular.

The birth of a child is a touching event that you want to remember forever. A variety of photo books for newborns are designed to capture all the first changes and steps in the baby’s life. Address folders for birth certificates and marriage certificates will preserve the important document in its original form for many years.

Easter creativity kits will allow you not only to create unique symbols of the bright holiday with your own hands, but also to keep your child busy with exciting handicrafts that both girls and boys will enjoy.

Paper-S will help you decorate the interior to create the right atmosphere, organize a colorful feast using bright paper tableware, and decorate a cake with interesting toppers.


Drawing supplies

help high school students and students solve problems in geometry, physics, and drawing classes. Engineering and architectural specialties also involve the daily use of drawing tools.

Our catalog includes a wide range of:

 rulers (stationery, officer, cutter);

 protractors (180° and 360°);

 stencils, spirographs, patterns;

 triangles (with an angle of 30° and 45°);

 compasses and preparations;

 drawing kits.

Items are made from environmentally friendly materials: metal, wood, plastic. Plastic models come in a variety of shapes and colors, while metal ones are less susceptible to scratches and breaks.

The quality and practicality of the tools are confirmed by reviews from regular customers. Each of the elements can be used both at school and in creative circles. Professionals also often request the purchase of sets or individual items.

You can buy drawing supplies from reliable manufacturers Erich Krause, deVENTE, Globus, KOKOS wholesale and retail at low prices in the Paper-S online store by placing an order on the website. Free shipping available.