Bouquet of money

They say the best gift is a book! BUT! Money won’t hurt). The best gift for any occasion is a bouquet of money. Even this very simple and seemingly uncreative gift can delight you! If you give it correctly). What to do if money in an envelope is already banal? Certainly! Make a bouquet of money!

Why spend money on a bouquet if you can give the money yourself in the form of a bouquet? How can we give such a gift, read this article!

For this bouquet
It’s better to practice on souvenir banknotes first and then move on to real money.

как сложить купюры для букета из денег

So, what do we need?

• Steel wire.

• Banknotes.

• Glue gun.

• And plain paper or newspaper.

• Greenery for decoration.

• Pearls.

• Corrugated paper in a pleasant color.

красивый цветок из денежной купюры своими руками

Instructions for making a bouquet of money

• Take the paper and roll it like a barrel, the size of a champagne cork, glue it so that it does not open.

• Fold the bill in half, put an elastic band in the middle of the bill, and twist the ends of the bill with scissors.

• We stretch the resulting leaf onto our paper with an elastic band, and so we make several leaves and evenly putting on the petals, we get a beautiful flower.

• After we have made the required number of roses, we make leaves for our flowers from corrugated paper. Cut out leaves from green corrugated paper.

• We stick the wire into the flower, very carefully, as it can tear the bill, put the skirt on the flower, and you get a rose.

• Now glue the leaves so that it turns out all over the circle.

• Next, we also carefully cover the wire with corrugated paper so that it looks like rose branches.

• We make a bouquet from the resulting roses, and from corrugated paper of a different color we make a wrapper for the bouquet, and tie it with a ribbon.

• If desired, you can decorate the wrapper with pearls or bows!

простой денежный букет своими руками

The bouquet is ready, you can safely give it as a gift!

Below there is a video instruction for assembling a bouquet
from banknotes.