Beautiful template for a three-dimensional flower using the kusudama technique

Creating three-dimensional figures from a flat sheet of paper is a real miracle for children. The main advantage of paper art is the availability of the material. Paper can be found at any stationery store and is inexpensive. It is also one of the safest materials for creativity.

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Volumetric paper flowers

Paper flowers can be an element of another creative craft or an independent decoration. Surely you will need the ability to create simple but effective furniture.

Every creativity begins with an idea. Volumetric paper flowers are no exception. Before you bring your idea to life, you need to prepare a template for the flowers: this will make the work easier and faster.

One of the simplest options for making a three-dimensional flower is to connect blanks of the same shape, but of different sizes, in order of increasing diameter. By connecting the parts, we get a three-dimensional flower.

Let’s take a clear example

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You can use a ready-made template, which is folded along the fold lines and glued in certain places.

The pattern must first be cut out, then the elements must be connected using glue.

Sample model

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Since three-dimensional flowers are a decorative element, most of them are made of colored paper.

But there are also ready-made color templates that can be printed on a color printer and cut out.

Such, for example, like this:

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Very beautiful unusual flowers are obtained from a sheet of paper cut out and twisted in a spiral. They can be used to decorate other decorative elements. Such as, for example, volume numbers.

Here’s what they look like:

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Three-dimensional applications look great when decorating walls.

Flowers consist of a large number of parts of different shapes, sizes and colors. Such flowers are also called growth flowers, and whatman paper is perfect for making them. The flower turns out dense and holds its shape well. The number of details can be increased to add shine.

Wall of flowers. Photozone

красочные бумажные цветы аппликация
цветочная аппликация
красочный бумажный цветок

Growing flowers from whatman paper

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Interesting flowers are made of corrugated paper. It is thinner and easier to work with. The petals can be shaped and fine details such as the stamens and medulla worked out. Flowers made from corrugated paper look more realistic.

Corrugated paper peonies

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Flower using kusudama technique for applique

Kusudama is a ball of paper flowers. This technique belongs to the art of modular origami and is its predecessor. The shape of the ball is obtained by gluing previously folded elements from square sheets.

To make it you will need paper, scissors and glue.

An interesting fact is that these balls were once used for medicinal purposes.

Medicinal plants were crushed, placed in a paper ball and hung in the patient’s room.

красочные бумажные цветы для детей

Create a paper ball

We will need square sheets of paper. Assembling the form from the sheet. Paper of any color is suitable for balls. You can involve all members of your family in the lesson, and then assemble the modules into a common craft.

Stages of work

  • pockets need to be opened with your finger and folded both sides inward
  • fold them diagonally
  • then fold the resulting rectangles in half
  • you should now have triangles with pockets
  • cut squares
  • we get a modular ball
  • you should have 8 triangles, each of which needs to be lifted and straightened
  • fold the corners in the center to make an envelope
  • make five more, connect the modules with pieces of double-sided tape or hot glue
  • the form turned out
  • open the sheet and fold the square in half

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Making a bouquet of flowers

You can also make not only beautiful paper balls, but also other creative works.

Like, let’s look at the example of a “flowers for mom” craft that you can make together with your children.

you need to prepare paper squares in advance. You will need a lot of them, because each square is a petal. There must be at least 6 pieces for each flower.

Fold the square diagonally. We get a triangle. We bend the corners towards the center.

Fold the left and right corners in half and fold the free edge down.

Glue the resulting piece in half. We get a petal.

Next, glue all the petals together.

Using a wooden skewer wrapped in masking tape or paper, we make a stem for each flower and secure it with a hot air gun.

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The more flowers you get, the more voluminous the bouquet for mom will be.

DIY stencil

To create decorations from paper flowers. We may need a stencil to apply a pattern, for example, to a wall.

To make a stencil, you need to prepare a piece of whatman paper or paper, scissors, a stationery scalpel, and printed templates.

Determine the size and mark this area on the paper.

The interior space is divided into squares to avoid asymmetry.

Then we apply the cut out patterns to the base and trace the outline with a pencil.

You can add leaves, a butterfly or a dragonfly to the flowers.

Once the design is ready, we begin cutting it out with a knife. It’s better to start with the smallest details and work from top to bottom.

Attention! If the stencil is large and you are working on the floor, be sure to protect the cover.

After cutting, you can use a stencil. We attach it to the wall with masking tape and start creating.

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красочный бумажный цветок

Photo selection of paper flowers and stencils for painting

Paper flowers are the most affordable way to decorate your space. Handmade compositions will be relevant as a gift, decoration for a wedding or other holiday, or creating photo zones.

For inspiration, we offer you a selection of photos. Be creative, involve children, make your space cozy and original.

объемные аппликации
цветочный узор для аппликации
красочные бумажные цветы для детей

Volumetric applications

весенняя аппликация для детей
букет для мамы аппликация
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Walls made of paper flowers

бумажные цветы для детей
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цветочная аппликация

Kusudama balls

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красочный бумажный цветок
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Stencil for wall painting

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