Bouquet of cosmetics

Hello everyone! Today we’ll see how to make a bouquet of cosmetics with your own hands. What could be better than a bouquet of cosmetics containing all sorts of personal care products? As they say, money well spent! Such a bouquet is both useful and necessary.For such a gift, you should ask the future recipient of the bouquet what personal care products the lady uses? And for now, I will show you an approximate bouquet for the fair sex!

Advice! The bouquet is perfect as a gift on March 8th!

So, what will you need for such a bouquet?

простой букет из косметики и теней для женщин

We will need a wide variety of shower gels, soaps, washcloths, creams, cosmetics, micellar water!

Anything goes with this bouquet as long as it has something to do with skin care!

We will need corrugated paper, scissors, tape, transparent film wrap, film mesh, ready-made flowers from fabric tape, and ropes of different colors!

как сделать красивый букет из косметики

Instructions on how to make a bouquet from cosmetics

• To begin, wrap each package in transparent film and tie with string. Do this with each package.

• Assemble the bouquet you made by adding ribbon flowers to the bouquet.

• And then wrap everything in transparent film and tie the tail with a rope.

• Wrap the entire bouquet with a mesh wrapper, and on top with a pink film wrapper (you can use a different color).

• Add bows to the bouquet for beauty.

детский букет из косметкики

The bouquet is ready!

You can make a similar bouquet using only cosmetics.